Editor Edition 2 | Dude Perfect


  1. Akif Demirturk ツ

    Akif Demirturk ツ22 時間 前


  2. Jacob Zipp

    Jacob Zipp日 前

    These editor editions seem like much higher quality for the visual shots lol.

  3. Dylan Tman

    Dylan Tman2 日 前

    Hahaha editors rule

  4. Shaivya Patel

    Shaivya Patel2 日 前

    2:03 Tim's face

  5. Hassan Ali

    Hassan Ali3 日 前

    The big one

  6. Jackson Lechleitner

    Jackson Lechleitner3 日 前

    They have to edit there own videos

  7. Codi Calunsag

    Codi Calunsag3 日 前

    What's a data?

  8. مريم عبدالله

    مريم عبدالله3 日 前


  9. 21frist NOOB

    21frist NOOB4 日 前

    The snow was fake they were whereing shorts and short sleeves in snow

  10. Brenden Cusveller

    Brenden Cusveller4 日 前

    Skip to 3:45 and on the pc there is a stuffed panda

  11. Royal Swayne

    Royal Swayne5 日 前

    This is freaking EPIC!!! 3:35 Oh hi Panda!

  12. Audrey Li

    Audrey Li5 日 前

    This should’ve been apart of the dp documentary

  13. RoStEr BBQ

    RoStEr BBQ5 日 前

    I am amazed with the scene which was done by editor

  14. Andyc _kn

    Andyc _kn6 日 前

    The website is call geek typer

  15. Omer Qazi

    Omer Qazi7 日 前

    The whole vedio was awesome

  16. joel thaduri

    joel thaduri7 日 前

    Surely, dude perfect has one of the best editors in the world

  17. Omer Qazi

    Omer Qazi7 日 前

    Hello dude perfect big fan of you just wanted to ask how many editors do you have hope you are doing well bye



    One of the PCs was from cool not cool in overtime

  19. heresJohnny 73

    heresJohnny 737 日 前

    0:26 I like this guy now

  20. Jyostna Saha

    Jyostna Saha7 日 前

    What an editing

  21. YeeterGames

    YeeterGames8 日 前

    honestly tim sounds like ty in rage monster saying pound it noggin see ya

  22. Novri Arfiansyah

    Novri Arfiansyah8 日 前

    Where's panda?

  23. LegendaryGamer722

    LegendaryGamer7228 日 前

    why dis so dramatic

  24. Zeah Goat

    Zeah Goat9 日 前

    When you see the ending.. and ur jus like...Oh....

  25. Joey Fehl

    Joey Fehl9 日 前

    Dude Perfect needs to do more videos like this

  26. Pietro

    Pietro9 日 前

    Home 2020

  27. Derrick Liang

    Derrick Liang9 日 前

    Bruh when the editors are way funnier than the actual team

  28. Knight with a beer

    Knight with a beer10 日 前

    Intro song plz

  29. Trevi

    Trevi10 日 前

    I really wanted to see dp as cameramen

  30. Devan Bognalbal

    Devan Bognalbal11 日 前

    panda edition

  31. Cyrribrae

    Cyrribrae11 日 前

    Shoulda stuck a gopro on the ball... Would have been cool to see the descending view lol oh well. That's a one try sort of trick shot lol

  32. Learn Discover and Fun

    Learn Discover and Fun12 日 前

    The dislikes were from the hackets

  33. Learn Discover and Fun

    Learn Discover and Fun12 日 前

    The funny thing is that this video was edited by themselves 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Beast Coast

    Beast Coast12 日 前

    That cinimatic scene, should be a movie

  35. Denise Chan

    Denise Chan12 日 前

    2:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:41 WUT


    JERONIMO PEÑALOZA (Student)13 日 前

    Best editor vid so far! They really tried! Thanks for this amazing content guys.

  37. Carter John

    Carter John13 日 前

    Dude perfect the movie is here!!!!!lol



    I'm addicted to dude perfect

  39. miran Wii

    miran Wii13 日 前

    i love this vido

  40. Carolina Vides

    Carolina Vides14 日 前

    Is there gonna be a editor edition 3?

  41. jdelbailey

    jdelbailey14 日 前

    Who’s filming them!? 😂

  42. Chart Sawatdiphong

    Chart Sawatdiphong14 日 前

    Editor edition is more of a documentary than a vidio

  43. Evan Taddy

    Evan Taddy14 日 前

    NASCAR At SuperSpeedways Be Like: Spotters (Will): The BIG One? Commentators (Chad): THE BIG ONE!

  44. Norfolk Southern 989

    Norfolk Southern 98915 日 前

    RC Edition 2

  45. The Science-o-pedia

    The Science-o-pedia16 日 前

    Great guys.. appreciate your talent

  46. Charja Go

    Charja Go16 日 前

    Maybe panda is a hacker/ project zorgo

  47. Cole Witmer

    Cole Witmer16 日 前

    I had no idea what this was at the beginning

  48. Emma J

    Emma J17 日 前

    I clicked because i saw will 😂

  49. accesskate

    accesskate19 日 前

    No videos Still has 51million subs

  50. gregorius pietter

    gregorius pietter19 日 前

    at video deleted ahhhhh

  51. Goldeneagle 43

    Goldeneagle 4319 日 前

    The editors need a JPreporter channel tbh

  52. Tanner Trout

    Tanner Trout19 日 前

    Tim looks like Mac Miller

  53. Preston Gillis

    Preston Gillis20 日 前

    The real question is who is filming this

  54. Wes Cottongim

    Wes Cottongim20 日 前

    Panda how could you

  55. Preston Tang

    Preston Tang20 日 前

    Let’s go I live in utah

  56. Ben white

    Ben white20 日 前

    What editing software did they use?

  57. Casey Siefert

    Casey Siefert21 日 前

    Yo what if panda was on wheel unfortunate😂

  58. Oliver Klug

    Oliver Klug21 日 前

    Wait when they are on the show who is filming?🤔


    CYBER WOLF22 日 前

    What is that song. Plz tell me

  60. Pan TV

    Pan TV23 日 前

    Will is my favorite member of Dude Perfect

  61. Clark Nakka

    Clark Nakka24 日 前

    The editors rocket was better than theirs

  62. fe4r less

    fe4r less25 日 前

    Gotto give respet fir fire dept boi

  63. StrikeBlazerGames

    StrikeBlazerGames25 日 前

    Will: the big one? Chad: *ThE BiG onE!*

  64. Tarun Sundaram

    Tarun Sundaram26 日 前

    DP should make a movie!

  65. Kaustav Majumder

    Kaustav Majumder26 日 前


  66. Cute Doggo

    Cute Doggo26 日 前

    Professional acting 🔥

  67. Ikhsan Tjambolang

    Ikhsan Tjambolang26 日 前


  68. Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy26 日 前

    Is Panda in his suit at all times (seems like it).

  69. Sampath Srinivasan

    Sampath Srinivasan27 日 前


  70. Sarah Shan

    Sarah Shan27 日 前

    You guys are great editors

  71. TG team

    TG team28 日 前

    When you at the friends grandma's house and you fixing the tv

  72. Davider

    Davider28 日 前

    I want Dude Perfect to become the most subscribed JPreporter channel.

  73. Brileyvann Yosliy

    Brileyvann Yosliy29 日 前

    How abt dp the movie🤔

  74. Cosmo

    Cosmo29 日 前

    Это пиздато кто русский лайк 👍

  75. Short Hop Inc.

    Short Hop Inc.ヶ月 前

    If this is a video about the editors, who’s edits for the editors 😳

  76. Hasan Salim

    Hasan Salimヶ月 前

    The big one? THE BOG 0NE

  77. Bobstart

    Bobstartヶ月 前

    Best Video ever

  78. Aisyah Haneem Asmawi

    Aisyah Haneem Asmawiヶ月 前

    Editors, I love all of you just as much as I love the dudes

  79. Random K Set

    Random K Setヶ月 前

    *How Ridiculous wants to know your basketball location*

  80. Joey Smith

    Joey Smithヶ月 前

    No my papi was fire fighter