Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.


  1. somebody

    somebody時間 前


  2. Ambski

    Ambski5 時間 前

    my paranoid ass staring at this screaming turn it over haha

  3. asmr kitty

    asmr kitty6 時間 前

    Automatic rubbish when that happens!

  4. Tesseradical17

    Tesseradical1714 時間 前

    What the hell? What is this? What's wrong with dropping a bottle cap face down? All of you people look insane.

  5. Razumen

    Razumen16 時間 前

    How come it didn't land in the toilet? :P

  6. NOT_VXN

    NOT_VXN21 時間 前

    why does it matter the cap is not touching the water or your mouth

  7. rystar360

    rystar36022 時間 前

    cuz all them germs on the bottle cap now :(

  8. Markie Mark

    Markie Mark日 前


  9. HF Dark Ninja

    HF Dark Ninja日 前

    Turns out the drink was just literal DOODOO WATER

  10. DeathOFFER391 1

    DeathOFFER391 1日 前

    I dont get it

  11. Jaison Brown

    Jaison Brown日 前

    0:38 R.I.P cap

  12. Lt Diemond

    Lt Diemond2 日 前

    Just wash it

  13. Äńdrêw_thëbûm 14

    Äńdrêw_thëbûm 142 日 前

    He got that hoodie from zumiez

  14. nathan Jimenez

    nathan Jimenez2 日 前

    U gotta love this guy

  15. HawkyPlays

    HawkyPlays2 日 前

    This is me when I drop them at school.

  16. wanderlustwarrior

    wanderlustwarrior2 日 前

    Wait... what happened to the bottle?

  17. IshaBoyTV

    IshaBoyTV3 日 前


  18. DJ Purple

    DJ Purple3 日 前

    I don't get it

  19. DerzeTT

    DerzeTT3 日 前

    Dude i hate that when that happens

  20. kingxd123

    kingxd1233 日 前

    Seems about right

  21. Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez3 日 前

    I hate when this shit happens I’m like god damnit now I got to drink it all

  22. Kyle

    Kyle3 日 前

    I don't really understand, is this a thing that people worry about like just pick it back up and put it back on.

  23. Kyle

    Kyle6 時間 前

    +Rafael Does it tho?

  24. Rafael

    Rafael9 時間 前

    It gets it dirty,i just wash it though

  25. BomBaaasticGaming

    BomBaaasticGaming3 日 前

    Just blow into it to get all the germs out lmfao

  26. TurboTeam

    TurboTeam3 日 前

    *n o c a p*

  27. tottspoon

    tottspoon3 日 前

    I usually chug the bottle when this happens

  28. GodBlessYogaPants

    GodBlessYogaPants4 日 前

    I Set A Card Face-Down On The Field

  29. LahyeX

    LahyeX4 日 前

    I thought I was the only one that cared if the bottle cap did this, I do this because I think dust or something toxic will go in the water.

  30. Kristina Kane

    Kristina Kane4 日 前

    I usually laugh when watching your videos, but this one fell flat for some reason...

  31. Rafee

    Rafee4 日 前

    RIP camera lens

  32. Zach Nerpel

    Zach Nerpel4 日 前

    I have that sweatshirt lol. Zumiez?

  33. Lia

    Lia4 日 前

    Nah that be me outside 😭

  34. Nutta-butta

    Nutta-butta5 日 前

    just wash it off lmao

  35. Faris Azri Aswandi

    Faris Azri Aswandi5 日 前

    Why is it a problem?

  36. JustinT2

    JustinT25 日 前

    I dont get this one, the sink is right there if you are that afraid of germs. Also I can almost guarantee your hands are way dirtier than the floor, no matter how many times you wash them.

  37. Fatu Koker

    Fatu Koker6 日 前

    Dont even have to watch the video to drop a like💯💯

  38. Silver Pedro

    Silver Pedro6 日 前

    now he gotta drink the whole bottle

  39. Delight

    Delight6 日 前


  40. Nice Guy

    Nice Guy6 日 前

    Sorry this wasn’t relatable, except opening the bottle with the tissue 😂😂 idc if the cap falls I’ll just pick it up and wash it

  41. mosit banan

    mosit banan6 日 前

    This hit me personally

  42. erick Pereira

    erick Pereira6 日 前

    "Why are we still here,just to suffer"

  43. killjoy cola

    killjoy cola6 日 前

    Just pick it up and wash it off...

  44. james hayes

    james hayes6 日 前

    I'm so sorry, but that dude got capped

  45. TheAlphamorph

    TheAlphamorph7 日 前

    I really didn't know others related to this 😂😂😂

  46. Milkk

    Milkk7 日 前

    0:44 the T-Rex from Jurassic Park



    Just wash it

  48. NickTheGreatAndPowerful

    NickTheGreatAndPowerful7 日 前

    I know this feeling all too well...

  49. FBI

    FBI7 日 前

    You gotta discard the bottle and the liquid inside to be safe from infections now. If the bottle cap touches ground, ita infected and everything it has touched is infected.

  50. gємιиι ιѕ ιиѕαиє

    gємιиι ιѕ ιиѕαиє7 日 前

    **rinses cap off**

  51. JayTigon

    JayTigon7 日 前

    Just rise it off

  52. Rapid Fuzion

    Rapid Fuzion7 日 前

    0:45 Captions say applause Captions want you to get floor disease

  53. Aceburger17

    Aceburger177 日 前

    You can just hear the anguish in that scream

  54. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name7 日 前

    I hate this when it's the MILK cap 😠

  55. Friedrich

    Friedrich7 日 前

    I don't see the issue here??????????

  56. Valency Trawets

    Valency Trawets8 日 前

    I was expecting it to land in the toilet

  57. Jinx The 26th

    Jinx The 26th8 日 前

    I tend to look around my room for cameras when I find relatable videos that I didn't know other people related to...

  58. ayyyyyyy

    ayyyyyyy8 日 前

    bro... just wash it...

  59. 2025: Pablo Borrero

    2025: Pablo Borrero10 日 前

    0:43 when moto moto likes someone else

  60. Sed Hepburn

    Sed Hepburn10 日 前

    this is to go even further BEYOND!!!

  61. the end is near

    the end is near10 日 前

    I can't relate the sides that are touching the ground don't touch the bottle it just screws around it and plus 5 second rule

  62. goofy

    goofy10 日 前


  63. Jacheim H

    Jacheim H10 日 前

    where's the bottle tho?

  64. Mehak Verma

    Mehak Verma11 日 前



    ZIR JAGER11 日 前

    This confuses me greatly

  66. XP 1.3

    XP 1.311 日 前

    But how u know that

  67. Farhan Rayeed

    Farhan Rayeed11 日 前

    We want the old outro back

  68. This is Patrick

    This is Patrick11 日 前

    Bruh what's the problem just put the cap back on

  69. The Krunkadidliac Dude

    The Krunkadidliac Dude11 日 前

    This is so sad

  70. CRAZYTOWN413 !

    CRAZYTOWN413 !12 日 前

    0:21 when mom finds the poop sock

  71. Asdfer411

    Asdfer41112 日 前

    Wait what? why would that matter, it's not like that gonna touch the actual liquid lol

  72. bebop417

    bebop41712 日 前

    your drinking all of it now

  73. Harold Balczac

    Harold Balczac12 日 前

    Face up. I'm not fun at parties.

  74. Duke Ice Official

    Duke Ice Official12 日 前

    🤣🤣 his face when he yells no, and when he tried to catch it had me dead

  75. Jscott033

    Jscott03312 日 前

    This just happened to me at work had to man up n drank all that shit...f**k it.

  76. Some Random Fellow

    Some Random Fellow12 日 前

    It's funny but y u Americans wear shoes indoors?

  77. chuuri

    chuuri12 日 前

    this looks like one of those dramatic bollywood scenes

  78. Aaron Paul Ibarrola

    Aaron Paul Ibarrola12 日 前

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

  79. ErikShestakov

    ErikShestakov12 日 前

    When you drop your baby face down

  80. Kalenz

    Kalenz12 日 前

    You mean your floor aint clean enough to drink from?

  81. Prashik 2703

    Prashik 270312 日 前

    Or you could just wash it ..you're literally in a kitchen...

  82. Jae Park

    Jae Park12 日 前

    Not to take away from the video or anything... But are those honey buns cereal good?

  83. Levi Powell

    Levi Powell12 日 前

    Germaphobes must have it rough

  84. Penguin Person

    Penguin Person12 日 前

    I’ve never heard of this phobia before😂 I didn’t know so many people suffered

  85. GotShampooinmyeye

    GotShampooinmyeye12 日 前

    Just wash the cap or no ... ok

  86. Hamilton.Is.Life

    Hamilton.Is.Life12 日 前

    Wipe it off

  87. lonewolf_7401

    lonewolf_740113 日 前

    Anyone else thought this was completely normal and put it back on

  88. GunBunny JUNK

    GunBunny JUNK13 日 前

    Like... why all his shit relatable tho, fam? 😆😆😂😭😂😭

  89. Stewie -•

    Stewie -•13 日 前

    *Me and my mom in the supermarket* Me: Mom can I have Flaming Hot Cheetos please?! Mom: 0:22

  90. dxx n

    dxx n13 日 前

    He was so young, so beautiful. Taken from us too early 😭

  91. lone wonderer

    lone wonderer13 日 前

    A moment of silent for the fallen please.

  92. Silox

    Silox13 日 前

    top 10 saddest moments in anime

  93. Sebastian Solis

    Sebastian Solis14 日 前

    This is oddly relatable.

  94. Snappa

    Snappa14 日 前


  95. Alexandria KING

    Alexandria KING14 日 前

    Whatevs lol I just pick it up and get on with my day.

  96. Tempus XD

    Tempus XD14 日 前

    He's knows

  97. Swrve™

    Swrve™14 日 前

    If that happens to me. The whole liquid in that bottle I opened is gonna get downed. Even if it’s milk

  98. Harry Connor

    Harry Connor14 日 前

    Evil people put it back on then puts it in the fridge and grabs a new one

  99. Scope- Tic

    Scope- Tic14 日 前

    I *HATE* when that happens

  100. Joel Pereyra

    Joel Pereyra14 日 前

    This has to be the best scream, he was gonna go super Saiyan

  101. DJ Slime

    DJ Slime15 日 前

    0:42 I died 😂

  102. Ks1dub

    Ks1dub15 日 前

    I don't get it...