Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix) [feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch]


  1. dramaticartist23

    dramaticartist2330 分 前

    This new artist is v Ed Sheeran influenced: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Kdm3oZeCj-w.html

  2. Absolute Aaron

    Absolute Aaron31 分 前

    Ed Sheeran a ginger thinking hes gangsta,

  3. rashid ali

    rashid ali時間 前

    Can you pls do a rap or song called dark shadow pls

  4. Fade - ROBLOX

    Fade - ROBLOX2 時間 前

    This reminds me of calling a 2-year-old a shitbag

  5. babylakes

    babylakes3 時間 前


  6. AnorexicOrangutan 9000

    AnorexicOrangutan 90003 時間 前

    Ed Sharon is gay

  7. Ich bin nicht akay_pnd Ich

    Ich bin nicht akay_pnd Ich4 時間 前


  8. Alexei Brewster

    Alexei Brewster10 時間 前

    This shit is hilarious i love it

  9. Lola Latoubosoun

    Lola Latoubosoun13 時間 前

    Agghh in my opinion jaykay just ruined it ...no hate ... I love this song

  10. Bui Khoi

    Bui Khoi17 時間 前

    The RAP was great!

  11. Google Account

    Google Account18 時間 前

    Fuck all the other shit. This is English, that’s it

  12. Maria Santos

    Maria Santos21 時間 前

    Me amarro nesse vídeo!!!

  13. rhiannen turver

    rhiannen turver日 前

    Some one please tell me this is a piss take 😂

  14. Money Movement

    Money Movement日 前

    When I spoke bristish

  15. lunar moon

    lunar moon日 前

    No no weak message,

  16. jedida gachagua

    jedida gachagua日 前

    Fells good

  17. Mashmello man 2012

    Mashmello man 2012日 前

    Jet plan’s headed to the the sky

  18. Mashmello man 2012

    Mashmello man 2012日 前


  19. Stephanie Mcdougal

    Stephanie Mcdougal日 前

    If I had chance to be in stomzy video I would say YESSSSS!!

  20. مجيد شبرم

    مجيد شبرم日 前

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  21. demon beats

    demon beats日 前


  22. Halle Lou

    Halle Lou日 前

    No one : Aitch: takhe meh bakh ta manneh

  23. Hi There

    Hi There日 前

    Their music is literally the opposite but this somehow works..

  24. Eleanor King

    Eleanor King2 日 前

    I've never seen Ed in adidas tracksuit :o

  25. Adrian Niknam

    Adrian Niknam2 日 前

    ed Sheeran the next new upcoming big roadman

  26. Oh yeah Yeah 2

    Oh yeah Yeah 22 日 前

    From 0:12 go on 0.5 play back speed

  27. jago

    jago2 日 前

    underrated song

  28. Gareth Ford-Elliott

    Gareth Ford-Elliott2 日 前

    this would be great without the ginger boy

  29. Gareth Ford-Elliott

    Gareth Ford-Elliott日 前

    @XL Leona his part is, yes. And it'd be better without him imo

  30. XL Leona

    XL Leona日 前

    Gareth Ford-Elliott : this great song is written by Ed.

  31. MMY449

    MMY4492 日 前

    Happy for Ed being part of popular kids, at last! My heart just melted when he uttered the words "Man are you dumb" with such ease.

  32. moonchild-23

    moonchild-232 日 前

    Ed Sheeran is adorable honestly

  33. Alice Callihan

    Alice Callihan2 日 前

    Stormzy's height compared to Ed though.

  34. Gritoz

    Gritoz2 日 前

    There's 33k comments IF you find mine then you are truly a legend

  35. David A García

    David A García2 日 前

    So take me back to London, family, friends, Rolls Royce, jet plane Airbus, Givs, Chelsea neighbourhood and so very happy! ❤🇬🇧

  36. Ash XxCalmSoulxX

    Ash XxCalmSoulxX2 日 前

    Makes me miss London ..Well my family in London.....Can someone Take me back to London

  37. DOMINER 2004

    DOMINER 20042 日 前

    0:19 word to Jamie vardy 😂

  38. Dant'e Stackz

    Dant'e Stackz2 日 前

    This art project is very impressive..

  39. Dant'e Stackz

    Dant'e Stackz2 日 前

    Okay..I am shocked..

  40. Erivaldo Jelson

    Erivaldo Jelson2 日 前

    UK and USA I Like this.

  41. Magic Laser983

    Magic Laser9832 日 前

    2:28 is that even british?

  42. ClockWork Tech

    ClockWork Tech3 日 前

    Volan pe dreapta ca sa fie mai ieftin Rolls Royce Cullinan :))

  43. Ernest Kil

    Ernest Kil3 日 前

    Ed’s next song will be take me back to Eminem

  44. Ernest Kil

    Ernest Kil3 日 前

    Any1 remember Jaykae and Gino

  45. Lewis Seed

    Lewis Seed3 日 前

    00:29 bad editing he had no legs

  46. onion tv vlogs

    onion tv vlogs3 日 前

    Mc Burberry's version is way better #mcburberry #Burbz

  47. Ayuba Lambert

    Ayuba Lambert3 日 前

    Best music v6

  48. F ì ĵ ì W ã t ë r

    F ì ĵ ì W ã t ë r3 日 前

    Oi ed is a rapper too mad respect bruv

  49. Emi Klein

    Emi Klein4 日 前

    Aitch is like the littest ever

  50. lunar moon

    lunar moon4 日 前

    The phoney doesn't know what he's playing with, why isn't the dick helping the SABS IN ENGLAND, FIGHTING FOR THE ANIMALS, DOZY BASTARD

  51. Xelda Lazar

    Xelda Lazar4 日 前

    Ed and stormzy entrance: in field driving Rolls Royce Jaykae and Aitch entrance: sat on pool table in pub

  52. Marley and Stan Productions

    Marley and Stan Productions5 日 前

    Who else thinks stormzy looks like lukaku

  53. Donna Elliot

    Donna Elliot5 日 前


  54. advait bajaj

    advait bajaj5 日 前

    Trying to understand someone rapping in British accent is the most challenging thing I have done .

  55. Mohamed636

    Mohamed6365 日 前

    jeez Ed get a fuckin haircut before the video man

  56. Mohamed636

    Mohamed6363 日 前

    Veronica M well I mean he looks like just got out of bed..but to each their own.

  57. Veronica M

    Veronica M4 日 前

    Ed is a musician, not a banker who needs a short back and sides haircut. I think it's more you being prejudice about his hair colour #gingerphobic

  58. Anna Zaworska

    Anna Zaworska5 日 前



    MUFC COLIN5 日 前

    Best Bit Is Aitch who agrees By the way who’s watching in 2020

  60. AKA_Chooch

    AKA_Chooch5 日 前

    shout out to fellow brum's

  61. Sam Fraser The buses and train spotter

    Sam Fraser The buses and train spotter5 日 前

    Take me back to London

  62. Luwam Robel

    Luwam Robel5 日 前

    My brother loves watching this and he is 5

  63. Lil Red eye

    Lil Red eye5 日 前

    But does humanity have a definition in your circles

  64. Lil Red eye

    Lil Red eye5 日 前

    One name of a missing woman from the 40 by their mum?