Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé

  • 2019/08/09
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  1. Ava Bava

    Ava Bava時間 前

    When klohe said I am a oily bitc* 💀

  2. chelsea2003

    chelsea2003時間 前

    i love khloe yasss

  3. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie2 時間 前

    I thought that the pink hair clip u put has the shape of an icecream bar,i got an idea,why don't u lunch your own hair clips,having cool cute shapes like pineapple,donut,watermelon,lips..😋😊💖

  4. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie2 時間 前

    Yayayay i'm glad that u don't disable the comments section anymore,love yaa💛a big fan😇

  5. hannah casner

    hannah casner3 時間 前

    imagine canceling plans w kylie and chloé

  6. Mrsdamonsalvatore

    Mrsdamonsalvatore3 時間 前

    They forgave Sophia for dating Scott but they won’t forgive Jordan 🤔

  7. Terri Kerns

    Terri Kerns4 時間 前

    What type of phone case do you have it’s a really nice

  8. Maddie Bilheimer

    Maddie Bilheimer4 時間 前

    Holy fuck they’re so loud

  9. Maddie Diamandis

    Maddie Diamandis5 時間 前

    this makes me feel so much better about myself LMAO thought i was an alcoholic for doing shit like this

  10. MoveMekMiPaZz

    MoveMekMiPaZz5 時間 前

    Wow girl 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲👁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👁👁👁👁👁

  11. Timothy Beard

    Timothy Beard6 時間 前

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  12. Tehillah's Diaries

    Tehillah's Diaries7 時間 前

    Khloe 09.58

  13. Mishal Amjad

    Mishal Amjad8 時間 前

    The barely dramk

  14. Kristie Collins

    Kristie Collins9 時間 前

    anyone know what they are drinking ?

  15. Ace Attitude

    Ace Attitude11 時間 前

    Have you ever got confused about the fact that you have two mothers? Please reply.

  16. Veronica Komperda

    Veronica Komperda12 時間 前


  17. Vera Van de graaf

    Vera Van de graaf12 時間 前

    Loveee thisss

  18. lolaina08

    lolaina0813 時間 前

    Aww no one wanted to come to the party

  19. Ella Charlesworth

    Ella Charlesworth14 時間 前

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  20. Loser Yamariis

    Loser Yamariis19 時間 前

    The ending has me dying of laughter, “what’s your name?”

  21. Jennifer Grace Manapsal

    Jennifer Grace Manapsal19 時間 前

    does Khloe has her own makeup collection?? just comment if ya know pls or like a few years later. OMG 100k liles OMG OMG OOOMMMMGGGGGG

  22. Jeanette Mabry-Crissman

    Jeanette Mabry-Crissman19 時間 前

    heres my puffy puff

  23. Timothy Beard

    Timothy Beard22 時間 前

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  24. Timothy Beard

    Timothy Beard22 時間 前

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  25. Timothy Beard

    Timothy Beard22 時間 前

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  26. lilbabytayy

    lilbabytayy22 時間 前

    We got the same birthday

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    Timothy Beard日 前

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    Timothy Beard日 前

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    Timothy Beard日 前

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  30. Timothy Beard

    Timothy Beard日 前

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  31. Isabella Mendez Sings

    Isabella Mendez Sings日 前

    Kylie: Here’s your poofy poof Also Kylie: here’s my puffy puff

  32. Tumaini Mbughuni

    Tumaini Mbughuni日 前

    Kylie: money isn't everything Khloe: it is Kylie it's not Khloe: coming from the billionaire herself

  33. Lynda Noell

    Lynda Noell日 前

    What are they drinking?

  34. Tumaini Mbughuni

    Tumaini Mbughuni日 前

    Can i send you an uber.. My friends never tellnme that...😅😅. I miss you, i miss you too en that's it

  35. Shelan Talib

    Shelan Talib日 前

    16:19 is kloe holding a juul LMAFOOOOOO

  36. Else Strong

    Else Strong日 前

    Kylie is like me when I'm drunk 😂

  37. Thalia Maria

    Thalia Maria日 前

    They get so drunk so quickly especially khloé

  38. Thalia Maria

    Thalia Maria日 前

    Kylie: *whoop whoop* Khloé: *whoop whoop* Khloé: other way Kylie: *has to do it again* whoop whoop

  39. The Davis Zone

    The Davis Zone日 前

    Kloe with the Cross Necklace!! Stop it!!

  40. Daisy R

    Daisy R日 前

    They are soo freaking funny 🤣🤣 ❤️ Khoe is my favorite sister too! Always has fun!

  41. Rugar Sush

    Rugar Sush日 前

    Kylie is so fuckin rich why is the sound so terrible ?

  42. Brenda Jimenez

    Brenda Jimenez日 前

    Beautiful girl I take care of your help please how can I communicate whith you,I trust god and I know that you can help me😔

  43. Desaria Walton

    Desaria Walton日 前

    I love these two focus! Lol

  44. beauty queen's

    beauty queen's日 前


  45. Tianna Williams

    Tianna Williams日 前

    Love u kylie Jenner August 1997 my twin

  46. TessaInfires

    TessaInfires日 前

    People say Kylie has an ASMR voice... But here.

  47. amira muse

    amira muse日 前

    My siblings 7:20

  48. frencxhtoast

    frencxhtoast日 前

    Ok so I looked I'm memes and this is what came up........

  49. Akshay Bangalore

    Akshay Bangalore日 前

    Entertainment and film industry doesn't contribute to anything. Its the most useless one. It teaches young how to fake. Be original girl! You don't even have real face and for positivity you will either don't read this comment or give yourself satisfaction about what you have done. Period.

  50. Saga A

    Saga A日 前

    I love you❤️

  51. Fut F10

    Fut F10日 前

    Kylie being more humble and not at all fake then other “real” youtubers

  52. Mntana -

    Mntana -日 前

    Khloe has the empathy of a serial killer. At least Lamar's kids were old when she alienated the form their father..Tristan's son however is not safe around her. She maybe be on Twisted sisters but shes definitely an evil step mom

  53. мишаня обычный

    мишаня обычный日 前

    С У К А К Т О О Т В И Л К И В Г Л А З

  54. Emily Everyday

    Emily Everyday日 前

    the older Khloe gets, the more she’s starting to look like and have the same voice as Kris lol

  55. capische okay

    capische okay日 前

    when khloe said "i'm an oily bitch" i felt that

  56. Jo new fresser

    Jo new fresser日 前


  57. Jo new fresser

    Jo new fresser日 前


  58. Noku M

    Noku M日 前

    Did anyone else hear Khloe say “And if our mom expects any commission out of this, she should’ve been here” 😧😂😂😂😂 at 14:52

  59. Noku M

    Noku M日 前

    Idk if this is rude or not, but since Kylie dissolved her fillers/made her lips smaller she’s starting to look like the old Kylie (but older, of course) I like it!

  60. Tyson Gilbert

    Tyson Gilbert日 前

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  61. Tyson Gilbert

    Tyson Gilbert日 前

    I wanted to go to Kindergarten bad, that's probably why I let the guy on my Back at the max one night, cause he wanted to go back to Kindergarten lol I thought it was a pot bust.

  62. Tyson Gilbert

    Tyson Gilbert日 前

    Moving in here was wierd, a place I partied with Ivanka and Stephanie both befor .. I was R'ed by a Wrestler while flashing a business conversation before internet tech was rampantly enganging . They didn't do the full thing though and I was a Ghost in the 70s flying like a djinn, when Vince told the world she knows what to do , she went super natural XRated Force acting as a exporting actor.

  63. Tyson Gilbert

    Tyson Gilbert日 前


  64. Tyson Gilbert

    Tyson Gilbert日 前

    I did get to party and be anonymous on Burnside they do want to be me still as Anonymous Option of Supernomous

  65. Anaconda The rainwing

    Anaconda The rainwing日 前

    Kylie looks like a sugar plum fairy!

  66. Steeezy L

    Steeezy L日 前

    I loved this video 😂😂💕