DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic Trailer - VALORANT


  1. Eric Yap

    Eric Yap時間 前

    what did jett say?

  2. muuubiee

    muuubiee時間 前

    So... "Do you have the package?" "I would, if somebody played a little less aggressive" Suggesting that it was lost when somebody ran out first and died Then we get to see how the bomb was lost >Jett had it and ran off alone >She throws her ult at him >He tries to TK her with his abilities So wait... Are they teammates or not? Is Jett just not cooperating on the attacker side? And they don't want her to run off and plant the bomb alone at a site?

  3. bhooter Luigi Playz_YT

    bhooter Luigi Playz_YT2 時間 前

    RIP pheonix i played valorant and its fun :D


    STILL a CHILD2 時間 前

    Anyone Indian in hear? 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  5. Jesgo YT

    Jesgo YT3 時間 前

    since when did air benders have hair and speak korean

  6. LoisyVoicy

    LoisyVoicy3 時間 前

    Damn... Pheonix can get it.

  7. Ka Star

    Ka Star5 時間 前

    Love the trailer can u have valorant in mobile

  8. S U P E R N O V A

    S U P E R N O V A6 時間 前

    ok now thats pretty badass

  9. NicholasW

    NicholasW6 時間 前

    Noob Phoenix. Reported for sabotaging teammates.

  10. SeoulKarma

    SeoulKarma7 時間 前

    jett is too bad ass for us

  11. J. Ngo

    J. Ngo8 時間 前

    0:20 found arch on inferno

  12. Fallen Lucky

    Fallen Lucky8 時間 前

    Does anyone know any software you could use to animate something like this?

  13. Catherin Zamora

    Catherin Zamora9 時間 前

    put valorrant on ps4

  14. Rumeysa Kurtuluş

    Rumeysa Kurtuluş10 時間 前

    Why phoneix like roddy rich

  15. Crazy Queen

    Crazy Queen12 時間 前

    Is it just me or does valorant kind seem like a copy of overwatch. Teams of 5, have special abilities, achieving a objective, trying to kill each other. I mean the style is kinda different but I feel like the champions and the gameplay is kinda similar

  16. Th3HungryMan

    Th3HungryMan6 時間 前

    Imo I would say its way more of a copy of cs:go. It’s kind of a hybrid of the two really...

  17. Kanji

    Kanji12 時間 前

    did anybody else just absolutely love the part at 1:18 and forward???

  18. Peleg Ventira

    Peleg Ventira13 時間 前

    I wish i could have that song in spotify (when jett says "aw sorry" in korean

  19. 罪Invidia

    罪Invidia14 時間 前

    2:10 "Nyala" wkwk

  20. Akula

    Akula14 時間 前

    i would happily voice another agent, a childish one at that. people say in the game i can sound like Phoenix, but i was thinkin another agent like a childish guy with there special being a baseball bat and a ball kinda like jets special

  21. Yunus Akbaba

    Yunus Akbaba15 時間 前

    Devamı gelecek mi ? Hangi dizi bu :D

  22. Pinke

    Pinke16 時間 前

    jett, the last airbender

  23. Pinke

    Pinke16 時間 前

    I THINK these will be a series and every season is a new episode about new content or something

  24. League of sniper

    League of sniper16 時間 前

    Who think it will be Better ??? leagueoflegends ( Like) or VALORANT ( Comment)

  25. Why Not

    Why Not17 時間 前

    This is SO good, I really hope Valorant will grow and, with time, give us more info about the lore (and more films, cuz this was EPIC)

  26. Orest Pellumbi

    Orest Pellumbi18 時間 前

    Dear riot. I have this problem that i cant sign in my account. This happened right when i got the prime vandal skin in the shop. My player name was Rei230 and i had that account for 3 years because i played league of legends and i am really angry about this. I tried recovering the account but it just wont send me mail. Either my username or password is wrong but there is no way that i forgot them because i played valorant every day.

  27. Nyahahaha

    Nyahahaha18 時間 前

    *Jett is so cute yo!!*

  28. Clips_Zen

    Clips_Zen19 時間 前

    9 year olds be like: Is that fortnite?

  29. TheGermanPineapple

    TheGermanPineapple19 時間 前

    Valorant looks amazing. I am taken aback and would really like to play it, but it's such a bummer it's made by Riot Games.

  30. TCH RyZe

    TCH RyZe19 時間 前


  31. Marcos Claudino

    Marcos Claudino20 時間 前

    Se fizessem uma serie de 50 eps por temporada desse jogo eu assistiria todas as temporadas =D

  32. l체스판l _

    l체스판l _20 時間 前

    근데 왜 한국어가 박혀있는거야?

  33. moths get chest hair

    moths get chest hair21 時間 前

    Make this into a TV series mate

  34. NAZWAR gaming

    NAZWAR gaming22 時間 前

    Sad jett

  35. A. Manrique

    A. Manrique日 前

    Jett da animação>>>>>>>>>>Jett ingame e seleção de hero

  36. Rice Gang

    Rice Gang日 前

    Phoenix: *about to shoot Jett* "Hey..stop." I mean did he seriously expect her to stop and let him shoot her.

  37. Fahad Hossain

    Fahad Hossain日 前

    @VALORANT please make match/game replays on Valorant . we really want to watch the after we played the match, we really want to capture the best moment of a match /or round. plxz

  38. asem guy

    asem guy日 前


  39. Lolipop Kafa

    Lolipop Kafa日 前

    5 ws 1 valorantt jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-9MTpJ79acw0.html

  40. Mac-Albert Dra-Zonyrah

    Mac-Albert Dra-Zonyrah日 前

    Everyone: That was cool! Me: What language did she say: "Aw, Sorry" I'm curious

  41. Kaylin K

    Kaylin K日 前


  42. Karla Carranza

    Karla Carranza日 前

    you should make a story by trailers

  43. Casper R.

    Casper R.日 前

    lol was that darude sandstorm in the beginning

  44. Brandon Lizza

    Brandon Lizza日 前

    “I got this”. Immediately get’s shot.

  45. Anthony BH

    Anthony BH日 前

    This is the game you would get if Counterstrike and overwatch had a baby

  46. Blueish Banjo

    Blueish Banjo日 前

    absolute fire

  47. Kyle Redfield

    Kyle Redfield日 前


  48. BraxterFox Playz

    BraxterFox Playz日 前

    I wish if they add the fox skin in valorant.

  49. Матија Младеновић

    Матија Младеновић日 前

    Unrealistic, that curve of the wall was too much, 3/10

  50. nonsonoProx_

    nonsonoProx_日 前

    Bella venezia così (joking)

  51. 1 Tap

    1 Tap日 前

    inaccurate jett used dash twice without getting 2 kills phoenixs ultimate took longer to respawn jett did not teabag jett did not spam smokes there was no victory sound thing after jett killed phoenix phoenix curved his fire wall thing phoneixs fire wall thing was longer than usual jett jumped too high despite she only used one of those phoenix didnt respawn where he should have phoenix got shat on by a ghost when he had a vandal jett dashes and instantly had her gun out, instead of waiting for the gun to actually pull out to avoid too aggressive plays jett went trough the invisible walls that are on top of the roofs and more p

  52. 1 Tap

    1 Tap日 前

    I just love how jetts eyes look if you get what I mean best part is also when jett dashes out of the fire and says aw sorry sorry for the bad english

  53. J4C0BEE

    J4C0BEE日 前

    tbh this game looks rlly cool. I gotta get it

  54. Francisco Reis

    Francisco Reis日 前

    gimme valorant lore rito

  55. Mustafa Enes

    Mustafa Enes日 前


  56. Benjamin Scott

    Benjamin Scott日 前

    Borderlands, and Overwatch gave birth to this great game, I can't wait to play it.

  57. Jorge Castillo

    Jorge Castillo日 前

    nou inglihs pero buien trailers pero yeis español y chinko

  58. Kree Playss

    Kree Playss日 前

    Am I the only one who saw Jett use her tailwind twice?

  59. Deadsh0t

    Deadsh0t日 前

    What does jett say???

  60. NINJA YT

    NINJA YT日 前

    Please I request you all to start a cartoon series 😉

  61. Icy Bound

    Icy Bound日 前

    1:57 Episode 1? Is there a episode 2?

  62. rakin Kamal

    rakin Kamal日 前

    And then the fire nation attack

  63. Taigaツ

    Taigaツ日 前

    Jett: jumps to go to the roof Thanos: impossible...

  64. GameMasterTripleOne

    GameMasterTripleOne日 前

    Things wrong with the trailer: 1. Phoenix hit Jett with a Vandal, which should do about 80-100 damage. Along with that he used blaze, which means that if Jett got hit with the fire, she should be dead. 2. Jett used 2 charges of her dash, once to get over the gap, and another to get through blaze. In Valorant there is only one charge, and it isn't rechargable. 3. When Phoenix tries to secure the package, he has effects around him, which possibly means he is using Run It Back, so he didn't really lose. 4. When Phoenix hit Jett, it made the sound of a Guardian, not a Vandal, but he clearly has a Vandal.

  65. Kayleecat26

    Kayleecat26日 前

    my friend sent me this now I’m here

  66. Dave Daniel Benito

    Dave Daniel Benito日 前

    Jett looks goddamn cute.. Where are the hentai artist at?

  67. 냥냥리퍼 TV[Nene Reaper]

    냥냥리퍼 TV[Nene Reaper]日 前

    미안해서 어쩌나? am...imSorryWhat can i do?

  68. Vanilla Gum

    Vanilla Gum日 前

    Lmao jett so hot

  69. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler日 前

    Im Here, Again...

  70. Yeen.

    Yeen.日 前

    if they're actually superhumans, this is a rather interesting take on what it'd be like if superpowers were real. sure, they'd be real, but guns would still be in use.

  71. Samuel Handrian

    Samuel Handrian2 日 前

    mianne sawadikap

  72. Irritating Person

    Irritating Person2 日 前

    With this kinda quality I'm excited to see them animate omen and cypher

  73. Ali Selçuk Karayiğit

    Ali Selçuk Karayiğit2 日 前

    Bu video çok ama çok güzeldi ama Ascent haritasını nerdeyse öteki haritalara nazaran hiç sevmiyorum. Haven çok güzel, Bind süper bir harita ama Ascent'in baya değiştirilmesi ya da harita seçme olayının gelmesi lazım. Zira ben Ascent haritasında oynamayı pek sevmiyorum.

  74. Lansiboi

    Lansiboi2 日 前

    Can you guys add a very low graphics that will remove all floating island outside the map so the low end pc plsyer can play at high fps?

  75. Sunspot Mill

    Sunspot Mill2 日 前

    I like this games' animation style. It reminds me of Spiderverse!

  76. Xavier Ross élève

    Xavier Ross élève2 日 前

    Do sentinels no cap

  77. Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra2 日 前

    If only actual gameplay was like this

  78. AMV Museum

    AMV Museum2 日 前

    Wasn't that Sage who was talking to Phoenix through the Earphone?

  79. Russianmakil

    Russianmakil2 日 前

    no thank you, ill stick to csgo

  80. Kenji1801

    Kenji18012 日 前

    Jett misses her ult, Phoenix risks reloading after one shot. Yep, pretty accurate.

  81. 아졸리다

    아졸리다2 日 前

    미안해서 어쩌나

  82. Ren Will

    Ren Will2 日 前

    Sucks .. for wack console player's .. pc dominant.. big di@@ in the house ... I like being ignorant when it comes to pc vs console .... Lol valorant is a pusay I fu**