Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect9 ヶ月 前

    You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

  2. Dmoney

    Dmoney10 日 前

    @Sam Tunks P.

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    Pushkal Vashist18 日 前

    DP is ✨AMAZING✨

  5. Jerry Cooke

    Jerry Cooke21 日 前

    The world would be much different if we had more people like you five. Thank you for being role models to us and our kids.

  6. Yuto Kurata

    Yuto Kurata28 日 前

    tysm for content

  7. Creighton Jongeling

    Creighton Jongeling時間 前

    Just a thing if you guys make one more of these this week doing a March madness bracket battle or something

  8. Brandon Hillgoth

    Brandon Hillgoth時間 前

    1:12:42 that’s unreal 🥺🥺🥺

  9. Brandon Hillgoth

    Brandon Hillgoth2 時間 前

    1:03:41 I can’t wait until I experience this in my life

  10. Brexton Caldwell

    Brexton Caldwell3 時間 前

    I love the way you guys are in it for entertianment, you guys dont say to like and subscribe "and hit that bell"

  11. Sara JJ

    Sara JJ10 時間 前

    I love your video’s

  12. Brantley Harrington

    Brantley Harrington16 時間 前

    I could watch DUDE PERFECT ALL DAY!!!!!!!

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    Heidi Marshall17 時間 前

    DP I love you

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  16. Skye Jacket

    Skye Jacket23 時間 前

    This was inspiring

  17. Elba Lazo

    Elba Lazo日 前

    This Documentary made me cry- This shows that they are The same on camera and off camera🥺🥺🥺

  18. LGN wharf

    LGN wharf日 前

    45:11 - 45:18 does anyone know what song this is

  19. Mason Mcneill

    Mason Mcneill2 時間 前

    Of the giants - I feel it now

  20. Jake Lakers23

    Jake Lakers23日 前

    No sorry

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    Kingepicgamer Playz日 前

    Wait is Jeff panda

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  23. pogosticknick

    pogosticknick日 前

    Not sure how I stumbled upon this tonight, but man did I need it! Inspiring.

  24. Apple pie

    Apple pie日 前

    These guys changed my whole life. I MEAN WHOLE LIFE

  25. Lewis Cory

    Lewis Cory日 前

    tys nan is so nice

  26. Lewis Cory

    Lewis Cory日 前

    tys dad really takes charge and i don't like it

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    David Kim日 前

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  29. And Pro

    And Pro日 前

    Started watching them 2016 and I am still watching them in 2021

  30. Zayne Carlson

    Zayne Carlson日 前

    2:34 he sounds so different

  31. No Shift Lock Needed!

    No Shift Lock Needed!日 前

    Are you ever gonna quit?

  32. No Shift Lock Needed!

    No Shift Lock Needed!日 前

    1:39 7.8 billion

  33. Noah Duyster

    Noah Duyster日 前

    This whole documentary just tells me once again what these guys are: Legends, pure legends. I felt tears coming to my eyes. I wish I could be there enjoying their shows. Man, these guys will forever be a hit. I just have no words but tears and a gigantic smile on my face. Love you Dude Perfect!!🙏

  34. Haven Ivon

    Haven Ivon日 前

    Come to Ohio

  35. Katy Cordice

    Katy Cordice日 前

    you guys are amazing oi didnt know thats how the channel started wow

  36. Noman Bashir

    Noman Bashir日 前

    dudeeeeeeeeeeee i love dp it is the bestttttt seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jayson Davies

    Jayson Davies日 前

    you are the best game

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  39. Nathaniel Miller

    Nathaniel Miller2 日 前

    I watch this when ever in sad

  40. James Jimmy

    James Jimmy2 日 前

    Much respect for these guys ! Those who dislike are fools in life.

  41. Devil

    Devil2 日 前

    Love u guys 😃😃😃😃😃

  42. Eagle Gaming

    Eagle Gaming2 日 前

    Please do tour in India, I promise you 10x the fans. Love from India

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  44. the funnies !

    the funnies !2 日 前

    U guys are awesome legends legends I tell you

  45. Richard McIntyre

    Richard McIntyre2 日 前

    U guys need to come to Australia

  46. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard2 日 前

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  47. Fire 2nd Channel

    Fire 2nd Channel2 日 前

    21:59 -_- bruh she had to ruin the entire show.

  48. Skoob

    Skoob2 日 前

    That AMEN almost got me. Hearing that prayer really got me the chills.

  49. Ilko Allexandroff

    Ilko Allexandroff2 日 前

    These guys are legends!

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    류승진2 日 前

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  51. Robinho

    Robinho2 日 前

    Congratulations men. What you're doing is crazy and so beautiful

  52. Danny Aniston

    Danny Aniston2 日 前

    Everyone gangsta until Sophia is real

  53. Danny Aniston

    Danny Aniston2 日 前

    The part when Cory says "let's just do this" and I felt so proud of all of them

  54. Aarush Rayavarapu

    Aarush Rayavarapu2 日 前

    hey dudes! i just wanna say you guys are one big inspiration i have seen my entire life. i love all your videos. right ow i am watching some all sports golf battle with my family and they are having fun! huge thank you!!!!!!!

  55. thijli boy

    thijli boy2 日 前

    very nice

  56. Grantie

    Grantie2 日 前

    If you watched till the end you will know who teacher Steve is

  57. Silent Handz

    Silent Handz2 日 前

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    i love your videos

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    Oscar Adams2 日 前

    Thanks for helping me to procrastinate all the way through middle and high school.

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  64. Louis Onggo

    Louis Onggo3 日 前

    One of the best JPreporter documentaries to watch in quarantine I was at San Diego on that day

  65. Ocymsxorwi Anghohzxet

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  66. King Dassherr

    King Dassherr3 日 前

    I can only hope that they’re not republicans

  67. Anirudh Arun

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  68. Alex Nelson

    Alex Nelson3 日 前

    That kid at 24:19 "TYTYTYTYTYTY!

  69. Sam Tighe

    Sam Tighe3 日 前

    I want this job so much

  70. Chelsea's Vlogs

    Chelsea's Vlogs3 日 前

    10 million people have viewed your videos that’s more than the whole entire world

  71. Chelsea's Vlogs

    Chelsea's Vlogs3 日 前

    I think

  72. Chelsea's Vlogs

    Chelsea's Vlogs3 日 前

    There’s only 8.4

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    Justin & Heather Johnson3 日 前

    ur my favriote fans

  75. sqishy rainbows

    sqishy rainbows3 日 前

    What is Coby doing here: 5:49

  76. Mason Mcneill

    Mason Mcneill2 時間 前

    He killed a fly on the lid. If you look closely you can see it fall on the table where ty is pointing

  77. Carter

    Carter3 日 前

    I was at the live tour

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    Anshuman Singh3 日 前

    Man, spent more than an hour smiling.

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    Hockey Boy3 日 前

    40:35 35:35 we love you TT

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    ابراهيم البعداني4 日 前

    I love you dude perfect

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    There is nothing else to say

  83. Armaan Hyder

    Armaan Hyder4 日 前

    I love it

  84. Nathaniel Kim

    Nathaniel Kim4 日 前

    I want this to be me and My 4 bros

  85. Amy Adkins

    Amy Adkins4 日 前

    my dad went to high school with ty and garry

  86. TheAJaniPlayer

    TheAJaniPlayer4 日 前

    Fresh off of my 7th rewatch of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva boss, they start praying...............................................................

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    Vasare Comics and movies4 日 前

    They have more subscribers then Mr. beast

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  90. Ethan Gambill

    Ethan Gambill4 日 前

    My sister goes to SDSU (San Diego state university) and we were moving her in when you were doing your show and I couldn’t go 😂😂 but I could tell it would be amazing

  91. Ashwin Ghimire

    Ashwin Ghimire4 日 前

    Loved it

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    Ivan4 日 前

    I have even more respect for Dude Perfect. Awesome guys!!

  95. The amazing Luxray gamer

    The amazing Luxray gamer4 日 前

    This came out on my birthday may 11th

  96. Phoebe Lee

    Phoebe Lee4 日 前

    This is my most favorite documentary!!

  97. Ollie Flew

    Ollie Flew4 日 前

    Dude perfect our soo humble they are amazing

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    Luis Barrozo4 日 前

    this should be on netflix forever

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    External. Redlion5 日 前

    Bc:Before Corona

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    Batbold Batbayar5 日 前

    I am crying bro

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    kelonu kauwe5 日 前

    this is amazing

  103. Max Braf

    Max Braf5 日 前

    I cried during this because I’ve been watching since 2013 and I didn’t know that you guys were close to quitting dude perfect

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    Chris Spremulli5 日 前

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  105. Agent Pickles

    Agent Pickles5 日 前

    20:28 what’s the music?

  106. Elmo

    Elmo5 日 前

    21:08 how did "clean freak" let that prize to go out to the stage? :D

  107. Samoa DKT For a few minutes

    Samoa DKT For a few minutes5 日 前

    The story of dude perfect👍🏽

  108. Rairhahs Hallib

    Rairhahs Hallib5 日 前

    This is the biggest JPreporter video i have ever seen and i didn’t even skipped 5 seconds.

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  110. Output Kay

    Output Kay5 日 前

    From India, we love yall

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    Bris kryant in the house 😆