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  1. Dark Duke

    Dark Duke9 時間 前

    Awesome video

  2. Goku Vs Vegeta

    Goku Vs Vegeta9 時間 前

    I think they will get Golden Buzzer if they perform only one of their act In Any Country Got Talent shows Who agrees Hit like then👍👍

  3. XxxGoodfatherxxX

    XxxGoodfatherxxX10 時間 前

    Three morons is power

  4. تايگر AKM

    تايگر AKM10 時間 前

    Salam alikum. I hope that you will make a translation to all the videos because Honak has a large percentage of Arabs watching you and from the State of Iraq انتمنا لك كول شي سعيد طابت اوقاتكم نحن نحبكم

  5. Patriotic Penguin Gaming

    Patriotic Penguin Gaming10 時間 前

    Do real life stereotypes

  6. Child First

    Child First10 時間 前

    Do a sodalite challenge. sodalite glose orange under uv flash light I believe. Let the biggest briteist and the most orange spots win...please...uwu

  7. Harrison Timmerman

    Harrison Timmerman10 時間 前

    Nice end game trailer

  8. Gomez CewBoyzz

    Gomez CewBoyzz10 時間 前

    7:30 is sick brah

  9. Lex Wilson

    Lex Wilson10 時間 前

    I want to see a DP mission impossible

  10. Stephen Gerald

    Stephen Gerald10 時間 前

    Can I join dp

  11. RA_TV

    RA_TV11 時間 前

    Rubber band trickshots???

  12. Mahmood Muslih

    Mahmood Muslih11 時間 前


  13. Saver

    Saver11 時間 前

    Basketball trick shot with Kobe Bryant?

  14. Taylor Ward

    Taylor Ward12 時間 前

    You guy should have a throwing knifes contest

  15. Will Cefalo

    Will Cefalo12 時間 前

    So funny

  16. Sundar Arun

    Sundar Arun12 時間 前

    Please upload an awarness video on amazon forest fire.. Plzzz😢

  17. waiaiait m

    waiaiait m12 時間 前

    Hard work pays and thats why they are somehow perfect

  18. suman gupta

    suman gupta13 時間 前

    were is our bottle bustin

  19. Mehedi Hasan

    Mehedi Hasan13 時間 前

    I uploaded some video on my channel. Please check it out.

  20. NK AMV

    NK AMV13 時間 前

    Что я не понял - в начале играла песня ninety one ;)

  21. Beast King57

    Beast King5714 時間 前

    WE! WANT! EDITOR! EDITION! 3!!!!!!

  22. Squirrel Taco Productions

    Squirrel Taco Productions14 時間 前

    You guys should collaborate with That’s Amazing, they are really nice people and do a lot of things just like you.

  23. sidthekids

    sidthekids15 時間 前

    Were is tyler cory cody coby and garrette

  24. Carlitos Palos

    Carlitos Palos15 時間 前

    Are you guys coming to San Antonio

  25. Fire Vulpix

    Fire Vulpix16 時間 前


  26. DoragonSureiyā YT

    DoragonSureiyā YT16 時間 前

    Please help to recover the amazon forest

  27. Тревер Филипс

    Тревер Филипс17 時間 前

    Ноу инглиш ,,,

  28. Ranger Biru

    Ranger Biru17 時間 前

    hey dude... next video, indonesian sub please ...

  29. Seydouba Sylla

    Seydouba Sylla17 時間 前

    Bien fait

  30. Heather Silverio

    Heather Silverio18 時間 前

    Where you guys at the Bolivia Salt Flats?

  31. BLacK

    BLacK19 時間 前

    We r waiting real life trick shout

  32. Ashton the juggling Bean

    Ashton the juggling Bean20 時間 前

    Do golf or long drive trick shots 2

  33. hemi cuda

    hemi cuda20 時間 前

    When's the next overtime episode

  34. micha gianeli

    micha gianeli20 時間 前

    Terus yg ngerekam siapa Bambangk 🙄


    EAZYKIEL20 時間 前

    Man I’m not giving up on this channel, even if it seems like they’re running out of ideas

  36. Harlem White

    Harlem White20 時間 前

    Is dude perfect offering job application's?

  37. Hari Rajeev

    Hari Rajeev21 時間 前

    Spread the news and fight and pray for AMAZON RAINFOREST 🙏

  38. cherylleona 4AA

    cherylleona 4AA21 時間 前

    Please do beyblade challenge..


    SWATLUKINHA †23 時間 前


  40. Nazema Kausar

    Nazema Kausar23 時間 前

    Better than action movies!

  41. 陳承晨

    陳承晨日 前

    Do you see that you understand Chinese

  42. ニコラ・テスラ

    ニコラ・テスラ日 前


  43. okow tina

    okow tina22 時間 前

    Ayy Panda

  44. Sandy Universe

    Sandy Universe日 前

    Come on dude, playing to badminton.

  45. Omi In a hellcat

    Omi In a hellcat日 前

    This is so so so terrible

  46. Pics and Psaltery Studios

    Pics and Psaltery Studios日 前

    Why? You don't like this?

  47. Jonathan Carrisoza

    Jonathan Carrisoza日 前

    Suban videos más seguidos

  48. okow tina

    okow tina22 時間 前

    I like 1. The longer one is better

  49. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma日 前

    For next video, you should do a second airsoft royal battle

  50. Shea McEwen

    Shea McEwen日 前

    Honestly, I would rather watch the 10 hour repeat of the Overtime theme song than watch another Editors edition. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  51. Pics and Psaltery Studios

    Pics and Psaltery Studios日 前

    Why? These are so awesome. This just shows at the guys behind the scenes.

  52. Psalmuel Bayta

    Psalmuel Bayta日 前


  53. Psalmuel Bayta

    Psalmuel Bayta日 前

    I don't know is the end of the video

  54. Ashley LeivA

    Ashley LeivA日 前

    It’s honestly amazing how far dude I’ve come , I was subbed to them since they were at 5 mil

  55. Sara Stephens

    Sara Stephens日 前

    I couldn't make it to the show. Who is Panda? 💁‍♀️

  56. Pics and Psaltery Studios

    Pics and Psaltery Studios日 前

    They said that if they get at least above PewDePie, then they will reveal the panda!

  57. JemGemstone

    JemGemstone日 前

    wheel unfortunate ULTIMATE: spin the wheel 3 more TIMES!!! Like so dp can see

  58. Elijah Shepley

    Elijah Shepley日 前

    please do a knife throwing edition (maybe with Adam celandine?)Like if you agree

  59. Francisco Londono

    Francisco Londono日 前

    # editor life



    The big one? THE BUG ONE!

  61. Brandon Konechny

    Brandon Konechny日 前

    Is everyone okay after the fir

  62. Jameson Melo

    Jameson Melo日 前

    panda edition please

  63. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola日 前

    Jukt kein lul!

  64. Luke Shaddick

    Luke Shaddick日 前

    Ayy Panda

  65. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola日 前

    next video: overtime 11 with cool not cool, wheel unfortunate, absurd recurds and judge dudy

  66. ritisawhney

    ritisawhney日 前


  67. Thunderlicious1969

    Thunderlicious1969日 前

    Have you guys ever thought about making a cartoon trick shot video or a cartoon battle. When you see superheroes do cool shots that are so cool and perfect or cartoon ninja shots?

  68. Cam Wow

    Cam Wow日 前

    I made a mistake my sentence fast I’m down for fast I’m gonna fix it they were using a stick and a string attached to a ping pong well technically a girl I am not a hater I love the travel is awesome but they’re just fake

  69. Pizza Panda

    Pizza Panda日 前

    Guys IK What Dude Perfect Next 2 Videos Will Be Overtime 11 And Camping Stereotypes i

  70. Brady Clark

    Brady Clark日 前

    your next video is camping stereotypes. Cory you told me this at the park

  71. Ondřej Dejm

    Ondřej Dejm日 前

    Make a panda edition.

  72. Lazar Yeet

    Lazar Yeet日 前

    Dude perfect are the best !!!!!. Please make the button blue if you agree.

  73. Lazar Yeet

    Lazar Yeet日 前

    Dude perfect are the best !!!!!😊. Please make the button blue if you agree.

  74. Lazar Yeet

    Lazar Yeet日 前

    Dude perfect are the best !!!!!😊. Please make the button blue if you agree

  75. Jean-marie Chaanine

    Jean-marie Chaanine日 前

    Nerf fortnite legendary supply

  76. Mason McCullar

    Mason McCullar日 前

    I'm ready for a DP Editor channel

  77. MVG CLAN

    MVG CLAN日 前

    I subscribed and have the bell rung may I please have a shoutout thank you

  78. Fortnite mobile

    Fortnite mobile日 前

    WE WANT EDITOR EDITION 3! if you know you know

  79. Thomas Messier

    Thomas Messier日 前

    next video: overtime 11 with cool not cool, wheel unfortunate, absurd recurds and judge dudy

  80. Kill_Ä_IH TV

    Kill_Ä_IH TV日 前

    Jukt kein lul!

  81. William Thatcher

    William Thatcher日 前

    Subscribe to wills explosion and silent rocket

  82. Travis Turner

    Travis Turner日 前

    Did you know that Panda is C***

  83. SnipeSlaxer 098

    SnipeSlaxer 098日 前

    Take this in how long does it take to film this

  84. FB Abe

    FB Abe日 前

    Plastic golf battle 2 is what I want

  85. Mohamed Hagyousif

    Mohamed Hagyousif日 前

    Paper Airplane Trick Shots 2? You never know.

  86. david richardson

    david richardson日 前

    They should stick to editing

  87. Ильсаф Шайхлисламов

    Ильсаф Шайхлисламов日 前

    Лайк если русский!