Dustin Diamond's Message for His Former 'Saved by the Bell' Castmates


  1. ReapersReign

    ReapersReign6 時間 前

    I see the lump on the back of his neck



    🗣 *EMILIO!!!!!*

  3. Rional Gaming

    Rional Gaming14 時間 前

    dustins credits.. saved by bell.. saved by the bell the college years.. the movies... saved by the bell porno parody.... not sure this counts as acting bro

  4. Chelsea Brooke

    Chelsea Brooke14 時間 前

    Mario literally sounded like he was interviewing a stranger here. Not someone he was once friends with or cared about.

  5. Rod Schermerhorn

    Rod Schermerhorn16 時間 前

    Love ya Dustin

  6. the man

    the man16 時間 前

    I hope Dustin is doing okay, I read somewhere he might have cancer :(

  7. G READY

    G READY18 時間 前

    This interview should have been on a episode of Black Mirror..... weird.


    LEE KING SNATCH18 時間 前

    im praying for him...

  9. NyA

    NyA20 時間 前

    They have left him out of all reunions, WACK

  10. Sandra Dima

    Sandra Dima21 時間 前

    Get well soon Dustin !

  11. fiordaliza tineo

    fiordaliza tineo日 前

    I love screetch Samuel it's sad that he seems so humble and distressed upset.but I feel like it's not fair no one including him and lisa.

  12. 2000music

    2000music日 前

    Kudos to Mario for keeping it professional

  13. gonoles28

    gonoles28日 前

    Glad everyone already wrote what I was thinking.. Mario acting like he was never on the show with Dustin... Just an odd interview with a guy you were casted with.

  14. Richard Manvelian

    Richard Manvelian日 前

    I wish you health brother 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. Velma Williams

    Velma Williams日 前

    Mario is sitting there looking at him like he’s straight crazy

  16. Josh

    Josh日 前

    Screech had a ton of makeup on

  17. burningfeet 53

    burningfeet 53日 前

    Well, there's just too much screach in the interview.

  18. MetroidSlime

    MetroidSlime日 前

    Who would of know, 4 years later, he would find out that he has stage 4 terminal cancer...


    JOE MOMMA日 前

    He seems like he's full of shit.

  20. Laura Ortega

    Laura Ortega日 前

    Screech carried that show idc what nobody says



    So sad 😞 Rip Dustin. He diagnosed with cancer and there’s nothing u can nothing about it

  22. Erica Lauren Horn

    Erica Lauren Horn日 前


  23. Don Montana

    Don Montana日 前

    seemed like a "let me interview Screech so I can report back to the cast"

  24. tim

    tim2 日 前

    Get well.. has cancer he is from Wisconsin good man

  25. Michael David

    Michael David2 日 前

    Now is the time for the former cast of SBTB to make amends with Dustin before it's too late. The poor bloke has Stage 4 Cancer.

  26. Solange Pinto

    Solange Pinto2 日 前

    😅😅Mário, Mário!! Come on man!! You haven’t been that squeaky clean all your life either, MEMBA?!?!🙄🙄😅😅

  27. frank bivona

    frank bivona2 日 前

    bitch you werent 16 when you filmed the college years. lol miss you bby

  28. Josh Con

    Josh Con2 日 前

    Slater talking like he’s not slater

  29. Roy Edwards

    Roy Edwards2 日 前

    Dustin accused Mario of raping a girl on set and the powers that be paid her off.

  30. Jeremy Foster

    Jeremy Foster2 日 前

    Mario is a trumpster Nuff said

  31. l l

    l l2 日 前

    Mario Mario Mario. You need a second cup of coffee to pretend to be interested.

  32. Ray s

    Ray s2 日 前

    I stopped reading the comments after the 5th one. They all said Mario interviewing Dustin like a stranger

  33. DevinDesu

    DevinDesu2 日 前

    He's literally looking at one of his cast members RIGHT NOW! 🤦🏾‍♂️ What the heck?! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  34. Farscape

    Farscape2 日 前

    Mario is not being a jerk. He's trying to be professional for the sake of the interview. You think Mario and Dustin didn't bro hug the moment they saw each other that day? Come on. Stop being so offended by everything.

  35. Claudia Cam

    Claudia Cam2 日 前

    Dustin revealed in his book Mario had date raped a woman...you really think there was no animosity regardless of whether its true or false? You can literally see Mario is being passive aggressive lol

  36. Righteous Survivor

    Righteous Survivor2 日 前

    Remember when he was the villain on celebrity fit club

  37. Say Sum

    Say Sum20 時間 前

    @Righteous Survivor yeah that was so funny

  38. Righteous Survivor

    Righteous Survivor21 時間 前

    @Say Sum yes the marine

  39. Say Sum

    Say Sum21 時間 前

    And that one trainer completely lost his shit on him 😂😂

  40. Say Sum

    Say Sum21 時間 前

    Yes! 😂

  41. Zonnins

    Zonnins2 日 前

    Mario is trying to mimic interviews done by serious investigative journalists. Most of those types are forgettable and not enjoyable to watch. I wish he would have been himself in this interview. Break the mold don’t just act like that because that’s how you’ve seen other news reporters do interviews.

  42. Michael Fulton

    Michael Fulton2 日 前

    Why is there so much negativity in this video

  43. A Bruno

    A Bruno2 日 前

    🤦🏽‍♂️ Jesus kid you looking at one now fool!

  44. Estibaly D

    Estibaly D2 日 前

    Wait ... college years- he was in that and he was 16 ? What about that wedding movie? They were 16?

  45. Peter Schmidt

    Peter Schmidt2 日 前

    Keep Dustin in your prayers. He was my favorite on saved by the bell. I am 60 years old now.

  46. Ding-a-ling

    Ding-a-ling3 日 前

    Mario needs to come down off his high horse. He acted like a dick during this.

  47. Joseph Flores

    Joseph Flores3 日 前

    Has not spoken to mark paul since the show, yeah because mark paul doesn't give a fuck. Reach out asshole that's your boy.

  48. Brandy Coke

    Brandy Coke3 日 前

    Some of these actors aren't really friends they just work together.

  49. DesMone Ketron

    DesMone Ketron3 日 前


  50. Jezza Us

    Jezza Us3 日 前

    Is this Michael from Vsauce?

  51. Paul Heckman

    Paul Heckman3 日 前

    Diamond is wearing so much goddamn makeup

  52. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith3 日 前

    They treated him like shit in real life

  53. Michael W Carmeci Sr

    Michael W Carmeci Sr4 日 前

    Mario had his chance after this interview to push for his inclusion of the remake on Peacock. #SHAMEONYOU

  54. patrickglover44

    patrickglover444 日 前


  55. Eric Nazario

    Eric Nazario4 日 前

    There are actually 2 Marios: one with the mullet and one without

  56. The Buzz with DJ Don

    The Buzz with DJ Don4 日 前

    SCREECH HAS CANCER jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-XwMTPmuIL_I.html

  57. Steve Walters

    Steve Walters4 日 前

    I really wish, as I think all the fans do, the best for him.

  58. Shane Threlfall

    Shane Threlfall5 日 前

    Clearly Mario didn’t write the questions

  59. krhizz raim

    krhizz raim5 日 前


  60. Madame Livingston

    Madame Livingston6 日 前


  61. Victor Valero

    Victor Valero7 日 前

    What would you say to Mario if you seen him setting on the chair. You dumb a

  62. Ryan

    Ryan7 日 前


  63. Gregory Post

    Gregory Post9 日 前

    This interview is a perfect example of what growing up in Hollywood does to people.

  64. kyle howard

    kyle howard13 日 前

    Glitch in the matrix

  65. Sean Breen

    Sean Breen13 日 前

    Mario Lopez, despite working with Dustin Diamond, was able to disconnect from his personal connection to his interviewee and although it looked a little alien watching him nod and ask questions like a total stranger; it was interesting to see him behave more like a reporter than a celebrity exploiting his former costar.

  66. Matthew Alkman

    Matthew Alkman13 日 前

    He’s do dumb. He was 18 in college years and Tiffany was there. He was in the movie at the same age, and in the spinoff they came to visit and he was 20.

  67. Scott Pollack

    Scott Pollack14 日 前

    Dustin Diamond is a TRAINWRECK! He published a book that trashed his fellow actors, admitted most of what was written were lies, and then wonders why none of them want to be seen with him! This guy is an “accident waiting to happen”!

  68. Christopher Vananzo

    Christopher Vananzo14 日 前

    Shove him in a locker Slater!!!!



    Screech come back

  70. RyanGA

    RyanGA15 日 前

    That spray tan though

  71. Christian Amlu Lopez

    Christian Amlu Lopez17 日 前

    Dustin Diamond sounds like he knows Mario wants to beat his ass. 😂

  72. Shadezz By NiShae

    Shadezz By NiShae17 日 前

    Im not hearing a word cause i cant get over what im seeing smh fckn Hollywood

  73. ll ll

    ll ll18 日 前

    "I aint seem these fucks since I was 16.. if u let me on set Imma go to jail for stabbing people again" AAAAAAAHHHH SHEEEEeEEEETTTTT .. hard to blame the dude

  74. polojackson21

    polojackson2119 日 前

    Yeah Mario was annoying in this interview

  75. polojackson21

    polojackson2119 日 前

    Damn hes hot ..screech that is. Talk about the ugly duckling

  76. Tony Lee

    Tony Lee20 日 前

    Mario Lopez looks like he has regret in his eyes, like the relationship could have been so much stronger.

  77. Maurice Slonne

    Maurice Slonne22 日 前

    Yes Mario did Work With Dustin For a Lot of Years

  78. Roland Orzabal

    Roland Orzabal23 日 前

    This is cringe af. Like you know lopez has to bean interviewer and impartial and all that but damn you can make it a lil personable

  79. Tom Triadopoulos

    Tom Triadopoulos24 日 前

    Dustin should have answered every question with "ZOINKS!"

  80. Bigg T08

    Bigg T0825 日 前

    Mario is clearly awkward doing the interview. I get the feeling his demeanor could be him trying to act like the "objective reporter".

  81. aliasdyln33

    aliasdyln3325 日 前

    In addition to the beautiful young ladies . . . the other main reason to watch this show ever was Screech. It's so true I tell you.

  82. CHiLLgAmeR27

    CHiLLgAmeR2725 日 前

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  83. VolosStefan

    VolosStefan25 日 前

    I'm convinced Mario Lopez is a WestWorld android and his memory probably gets wiped clean every few weeks, especially after he gets used by some Hollywood producers who do "unspeakable" things to him.

  84. Higher-self

    Higher-self25 日 前

    Mario’s not being cold or acting he doesn’t know Dustin, he’s being objective and impartial.. and he’d probably already had the personal nature of the interview off camera. The way this is edited makes it look more distant than it probably was. And even if it had been that impersonal, it’d been a long time to be face to face.

  85. Higher-self

    Higher-self25 日 前

    aliasdyln33 to each their own.

  86. aliasdyln33

    aliasdyln3325 日 前

    To: Higher-self - your comment is a load of crap. Mario is being cold and acting like he doesn't know Dustin. Truth be told - Mario cannot interview sqwat . . . or Screetch even. Sad interview to watch.

  87. Keeley Eubanks

    Keeley Eubanks25 日 前

    Mario: how long has it been since u seen any of the cast members Dustin: years Me trying to point out that he is litteraly sitting right next to one

  88. TXDogg83

    TXDogg8326 日 前

    Hasnt seen mark paul since he was 16???? Didnt they do the college years show together??

  89. Juss Wait

    Juss Wait26 日 前

    Aahhhh Shiit this sucks . Keep your head up Dustin.

  90. Kuzco Yai

    Kuzco Yai26 日 前

    Is this real?

  91. Christi Wright

    Christi Wright26 日 前

    Dustin is handsome he grew intro his looks

  92. Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

    Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]27 日 前

    Dustin Diamond should join Law & Order SVU as Detective Stabler's brother

  93. Kenyada Carter

    Kenyada Carter27 日 前

    I remember when Dustin was on celebrity fit club harvey walden IV rip him a new a-hole

  94. Lay Paris

    Lay Paris28 日 前


  95. B.A.D. Waves Radio

    B.A.D. Waves Radio28 日 前

    Mario:Thanks for doing this interview Mr.Diamond Dustin:Mario, you don’t have to call me Mr.Diamond. Mario:Sure, I prefer Mr.Lopez. So what’s it like performing with such an amazing cast that one can interview you decades later and pretend they never met you...Mr.Dustin?

  96. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright28 日 前

    Since he's grown up, Dustin Diamond has always reminded me of Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Rothlesburger.

  97. J D

    J D28 日 前

    Awk. Ward.

  98. The Hound

    The Hound28 日 前

    Really shitty and uncomfortable interview. Why did Lopez act like this is the first time they’ve met

  99. Scott Pollack

    Scott Pollackヶ月 前

    Mario’s demeanor is absolutely weird! I can’t believe he conducted the interview in this manner! He’s acting like he has never met Dustin in the past! Very “Cold” on Mario’s part!

  100. EightySix

    EightySixヶ月 前

    It's funny... I'm a year late for the comments... and clearly four years late for the interview... but I was thinking, "Wait... wasn't Mario on the show?" lol... then reading the comments. 💀

  101. Cool Clide

    Cool Clideヶ月 前

    Make your own movie Dustin

  102. Angeleyes8082

    Angeleyes8082ヶ月 前

    Umm didnt Dustin Diamond talk shit about his castmates for years??? Soo it's no surprise that Mario would be acting the way he is...🤷🏾‍♀️

  103. Syd Gaming

    Syd Gamingヶ月 前

    You can feel the hate in Mario's eyes

  104. The Mute Channel 13

    The Mute Channel 13ヶ月 前

    This was madd cringe. For those who never watch saved by the bell they would have thought this was the first time these 2 ever seen or talked to one another 🙄. I've never seen anything like this before. They could have atleast called screech for the Jimmy Fallon Throwback Saved by the bell episode🤔😫 Screech was alot of people's favorite cast member

  105. Cathy Morales

    Cathy Moralesヶ月 前

    Mario Lopez ain’t ask if he’s spoked to Mario Lopez ? 😂

  106. Tijae - Resistance Agent

    Tijae - Resistance Agentヶ月 前

    How's a younger clone of Mario Lopez supposed to act like he knows old Dustin Diamond? You people don't understand the science yet, our clones look like our younger selves but they don't carry over our memories.

  107. Malachi Murphy

    Malachi Murphyヶ月 前

    I don’t know if this is real or not, but I hope it is because Mario is being high key shady.