Dr. Fauci Answers Trevor’s Questions About Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show


  1. Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noahヶ月 前

    Fascinating insight! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

  2. Allyn Vibes

    Allyn Vibes3 日 前


  3. Will Byoun

    Will Byoun9 日 前

    mega Skywatcher lmao when was the article posted

  4. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson13 日 前

    The devil's in the detail Trevor.

  5. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson13 日 前

    Can they explain why bio labs stock increase $9 in one day last week.

  6. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson13 日 前

    Can they explain THIS? vactruth.com/2014/10/05/bill-gates-vaccine-crimes/

  7. dawhite d

    dawhite d2 日 前

    This Dr.Fake is a demonized liar. He is apart of the elite so he is a part of the problem. The new media is fake news and everything that comes out of this man mouth is to benefit himself along with Bill Gates. Trump has already cut this fool loose. Nobody's listening to what he has to say. I pause this interview just so I can get the truth out.

  8. Chris James

    Chris James日 前

    Dawhite, seek help, Trump is a lying buffoon

  9. j sev

    j sev2 日 前

    Dr fraudi

  10. j sev

    j sev2 日 前

    This is about control not pandemic..... more like PLANDEMIC

  11. Chris James

    Chris James2 日 前

    There are so many crazy 😲 people in the comments! Wow! And most think Trump is godly! How moronic is that? Cult 45 is alive and well. God needs to blow up the planet and start over.

  12. Allyn Vibes

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  13. anime sub and dub

    anime sub and dub3 日 前

    I refuse to believe he's 79 years old!!

  14. anime sub and dub

    anime sub and dub3 日 前

    Trump: I need some one to blame for my mistake in controlling the pandemic in US Fauci: Who? Trump: Yesssss that's perfect

  15. Kayte Larsen

    Kayte Larsen3 日 前

    1st of all these are 2 men that do not serve God. They do not live a godly life. And both are against Trump. So this tells me there will be lies and deceit, only because there is a lack of Holy Spirit to convict them of doing the right thing! I do know that if the democrats and any those who are undermining Trump would have listened to the spirit of God give a prophetic word to Kim Clement back in 2007....this would have never got out because they'd know the God of Israel said Trump will become a trumpet, and will be in office TWO TERMS. ijs. It isn't about what man wants. It's only about Gods plan. I wonder why Trevor Noah didn't interview Dr Judy Mikovitz?

  16. Chris James

    Chris James2 日 前

    Lol, Trump is far from Godly. He's a serial adulterer, serial liar, narcissist, braggart, bully and he's unrepentant. Remember, he had unprotected sex with a porn worker while his 3rd wife was pregnant. Speaking of the Bible, The Feeding of the 4,000. This story, which appears only in Mark and Matthew, is also known as the miracle of the seven loaves and fish, as the Gospel of Matthew refers to seven loaves and two fishes used by Jesus to feed a multitude. Jesus shared what little he had with everyone. Trump constantly boasts about his billions and attempts to take away from the underprivileged. He brags about his big ratings, him being no.1. He cares more about the Dow Market than covid deaths. At the same time, he's is trying ruthlessly to gut "Obamacare" without a replacement. There is nothing godly about Trump, only in the minds of gullible fools. Are you tone-deaf, he gives childish nicknames and uses vulgar language to those who disagree with him. And he's divisive. Welp, so much is there, you need to research yourself. I think you're sick in the head actually.

  17. Agent Orange

    Agent Orange3 日 前

    Fauci = Fraud

  18. tesla1961

    tesla19613 日 前

    creep Fauci now talks it not so deadly.

  19. P O

    P O3 日 前

    If it's my time I'm ready n if I get to take a few thousands of you... I'm sure the rest wont mind replicating to get the number back up...lol happy happy day... Regardless of BS n lies I am happy!!!! Act from a place of Love people not fear!!!!

  20. Piyush Priyadarshi

    Piyush Priyadarshi4 日 前

    Trevor seems to be able to match his eye colors with his clothing in a lot of his videos. Exciting stuff! Share the secret Trevor!

  21. AMANEcurated

    AMANEcurated4 日 前

    fauci fucking MONSTER!!

  22. mary zimmerman

    mary zimmerman5 日 前

    Oh look a lying corrupt doc🤦 Shut up already‼️ Yeah Fauci..talk about corona & China.. Way to drop some FEAR PORN..your a BAD actor fauci

  23. piyush priyadarshi

    piyush priyadarshi4 日 前

    Not a bad actor for sure

  24. Foxynene1

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  25. Foxynene1

    Foxynene15 日 前

    FAUCI is a professional LIAR. He should be in prison for created all the deseas and Viruses. Those people that died are killed by doctors in purposed. FACT about the Corona Virus from the professional Doctor and the Cure. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3115665358479211&id=100001073316756

  26. Foxynene1

    Foxynene15 日 前


  27. Foxynene1

    Foxynene15 日 前

    FAUCI is a professional LIAR! Fraud is a wicked man. He got paid to destroy the economy of America.

  28. piyush priyadarshi

    piyush priyadarshi4 日 前

    He doesn't get paid for it. It's a genetic clinical psychopathy which drives this behaviour. We need to isolate all people like him before it's too late.

  29. Huckabuck RatchetCityHero

    Huckabuck RatchetCityHero6 日 前

    Trevor you go along with the BS

  30. rifatara afroz

    rifatara afroz6 日 前

    Trevor interviewed bill gates,fauci! Why dont you interview dr shiva, rashid buttar. And why dont u talk abt youtube banning all those doctors video? Are you not being another tool of big pharma? They make people like u then they implement their agenda by people like u

  31. Stelia Corniciuc

    Stelia Corniciuc7 日 前

    You’re a fucking idiot your wisdom to six presidents you manipulate everybody fucking idiot

  32. piyush priyadarshi

    piyush priyadarshi4 日 前

    Some of the president were actually complicit with him

  33. eleni feyisa

    eleni feyisa7 日 前

    Trevor excellent interviewer

  34. kabikabi khadgi

    kabikabi khadgi7 日 前

    UK Gov't confirms Covid19 harmless to VAST MAJORITY of people jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-adj8MCsZKlg.html

  35. shahul hameed

    shahul hameed7 日 前

    which medicine is not having toxicity???

  36. shahul hameed

    shahul hameed7 日 前

    Mortality rate is 1% when comparing with tested cases. it would be much less if compared with actual ( including unchecked) cases. do we had any system in place to check flue related death rate like that we have for covid?

  37. Kago Mabuse

    Kago Mabuse7 日 前

    Fauci's capping as he sips his tea ya'll.

  38. Eddie wolf

    Eddie wolf7 日 前

    this is BS show and sheeps still believing it

  39. geniusfollower

    geniusfollower7 日 前

    so this is the reality we are living in now? a late night comedy show host asks more sensible questions than 90% of news channels AND the correspondents at the WH press briefing?

  40. Chris James

    Chris James2 日 前

    Comedians are more relatable.

  41. nik

    nik7 日 前

    Bill Gates and Fauci must be held accountable for crimes against humanity.

  42. Barbara H

    Barbara H7 日 前

    They are snakes....not a friend

  43. Barbara H

    Barbara H7 日 前

    YES they should

  44. Steven Majercak

    Steven Majercak8 日 前

    Dr fauci is cruising for a bruising. I want swings a baseball bat to his face andwieand kids.

  45. Mike Marley

    Mike Marley8 日 前

    And YES Fauci is a 🐀 RAT.

  46. Marie Dames

    Marie Dames8 日 前

    He's 80 yrs old he needs to retire. That's why President Donald Trump gets his guidance from the Surgeon General. Who is younger and more up-to-date on new treatments.

  47. Michelle Arellano

    Michelle Arellano8 日 前

    Arrest Fauci - the truth is coming out. Gates/Fauci/deep state

  48. CRK _

    CRK _7 日 前

    Fauci is a smart man unlike your dumbass racist sexist rapist in office. If anyone should get arrested, it’s Trump

  49. jimi1234567

    jimi12345679 日 前

    What a kiss ass

  50. Pancho Villa

    Pancho Villa9 日 前

    I liked the brotha before the plandemic. Now he is easily brainwashed by the media and this con man he is talking to. 🤔

  51. Susan Edwards

    Susan Edwards9 日 前

    he answers "concoctions" you see on the internet, you mean like Dem Representative Karen Whitsett who credited Trump and hydroxychloroquine for saving her life? Or the Newport Beach elderly parents of Dr Daniel Amen who also used it, or Dr Ivette Lozano and other docs seeing success?

  52. CRK _

    CRK _7 日 前

    You are so stupid it pains me. That is fake. If anything it kills you idiot

  53. Me TU

    Me TU9 日 前

    It could be deadly for people who are taking medications that will lower your immune system... Too RIGHT? I mean we hear it how many times a day.

  54. Global Eyes

    Global Eyes9 日 前

    He didn't advise he just conned his way to a career. Just a pretentious ass wipe and should be in prison. He's responsible for the Wuhan lab continuing the research on the virus even when the US government stated that it had to stop. That's when he took taxpayers money and financed the lab in Wuhan resulting in the spread of the virus. He's the on to blame. Prison on Death Row.

  55. golfgure

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  56. Sinst.

    Sinst.9 日 前

    This kind of science-based briefings will never ever appear on a White House press meeting

  57. rapsel la

    rapsel la9 日 前

    Dam! Trevor is looking so handsome.


    HAL KHABAR TV9 日 前

    my Nepal

  59. MiximusRider

    MiximusRider10 日 前

    How are there millions of views on this idiots show. US is mad.

  60. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader10 日 前

    Dr. Fauci the president finds your answers unacceptable so look out you might be out the door like the rest of the staff that didn't say what he want it to hear. Oh boy are you in trouble

  61. S955US84

    S955US8410 日 前

    What people have to realize is THERE MAY NEVER BE A VACCINE for COVID-19 as there is no vaccine for the common cold which is another strain of a "coronavirus". The annual flu vaccines to treat seasonal flu are barely effective at 20-40%. So far this year, 4.77 MILLION people in the world have died from communicable diseases, 298,000 from COVID-19. www.worldometers.info/

  62. S955US84

    S955US8410 日 前


  63. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats11 日 前

    I see the russian bots were sent here lol

  64. Irene Comunica

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  65. Chris James

    Chris James2 日 前

    You're a bot, duh

  66. Robyn Stelter

    Robyn Stelter11 日 前

    He is telling false statements. If you look at the data, COVID19 is not 10x worse in morbidity than the flu. Look at the data...it will tell you the truth.

  67. What ?

    What ?9 日 前

    What do you mean by "the data"? Could you elaborate further and provided credible sources?


    UNISTAR9 日 前

    What is the data? Care to elaborate?

  69. suzane suzan

    suzane suzan11 日 前

    Every week he says contradictory information about safety. These kind of IDIOTS are heading our national health system.....he is pure evil....Bill Gates & Dr Fauci Pay people off & mow through third world countries like a wrecking ball there's no telling how much atrocity they've caused among the little children of those countries as well as adults. with vaccines,thats been put forward to confuse everyone,, everyone

  70. OnTheEDge

    OnTheEDge11 日 前

    Rats...premeditated crime against the people. Death sentence to these rats.

  71. Albino Salvator

    Albino Salvator11 日 前

    Great job Trevor, your children will be proud of you when history looks back on this..

  72. c linda

    c linda11 日 前

    Where are the Answers?



    Come on Dr Fauckri.. I know you're not afraid of anything. You're a big boy..no offense..


    MADAME NADİA12 日 前


  75. Clifford Kilkenny

    Clifford Kilkenny12 日 前

    Fauchi equals scumbag pig.

  76. Jeanette Lauture

    Jeanette Lauture12 日 前

    This was so good!! Thank you!

  77. Marie Jean-Baptiste

    Marie Jean-Baptiste12 日 前


  78. Jesse Nunez

    Jesse Nunez12 日 前


  79. Mia Kris

    Mia Kris12 日 前

    They are purposely killing the elderly. How can we be locked down and most states death totals are 50% or higher nursing home residents? NJ 55%, NY roughly 75%. How is that still happening 8 weeks later? Even if an employee didn’t follow protocol in the first week or even second but, 8 weeks? Gtfoh. They are skewing the numbers. NJ gov moved patients from North Jersey to South Jersey and conveniently a few days later S. Jersey numbers are rising he cried! Well I guess so if you move the patients and then count them for North and South 😡 NY forcing nursing homes to take covid positive patients ... like wtf? Why ? They are purposely killing minorities. Sticking Black and Latino patients on ventilators, giving them subpar care, turning them away repeatedly until it’s to late. This is a sham.

  80. T- series Ajay

    T- series Ajay12 日 前

    Plz support me bro

  81. H Cubed

    H Cubed12 日 前

    www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985 That article at the bottom reveals who was behind the engineering of this deadly device to kill of the older part of populations. It includes a list of the team members who engineered it as well as the suppliers of the materials needed, such as a bat corona from Wuhan China which was a team member in the effort. The NIH was one of the supporters, and here is their report of the same thing. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4797993/ This was done on purpose. Look at the list of suppliers and fund sources.

  82. Rick Rude

    Rick Rude12 日 前


  83. José verginio

    José verginio12 日 前

    *BLACK SON OF A BITCH, HAVE THAT DOCTOR TAKE IN THE CU* www.bitchute.com/video/nCvB4qZM3mc0/

  84. José verginio

    José verginio12 日 前

    *BLACK SON OF A BITCH, HAVE THAT DOCTOR TAKE IN THE CU* www.bitchute.com/video/nCvB4qZM3mc0/

  85. José verginio

    José verginio12 日 前

    *BLACK SON OF A BITCH, HAVE THAT DOCTOR TAKE IN THE CU* www.bitchute.com/video/nCvB4qZM3mc0/

  86. Liz Abanto

    Liz Abanto12 日 前

    Judy Mikovits, PhD Exposes Dr. Fauci For Contradicting Statements jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-NwlAUmNE4p4.html

  87. Nadine Black

    Nadine Black12 日 前

    God did not intend for animal viruses to be injected directly into the Human Bloodstream and replicate. That is what DR Judy Mickovits found. Instead of the sociopaths in charge at the time Fauci, being grateful and admitting what was going on', and all the harm that was being done he covered it up and punished her for being a great scientist. Now Fauci wants to push some new crazy gene-edited Vaccine for Covid. With direct human testing of this novel vaccines with no prior animal tests, a non-tested mRNA gene-edited vaccines. That will attach to our RNA and DNA and replicate using NANO PARTICLES. If they get away with it I am sorry of what is to become of the Human Species. Fools like the host of this show needs to wake up not every thing is a conspiracy theory. The Mass Experimentation on the human race has been going on for a long time it and is not a conspiracy. The ones behind any conspiracy is Fauci and his gang of sociopaths KILLER BILL GATE BEING ONE OF THEM. journal-neo.org/2020/04/15/the-remarkable-doctor-a-fauci/

  88. Barry Newman

    Barry Newman12 日 前

    Fauci is a propagandist for other countries.

  89. Burnett Stone

    Burnett Stone12 日 前

    TRUMP 2020 😍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  90. Robert Nestle

    Robert Nestle13 日 前

    Other countries are treating COVID 19 with Hydroxychloquine effectively on thousands and thousands and FDA already listed it as safe. But yes, it's too cheap to make profit from. Only 50 Cents. But Remdevisir costs $1000 / pill. Makes sense to lobby for that drug.

  91. Robert Nestle

    Robert Nestle13 日 前

    Fauci, Bill Gates and WHO started this Plademic, the biggest lie of the history to show ultimate control over people with unleash of ultimate fake fear. From the beginning, All top Statemen are saying vaccine for everyone to be the ultimate solution when no RNA vaccine have been proved effective. How do they know already that it will not return to normal without vaccine?

  92. Jocwy 6

    Jocwy 618 時間 前

    @Robert Nestle How can you live like this? Im actually amazed. We dont go to the moon anymore because it costs a shit ton of money and we got everything we need. Mt Everest is most definitely not in the USA, anyone who thinks it is should go back to high school. I honestly hope you do realise that what you believe in is just a theory, why in the world would the government fool all its people?

  93. Robert Nestle

    Robert Nestle5 日 前

    @Jocwy 6 "It's easy to fool a mass than to convince them that they are being fooled"-Mark Twain. Perfect example here. Still we believe that we landed on the moon without asking a simple question, "why don't we go there anymore when technology has advanced so much in last 50 years? Why don't other countries go there (brighter side of the moon)?". Most of my colleagues answered that Mt Everest is in the USA somewhere. Even after 50 years, we can not publish unredacted classified information about the murder of our president. We just got too comfortable and believe that our government will protect us, feed us and they tell us the truth. Surely there are many that are waking up. I am merely just raising questions based on what I see. Check for Tanzania and Gambia. No lock down. Kenya announced it's first case only after UN announced $1B for all COVID19 affected countries.

  94. Jocwy 6

    Jocwy 69 日 前

    @Robert Nestle but honestly I just don 't get Americans who believe everything is a conspiracy. Why on Earth would they even want to start a global pandemic? What grinds me the most is why you blame everything om "Fake News" when all the other news outlets in the world report the same. Why do only American people believe in your theory? Why does the rest of the world just accepts that a virus spread through the world because of nature.

  95. Robert Nestle

    Robert Nestle10 日 前

    @Moda Hage You can not wake up someone that is not sleeping. Even 10 years back people laughed when they were told about their cell phones were spying on them

  96. Moda Hage

    Moda Hage10 日 前

    @Robert Nestle every scientist/doctors knew there was gonna be a pandemic after some years man chill with the conspiracy

  97. lee jay Funk

    lee jay Funk13 日 前

    Two of the dumbest and greedy libtards in the world. Both of these traitors should be put down like a dog.

  98. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson13 日 前

    We don't want eugenics people in AFRICA. It's funny you have all this in a country starving and poor in the richest country in the world and billions of dollars in predatory lending loans, yet you will spend all YOUR time in AFRICA not the USA or China that offered billions for a cure, why would you just give it to AFRICA. We are not interested, stop the shooting & incarceration of our young black males in USA & south America. Forgive the predatory loans in AFRICA that can't be paid back. Stop stealing AFRICA resources and miseducating our children by eliminating them from all history except slavery...!!!!

  99. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson13 日 前

    Then why are Chinese & American coming to AFRICA exposing our people as carriers or going to our schools force vaccinating our children without the permission of the parents.....what the urgency in AFRICA vs anywhere else?

  100. Assal love

    Assal love13 日 前

    Tevor Noah you are on the wrong side of life. You are standing with WHO, Bill Gates, Fauci?

  101. Assal love

    Assal love9 日 前

    What are you talking about? They are in it for the MONEY! Do some research and think with your heart and not your mind. Blessing to you.

  102. What ?

    What ?9 日 前

    The WHO, Bill Gates and Dr Fauci are doing a lot to fight this pandemic, please have some respect for them.

  103. King Sibz _The GOLDEN VOICE

    King Sibz _The GOLDEN VOICE11 日 前


  104. Simphiwe Mthethwa

    Simphiwe Mthethwa12 日 前

    He is a famous puppet. Will do anything fame and fortune

  105. Assal love

    Assal love13 日 前

    FUCK Fauci. Not an expert.

  106. M A R I E

    M A R I E13 日 前

    Pop goes the weasel! What you say today Fauci.....one month ago your shit made sense and now? Your Freemason ass is going to see flames one day.

  107. Enrique

    Enrique13 日 前

    Without comments.