Egg-Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken - Gordon Ramsay




    One breast serves 2 or three. SHYEAH RIGHT

  2. Suman Chaudhury

    Suman Chaudhury20 時間 前

    Your egg is not properly cooked.

  3. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller日 前

    My stir fry kicks the arse off yours Ramsay 😂, still a big fan though

  4. Srinivas Markandeya

    Srinivas Markandeya日 前

    U r a Legend Gordon. 🙏

  5. prem kumar rajak

    prem kumar rajak2 日 前

    I cooked the same PRICE:1$ Ramsey cooked the same: 100$

  6. John Williams

    John Williams3 日 前

    Olive oil? Thats pat si iw dude dont know what hes doin he made a drama out of that

  7. Edward the blue engine productions

    Edward the blue engine productions3 日 前

    If Gordon competed on a cooking show he would win easily with his cooking skills. Well done Ramsay.

  8. Nada Shubbar

    Nada Shubbar4 日 前

    Really love your recipe so inspired

  9. Hema's cooking Trait

    Hema's cooking Trait4 日 前

    Very cool 😎

  10. 柯祖庚

    柯祖庚5 日 前

    this is so fucking sexy! looks great

  11. Aha

    Aha6 日 前

    You overcooked the chicken. Good for the show, bad for the chicken. At that thinness the chicken cooks within seconds at that heat.

  12. Aha

    Aha6 日 前

    @MrOasis316 Neah, I think it will end up just dried out. No reason to make a breast crispy unless it's coated with bread crumps. That's the only crispy side. He just overcooked the breast.

  13. MrOasis316

    MrOasis3166 日 前

    Aha he was looking it to be crispy

  14. JJ Dynomite

    JJ Dynomite7 日 前

    Sort of...sort of.....sort of.......kind of.....sort of......Gordon Ramsay's version of saying "Like" over and over again......

  15. ramji elangovan

    ramji elangovan8 日 前

    Would taste bad just like that. Needs some nice sauce. I guess . But looks good

  16. Immort47

    Immort478 日 前

    0:58 and this is how you make a chicken fleshlight.

  17. la persona :vla persona:v

    la persona :vla persona:v8 日 前

    Me quedó muy rico, gracias Chef Gordon!!

  18. Aliye R

    Aliye R9 日 前

    The way he cut the breast looked like a pussy lol

  19. Gauri v

    Gauri v9 日 前


  20. Mateo Canales

    Mateo Canales12 日 前

    Ugh now I’m hungry, thanks Gordon.

  21. Beru Beru

    Beru Beru12 日 前

    Why do I feel like everytime he teach me how to cook he gets with me in bed as he cooks

  22. Chop Chop Chop

    Chop Chop Chop12 日 前

    Yum! I am an awesome cook! I made Asian stir fry on my channel. Check it out.

  23. Hannah W.

    Hannah W.13 日 前

    sorry ramsey but it looks dry as fuck

  24. ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร

    ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร13 日 前

    0:47 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. ChaiZa Masser.

    ChaiZa Masser.14 日 前


  26. Bình Trần

    Bình Trần14 日 前

    Trình độ vậy mà là đầu bếp giỏi nhất thế giới sao ?? What the .... ????

  27. Bryan Pacheco

    Bryan Pacheco14 日 前

    Is this even healthy mate?

  28. Banlang Wichadee

    Banlang Wichadee15 日 前

    It's similar to fried noodle in Soy Sauce in Thailand. For Thai people who come to watch this clip I said that it was absolutely delicious. I really like it. You are my idol.

  29. Kaset - 55.

    Kaset - 55.15 日 前

    Thaifood name ' Pad see Ew ' , Fried Noodle in Soy Sauce

  30. S Rod

    S Rod14 日 前

    But he only used soy sauce. So simple but I think lacking flavor. Need dark soy sauce, a bit of sugar and oyster sauce and some sriacha😀

  31. julio Perez

    julio Perez15 日 前

    You are the best profesional chef good video I like

  32. Akhilesh Chunam

    Akhilesh Chunam16 日 前

    0:50 🙄

  33. Ran dom

    Ran dom16 日 前

    0:53 the slight smile he gave coz he knows dont look like. A butterfly but a pussy

  34. Salem’s Dreams

    Salem’s Dreams16 日 前


  35. Anton Perdana

    Anton Perdana16 日 前

    Kwetiau Goreng

  36. Rebecca K

    Rebecca K17 日 前

    1:16 lol I think tf not

  37. woodedco

    woodedco19 日 前

    I've gotten so caught up in Gordon scaring the shit out of contestants and restaurant owners on TV shows that I forgot he calmly talks through recipes as well, it's quite refreshing

  38. Jeremiah Hix

    Jeremiah Hix13 日 前

    Yeah you can see the love and passion for his craft. It's nice

  39. Carl Leo

    Carl Leo19 日 前

    0:46 naughty ramsy playing with his food again

  40. House Banana

    House Banana19 日 前

    It looks bland

  41. bharath chandran

    bharath chandran20 日 前

    Its not that good.. We can tell

  42. Cley p

    Cley p20 日 前

    Not sur if the eggs are necessary

  43. PcY gamiNG

    PcY gamiNG20 日 前

    I think she whant to pee

  44. na tty

    na tty20 日 前

    why does he make pouring hot water over noodles look and sound like expert level cooking

  45. RickyRisha410

    RickyRisha4102 日 前

    na tty cuz if you left for longer in water or keep on boiling noodles, they may get starchy and noodles wouldnt maintain texture

  46. Linuxdirk

    Linuxdirk20 日 前

    All the memes his videos create aside: this are some pretty great cooking ideas.

  47. nopphadon thapthimdaeng

    nopphadon thapthimdaeng21 日 前

    นี่คือ ผัดซีอิ๊วชัด ๆ I love it


    SAIF SHAIKH21 日 前

    0:48 looks like vegana

  49. braids24

    braids2421 日 前

    Eggs in stir fry/fried rice is fucking nasty

  50. Taran Bhardwaj

    Taran Bhardwaj22 日 前

    He is the only one who can make broccoli look tasty

  51. Andrew Glass

    Andrew Glass22 日 前

    Why does he never use the easier version of a rolling pin that has handles on the side?

  52. Rama Fadhiilah

    Rama Fadhiilah22 日 前

    Basically kwetiaw abang abang mi dokdok..

  53. BANGA007

    BANGA00723 日 前

    Gordan in a chinese takeaway shop 🤣

  54. Arnav Bhatt

    Arnav Bhatt23 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay videos: Stains: beautifully Season it: beautifully Cut it really nice and thin: beautifully You get that lovely crunch Hot pan, touch of olive oil Done

  55. Rekku 7

    Rekku 723 日 前

    I can eat it Alone

  56. Alvin Jpn

    Alvin Jpn24 日 前

    Ohhh no. I like you Gordon Ramsay. But this dish is just wrong on so many levels. You want the char of the noodles to bring out the nice aroma combined with the chicken & brocoli.

  57. Andrea Widya Burhana

    Andrea Widya Burhana24 日 前

    Bakmi Goreng Kwetiau Ala Cak Gordon ,,,

  58. Shoichiro Kamata

    Shoichiro Kamata24 日 前

    He doesn’t know how to use Asian noodle 😭

  59. Shoichiro Kamata

    Shoichiro Kamata19 日 前

    @gaukaiser He wanted to cook to look Yakisoba. It is best not to cook it for rice noodle. It is best to cook Pho. Pho is a Vietnam noodle soup. That's his or her choice, though.

  60. gaukaiser

    gaukaiser21 日 前

    Shoichiro Kamata what's the right way to use them?

  61. MZ world

    MZ world25 日 前

    0:25 get the pan nice and hot with the stove off😂😂😂 details people details

  62. Playonce

    Playonce25 日 前

    i always see gordon cooks in red hellfire

  63. Mister. Magnificent

    Mister. Magnificent25 日 前

    1:16 Where i shop , one chicken breast will feed 10 people....easily

  64. อาจารีย์ วะสันต์

    อาจารีย์ วะสันต์25 日 前




    มันคือผัดซีอิ้วเลยแหละครับ 555

  66. One

    One26 日 前

    I don’t know why all Chinese dish have so much garlic - it’s not good

  67. Jie li

    Jie li27 日 前

    dont know about this one the chicken will be over cooked or the broccoli still raw and the egg is kinda messy. and the worst part olive oil. the olive oil will ruin every stir fried in my opinion

  68. Mickel Delson

    Mickel Delson27 日 前

    Why do u cut of a part of the chicken????

  69. I play Minecwaft

    I play Minecwaft27 日 前

    If u want more colors in the noodles just add oyster sauce:)

  70. GLITCH _

    GLITCH _27 日 前

    No Gordon Ramsay video is complete without olive oil, salt and pepper. Making ice cream? Add olive oil, salt and pepper! Pudding? Olive oil, salt and pepper!

  71. Rivaldo Victor

    Rivaldo Victor27 日 前

    Excellent start and finish it's all about the love of making food. I like the lime touch

  72. 織田信長

    織田信長28 日 前

    Yummy cheaf ❤

  73. Klemen Hudej

    Klemen Hudej29 日 前

    That looks fantastic.

  74. Rina Ramli

    Rina Ramliヶ月 前


  75. Utti Siseppe

    Utti Siseppeヶ月 前

    Butterfly? Hmm...

  76. Santi Ari

    Santi Ariヶ月 前

    I think more yummy if u put some oister sauce, some sesame oil..😊😊

  77. Ridzky Pratama

    Ridzky Pratama28 日 前

    Kwetiau goreng bang jangkung itumah

  78. Rahul

    Rahulヶ月 前

    This video fed me through uni

  79. Lily Yew

    Lily Yewヶ月 前

    wheres the dark soy

  80. Ariel Tamang

    Ariel Tamangヶ月 前

    looks like vagina chicken. hahahah

  81. bbyspace

    bbyspaceヶ月 前

    i wish gordon was my personal chef

  82. Zhen Wei Chew

    Zhen Wei Chewヶ月 前

    Does he use dark or light soy sauce?

  83. tantawon chungngern

    tantawon chungngernヶ月 前

    thai people call "ผัดซีอิ๊ว"

  84. Look mee

    Look meeヶ月 前

    Thai food เส้นใหญ่ผัดซีอิ๋ว 555

  85. Poom Fuji

    Poom Fujiヶ月 前

    I think this is thai’s food and it is very nice :)

  86. Alex Mathew Mendoza

    Alex Mathew Mendozaヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay: "Right, let's make ice cream. First off, *hot pan, olive oil."*

  87. mark cardenas

    mark cardenas12 日 前

    Alex Mathew Mendoza then a little touch of salt and peppa

  88. S Rod

    S Rod14 日 前


  89. rtyhp6nl

    rtyhp6nl16 日 前

    So for shure: This one is epic!

  90. Bhutantinople Awa

    Bhutantinople Awa24 日 前

    Foreigner in the philippines

  91. C9 Shaqtin

    C9 Shaqtinヶ月 前

    He calls It butterfly i call It vagin..

  92. mantab soul

    mantab soulヶ月 前

    In indonesia we called it "kwetiau ayam"

  93. frans lipin

    frans lipinヶ月 前

    Dont let asian see this

  94. Hyper Morax

    Hyper Moraxヶ月 前

    nice and krispy

  95. Méd_ X

    Méd_ Xヶ月 前

    0:48 ohhh really?! I call that pussy

  96. Rare Texas MixTapes

    Rare Texas MixTapesヶ月 前

    And He Is Always Shocked When He Is In Asia And They Tell Him His Food Does Not Taste Authentic...

  97. Manuel Perez

    Manuel Perezヶ月 前

    I don't know about cutting the broccoli on the same board as the raw chicken. Makes me nervous.

  98. Tiffanny Jones

    Tiffanny Jonesヶ月 前

    You not good at everything and Chinese food is one of them

  99. Scott L

    Scott Lヶ月 前

    My names NINO

  100. นรินทร์ อ่อนโฉม

    นรินทร์ อ่อนโฉมヶ月 前

    In Thailand we call this dish: Sen Yai Pud si eew Gai.

  101. Charmaine Ho

    Charmaine Hoヶ月 前

    as a hongkonger, i can confidently say that it looks so bland and tasteless, no chinese would think that's good.

  102. Y.A.P Official

    Y.A.P Officialヶ月 前

    In Indonesia Name This Food is "Kwetiaw Goreng" but in my country the flavour use : garlic , salt , msg , (using blender machine to mixing) then fry , after that add noodle then mixing again , a few moment add 2 spoon soy sauce then mixing again , add some chicken and vegetable mixing again. And done

  103. Ali Howland

    Ali Howlandヶ月 前

    Just made this it was f**kn great thanks Gordon Ramsay

  104. Caius Postumius Turrinus

    Caius Postumius Turrinusヶ月 前

    Gordon I do appreciate that you are literally step by step with you're instructions...

  105. Justin Lokere

    Justin Lokere25 日 前

    Olive Oil: *In*




  107. Baruchas

    Baruchasヶ月 前

    Gordon's wife: wanna have sex? Gordon: IN

  108. muhd irfan

    muhd irfanヶ月 前

    touch of olovol

  109. Toby dog

    Toby dogヶ月 前

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  110. StandingDemon

    StandingDemonヶ月 前

    Fucking yummy, just made one only with pasta, for my family, 2 min and everything has been consumed! Thank you cheff Ramsay for recepies and secrets about how to make food fucking delicious

  111. Angie Jacome

    Angie Jacomeヶ月 前


  112. Booth Booth

    Booth Boothヶ月 前

    Bothered he is using olive oil, seems the wrong flavour for asian cuisine.

  113. Borahan Gülpınar

    Borahan Gülpınarヶ月 前

    Booth Booth stfu he is gordon ramsay

  114. Munni Begum

    Munni Begumヶ月 前

    I hayte brocaly!!!!!👎

  115. Aditya Kumar

    Aditya Kumar2 ヶ月 前

    Hey makes it look so easy