Eat It Or Yeet It #5 w/ The Merrell Twins!


  1. Jasper cd

    Jasper cd56 分 前

    I love every chanel of smosh

  2. Chevy to the Wrangs

    Chevy to the Wrangs時間 前

    Please bring the twins back!!! PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE

  3. Ally May

    Ally May4 時間 前

    The person in the middle almost always gets the Twinkie

  4. Maisha Rashid

    Maisha Rashid6 時間 前

    Do raw fish with custard and sprinkles with ketchup make it look like a strawberry cake

  5. Lyydia_ N

    Lyydia_ N12 時間 前

    You should make a try not to laugh chalange with the merrel twins

  6. Jacob Young

    Jacob Young13 時間 前

    8:34 good! F**king suffer, Ian.

  7. Jacob Young

    Jacob Young13 時間 前

    8:00 you're a monster, Damien

  8. Jacob Young

    Jacob Young13 時間 前

    2:52 Ian doesn't deserve anything good

  9. Winchesterly

    Winchesterly21 時間 前

    10:01 Mark Shayne down as scared and horny lmao

  10. Gabi Hill

    Gabi Hill22 時間 前

    I need Monica on Eat it or yeet it

  11. Josie Van Arsdall

    Josie Van Arsdall22 時間 前

    Danny Gonzalez please

  12. Diego

    Diego22 時間 前

    I’m sorry but shayne should be in every video but in one he should know the good food to give him a break

  13. Leah Hunt

    Leah Hunt23 時間 前


  14. Dilaydi Sanchez

    Dilaydi Sanchez23 時間 前

    Please have them all back and btw y’all y’all are amazing ❤️🥰

  15. Alejandro Flores

    Alejandro Flores日 前

    i’m surprised they didn’t show Shayne liking yolk cereal

  16. Cørinna Øwens

    Cørinna Øwens日 前

    Oh- it’s /spicy/, it’s /doughy/, it’s /dry as a desert-

  17. Queen_of_th3_GEEKs !!!

    Queen_of_th3_GEEKs !!!日 前

    U guys should have MatPat in as a guest! He’d be fun!

  18. Rylie Rylie

    Rylie Rylie日 前

    I feel like drinks are safer because you can sallow quicker like you don’t have to chew 😂

  19. Danie Azcona

    Danie Azcona日 前

    mythical kitchen dude ...RING EM BACK!!!!!

  20. Danie Azcona

    Danie Azcona日 前

    Everytime I see a twinkie I burst out laughing bc I already know hahah

  21. johnathan.r.sellers

    johnathan.r.sellers日 前

    Bring on Ryan Reynolds

  22. robotic chaos

    robotic chaos日 前

    bro I wanna be on the show

  23. Dead Brayn

    Dead Brayn日 前

    This is Noah's show 2.0

  24. Crystal Jar

    Crystal Jar日 前

    I wanna join. It’s because there is so much safety 😄

  25. artisteye painter

    artisteye painter日 前

    you should bring Markiplier and jacksepticeye AKA Mark and Sean into this they eat a lot of weird crap this would be perfect for them

  26. Erin Wadyko

    Erin Wadyko日 前

    I'm 14 seconds in and I know for shire those state the merrel twins

  27. Cora Jusino

    Cora Jusino日 前

    my dumbass thought natto was nacho

  28. little big jon

    little big jon日 前

    Add Kevin heart

  29. JLF Gaming

    JLF Gaming2 日 前

    You should have to finish the bite. If you Yeet you have to stay in the game and bite another dish.

  30. rolfi deleon

    rolfi deleon2 日 前

    Bring jake paul

  31. bella plaia

    bella plaia2 日 前

    omg please bring Cody ko on for something

  32. Benz Javier

    Benz Javier2 日 前

    Alex wassabi next to the eat it or yeet it

  33. Dyger Shoorey Cherestil Dyger

    Dyger Shoorey Cherestil Dyger2 日 前

    my boy Anthony no no NO!! NO!!!!!!!!

  34. Mateo 22

    Mateo 222 日 前

    Coffee bean or Starbucks

  35. TJ Kjederquist

    TJ Kjederquist2 日 前

    Rhett and Link

  36. Leah Nguyen

    Leah Nguyen2 日 前

    *yOuR a mOnStEr aNd yOu sHoUlD fEeL bAd*

  37. my sign

    my sign2 日 前

    You should bring a flmingo

  38. flowell

    flowell2 日 前

    what about halloween episode with tommy?

  39. TermiDriver

    TermiDriver3 日 前

    Where is.keith

  40. Oleg Gushtan

    Oleg Gushtan3 日 前

    How about, you make a cup cake and stuff as many unions in it as you possibly can without it collapsing

  41. Jonathan Camacho

    Jonathan Camacho3 日 前

    I would wanna see -Olivia, Sarah, the Merrell Twins and Mari -Wes, Lasercorn, Shayne, Joven, Keith

  42. Ryuichiro Sakuraba

    Ryuichiro Sakuraba3 日 前

    Liquid Ashtray? Hm. I'd drink that. Also: They do love malic acid, huh?

  43. iHelloway

    iHelloway3 日 前

    i still wonder why smosh pit episodes are watched so much ... Any other show on youtube does way better ... like this segment in Good Mythical morning

  44. Blair Bevan

    Blair Bevan3 日 前

    Surely have Seth Rogan on here

  45. Godspeed Assassin

    Godspeed Assassin3 日 前

    One day Garret will be walking down an alley, and he will get jumped by everyone who has ever been on eat it or yeet it

  46. Jockolope

    Jockolope3 日 前

    do the bean boozle challenge

  47. Raven Gaming

    Raven Gaming4 日 前


  48. Y Arch

    Y Arch4 日 前

    Literally the best combination for collabing.

  49. Gitana Arteaga

    Gitana Arteaga4 日 前

    Are we going to get a Halloween episode of eat it or yeet it, Garret could probably have fun with that

  50. Meleah Herrick

    Meleah Herrick4 日 前

    Yes I love them so much you have to bring them back

  51. Eddie Huo

    Eddie Huo4 日 前

    You guys should let the key bro’s because Collins key invented YEET

  52. Burnoutjax15

    Burnoutjax154 日 前

    Shane, ryland, morgan and Garrett!

  53. Alexander Arnold

    Alexander Arnold4 日 前


  54. Bethany Poposky

    Bethany Poposky4 日 前

    Garret! Make a tempered falafel or potsticker!

  55. Emilio Flores

    Emilio Flores4 日 前

    More famous youtube guests plz

  56. Varsha Aravind

    Varsha Aravind4 日 前

    I was eating a Twinkie while watching this and I regret it

  57. Astrid Demata

    Astrid Demata5 日 前

    You should do a video and one of the things are chicken with instead of sweet and sour sauce on it hot sauce

  58. No0ne Official

    No0ne Official5 日 前

    Smosh Team Can you make a Yeet it Or Eat it that has 10 or more players

  59. Silli2009 -

    Silli2009 -5 日 前

    rosanna pansino on eat it or yeet it

  60. Clara Gachalife

    Clara Gachalife5 日 前

    Smosh* autocorrect