Dont Touch Your Face Makeup Challenge


  1. xxCalico_Cookiez56xx

    xxCalico_Cookiez56xx27 日 前

    "you touch you drink" Katy be like: 👉👁️👄👁️👈

  2. Greta Woof Woof

    Greta Woof Woof17 日 前

    Omg LOLLLL

  3. Ashley Oh

    Ashley Oh21 日 前

    anything for wine ammmmm i rightttttt?

  4. ThunderWitch010

    ThunderWitch01024 日 前

    Honestly, mood. Like me too. I like drinking when Im anxious :/

  5. 論破した数だけ登録者増えていく【公式】

    論破した数だけ登録者増えていく【公式】26 日 前

    It's a body that can make a baby already

  6. Adel Theslave

    Adel Theslave26 日 前


  7. Ella L.

    Ella L.21 分 前

    I want katy to do an asmr video her voice is so nice

  8. Music Singer

    Music Singer13 時間 前

    That hat look like it’s from IT chapter 2

  9. Megan Thomas-Danyow

    Megan Thomas-Danyow17 時間 前

    Mykie’s makeup kinda reminds me of Harley Quinn and I love it!!

  10. Lisa Fox

    Lisa Fox17 時間 前

    I think I remember the first vid I watched with Katy and she was shy to be on camera but I hope she is more aware now that for me at least, her calmness, wit and beauty just relaxes the hell outta me. She's gorgeous, as is her personality. Thank you Mykie for introducing her to me ♡ you're both hilarious.

  11. ally rose

    ally rose21 時間 前

    Thank you Mykie for wiping the lens, it about drove me insane 😌

  12. Madison Bastien

    Madison Bastien23 時間 前

    Omg, Mykie you are so pale compared to Katie🤣 But this was a funny video, I loved it

  13. MarvelousSandstone

    MarvelousSandstone日 前

    I associate a certain smell with caterpillars because one summer there were tons of them and that smell was everywhere where they were so whenever I smell that now I think of caterpillars. It's not lavender though, I'm pretty sure it's a bush with flowers on it that smells that way but I don't know what it is exactly.

  14. TikTok Tornado

    TikTok Tornado日 前

    Hat: I Love Derry Katy: Who is Derry? Me: Isn't your best friend a horror fanatic?

  15. aNd SpRiTe

    aNd SpRiTe日 前

    katy- having one million people seeing me makes me nervous mykie- yeah like one million people are gonna see you in the video and watch it video- has one million views 👁️👄👁️

  16. Kenley Waters

    Kenley Waters日 前

    I really loved how mykie was like hey let’s not be self deprecating bc that’s really important for people especially when you’re on camera or just in public eye!! Good job babe!!,

  17. Trollex Trollex

    Trollex Trollex日 前

    Some of the ugliest looking girls I have ever seen on JPreporter!!! Please put a paper bag over your head in your next video....LOL

  18. Lauren May

    Lauren May日 前

    Me literally trying to get spot off phone screen A few minutes later “is that on the monitor or the lens” Ohhhh it’s not on my phone screen

  19. Lauren May

    Lauren May日 前

    1 million people did click on this video

  20. Rachel Price

    Rachel Price日 前

    Mykie you look so scary white 😂😂😂

  21. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido日 前

    my dad and papa sit and drink beer on the back porch of my house and literally my dog has her own bowl that she will take to them if they call her and will give her beer. If only we could train her to bring beer instead of her learning how to bring a bowl to drink.

  22. Talya Playss

    Talya Playss日 前

    “You think 1M views” “absolutly not” *me looks at the views* -IM veiws-

  23. Markel Nickerson

    Markel Nickerson日 前

    I wanna try this with my sister and bestie

  24. Mad Rian

    Mad Rian日 前

    CAT-ER-PILL-ERZ!!!! 🥳🤠🤮🥴😵🤓🤓🤓🤓

  25. FishPieAndMissionarySex

    FishPieAndMissionarySex日 前

    Paused the video 2 minutes and 52 seconds in to order a box from Bright Cellars. They actually got my wine tastes down immediately.

  26. Steven Austin

    Steven Austin日 前

    And there 1M people watching this Katie was right lol

  27. Pastel

    Pastel日 前

    I clicked this video just for katy

  28. Pastel

    Pastel2 日 前

    Them talking about 1M people 1M views

  29. Pastel

    Pastel2 日 前

    Wait so is the guy in her newest video her boyfriend

  30. Katie O'leary

    Katie O'leary2 日 前

    Btw you have a million views

  31. Princss Risch

    Princss Risch2 日 前

    Why are you guys so beautiful????😍 love the transformations jeez

  32. Emaleigh Crouch

    Emaleigh Crouch2 日 前

    I love when Katy is in videos I love there friendship

  33. Mandy

    Mandy2 日 前

    Been watching Glam & Gore for sooooo long but lately, her videos have gone downhill for me. The vibe has changed since shes starting dating whatshisface and the channel has mainly become a gossip page.....I miss the SFX and Makeup heavy videos...

  34. sigh I like demons

    sigh I like demons2 日 前

    It's at 1M right now

  35. MarleyandDixie Mcadoo

    MarleyandDixie Mcadoo2 日 前


  36. Roslyn Parris

    Roslyn Parris3 日 前

    Lol literally 1M views 😂

  37. ivy esmacher

    ivy esmacher4 日 前

    she is funny XD i liked it

  38. lane darling

    lane darling4 日 前

    She has the perfect face for Nebula 💙 Guardian of the Galaxy 🌌

  39. Olivia A

    Olivia A4 日 前

    We need merch again plzz😭😭❤️



    The fact that there’s actually 1 million views is killing me😭😂

  41. Ashlin Nelson

    Ashlin Nelson5 日 前

    Where can I get the mirror Katy was holding????

  42. Hailey Bourne

    Hailey Bourne5 日 前

    3:49 Mykie: tf

  43. Kylaya Cox

    Kylaya Cox5 日 前


  44. elaine moran

    elaine moran5 日 前

    you and Katy need a podcast

  45. I likeplayinggames_yt

    I likeplayinggames_yt5 日 前

    what did she say on her intro? i just hear “ yo what’s up base”

  46. foodie crumbs

    foodie crumbs5 日 前

    Did she get dentures or have her teeth always been tbat bright and too straight like they look too perfect too straight

  47. Kelsey

    Kelsey5 日 前

    They've always looked like that

  48. awesome rat asmr

    awesome rat asmr6 日 前

    1,000,000 people watched this

  49. Emna Hajaji

    Emna Hajaji6 日 前


  50. Rob V. S.

    Rob V. S.6 日 前

    Who said people didn’t wear masks before Covid lol 😂

  51. Nala Lewis

    Nala Lewis6 日 前

    The way this video has over a million views

  52. - ellie

    - ellie6 日 前

    katy is my skin before quarantine and mykie is my skin after quarantine

  53. discarded needle

    discarded needle6 日 前

    stop being so mean to katy !!

  54. Lor Dreier

    Lor Dreier6 日 前

    She is right they do smell like lavender

  55. Peachy Spaniel

    Peachy Spaniel6 日 前

    yet nobody sees the spot on the camera lenses near mykie

  56. Honey Bee Arts

    Honey Bee Arts6 日 前

    Them: 1mil people won’t click on this People watching: you thought

  57. Delsa Gonzalez

    Delsa Gonzalez6 日 前

    When you live in Utah and you can’t get alcohol shipped to you 😭

  58. Samara Lesage

    Samara Lesage6 日 前


  59. Piper Harris

    Piper Harris7 日 前

    Okay is it just me or was there this one smudge on the camera lens...was that just me who kept staring at it...yeah...okay byeeee Oop never mind just got to that part of the video 🤦‍♀️

  60. Misa Amaterasu

    Misa Amaterasu7 日 前

    Hum, I'm a wine drinker, but I'm french, sooo I'm kind of scared of being offended by international wine not gonna lie 😂

  61. xXEmeraldplays13Xx

    xXEmeraldplays13Xx9 日 前

    Katy looks so beautiful without make up on.

  62. Gary Dimaggio

    Gary Dimaggio9 日 前

    These chicks look hideous and they're really weird freaks

  63. Kahlan Caruso

    Kahlan Caruso9 日 前

    Mykie is the person that makes me say hyello to my freinds

  64. Giii

    Giii9 日 前

    Am I the only one that sees a dot on there lens 😭

  65. TALIA C

    TALIA C9 日 前

    Man I love Katy people need to be nice to her

  66. Zacahry Peterson

    Zacahry Peterson9 日 前

    To be fair it’s almost at 1 mil views