Editor Edition 2 | Dude Perfect


  1. Traffic Noob

    Traffic Noob日 前

    Frik dude perfect crew. They frikin set up a fire

  2. ChildersKids

    ChildersKids日 前

    Panda is in every video technically because of the outro wall.

  3. Gurken Soldat4

    Gurken Soldat4日 前

    Pls abbonate my i have only one Abo

  4. Amma Chethi guma gumalu

    Amma Chethi guma gumalu日 前

    I 🤔 think you should change the name of the channel the new name is dude PERFECTION

  5. Joshua Kinzel

    Joshua Kinzel2 日 前

    The new editor is cool

  6. Porter Bush

    Porter Bush2 日 前

    Ow did perfect just needs to do a vid where they trade jobs editors do trick shots the main guys edit

  7. Daniel Cuellar

    Daniel Cuellar2 日 前

    6:00 poor editors i feel bad:( they dont get the respect theyre supposed to be getting, without them we wouldnt be having such great content.. thank you for everything editors🥺

  8. Redfoot

    Redfoot2 日 前

    the biG ONE

  9. Mark Kromeke

    Mark Kromeke2 日 前


  10. JKLM Gaming

    JKLM Gaming2 日 前

    I feel like they made the editing way better for their own video! lol

  11. bonaza bonaza

    bonaza bonaza3 日 前

    Yayy!New editor!You guys are awesome!

  12. That Kid

    That Kid3 日 前

    Is the fire real?

  13. Lukey Boii

    Lukey Boii4 日 前

    Who was filming the vid lol? That was a joke

  14. Am Sf

    Am Sf4 日 前

    Imagine this actually happening...

  15. King_Gamer

    King_Gamer4 日 前

    One like = 1 push-up that I do (Credit to Nolan lake)

  16. Brian Edels

    Brian Edels5 日 前

    I was thinking about this video and realized something. If you watch the episode the most dangerous game there is an editor named Toby. Whatever happened to him?

  17. thanachart Maneechote

    thanachart Maneechote5 日 前

    0:54 This should have been a Short Film! I named that "HACKED". Like of you agree.

  18. channel bu

    channel bu5 日 前

    sign up for me and I'll sign up for you :)

  19. status whasapp

    status whasapp5 日 前


  20. mpenstone1

    mpenstone16 日 前

    They musta had fun editing this one

  21. Justin Nguyen

    Justin Nguyen6 日 前

    Lol the fire man tried to do a trick shot

  22. MH G

    MH G6 日 前

    Don’t click read more Read more

  23. Static_ Perkzz

    Static_ Perkzz7 日 前

    Sub to static_fade

  24. Max and Mateo

    Max and Mateo7 日 前

    I loved the fireman doing the trickshot I am gifting my next 1000 subscribers

  25. Troy Trask

    Troy Trask7 日 前

    What editor do you use

  26. Roman Kouznetsov

    Roman Kouznetsov8 日 前

    If someone knows the song at 7:00 please please please spill the beans.

  27. Mercle gamepalay

    Mercle gamepalay8 日 前

    Ai vc e do Brazil e não endende nada

  28. Jesspetrom 11

    Jesspetrom 118 日 前


  29. Shayne Delpilar

    Shayne Delpilar9 日 前


  30. Carrie Hromek

    Carrie Hromek9 日 前


  31. Carrie Hromek

    Carrie Hromek9 日 前

    Do you want to know something crazy! Never mind

  32. DrewPenguin

    DrewPenguin9 日 前

    makes one shot... EDITOR TRICK SHOTS TWO BABBY!!!!!!

  33. C Dotts

    C Dotts9 日 前

    where is that place where you sent the roket

  34. nathan chi

    nathan chi10 日 前

    what's the bgm?

  35. Frisbee Dog

    Frisbee Dog10 日 前

    I feel bad that the fireman missed the shot😕😆but it was funny he tried

  36. Ultimate Gamers MS

    Ultimate Gamers MS11 日 前

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  37. Donna Squerrini

    Donna Squerrini11 日 前

    All of your tricks were fake!?

  38. Maz0n _

    Maz0n _11 日 前

    Cd os br alekiii!!!?

  39. Urban Sunshine Vlogs!!!

    Urban Sunshine Vlogs!!!11 日 前

    Who's panda?

  40. Biggie Smalls

    Biggie Smalls11 日 前

    Like if they should do a face reveal of panda

  41. ToñoGamer YT

    ToñoGamer YT11 日 前


  42. InsaneTacoz

    InsaneTacoz11 日 前

    Imagine if ripping the reactor out set the facility on fire



    I always have fun

  44. RAFI DS

    RAFI DS11 日 前

    indonesia like

  45. 1 grandslam

    1 grandslam11 日 前

    I'm Japanese and I don't understand English but it's amazing for the time being

  46. Extraordinare guy

    Extraordinare guy12 日 前


  47. Agustin Mila

    Agustin Mila12 日 前

    Hey Tere

  48. pedrinho gameplay

    pedrinho gameplay12 日 前

    Seis é rico demais

  49. Apollo_ 909

    Apollo_ 90912 日 前

    Was the dumpster fire real? Or like planned?

  50. Spandy Technologies

    Spandy Technologies12 日 前

    I want EDITOR EDITION 3!!!

  51. Bea

    Bea12 日 前

    I love this video to no end.

  52. WaFFle_SiBe

    WaFFle_SiBe12 日 前

    When they saw the thumbnail who else thought of ghost recon😂

  53. Алим Кенесбай

    Алим Кенесбай12 日 前

    Мне одному послышалась музыка из найнти кана в начале

  54. Riptoslicer

    Riptoslicer13 日 前

    Intro Song?

  55. Sylvester Gammelgaard

    Sylvester Gammelgaard13 日 前


  56. Leonnie Rainsford

    Leonnie Rainsford13 日 前


  57. Enzo Pimenta

    Enzo Pimenta14 日 前

    my favorite anime

  58. Jared Morrow

    Jared Morrow14 日 前


  59. Tech Unboxing Videos

    Tech Unboxing Videos14 日 前

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  60. Ranjan Ray

    Ranjan Ray15 日 前

    We want editor edition 3