Dune Official Trailer


  1. Ömer Öziş

    Ömer Öziş55 分 前

    Zendaya cuk oturmuş

  2. John Watson

    John Watson時間 前

    Can’t decide if I prefer Kyle MacLachlan as Paul or this androgynous kid with very little screen presence.

  3. Anthony Gionta

    Anthony Gionta時間 前

    I might see this once in theatres, but buy two tickets to support the next one.

  4. shinjinobrave

    shinjinobrave時間 前

    Calling it a Crusade in stead of a Jihad is real pussy shit.

  5. Jay's Movie Review

    Jay's Movie Review時間 前

    Haven just finished the book I'm more interested in this than ever.

  6. Matthew scott

    Matthew scott時間 前

    SUPERFAIL lmao...

  7. Arcqui

    Arcqui3 時間 前

    This film is (or could be) so much more than a simple blockbuster. The fact that Warner want to make it on HBO Max is just.... This movie can potentialy change the way we see Sci-Fi. FINALY, adapt this inadaptable story ! And don't forget about Legendary who trying to protect this idea. They are, for me, one of the few big studio who actually care about cinema.

  8. Sam

    Sam5 時間 前

    All i see is : _Stranger Things, Mission Impossible, Aquaman, Star Wars, The Hobbit, Guardian of Galaxy_ all in one shot. 🎬

  9. PV Adam

    PV Adam6 時間 前

    Every-time I hear “Fear is the Mind Killer” EON’s 90’s Techno track comes to mind :)

  10. Andrew Watts

    Andrew Watts6 時間 前

    I doubt any movie can do the books justice.. we shall see.

  11. R M

    R M6 時間 前

    Who the hell wants to wait an entire year for this movie???? If I can watch it for free I definitely will! 😁

  12. CLASH by SG

    CLASH by SG9 時間 前

    After Snyder cut.... most anticipated movie

  13. Aninda Halder

    Aninda Halder10 時間 前

    This better be minimum 3 hours long and only the first book. The cast looks incredibly faithful to the book and fitting.

  14. Nerd Empire

    Nerd Empire7 時間 前

    It’s gonna be the first half of the first book

  15. grecia siregar

    grecia siregar12 時間 前

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  16. Zoe Die

    Zoe Die13 時間 前

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  17. BlobBlubCheezy YT

    BlobBlubCheezy YT13 時間 前

    Tim o tee cham lay

  18. Daniel B

    Daniel B13 時間 前

    The Pink Floyd tune takes me out of it.

  19. JK Vlogs

    JK Vlogs15 時間 前

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  20. Freddie’s Overbite

    Freddie’s Overbite16 時間 前

    The spice....pure unrefined spice.

  21. Jacob Alcee

    Jacob Alcee17 時間 前


  22. Heather Doty

    Heather Doty18 時間 前

    Waiting for this movie to come out is painful.

  23. Erick Alejandro

    Erick Alejandro19 時間 前

    Harkonnen look more scary than the sardaukars

  24. The Great City of Chattanooga Tennessee

    The Great City of Chattanooga Tennessee19 時間 前

    Nothing special, just another overhyped and 20 times recycled franchise. When is Cinema gonna to bring again some fresh ideas and good acting / directing like in the 1980`s and 1990`s, instead of just awarding the most Oscars for political correctness and feminism ?

  25. Visuals For You

    Visuals For You18 時間 前

    It's completely on you if you think there's nothing good coming out today. I've seen plenty of discussion about 2019 being one of the best years for movies in general. Why do you have to focus on any sort of diverse casting choice or political undertone in a movie and let that destroy your experience? Just appreciate good filmmaking. It's still here.

  26. n0denz

    n0denz21 時間 前

    0:20 A *Jihad coming

  27. Mukban Mulba

    Mukban Mulba21 時間 前

    i salivate for this

  28. Vitalii Nikitin

    Vitalii Nikitin22 時間 前

    Who the hell could dislike this? I'm super hiped about the movie!

  29. s lukic

    s lukic日 前

    Same like the first one!

  30. Easter Stephens

    Easter Stephens日 前

    *HOTSGIRLS.CLUB* チューブحسنًا ... فرك سيميون وجهه . نحن بحاجة إلى الهدوء والتشتت . و هناك ... و هناك كل شيء سيتقرر. 汽車旅館あと三週間も経てばたぶんこの女はディック?ノースがいたことなんかあらかた忘れてしまうだろう、と僕は思った。忘れやすいタイプの女だし、忘れられやすいタイプの男なのだ。「何か僕にできることはありますか?」と僕はアメに訊いた。 మినహాయింపు寬 Popatrz na mapę powtórzył król. Powiem ci, co wiosną zrobi Emhyr var Emreis. La mia famiglia e i miei amici erano salvi. Victoria non sarebbe mai più tornata a cercarmi. Era tutto finito. และทั้งหมดที่เดียวกัน, Vasya ผมจะไปแล้วLyusya ลุกขึ้นจากม้านั่ง สายไปแล้วแต่เรายังชนะในการย่ำถนน

  31. NicoN13 13

    NicoN13 13日 前

    Who's the guy who said kill em at 1:22 ? Looks like the Undertaker 😂

  32. BucyKalman

    BucyKalman日 前

    Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, played by Stellan Skarsgård .

  33. Wolfy Nail

    Wolfy Nail日 前

    Not this trash again didnt david lynch smithee his name from this garbage fire

  34. Wolfy Nail

    Wolfy Nail7 時間 前

    @Nerd Empire right on loved the book but film was eye rape

  35. Nerd Empire

    Nerd Empire7 時間 前

    Dune is an awesome book

  36. Oscarless

    Oscarless日 前

    65 on METASCORE. I'm calling it. 70 from Todd McCarthy. Here's what he'll probably say:- DUNE is a visual masterpiece in storytelling and burns slowly just like Villeneuve likes it but at the heart of it suffers from the same structure challenges as it's previous rendition.

  37. BucyKalman

    BucyKalman日 前

    Villeneuve said it is the best movie he has ever made. Topping Lynch's version should not be difficult, since Dune 1984 is almost unwatchable.

  38. Vallaria Krozer

    Vallaria Krozer日 前

    Looks boring than blade runner 2049

  39. Gita permatasari

    Gita permatasari日 前

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  40. you2099

    you2099日 前

    O-M-G Finally, that's dune. even whatshername, who I usually can't stand, seemed outstanding. Hope that's a good sign.

  41. Ch4rl13 Moore

    Ch4rl13 Moore日 前

    The Witches seems to be ambiguous in this movie, which is a good thing i suppose, consider in the old movie they don't even feel like villain.

  42. Philanthropic Nightmare

    Philanthropic Nightmare日 前

    Jason Mimosa as Duncan Idaho is 👌 casting

  43. Isabella Carrasquillo

    Isabella Carrasquillo日 前

    Anyone whos seeing this, look up the song DAKITI by Bad Bunny and play it at the same time as you play this trailer and its the coolest trailer ever.

  44. Paul Negrean

    Paul Negrean日 前

    OMG now after reading the book all of this makes so much more sense :D Well I'm not done reading yet but I kinda understand it now :P

  45. D Wr

    D Wr日 前

    Pixar “My parent owns a popular franchise.” They are ruining it. Pixar “They are buying the rights to a new one?” They will ruin that one too.

  46. Celia Hall

    Celia Hall日 前

    This movie will have to go a long way to compete with the original movie that came out in 1984 with Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Hunt, Brad Dourif, Virginia Madson and lots of other great actors. Oh, and let's not forget Sting as Feyd Rautha and Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck!

  47. spderweb

    spderweb2 日 前

    Reading the description, which is just a pile of actor credits, I feel like they focused more on getting a bunch of high profile actors, than the movie. I have no expectations for this.

  48. papi leche

    papi leche日 前

    @spderweb that’s smart

  49. papi leche

    papi leche日 前

    @spderweb k

  50. spderweb

    spderweb日 前

    @papi leche They're listing all the movies that each actor is in. Doing so, adds all those movie titles, and actors into an algorithm. If you watch anything with any specific movie or actor in that list, this trailer will become one of the suggested on the side. They don't want to give credit. They're gaming the system to get more views. And to have this many high profile actors, usually means they have no faith in the movie on it's own, so they again game the system to pull in fans of specific actors. Hence, no expectations.

  51. papi leche

    papi leche日 前

    well yeah they want to give credit to them...

  52. CJ M

    CJ M2 日 前

    This movie's going to flop because all these characters lack real human characteristics

  53. Johannes9126

    Johannes9126日 前

    That's because of the source material.

  54. Haneyya Umer

    Haneyya Umer2 日 前


  55. Kukul KAN

    Kukul KAN2 日 前

    So en wickser kann mit der geile Sau rum mache

  56. King Derelict

    King Derelict2 日 前

    So far it looks great! However, the reimagining of Liet-Kynes as a black woman is bullshit. I pray that this movie doesn't turn out to be another feminist man-bashing lefty piece of crap. DO NOT FUCK WITH DUNE.

  57. evirustheslaye

    evirustheslaye日 前

    Reimagine the harkonenes as some body horror freakshow and nobody complains. Change background character, who's killed off barely even halfway through the book, to a woman and suddenly it's a big damn feminist conspiracy. also note that there already is a secret all female group in the book that's been pulling strings for generations.

  58. Jones Texas

    Jones Texas2 日 前

    meeeehhhh!! in 2 weeks i forgot that movie.

  59. nick przybylinski

    nick przybylinski2 日 前

    Please don’t ruin it 🙏

  60. jinbae lim

    jinbae lim2 日 前

    M: What's in the box S: Pain M: Yes!!! I can't wait to see this movie! hope I can watch it on big screen at cinema on dec!!!

  61. Nickie Sanx

    Nickie Sanx2 日 前

    2020 the movie year most hyped ever. Im gonna die of a heart attack having all these movies delayed by a year.

  62. godzilla fan 2019

    godzilla fan 20192 日 前

    Where's the trailer of Godzilla versus King Kong I can't wait for the movie we just need to see what the trailer is going to be

  63. Jared Bronson

    Jared Bronson2 日 前

    Can this just come out already? Fuck.

  64. Jamez Kpal

    Jamez Kpal2 日 前

    It doesn't appear to be appreciably different from the Lynch film.

  65. VertLIVE

    VertLIVE2 日 前

    I can't wait ARGHH!! One of the movies that got me interested in Sci-Fi back in the day!

  66. Maria

    Maria2 日 前

    i am once again rewatching this trailer

  67. Mikey Gone

    Mikey Gone2 日 前

    Looks awful.

  68. trev

    trev2 日 前

    how so

  69. Tech Philip

    Tech Philip2 日 前

    Even if this movie is bad, at least we got a dope cover of Eclipse out of it

  70. Aise Sgs

    Aise Sgs3 日 前


  71. Diego Sebastian

    Diego Sebastian3 日 前

    I'm waiting for the IMAX release. This is what the cinema experience is about.

  72. Gui Santana

    Gui Santana3 日 前

    ad guy is questioning your morals, you're in trouble.

  73. Nalon

    Nalon3 日 前

    For those who are extremely confused, the story (without real spoilers) is about the conflict between some royal houses over the planet of Arrakis, the only place in the universe where The Spice (a highly valuable drug) can be found. Paul (our main character) is a member of one of these houses.

  74. TheAthens619

    TheAthens6193 日 前

    This looks good, but fuck you WB for firing Johnny ans keeping an abuser and not firing her

  75. Firdaus Azmi

    Firdaus Azmi3 日 前

    He who controls the spice...

  76. Rafa Corella

    Rafa Corella3 日 前

    Josh brolin dune cool

  77. Hor

    Hor3 日 前

    he's gaining it.. he will take it all...

  78. Jakob Klein Petersen

    Jakob Klein Petersen3 日 前


  79. asami

    asami3 日 前

    come on not even one mena actor

  80. PsycHeal

    PsycHeal3 日 前

    Still wish Jodorowsky directed it

  81. Pinkman

    Pinkman3 日 前

    I very much dislike chalamet as well as zendaya but only because it’s Denis Villeneuve I’ll give it a try

  82. n n

    n n3 日 前

    Hey, good worm! Not so sure about "Eclipse" though--Floyd is the mind killer? Sure, they're a better band than Toto but it takes a lot to displace "Take My Hand" from the Dune music anthology. But nice homage of course, since the Jodorowsky version apparently might well have used some "Dark Side" music.

  83. Maverick

    Maverick3 日 前

    High Hopes. Hope they don‘t screw it up

  84. Eduardo Barrozo

    Eduardo Barrozo3 日 前

    Many danger exists on Arrakis.

  85. Past Life

    Past Life3 日 前

    Ok so this film comes out a day after my birthday. So yeah let’s just say my 20th birthday is now my most anticipated ever, and it has nothing to do with the age I’m turning!

  86. Past Life

    Past Life21 時間 前

    @Chris Dawson Dude why are you putting out spoilers?! I’ve read the book but if I hadn’t then it would be ruined.

  87. BucyKalman

    BucyKalman日 前

    @Chris Dawson Have you seen it? Early screen test versions are likely to change somewhat.

  88. Chris Dawson

    Chris Dawson2 日 前

    >The movie begins with Duncan Idaho arriving in Arrakis and meeting the Fremen. >The first act is set in Caladan and ends with the Atreides arriving in Arrakis. The second act follows the Harkonnen raid. The third act centers on Paul and Jessica meeting the Fremen. >Duke Leto is not killed by the poison capsule given to him by Dr. Yueh; Rabban publically executes him after his failed attempt on Baron Harkonnen’s life. >Lady Jessica is a skilled fighter and uses the Weirding Way several times during the Harkonnen raid and their encounter with the Fremen. >Gurney Halleck is taken prisoner by the Harkonnen during the raid. The plan is allegedly to open part 2 with his escape into the desert and reunion with Paul and Jessica. >Paul and Jessica are rescued by Duncan and Liet Kynes after the Harkonnen raid. Duncan sacrifices himself to hold off the Saudaukar scouts pursuing them while Kynes helps Paul and Jessica to escape and instructs them to seek out the Fremen. >Kynes is fatally stabbed by a Sardaukar soldier and they both fall into a ravine. After defiantly rejecting the Emperor’s authority, Kynes attracts a sandworm that devours both of them. >Paul is aware that the Bene Gesserit engineered the prophecy of Muad’Dib to control the Fremen and decides to use it to rally them into an army against the Emperor. >Paul has visions of Chani all the way back in Caladan. When they meet, she thinks little of him. After Paul earns the Fremen’s trust, he tells her about his visions and she ultimately reciprocates his feelings. >Kynes is Chani's mother in this version, and the father is implied to be Stilgar. >Stilgar remains mistrustful of Paul and Jessica as they ingrain themselves to the Fremen. When Jessica announces her plan to drink from the Water of Life, he believes it to be a coup, and his enforcer Jamis challenges Paul to a knife duel. >Paul defeats Jamis, but is wounded in the process. Chani nurses him back to health, and they have sex. >The movie ends with Jessica drinking from the Water of Life and Paul adopting the title of “Muad’Dib” and declaring war on the Harkonnen. >Feyd-Reutha and the Emperor are mentioned, but do not appear. Princess Irulan neither appears nor is she mentioned. All will appear in the sequel Prophet of Dune. >Some additional action scenes, mostly knife fights and action beats during the Harkonnen raid. >No internal monologues.

  89. anna vil

    anna vil3 日 前

    For me, who just finished the book, i've just the weird impression that Timothe looks like 15 /16 and 19 in same time. Troubling .

  90. anna vil

    anna vil3 日 前

    My favourite what's in the box still Brad pitt's. But this one wasnt bad.

  91. evirustheslaye

    evirustheslaye3 日 前

    UHF for me.

  92. Amya Olivia

    Amya Olivia3 日 前

    This trailer is so powerful. Jesus the emotions it stirred up. Can't wait to see this!!!

  93. Erik Waterson

    Erik Waterson3 日 前

    This film is meant to be seen in an IMAX theater with all of that sound and visual just murdering your entire psyche. I'm going as soon as I can get a ticket.

  94. Attila Szabo

    Attila Szabo3 日 前

    I want to see the (hear) the new prologue!!!

  95. arna11420

    arna114203 日 前

    They'll be none. Villeneuve is all about show don't tell.

  96. Mena Skywalker

    Mena Skywalker4 日 前

    This looks awesome

  97. G MCGEE

    G MCGEE4 日 前

    id rather hold out and watch this on the big screen then have this dumped on HBO

  98. 3dgar 7eandro

    3dgar 7eandro4 日 前

    Coool!!! And Dope!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  99. Tee Deathly2

    Tee Deathly24 日 前

    Is this movie about Superman's dad?

  100. arna11420

    arna114203 日 前

    No, about god-emperor's dad.

  101. Pauli Coffee

    Pauli Coffee4 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-jg4OCeSTL08.html&ab_channel=GilesThomas THE REAL DEAL

  102. Aishu Aishu

    Aishu Aishu4 日 前

    Oh my god at 0:08 does anyone see the Sign of the Times Harry Styles similarity?????

  103. liquidswoop

    liquidswoop4 日 前

    Why couldn't the discovery of this *uckin Virus wait ONE more year :(((((((((((((((

  104. Quintin kyker

    Quintin kyker4 日 前

    I can’t wait to watch on hbo and if it’s good deff in theaters

  105. Archerfan101

    Archerfan1014 日 前

    Those sand worms and the full quote of what Paul says about fear I believe is the author Frank Herbert giving H.P. Lovecraft the finger.

  106. Jonah Barber

    Jonah Barber4 日 前

    Zendaya is perfect for Chani

  107. MA NA

    MA NA4 日 前

    After watching trailer I've read the first book, it's amaaaazing. Read it before watching the movie and it will make the joy even greater - seeing all those plot twists, emotions and dialogues on screen. Even now I recognise some scenes and it feels so good. No doubt this movie will have huge success 🔥

  108. Josh Krause

    Josh Krause4 日 前

    At least they cast a good Duncan Idaho.

  109. Christian Mesina

    Christian Mesina4 日 前

    Reminds me of a little movie called JOHN CARTER

  110. Remember Huskins?

    Remember Huskins?4 日 前

    But what about the mortal kombat trailer hunn?😡😠

  111. That guy from Aggretsuko

    That guy from Aggretsuko4 日 前

    Started reading the book again, after 25 years since the last time. I was 10 yo at the time, just watched David Lynch's movie because I got intrigued and wanted to know more. I didn't understood it, I was too young back then. But I am now. Now I can understand. My mind is open. I can see. -from "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan.

  112. Reading Dune Podcast

    Reading Dune Podcast5 日 前

    How many times have you watched the trailer?

  113. The_Gaffer

    The_Gaffer4 日 前

    20, take it or leave it

  114. Visuals For You

    Visuals For You4 日 前

    At least 100

  115. John Panicker

    John Panicker5 日 前

    At least 60

  116. Giancarlo San Miguel French

    Giancarlo San Miguel French5 日 前

    2:43 Looks terrifying

  117. trev

    trev4 日 前

    That’s the point :)

  118. padawan kertik

    padawan kertik5 日 前

    ikinci kitap dün bitti. fragmanı izleyip yine gaza geldim. o kadar heyecanlıyım ki bu biraz korkutuyor

  119. Anurag Hole

    Anurag Hole5 日 前

    50% movie 50% HANS ZIMMER Music. Now that's the combination !!!

  120. 24 x7

    24 x75 日 前

    damn i was hoping for the fremen to have the dark blue eyes as they are described in the books

  121. 24 x7

    24 x73 日 前

    @The_Gaffer although i see your point it doesn't really change my perspective on this. was interesting discussion nonetheless.

  122. The_Gaffer

    The_Gaffer3 日 前

    @24 x7 I always found her acting a little robotic (pun intended). But I don’t underestimate the power of the eyes in acting; they’re the ones that scare you in horror movies, and move you to tears in dramas. There’s a reason why a face without eyes looks dead

  123. 24 x7

    24 x73 日 前

    @The_Gaffer hmm, what would you say for Nebula? the marvel character who has completely dark eyes.

  124. The_Gaffer

    The_Gaffer3 日 前

    @24 x7 this wouldn’t be about dedication or ‘working harder,’ you simply wouldn’t be able to see any emotion in their eyes

  125. 24 x7

    24 x74 日 前

    ​@The_Gaffer hard doesn't mean impossible .. guess the actors aren't dedicated enough to do the hard work - i'm a man of detail.

  126. SightSeer

    SightSeer5 日 前

    People don't talk like that in real life, plus that sand worm is just a giant CGI graboid stolen from Tremors. Count me out.

  127. arna11420

    arna114202 日 前

    @SightSeer Wait for the film.

  128. SightSeer

    SightSeer2 日 前

    @arna11420 Certainly not in the childishly formulaic, stiffly formalized, stilted way they do in this trailer.

  129. arna11420

    arna114203 日 前

    How should nobles from 230 centuries in the future talk?

  130. DDFStar

    DDFStar3 日 前

    @SightSeer Wow, you need to respect Dune more.

  131. William Pym

    William Pym3 日 前

    @SightSeer That's not true. Tremors was written in the 1980s, while Dune was published in 1965

  132. Simon Belmont

    Simon Belmont5 日 前

    First witcher, then mandalorian, then wheel of time, then lord of the rings, dune, Fuck you covid I want to see this theaters

  133. Joshua Flores

    Joshua Flores5 日 前

    Have to admit, I was a bit disappointed Roger Deakins wasn't able to work on Dune.