Dropped Blindfolded in a New Country with No Money!!


  1. Zac Alsop

    Zac Alsop年 前

    It's so cool that no matter what choice you make, it is neither right or wrong, it's just a choice that opens another door which normally exposes you to a completely different part of life. Wine party preparation in Slovakia, another story to tell the grandkids. Love it x

  2. John Newmark

    John Newmark2 ヶ月 前

    Zac Alsop Zac, I really love your comments and I completely concur with it. Who would think that there would be so many cool people in the middle of nowhere in Slovakia? I'm really bummed that I have to stop watching these videos and get to the office now.

  3. obiwanfisher537

    obiwanfisher5375 ヶ月 前

    Dont know, it maybe only works because theyre filming. When I do it a lot of sketchy things happen, many people pretend they dont speak my languages or they plainly say no.

  4. aana verma

    aana verma10 ヶ月 前

    honestly was just thinking about how you're the british yes theory and here you are!guess it's a small small world lol.Love your vids btw<33

  5. James Bolger

    James Bolger年 前

    i love your videos zach please reply i love the vids so much keep up the good work

  6. Carlos Arredondo

    Carlos Arredondo日 前

    I enjoy rewatching your videos 😂

  7. Farid Hajnal Callejas

    Farid Hajnal Callejas日 前

    Ok, next time, no drone

  8. Universe Is Awesome

    Universe Is Awesome2 日 前

    This is unreal, bruh how did you spend 14 hours in a different country without any money? 🤯

  9. Clishay Ambition

    Clishay Ambition2 日 前

    Wow. Respect! You did so well!

  10. panda 789

    panda 7893 日 前

    ohh my heritage country:)

  11. BitterSweeFRS

    BitterSweeFRS4 日 前

    Other stanger people bag : cloth, food, drink. Ammar : drone

  12. lepetitpaco

    lepetitpaco4 日 前

    got dropped at random, went to a party, went back home before morning

  13. Scout Dawson - Travel Vlogger

    Scout Dawson - Travel Vlogger5 日 前

    Hey I'm in Budapest right now :D

  14. Abel Vela

    Abel Vela6 日 前

    Should have found pppeter the JPreporterr

  15. Scout Dawson - Travel Vlogger

    Scout Dawson - Travel Vlogger5 日 前

    Did you see Peter's comment? He got off the bus practically outside of his house lmao

  16. TerrorTot999

    TerrorTot9996 日 前

    That would be so fun

  17. Parth Sharma

    Parth Sharma6 日 前

    When you're so much into #YESTHEORY that Even in Bratislava, you can see "YESS" written at 2:54.

  18. Geo

    Geo6 日 前

    I couldn't do this because of motion sickness

  19. Eu gen

    Eu gen7 日 前

    dude spoke german in the bus station :D

  20. Zaon

    Zaon7 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ODzFt_S0aXU.html if you want to start with Ammar lol

  21. Heather Keeton

    Heather Keeton8 日 前

    seems dangerous!



    Loved it...

  23. Natriumblabla

    Natriumblabla9 日 前

    Where is part 2?

  24. PiZ Raven

    PiZ Raven10 日 前

    Im not slovak but lMAo how do u not know where Slovakia is? love from Romania

  25. chrissy

    chrissy11 日 前

    these are all such cool videos yall are doing, but please consider that women and people of colour are gonna have a MUCH harder time travelling alone, let alone doing crazy spontaneous stuff like hitchhiking for fear of harassement and racism and stuff.

  26. Life28SK

    Life28SK12 日 前

    Greetings from Slovakia!

  27. Nicholas A

    Nicholas A12 日 前

    When Geoguessr comes to life:

  28. Crazy Games

    Crazy Games13 日 前

    Why did I never hear of this channel before this channel is insane

  29. Jak jakwiq

    Jak jakwiq15 日 前

    Every single European: Is Slovakia a joke to you!?

  30. Amy Beard

    Amy Beard15 日 前

    Absolutely love this!! I would love to do this, but a bit hesitant as a female.

  31. Ranthambore Park

    Ranthambore Park15 日 前

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  32. RockNRollChick

    RockNRollChick16 日 前

    I'm so happy you didn't die in my country :')

  33. Ruggrats

    Ruggrats17 日 前

    For the next video you should get him to the Philippines

  34. Halász Kriszti

    Halász Kriszti19 日 前

    My heart is bursting.I'm so happy you went to Hungary and Slovakia

  35. YeahJustAdam

    YeahJustAdam20 日 前

    I looked at the thumbnail and was like: "Huh that looks familiar"

  36. Bloodysugar

    Bloodysugar21 日 前

    Finding money on the way is not making it with no money. Cool trip though :)

  37. Snake Media LLC

    Snake Media LLC22 日 前

    Ammar is not a fair game. The guy is literally a magnet for random friends with that smile :D

  38. Jack Fan

    Jack Fan22 日 前

    I’m pretty fuckin sure this is illegal

  39. Sidak Saluja

    Sidak Saluja23 日 前

    I thought of this idea while watching few videos of this channel Yes Theory. But it thought no one's crazy enough yo do it. And here they are...

  40. Sidak Saluja

    Sidak Saluja23 日 前

    I thought of this idea while watching few videos of this channel Yes Theory. But it thought no one's crazy enough yo do it. And here they are...

  41. PIXEN 999

    PIXEN 99923 日 前

    Im from slovakia

  42. Jackopo

    Jackopo23 日 前

    This is litteraly GeoGuesser in real life.

  43. znaciiTamaraa

    znaciiTamaraa26 日 前


  44. Bogdanius Jablan

    Bogdanius Jablan27 日 前


  45. Max J

    Max J28 日 前

    Who else clicks on a yes theory video and ends up watching them for the rest of the day

  46. James Beryllis

    James Beryllisヶ月 前

    These guys are so handsome. Would honestly sleep with all three.

  47. Chief Keef

    Chief Keef29 日 前


  48. Matron

    Matronヶ月 前

    Next time in North Korea please. XD

  49. Moritz S

    Moritz Sヶ月 前

    „Speaking a foreign language“) that was german...

  50. Mattias Elisson

    Mattias Elissonヶ月 前

    alot of people speak english in budapest...

  51. šimon šimko

    šimon šimkoヶ月 前

    im from slovakia

  52. Levente Somogyi

    Levente Somogyiヶ月 前

    2:25 lol so baaad, but sad truth. :'(

  53. War of Rings S326

    War of Rings S326ヶ月 前

    Check out Simon Wilson if you want videos like these

  54. Devyn Kubley

    Devyn Kubleyヶ月 前

    The fade looks gooooooood!!

  55. happydaylord

    happydaylordヶ月 前

    if you guys want to go the Oktoberfest in Munich someday hit me up!

  56. Red Shadow Ninja

    Red Shadow Ninjaヶ月 前

    If you do this at philippines no one would help you..... They would think your sketchy.. Alsp be careful. They might steal your things. I'm filipino and I am being honest....

  57. Hannes Van zyl

    Hannes Van zylヶ月 前

    1:02 its sounds just like my dad one morning.

  58. Deeke Stonare

    Deeke Stonareヶ月 前

    Why is the title in dutch?

  59. Ай-Das ist fantastisch

    Ай-Das ist fantastischヶ月 前

    3 minutes of video....4 mintes of adds . wtf?

  60. Bad BoiMoi

    Bad BoiMoiヶ月 前

    Amars solo adventures are sooo much better. He doesnt just try to survive and stick to the main plan. He adapts and improvises and actually puts energy in making connections that will actually help him out. I love it. Keep it up bro!!

  61. L1zZy

    L1zZyヶ月 前

    What if he was dropped off in North Korea? hmmmmm.... that would be really bad................

  62. LadyHangaku

    LadyHangakuヶ月 前

    I love those challenges, but I just don't like the aspect that you have to ask people for money. I mean, yeah it's fun and exiting and all that, but begging around is not a nice option :/

  63. Gloomy Days

    Gloomy Daysヶ月 前

    Imagine if Ammar forgot his phone...

  64. VoltageLP

    VoltageLPヶ月 前

  65. Ayam is delicious

    Ayam is deliciousヶ月 前

    Yes Theory, Come to Malaysia!

  66. pave; Roud

    pave; Roudヶ月 前

    There is a brilliant idea! Definetly should try something like that :D