Eating ONLY School Lunch for 24 HOURS! **bad idea**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug3 ヶ月 前

    The school lunch was surprisingly good.. What's your favorite meal?

  2. RAV3N

    RAV3Nヶ月 前

    My favorite is the bbq sandwich

  3. greenbean chickenbean

    greenbean chickenbeanヶ月 前

    What the hell kind of question is "Is orange juice supposed to be yellow"?

  4. breezy21093

    breezy21093ヶ月 前

    The mozzarella sticks when I was in school are the exact same ones you guys are talking about and I graduate in 2011 and I live in Delaware crazy y’all had the same mozzarella sticks!! I loved them just the marinara sauce they gave us wasn’t really good.. my favorite meal was always the chicken patty or tacos I always got double lunch those days lol

  5. Bryson Nguyen Orca

    Bryson Nguyen Orcaヶ月 前

    Elementary: Ericson Middle: Challenger Now I’m in High School: Mira Mesa High School

  6. Uno Channel

    Uno Channel2 ヶ月 前

    FaZe Rug cookies

  7. tinted carrot jr

    tinted carrot jr5 時間 前

    They serve subway at my school


    AIDAN EVERT YT8 時間 前

    Bruh my school freaking sells rice that literally taste like crap

  9. Jordan Zubia

    Jordan Zubia14 時間 前

    U look better w out earings

  10. Guleid

    Guleid20 時間 前

    17:08 I thought that was bosly aka ur dog

  11. Czire James Machado

    Czire James Machado日 前

    React to something agai I miss it

  12. Saint_Killer_323 Skrt

    Saint_Killer_323 Skrt日 前

    What kinda school is this I’ve never gotten good food.

  13. Jaycen Enriquez

    Jaycen Enriquez日 前

    Try Kerman,Ca middle school my guy!!

  14. REDSKULL 7789

    REDSKULL 7789日 前

    You know faze rug fatass went somewere to eat after the vid😂

  15. Nüttëllä Pläyz Gächä :3

    Nüttëllä Pläyz Gächä :3日 前

    I ate the same yogurt today 😂

  16. Charles_vroo

    Charles_vroo日 前

    Only black grandma know how to cook ribs

  17. xx iceking

    xx iceking日 前

    Faze rug Is a drug dog



    I miss the breakfast pizza

  19. Ike

    Ike日 前

    Wait if you said it was good, then why'd you put **bad idea** on the title??

  20. GGFEFE

    GGFEFE日 前

    Pause then look at 13:03

  21. Omar bin3

    Omar bin3日 前

    are you muslim cus I just want to know cus I am

  22. ReducedPiggy Pro

    ReducedPiggy Pro2 日 前

    No pig eating

  23. Esmeralda Lopez

    Esmeralda Lopez2 日 前

    15:53 😭😂😂😭😂

  24. MatFit Drag

    MatFit Drag2 日 前

    Last time I was served ONLY playdough-like mash potatoes and expired milk (I mean literally I played catch with my friend with the fucking mash potatoes with no problems)

  25. Adelina Marroquin

    Adelina Marroquin2 日 前

    I’m in 3rd grade

  26. DSmash

    DSmash2 日 前

    School food now sucks

  27. RiotZ BlaZe

    RiotZ BlaZe2 日 前

    Should of stayed in school 4:54😂

  28. Elijah Campos

    Elijah Campos2 日 前

    When the little boy hugged rug & he wrapped his arms around his legs 😭😭

  29. Reid Irwin

    Reid Irwin2 日 前

    Yes I do

  30. Mr. Fruit Snacks

    Mr. Fruit Snacks3 日 前

    *its not hard when you do it everyday*

  31. Salt _stage894

    Salt _stage8943 日 前

    How many of the spork since kindergarten

  32. Eda Figueroa

    Eda Figueroa3 日 前

    I love the food from middle school but i'm in 4grade

  33. izzoneay _

    izzoneay _3 日 前

    dang my school gives us these stale and gross french toast sticks that don’t even have syrup for breakfast and sometimes they even give it to us for lunch and we also have freaking ICE in our milk and it looks like a slushie

  34. Emily Robinson

    Emily Robinson3 日 前

    Eat prison food for twenty four hours hundred like and faze rug has to do it

  35. Eric Griffith

    Eric Griffith3 日 前

    I have had those in highschool soooo goood

  36. Ramona Stjernen

    Ramona Stjernen3 日 前

    Whats the name of the song in the end?? Ps you are the best❤️

  37. jude michael sanchez lopez

    jude michael sanchez lopez4 日 前

    Is youre middle school principal related to jimmy fallon

  38. Angel Playz

    Angel Playz4 日 前

    They still have mozzarella cheese sticks and I also love them so much but this year they kinda taste weird

  39. DASH-3456R

    DASH-3456R4 日 前

    Damn here in belgium we have to get our lunch self

  40. Giogo Gaming

    Giogo Gaming4 日 前

    We had warm pop tarts for breakfast xd

  41. Apple boss 21

    Apple boss 214 日 前

    That’s why I never get school lunches

  42. KurtTheSquirtProductions

    KurtTheSquirtProductions4 日 前

    I think my principal is in his 40s and he lives with his parents!😂



    My school be having boot leg cereal

  44. W Lou

    W Lou5 日 前

    If you want to do only eating prison foods for 24 hours come to my school not sarcastic

  45. W Lou

    W Lou5 日 前

    My school hasmosterrela cheese sticks

  46. SierSrdilo

    SierSrdilo5 日 前

    The juice brand in the first one is from ggusd la district

  47. Cecilia Medina

    Cecilia Medina5 日 前

    Bro once the school gave us expired orange juice and it was from 2010



    Fortnite shields sound



    Our food is so bad the time I don't bring lunch I don't eat all day

  50. Raymundo Paz

    Raymundo Paz6 日 前

    When he stopped video he started eating food but not school food if he did

  51. Henry Euceda

    Henry Euceda6 日 前

    You might think that all the school foods is gross the food from my school is like a 5 star meal

  52. Vartan G

    Vartan G6 日 前

    LAUSD has to have the worst school lunch of all time

  53. Rudy Mokdad

    Rudy Mokdad7 日 前

    I cant believe ur not a panda express fan


    DRIP PZYCHO7 日 前

    Talking bout fasting for Ramadan and eating pork I still like y’all tho but HARAM

  55. Jetlife5499 Rip DG

    Jetlife5499 Rip DG8 日 前

    My school food is basically prison food

  56. FaZe Champion

    FaZe Champion8 日 前

    Why Rug look gangster😂

  57. killmaster1221

    killmaster12218 日 前

    I go hear

  58. Ssniper legendd

    Ssniper legendd8 日 前

    Yes I got that in my school and so good 😋🤤

  59. Browns

    Browns8 日 前

    At 19:54 you can see rug eating his KFC

  60. Browns

    Browns8 日 前

    My school has some good lunch

  61. erica resendiz

    erica resendiz8 日 前

    Can you surprise or do something nice for your principal it would be awesome !!!!

  62. LB sunrecked

    LB sunrecked8 日 前

    I used to have mozzarella cheese sticks

  63. KIDDO

    KIDDO9 日 前

    Wow I never saw milk in a plastic bag

  64. Manuel Sotelo

    Manuel Sotelo9 日 前

    My school lunch is good come to casa grande Arizona cholla elementary

  65. Keldymoney 26

    Keldymoney 269 日 前