Dr. Jason - PAINFUL TMJ Rehab For This Dancer/Singer/Actress


  1. Dimitris Bright

    Dimitris Bright2 ヶ月 前

    Damn she is a PYT indeed😍😍

  2. Amaya Deitz

    Amaya Deitz2 ヶ月 前

    If I got tmj rehab some one would loose a finger or I would leap off that table/bench.

  3. Fdr Elopre

    Fdr Elopre5 ヶ月 前

    5:21 Sounds like a fart that went through a narrow pathway

  4. Kyle Flash

    Kyle Flash5 ヶ月 前

    She fine 😍

  5. MIDNightPT4

    MIDNightPT47 ヶ月 前

    Is that the girl from on the ropes

  6. Bee Smitty

    Bee Smitty7 ヶ月 前

    She needs to untie the back of her shirt 🤦‍♀️

  7. Lee Piee

    Lee Piee9 ヶ月 前

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  8. Adam Z

    Adam Z10 ヶ月 前

    Whats the deal with that enoying clock pip all the time!?

  9. Viktor Birkeland

    Viktor Birkeland11 ヶ月 前

    Lol all these creepy comments, and I’m just left wondering who that guy laying motionless in the background is, and what he’s doing

  10. Jonathan Sørensen

    Jonathan Sørensen11 ヶ月 前

    God I want to be him ;-)

  11. Camila Mesa

    Camila Mesa11 ヶ月 前

    I can tell she’s very irritated even though she tries not to show she must be hurting a lot 😱

  12. Charles Gidron

    Charles Gidron11 ヶ月 前

    Very good

  13. Hehachi Minachi

    Hehachi Minachi年 前

    a Goddess came to crack da bone🍑🎷🎶♨️

  14. Alhaj Ali

    Alhaj Ali年 前

    Doctor Jason I love you man, I’m living in France,Paris how i can take an appointment with you.

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous年 前

    Missandei from GOT

  16. Nori Rak

    Nori Rak年 前

    Okay, I just fell in love!!!!!!

  17. Sutton Bettridge

    Sutton Bettridge年 前

    At 3:00 can u spot the dab

  18. Alex Marcos

    Alex Marcos年 前

    ^^here comes the fun part^^ :))

  19. Ammarul Hadi

    Ammarul Hadi年 前

    She's beautiful

  20. A Jordan

    A Jordan年 前

    Butt surgery is visible

  21. Marado Tiger

    Marado Tiger年 前

    She’s so goofy and cute🥰🥰🥰

  22. Hi Lo

    Hi Lo年 前

    Absolutely adorable, love that hair, built like a brick sh^^house.


    TSG_KIRBY年 前

    Im loving that hair

  24. Jai Leggett

    Jai Leggett年 前

    This girl 😍😍

  25. Cowgirlup !!!!!

    Cowgirlup !!!!!年 前

    I wish I could have this dr in my life!!

  26. Antwan C

    Antwan C年 前

    Dam shes hot

  27. D. ANDERS

    D. ANDERS年 前

    Seeing Dr.Jason doing this Adjustments to a such beautiful Girl is a huge pleasure !! Doc you're one of my favourite Chiro and you young Lady you are such a cutie ;-)

  28. Rashiff hughes

    Rashiff hughes年 前

    Is your favorite color blue by any chance Dr. Jason?

  29. Why do you want to know?

    Why do you want to know?年 前

    Is it more mental or physical? Because you say "straighten your spine and your mind"

  30. Felix Jonsson

    Felix Jonsson年 前

    Can someone explain what that thing with the straps int the end was?

  31. Edsta101

    Edsta101年 前

    @12:35 😮...😎👍 lol

  32. FREN - OGY

    FREN - OGY年 前

    When she turned around ma gaaawd

  33. William Kiene

    William Kiene年 前

    She is a princess...................good job Doc.

  34. Dark Sky

    Dark Sky年 前

    Her beauty is on another level

  35. A T

    A T年 前

    Has anyone been adjusted for bruxism and teeth grinding? Has it stayed adjusted? Or is this something that just stays with you forever?

  36. Pedro Acosta 23

    Pedro Acosta 23年 前

    @3:00 can you spot the little-dab ?

  37. Sutton Bettridge

    Sutton Bettridge年 前

    Yea I saw the little dabbing mannequin

  38. Cassie Althea

    Cassie Althea年 前

    her laugh is contagious 😂



    Painful stuff ouch

  40. gorilla 99

    gorilla 99年 前

    Damn she is hot. Doc. you are a really lucky Bastard.

  41. Merl Parker

    Merl Parker年 前

    Push push push lol

  42. Goldfinch Gamers

    Goldfinch Gamers年 前

    On your back.... your other back haha

  43. Cisco Bustamante

    Cisco Bustamante年 前

    i’m sorry .. she’s fucking gorgeous

  44. MgC-137

    MgC-137年 前

    This is some fifty shades type thing haha

  45. ERock Capone

    ERock Capone年 前

    All you simp boys in the comments who’ve never seen a hot girl . News flash . 160 million women in America . Many are hot you fools !

  46. podein011

    podein011年 前

    Not nearly as many as you think there are. And about 90% of women who think they are hot...are wrong.

  47. Jville78

    Jville78年 前

    This girl is so cute

  48. Otis Thelonius

    Otis Thelonius年 前

    Kinda classy... Kinda Hood. I Approve

  49. Kyle Flash

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  50. Nori Rak

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  51. RyRy123ism

    RyRy123ism年 前

    Lmao her shirt says that otherwise. 😂

  52. Leon Norbel

    Leon Norbel年 前

    Otis Thelonius facts

  53. Jack Sadaka

    Jack Sadaka年 前

    Lmao the lady sleeping behind them

  54. Chris J Productionz

    Chris J Productionz年 前

    She looks like older version of Malu Trevejo

  55. Dylan McChesney

    Dylan McChesney年 前

    she fine as h*ck

  56. Andrew Boyd

    Andrew Boyd年 前

    A Master at Work! 🔉 Masterpiece

  57. Luis Rubén Moncada Moya

    Luis Rubén Moncada Moya年 前

    Great video like always. I like the way that you test the muscles of the patients and only do the specifics movements. 👏👏

  58. Cole Curtis

    Cole Curtis年 前

    My goodness she is gorgeous!

  59. Mike Kirkland

    Mike Kirkland年 前

    Better hope your wife doesn't see this post 😂

  60. Karlo Martinez

    Karlo Martinez年 前

    @ERock Capone you some kind of a f*ck boy who clearly sees girls as a disposable pleasure.. a true gentleman knows how to respect women..

  61. Benny Hill

    Benny Hill年 前

    @Cole Curtis I agree, this girl is gorgeous.

  62. John Wayne

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  63. Cole Curtis

    Cole Curtis年 前

    Well for one, I’m married. And two, there’s nothing wrong with admiring another persons beauty.

  64. James Robinette

    James Robinette年 前

    The David Blaine of chiropractors

  65. Brando Loudly

    Brando Loudly年 前

    5:20 i spy something pretty that farted

  66. Jay rocky

    Jay rocky年 前

    Brando Loudly she can fart 💨 on me any day

  67. Arch Vyle

    Arch Vyle年 前

    dr j seems like a really personable dr and really wants to help the human get better

  68. Andy T

    Andy T年 前


  69. Rigo Martinez

    Rigo Martinez年 前

    Great stuff once again Dr. But can I say, what a beautiful, beautiful girl.

  70. jushua zafar berras

    jushua zafar berras年 前

    I want to be like you sir.

  71. Brian Feeney

    Brian Feeney年 前

    What's with the corpse at 15:35

  72. NCL815

    NCL815年 前

    Brian Feeney lol yeah what the heck!! @.@

  73. The BlacKorean

    The BlacKorean年 前

    She reminds me of Dani Leigh

  74. Herman Booger

    Herman Booger年 前

    She's cute.

  75. Marf ie

    Marf ie年 前

    I love how honest the doctor is... Really satisfying to watch the pain go away (eventually!) 😁

  76. Dirty Red

    Dirty Red年 前

    That lady in the second room they went to on the left looks like he punished her.

  77. George Melkadze

    George Melkadze年 前

    Omg I thought it was Miranda sings

  78. George Melkadze

    George Melkadze年 前

    Sprisenberg you are. Miranda is queen 👑

  79. Sprisenberg

    Sprisenberg年 前

    George Melkadze how disrespectful

  80. Ennadi Hamada

    Ennadi Hamada年 前

    thank u dr Jason , thanks also for the person who record the video , cos we forget them all time :D

  81. Singh Jatt

    Singh Jatt年 前

    Both are very charming

  82. Nnov'ahs Jones

    Nnov'ahs Jones年 前

    Come on, "tie" analogy!!!🤗

  83. Kuren Wirsun

    Kuren Wirsun年 前

    I really like these videos. Thanks for posting them.

  84. Hector Chavez

    Hector Chavez年 前

    Me encantaría visitarlo Dr jason, buen trabajo. Saludos de México.

  85. Andy Kapsar

    Andy Kapsar年 前

    tmj are my favorite. my jaw pops and occasionally locks and i know the pain of working it out

  86. David Bazaldua

    David Bazaldua6 ヶ月 前

    I sometimes get muscle spasm in my neck when my jaw locks. Feels like a golfball under my skin.

  87. Kerry Hodges

    Kerry Hodges年 前

    Never get jaw surgery

  88. Chandasouk

    Chandasouk年 前

    They tried to make me go to rehab and I said, "yes, yes, yes"

  89. CS

    CS年 前

    Oh man, that crack at 10:58 was awesome, I felt it myself!

  90. Abduljalil Mahama

    Abduljalil Mahama年 前

    Am really learning alot from you Dr. Jason... Thank you brother

  91. miss_torres9

    miss_torres9年 前

    Currently going thru a TMJ flareup, wish i could go to Dr. Jason cuz im so tired of dealing w/ this😭😭😭

  92. Lauren & Willy

    Lauren & Willy年 前

    Omg same

  93. Amy Budge

    Amy Budge年 前

    Going through exactly the same atm 😭

  94. Tye Dolla

    Tye Dolla年 前

    She's literally a whole snack!!!!

  95. Leon Norbel

    Leon Norbel年 前

    Tye Dolla a whole meal 😂😋👌🏻

  96. Yosef King

    Yosef King年 前

    I freaking in love with these videos literally want to have this job, keep it going

  97. Matt Plyley

    Matt Plyley年 前

    "When pain tries to put your life on pause, Dr J busts out his Paws"

  98. Math and Logic

    Math and Logic年 前

    She is fiiiiiine.

  99. Andru Meleandra

    Andru Meleandra年 前

    I love you dr jason pls give my a like and you make my day!❤ Edit: thank you dr jason❤❤

  100. Andru Meleandra

    Andru Meleandra年 前

    Omg!!!!!!he gave my i like!❤❤

  101. Sunshine M

    Sunshine M年 前

    Evil Hunter aww 😊

  102. P Hightower

    P Hightower年 前

    OMG! Where can I find a female with such a bubbly personality?



    A Libra 😂

  104. Jack Sadaka

    Jack Sadaka年 前

    @Saverio Russo nah bro shes more college to me lolz

  105. Stefan Richard

    Stefan Richard年 前

    @Saverio Russo LOL!

  106. Sunshine M

    Sunshine M年 前

    Saverio Russo smh🤣

  107. Saverio Russo

    Saverio Russo年 前

    I believe in high school.

  108. Chinno Interactive Video Games

    Chinno Interactive Video Games年 前

    My favorite Dr. Jason, I'm always following every video, and trying to learn

  109. Sunshine M

    Sunshine M年 前

    Yay another video 🥰😍

  110. Alli Raza

    Alli Raza年 前

    Good work Dr jason

  111. No One

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  112. JonMessWifey

    JonMessWifey年 前

    Fave type of adjustments!!

  113. Adnan A

    Adnan A年 前

    My brother has TMJ. Wonder if this would work

  114. debaditya dasgupta

    debaditya dasgupta年 前

    First view

  115. David Caballero

    David Caballero年 前