Egg-Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken - Gordon Ramsay


  1. Andrew Delgado

    Andrew Delgado11 時間 前

    This is ... ah fresh broccoli

  2. Andrew Delgado

    Andrew Delgado11 時間 前

    Gordon: oh a fillet *slices Wish I had those skill lol

  3. Jared Giff

    Jared Giff19 時間 前


  4. Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile日 前

    So we're all guna just pretend or ignore the fact that he just scratched the shit out of the bottom of the that pan with metal tongs and metal wisk??..u got me fucked up..smh.

  5. Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile日 前

    Just a touch of olive oil..*gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp*(pours half the bottle)...there, just a touch.

  6. Kurt Williams

    Kurt Williams日 前

    Flames not on wtf

  7. Thrit A

    Thrit A2 日 前

    Olive oil in Asian food is just wrong 🤦‍♂️

  8. John Bell

    John Bell2 日 前

    Just interested in the comments more than his recipe😂

  9. Aditya Fidelis

    Aditya Fidelis2 日 前

    That'll taste like shit!

  10. Bushkill Blades

    Bushkill Blades4 日 前

    There's no heat in that dish you giant pussy😂

  11. Jake Lakota

    Jake Lakota4 日 前

    Adds salt to a dish with soy sauce.

  12. Wafa Idrissi

    Wafa Idrissi4 日 前

    Im making this tonight ..



    Whte folks dont know how to cook. Talk to much. That food can never be better than my granny liusiana gombo.



    @K. Kelly u sound like a whte trash kraka

  15. K. Kelly

    K. Kelly3 日 前

    You sound real ignorant and narrow-minded.

  16. Wallace Hendeson

    Wallace Hendeson5 日 前

    He is scratching the F out of that pan holy crap

  17. 1 2

    1 26 日 前

    4:04 and he's destroyed a perfectly fine wok!

  18. Xyz 123

    Xyz 1232 日 前

    1 2 He’s rich asf. He can afford to lmao 🤣

  19. zhuocheng Li

    zhuocheng Li6 日 前

    salt pepper

  20. gowrishblaze

    gowrishblaze6 日 前

    I have watched over 100 videos of Gordon ,but never tried to cook even a single dish.

  21. Tim Vorachith

    Tim Vorachith7 日 前

    When he butterflied the chicken breast... Yummm vagina chicken 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  22. Pathy Guañuna

    Pathy Guañuna8 日 前

    Hola soy fans. eres increíble en la cocina. le pondrías subtítulos en español por favor

  23. Cheetah

    Cheetah8 日 前

    One chicken breast feeds 2-3 . Yes 2-3 cats maybe not us fat f***s Americans . You must be out of your dam mind Gordon

  24. FortuneYGO

    FortuneYGO9 日 前

    What kinda noodles?

  25. lorena Gaffoglio

    lorena Gaffoglio9 日 前

    Q ricoooooooo

  26. Brandon Moreno

    Brandon Moreno9 日 前

    Any recipe is gonna slap when you start off soaking your noodles

  27. Maria Eugenia Rúa Muñoz

    Maria Eugenia Rúa Muñoz9 日 前


  28. arthur

    arthur9 日 前

    I did this recipe . Turned out like primary school cooking lesson . Think it is so simple you have to be impeccable in doing this recipe . I like this Ramsay series very much however . If your food turns out 50% as good as his then you're doing ok .

  29. Jon Son

    Jon Son9 日 前

    Mr. Ramsay, you should try using peanut oil for Chinese dishes. Better than Olive oil ;) and add some oystersauce. And chili.

  30. Rosa Cayro

    Rosa Cayro9 日 前

    Es un chifa de Perú! 🤩

  31. William Smith

    William Smith9 日 前

    Ha immigrant go back to your Country you dont belong here. Cant wait for you to piss off the wrong person some day and you will get what you have coming to you.

  32. Dk Nurul

    Dk Nurul9 日 前

    Is Gordon both left and right handed?

  33. Misbah Malik

    Misbah Malik9 日 前

    U r awsome

  34. Damares Nishida

    Damares Nishida10 日 前


  35. SuperCrazyjak

    SuperCrazyjak11 日 前


  36. Zwan lookyz

    Zwan lookyz11 日 前

    September 2019..still love this recipe..very easy to do

  37. Holy

    Holy11 日 前

    Theres no main course of Gordon's videos without a side dish of savoury comment

  38. Thiruganesh Tata

    Thiruganesh Tata11 日 前

    Your not a chef you are crater

  39. Aylen Kattia

    Aylen Kattia11 日 前

    Have a blessed day thanks

  40. Joshua Hunter

    Joshua Hunter12 日 前

    LMAO when he whisked the egg with a fork and not with a pair of chopsticks the Asian inside me got triggered 😂😂😂

  41. D H

    D H12 日 前

    Adding some sesame oil isn't bad.

  42. travellingbirder

    travellingbirder12 日 前

    Gordon is a world-class chef with 3 Michelin stars -. comments made by people who open a tin of soup and struggle to make a cheese sandwich.

  43. Lareo ana laura

    Lareo ana laura13 日 前

    This is amazing asmr

  44. David Shebib

    David Shebib13 日 前

    your an amazing cook but honestly those noodles look way overdone

  45. Steve Mitchell

    Steve Mitchell13 日 前

    Best chef who ever lived >>>> Gordon Ramsay. 😎👍

  46. catracha V.

    catracha V.13 日 前

    I do it too but i use pasta.. I missing now pasta n broccoli..

  47. Lemon Nation

    Lemon Nation13 日 前

    Gordon: *tries to cook something* *no mess* Me: *tries to cook something* *eggs, meats on the floor and on the stove*

  48. Alicia Redwine

    Alicia Redwine14 日 前

    😋 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  49. LuckyTabler

    LuckyTabler14 日 前

    Please feed me

  50. Ernie Lema-Zumba

    Ernie Lema-Zumba15 日 前

    Just imagine Gordon Ramsay and Jon Taffer workin together

  51. karen reyes

    karen reyes16 日 前

    try to ad some ginger and sesame oil that dont seem to good

  52. Juana Rosa Velasquez Chavez

    Juana Rosa Velasquez Chavez16 日 前

    Que facil 😋🍝

  53. daniel holden

    daniel holden16 日 前

    Looks like shit.

  54. Bucket Team

    Bucket Team16 日 前

    What type of noodles

  55. Lucas Morales

    Lucas Morales17 日 前

    Who's watching it at dinner time??

  56. Paul Dutton

    Paul Dutton17 日 前

    The lime was a perfect finish to this dish. Thanks Chef!

  57. Mehrunnisha Wu

    Mehrunnisha Wu18 日 前

    Gordon's cooking is so satisfying

  58. Victor Smith

    Victor Smith18 日 前

    I wish he included temperatures and quantities in his videos

  59. Ho Low

    Ho Low18 日 前

    Noodles is over cooked

  60. Karen Richardson

    Karen Richardson18 日 前

    Not too sure about the olive oil......

  61. Mayor's Vlog

    Mayor's Vlog18 日 前

    Westerns: A single chicken breast feed 2 to 3 people Asians: 1 breats for every each one of the family because sharing it is not enough

  62. Zechariah Wermuth

    Zechariah Wermuth18 日 前

    Does this look bland to anyone else? 😬😬😬😬😬

  63. SIRISHTY THAKUR thakur

    SIRISHTY THAKUR thakur19 日 前

    All these comments are so funny...but I really like Gordon..his personality being straightforward and doesn't give a sh*t..and not to mention being Pro..I really would love to meet him🎀