Drummer Reaction - Larnell Lewis Hears A Song Once And Plays It Perfectly


  1. Joshua Crawford

    Joshua Crawfordヶ月 前

    Hey guys I’m glad you enjoyed the video here’s the video of me attempting this challenge Is right here I tried to play it as perfectly as I could come check it out jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-_8ncOBQsaKg.html

  2. Casonna Gibson

    Casonna Gibson8 時間 前

    We’re at 2 milly views on this video! 💵🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤧🤧🤧🤧😜😝😛😋🤪🤩😎🤤

  3. Michael Boen

    Michael Boen11 日 前

    You said he listened to it once... but definitely listened to our a 2nd time to take notes. His video even said he listened again to get the song form.

  4. Dawn Davis

    Dawn Davis26 日 前

    WonderFUL sound, man! Genius, you are!

  5. Tosin Oparinde

    Tosin Oparinde26 日 前

    That really good

  6. Bram Mah

    Bram Mah26 日 前

    I envy you all so much...in the best way.

  7. Frédéric HNAUTRA

    Frédéric HNAUTRA3 時間 前

    Hey men..you are Carey.. your drums beat it's so beautiful....you are a good very good men...fort the drum beat...so very cool

  8. david robinson

    david robinson4 時間 前

    Brilliant some people have it in their bones, and this video proves it

  9. POSM PintOfSam

    POSM PintOfSam5 時間 前


  10. Yejide C.

    Yejide C.8 時間 前


  11. Taino Savage

    Taino Savage9 時間 前

    See what a brain without drugs can produce??

  12. Salvatore Capaccio

    Salvatore Capaccio10 時間 前

    Wow! Mad skills!

  13. Real Vissarion

    Real Vissarion12 時間 前


  14. Niko Umali

    Niko Umali14 時間 前

    100% talent

  15. zack Sk8

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  16. King_Borris

    King_Borris21 時間 前


  17. Carter Nathan Allen

    Carter Nathan Allen23 時間 前

    Bro...WOW! Killed it! So I want to mention, I love the dynamics of the show setup and how it was shot and the dialogue. Beautifully done, don’t stop because y’all create a legacy many more will follow.

  18. Dante Rosenberg

    Dante Rosenberg日 前

    Joshua Crawford low-key looks like Kyle

  19. Aida Garza

    Aida Garza日 前


  20. BrazosP

    BrazosP日 前

    Great job! You’re a pro for sure! Impressive!! Thanks for posting!! 😎

  21. Animals world wide

    Animals world wide日 前

    I took a long turn on JPreporter and I end here with this 😳😳😳 I'm just speechless

  22. Smiley’s Adventures

    Smiley’s Adventures日 前

    Randomly popped up on my feed and this is the coolest thing I’ve seen since I stumbled across lucky chops a while back. Awesome vid!

  23. Smiley’s Adventures

    Smiley’s Adventures日 前

    Shelsight I’m liking the updated newsfeed I’m getting now haha

  24. Shelsight

    Shelsight日 前

    Same here! Found this just after Lucky Chops...

  25. Paul Ashcroft

    Paul Ashcroft日 前

    Impressive. But he doesn't hear it once and plays it. He hears it twice and the 2nd time writes an entire score of notes, then consults them almost all the way through. Please don't mislead your viewers. It's sad.

  26. Fruitee Pebble

    Fruitee Pebble日 前

    What’s the song called

  27. Billy Musselwhite

    Billy Musselwhite日 前

    That one snap pop fill didn't fit

  28. Midnight Hour

    Midnight Hour日 前

    This man is not from this planet!

  29. Hakim Judge

    Hakim Judge日 前

    It is very clean, like I just took a compulsory bath ...

  30. emmanuel briandt

    emmanuel briandt日 前


  31. Christopher Montenegro

    Christopher Montenegro日 前

    i’m blown away. larnell, pulled some sweet sweet magic there.

  32. Joshua Franklin

    Joshua Franklin2 日 前


  33. Иосиф Величко

    Иосиф Величко2 日 前


  34. Garland Palmer

    Garland Palmer2 日 前

    Can see where he can't wait to just get with it

  35. Stefan Gruber

    Stefan Gruber2 日 前

    Awesomeness 😍😍😍

  36. Big Z

    Big Z2 日 前

    How can we email you videos too watch

  37. Mark Hanson

    Mark Hanson3 日 前

    “The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory” Best quote ever

  38. Sheldon Millard

    Sheldon Millard3 日 前

    I love the break down of this track. We need to see more of this on this channel.

  39. Levi Ferrell

    Levi Ferrell4 日 前

    Gooood blessssss

  40. Jimmy Mac

    Jimmy Mac4 日 前

    Could he do this with a power metal song?

  41. Roel Jetten

    Roel Jetten4 日 前

    What a talented guy, wow man just awesome👍

  42. Ryan Rathke

    Ryan Rathke4 日 前

    What a monster!!



    There isn’t any practice in the world that will make you that good. The guy just has a gift from God no one can explain it. If you practice you will be good, but not at this guy’s level. God has bless him with a musical 🎵 hearing.

  44. kellygreenii

    kellygreenii4 日 前


  45. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones4 日 前

    BRAVO 👏 👏 👏

  46. Sid A

    Sid A4 日 前

    So cool! This guy seems really cool

  47. gaming with jamar jay

    gaming with jamar jay4 日 前

    This clean

  48. Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo4 日 前

    He's crazy GOOD!!

  49. Holvin Hernandez

    Holvin Hernandez5 日 前

    Chic Corea - Spain what an amazing song and this guy played it amazing

  50. Madharasan Samuel

    Madharasan Samuel5 日 前


  51. ORIGIN .9

    ORIGIN .95 日 前

    The song got meaningful after the drum Amazing.

  52. Casonna Gibson

    Casonna Gibson5 日 前

    We’re almost at 2 mil

  53. Adrian Huertas Music

    Adrian Huertas Music5 日 前

    Bruh. This has more views than the original video. 😂😂😂

  54. jeremy cooper

    jeremy cooper5 日 前

    Genius. Well done 👏👏👏👏

  55. Abraham Hampton

    Abraham Hampton5 日 前

    Sounds like an off shoot of Spain by Chick Corea. If you listen to various genres of music, you can do the same.

  56. Jay Werahiko

    Jay Werahiko5 日 前

    Love it. hard to believe that he don't know this song... Spain is a classic

  57. Juse Rustemov

    Juse Rustemov3 日 前

    And this song is?

  58. Ant Lewis

    Ant Lewis5 日 前

    This is insane. Random suggestion by JPreporter and I was not disappointed

  59. Robert Cheney

    Robert Cheney5 日 前

    Damn 👏👏👏👏that’s clean 🧼👍🏻🥂beyond impressive 😎👏👏👏

  60. yaretzy carrera

    yaretzy carrera5 日 前

    Love that salsa Jazz dang

  61. Christopher Deathe

    Christopher Deathe5 日 前

    Wow!!! That man is a wizard. This randomly popped up in my feed and im glad I watched. Amazing!!

  62. Tobi Adewale

    Tobi Adewale5 日 前

    Talent and Vibes.

  63. D JM

    D JM6 日 前

    Possibly the best tom sound I’ve ever heard

  64. Nwishienyi Joseph Emeka

    Nwishienyi Joseph Emeka6 日 前

    i dunno how i got here......but this made my day. what a gift

  65. Carlos Nieves

    Carlos Nieves6 日 前

    That was Sick!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

  66. ミスター焼豚

    ミスター焼豚6 日 前


  67. Darrell Galardi

    Darrell Galardi6 日 前

    I want to be that when I grow up.

  68. Darrell Galardi

    Darrell Galardi6 日 前

    That was just amazing. So much respect.

  69. JaChrispy Productions

    JaChrispy Productions6 日 前


  70. Alan Argollo

    Alan Argollo7 日 前

    I couldn't do this on my 1,000th take

  71. Ik Zei de gek

    Ik Zei de gek7 日 前

    This is awesome

  72. Timothy Gathings

    Timothy Gathings7 日 前

    You ain't no joke ..I want to learn more from you !

  73. robert weissberg

    robert weissberg7 日 前

    Bravo excellent drummer

  74. Chris Laster

    Chris Laster7 日 前

    JPreporter suggestions on point once again

  75. MDSoulful

    MDSoulful7 日 前

    Well the form is kinda the same so hes kinda listening 2 or 3 times (Head). Still dope though cuz his pocked is ridiculous

  76. kev pin

    kev pin7 日 前

    That was awesome man. Thanks!

  77. Letra Davis

    Letra Davis7 日 前

    I literally threw my phone at the end of this because his ending was like a freight 🚊 after his well placed accents throughout the piece. Well done & I truly enjoyed watching his methodical process. Thank you for sharing this with us and yes, I would enjoy seeing you do a first take on a track

  78. Lee Dress

    Lee Dress8 日 前

    Amazing. He can hear all the sentences and paragraphs of the song. Very wise...

  79. Craig Walker

    Craig Walker8 日 前

    Proper, Josh, thanks for sharing the process. Craig

  80. Nicolas Granger

    Nicolas Granger8 日 前

    Yoo that was amazi🆖.. Super dope outro he played like "finish em" ..whoa impressive.

  81. Deandre French

    Deandre French8 日 前

    This honestly comes from education. Obviously, hes tremendously talented but he uses his education to organize and make sense of the track. The form on this pretty much follows Spain by Chic Corea

  82. LM H

    LM H8 日 前

    Boring song.

  83. Luca Orasanu Music

    Luca Orasanu Music8 日 前

    Can anyone tell me what snare Larnell uses please

  84. Right Geezer

    Right Geezer8 日 前

    That is super human. He must have an IQ of 180. Time changes and transitions perfect.

  85. AR15 GATOR

    AR15 GATOR8 日 前

    That man can jam, from nothing to like he owns it! Beautiful!!!

  86. ataladin 87

    ataladin 878 日 前

    7:59 *"YEEEEEEESSS 🔥🔥🔥!!!"*

  87. Wilfred Ceasar Gaspacho

    Wilfred Ceasar Gaspacho8 日 前

    One of the best clickbaits ever! Shoutout from the Philippines!

  88. leon mendoza

    leon mendoza8 日 前

    Waw waw waw he is amazing .

  89. Nicholas Ovel

    Nicholas Ovel8 日 前

    So... He's not human. That's cool. That's all you had to say...

  90. Reginald Taber

    Reginald Taber8 日 前

    Hey mane contiue to do videos like this.

  91. Miss Understanding

    Miss Understanding8 日 前

    If the consummate drummer was a person...🥁 Hey...wait...it IS Larnell Lewis!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  92. Carlos p.

    Carlos p.9 日 前

    Ya right, it's probably his own band and his own song he wrote.

  93. Stefan Murtano

    Stefan Murtano7 日 前

    I can understand u, useless person..

  94. Steven Graham

    Steven Graham9 日 前


  95. Jason Yamaoka

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  96. Walter Enang

    Walter Enang9 日 前

    Man pass man

  97. joerivs80

    joerivs809 日 前

    So badass. Very much enjoyed this video.

  98. Papa Kilo Productions

    Papa Kilo Productions9 日 前

    Didn’t hear it once though did he? Even so, he is pure genius.

  99. En. D

    En. D9 日 前

    The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory, did I hear that right? Genius

  100. Jay Soul

    Jay Soul9 日 前


  101. Secureteam55

    Secureteam559 日 前

    Man , that’s how you earn a sub !

  102. Topanga chronic

    Topanga chronic9 日 前

    Listen to it once, then twice while charting it.then plays it. No disrespect to the drummer, he's good

  103. Guitar Kitchen

    Guitar Kitchen10 日 前

    Amazing (and inspirational) musicality, memory and drumming! My only question: why do you think he decided to just groove for the sax solo, as opposed to being more interactive (like in the keys and bass solo)? Thanks!

  104. elrevoltoso

    elrevoltoso10 日 前

    Larnell Lewis a name I had never hear before and one I will not forget now.. This dude is in a Master level...

  105. Doktavious Davious

    Doktavious Davious10 日 前

    What a wonderfully stunning display of musicianship. Well done sir!



    Bravo ,PERFECT

  107. Gesse Doge

    Gesse Doge10 日 前

    It'5 A joJ0 R3feR3n$E?

  108. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams10 日 前

    That was just NaStY! 😬👌🏾

  109. Ronwayne Peters

    Ronwayne Peters10 日 前

    You should watch a boy from South Africa Dominic Mcnabb