Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham | Gordon Ramsay


  1. Molnar Gabor

    Molnar Gabor時間 前

    For me this is one portin. I love it. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Hendrik Venter

    Hendrik Venter日 前

    Good day Chef Gordon. I have tried and tasted the egg "Benedict"..... Fucken great and thank you 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 Hendrik from Pretoria South Africa

  3. Loli Succubus

    Loli Succubus日 前

    eyyy fnaf refrence

  4. rohan natu

    rohan natu日 前

    Ultimate receipe..

  5. saurabh marathe

    saurabh marathe日 前

    it's not shining... I once had egg benedict in japan. it was cooked by a student in all you eat buffet, she was really great I also wanted to try one more dish beside that counter but it was worn out.

  6. Timothy Shane

    Timothy Shane日 前

    ....I would LOVE to know what the Olive Oil budget is at the Ramsay household.

  7. •Ellie•

    •Ellie•日 前

    Michael Afton = Egg Benedict 😂

  8. Rod Cleary

    Rod Cleary日 前

    So slick and non fumbling.....nice to have all the ingredients and pans in one place helps - he’s a fantastic chef.

  9. BeingBeaden

    BeingBeaden2 日 前

    In Jamie Oliver's poached egg video he made a bitter comment about putting vinegar in the water and just realised who it was aimed at 😂😂

  10. Clout Productions

    Clout Productions2 日 前

    Hi I’m Gordon Ramsey and today I’m gonna show you how to keep the MoSt AmAzInG kids in your basement

  11. Susan Sanderson

    Susan Sanderson3 日 前

    Why do they never zest the lemon, save it in zip bag and freeze it for another recipe? I do. Lemons are too expensive to waste the zest.

  12. Danesha Harney

    Danesha Harney3 日 前

    That sauce looks sexy 😍

  13. Jqly

    Jqly4 日 前

    Micheal Afton is getting eaten Alive

  14. Cosm0naut Three21

    Cosm0naut Three214 日 前

    I don't know why cooking isn't a required class in college? Professor Ramsay over here showing us all how it's done. Thank you man, you are appreciated.

  15. James Harden

    James Harden5 日 前

    The pro way to make an egg muffin

  16. Roselle Maalihan

    Roselle Maalihan5 日 前


  17. Roselle Maalihan

    Roselle Maalihan5 日 前


  18. Sonny Blagrove

    Sonny Blagrove5 日 前

    When he says leave it over a "warm bath" is the gas still on at that point or is he just leaving over the hot water that was once boiling?

  19. Roland C

    Roland C6 日 前

    Aren't they a family of 5? How come there are only 4 egg benedicts! Who's not eating? LOL

  20. George Fan

    George Fan6 日 前

    The only thing this video taught me is to stop eating hollandaise

  21. Tyler Ouubands

    Tyler Ouubands8 日 前

    fuck u

  22. Nate

    Nate8 日 前

    Blood eggs!

  23. Bee

    Bee8 日 前

    Welcome, eggs Benedict

  24. RedsWrld

    RedsWrld8 日 前

    When you realise that you were looking for fnaf

  25. Jedi Master

    Jedi Master9 日 前

    And I thought Quentin Tarantino made food look delicious

  26. Ariyana Arsala

    Ariyana Arsala9 日 前

    well with that much butter snd oil.. you have a breakfast of 700-800 calories. Speaking as a Dietitian

  27. TheMan WithNoPlan

    TheMan WithNoPlan5 日 前

    Well dont have it everyday then lmao

  28. 93rd_DarkLord

    93rd_DarkLord9 日 前

    Man, these brits tongues must have no taste bland...lots of butter, no salt for the egg and the ham! Jeez

  29. TheMan WithNoPlan

    TheMan WithNoPlan5 日 前

    He literally poured salt after he boiled the eggs and ham is salty enough

  30. Sarah '93

    Sarah '939 日 前

    Those innuendos tho 😂

  31. Sarah '93

    Sarah '939 日 前

    Gotta love a good "bene"........😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  32. Ken Havens

    Ken Havens9 日 前

    This recipe wrecked 4 contestants on master chef USA

  33. OMFG847

    OMFG8479 日 前

    Simon he is a professional chef He got His own restaurant And his own tv shows

  34. x Adriane x

    x Adriane x9 日 前

    Who else is rewatching this in 2020 during quarantine?

  35. MLBB Vision

    MLBB Vision10 日 前

    who came here from masterchef canada eggs benedict elimination

  36. Sushant Chaturvedi

    Sushant Chaturvedi10 日 前

    Sunny Side-Up Eggs!! Happy Egg-Day!!

  37. Cookie Playss

    Cookie Playss10 日 前

    Just imagine Gordan Ramsay, Simon Cowel and Abby Lee Miller screaming at each other

  38. Bobby Carter

    Bobby Carter11 日 前

    your not the best best chef in the world you know that

  39. Lisa Krieger

    Lisa Krieger11 日 前

    Eggs Benedict is my favorite breakfast!! I love the flavor of hollandaise. Thank you for sharing.

  40. 0neuroni

    0neuroni11 日 前

    Dio porco ha cotto il crudo

  41. Deepak Soni

    Deepak Soni11 日 前

    That was a beautiful dish 😍

  42. Ilusión

    Ilusión11 日 前

    Orange juice “concentrate”??? Absolutely disgusting.

  43. Galaxy_ Minds

    Galaxy_ Minds11 日 前

    Being the child of Gordan Ramsay you know they're eating good literally everyday

  44. Heide Carrion

    Heide Carrion12 日 前

    "Just a touch of vinegar" Pours in half the bottle.

  45. TheMan WithNoPlan

    TheMan WithNoPlan5 日 前

    "A splash of vinegar" not "a touch"

  46. Änxïtëy Øøf

    Änxïtëy Øøf12 日 前

    I wanted to see the fnaf eggs :(

  47. J8

    J812 日 前

    Anyone from Shokugeki no Soma? :")

  48. Bricks Alinsug

    Bricks Alinsug12 日 前

    food wars brought me here

  49. catherine

    catherine12 日 前

    He has such an ego but he is a very good cook.....

  50. Va B

    Va B12 日 前

    Thats an artery nightmare

  51. Jackie The crazy aussie

    Jackie The crazy aussie12 日 前

    I keep watching this, i want to make this so bad but i cooking skills, but hell im still gonma try cause limits were meant to be broken!

  52. commited studios

    commited studios12 日 前

  53. Fatemah Sairat

    Fatemah Sairat12 日 前

    imagin being Gordons' daughter...

  54. GuidobaldoMariaRiccardelli

    GuidobaldoMariaRiccardelli13 日 前

    Questo non é cibo. È una merda

  55. daisx beohfox

    daisx beohfox13 日 前

    Only carnivores here. Take a left, vegans.

  56. HunterTurtle 24

    HunterTurtle 2413 日 前

    My nickname for my best friend is Eggs Benedict 🙃

  57. HunterTurtle 24

    HunterTurtle 2413 日 前

    Oh mii gosh hiiiiiiiiii

  58. Meztli3

    Meztli313 日 前

    Hey....... that's me!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!! Hi! 😁

  59. Conor Graham

    Conor Graham14 日 前

    ‘When ‘we’re’ cooking eggs Benedict for breakfast.’ Nice save

  60. Luis Clark

    Luis Clark14 日 前

    Is that vinegar really needed cuz I dont have any

  61. SpInNy SpAnNeRs

    SpInNy SpAnNeRs14 日 前

    Amazing now show us how to make a Ramsay style hunters chicken

  62. arbloy

    arbloy14 日 前

    More batta!

  63. Serval Says

    Serval Says14 日 前

    Opening an English muffin without a fork is a sin against humanity

  64. Blushing megumin

    Blushing megumin15 日 前

    Crap I’m watching this on June 22 Not on July 22

  65. Paulo Freire

    Paulo Freire15 日 前

    I wouldn’t call anyone, move silently into the dinning room and eat them all myself.

  66. eli H

    eli H15 日 前

    That's grade A food porn.

  67. Andrey Kolobikhin

    Andrey Kolobikhin15 日 前


  68. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg16 日 前

    That Parma ham looks like my grandads ass cheek what are you doing Ramsey

  69. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg16 日 前

    It’s looks like a bird just shat on my plate

  70. TheMan WithNoPlan

    TheMan WithNoPlan5 日 前

    Thats just how egg benedicts are suppose to look like you donkey

  71. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg16 日 前

    Errrrr he always has to ruin everything with his shitty final touches

  72. davide molteni

    davide molteni16 日 前

    Fried Parma ham!!!!! sacrilege!!! these contaminations are at the level of pizza with pineapple! there is a limit to creativity : raw ham must never be cooked or heated . It is not bacon!

  73. Alex Ru

    Alex Ru16 日 前

    Thank you Gordon for your recipe and clear instructions. It was my first time making it. We liked it!

  74. Emiliano Ruisi

    Emiliano Ruisi16 日 前

    Gordon, sei un genio

  75. Adrian Mei

    Adrian Mei16 日 前

    Wow, I can't imagine how desensitized chefs' skin on their hands/arms is...

  76. 800lb Gorilla

    800lb Gorilla日 前

    It's called being a man

  77. Yeet boi 66

    Yeet boi 6616 日 前

    *Fnaf lore intensifies*

  78. pgn legend

    pgn legend16 日 前

    an ambidextrous chef! Good job Gordon i made it and really like it

  79. tayyam fathi

    tayyam fathi16 日 前

    the best thing about gordon that he explains the way why he is doing this and that. he always sounds appetizing. he can cook crap then with this ted talk he makes you eat it.

  80. yakikadafi

    yakikadafi16 日 前

    Imagine having gordon ramsay as your dad. Wake up early to have fresh breakfast

  81. nizar1542

    nizar154217 日 前

    Why isn’t there any italian in the comments telling him to fuck off for his « crispy » parma ham ?

  82. Saint

    Saint17 日 前

    i dont think gordons kids even tasted ceral

  83. JMoney Park

    JMoney Park18 日 前


  84. JMoney Park

    JMoney Park18 日 前

    Says a splash of ginger puts like a cup in

  85. Gerald Sterling

    Gerald Sterling19 日 前

    Fucking beautiful.

  86. mohamedxxx. sniperminecraft coolx

    mohamedxxx. sniperminecraft coolx19 日 前

    I'm here because eggs bendicits (fnaf sister location)

  87. Matthew

    Matthew19 日 前

    Anyone else’s butter separate after the lemon juice was added??! Uuugghhh