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  1. Az flame Barselow

    Az flame Barselow日 前

    One time I got my uncle to play Mario cart with my brother who is 5.He says okay thinking that he would easily win, even though he had never played and it was all my bro did.After wiping the floor with him and winning every time 8 times, my uncle goes I need to go do something. Few minutes later I hear him booking it down the street in his car.Forgot to tell him my brother lives only for Mario cart.

  2. whattheheck1000

    whattheheck1000日 前

    Not the most dramatic example, but my uncle's brother claimed his 2007 Honda Odyssey had 10 airbags because it had 10 airbag markings in it. I told him it had 6, there are 2 front airbags, 2 side torso airbags for each front seat, and 2 side curtain airbags, one for each side. He thought there were 6 side curtain airbags, one for each side window (a 3 row van). It's actually one side curtain airbag for each side, the left side curtain airbag covers all three windows on the left side and the right side curtain airbag covers all three windows on the right side. An easy mistake to make, because the van has a "side curtain airbag" marking next to each window. I've studied car safety since 2003 and have particular expertise with Hondas. This happened on Thanksgiving Day 2011. By this time, I'd been to two IIHS crash tests. May 23, 2020 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="303">5:03</a> am

  3. Soda Gaming

    Soda Gaming日 前

    a roach challenged me for longest life I squished the bastard Guess I won

  4. SonicSpeedy0

    SonicSpeedy0日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2082">34:42</a> i couldnt have been the only one who noticed this. Schooled. Shooting

  5. Kenny Watson

    Kenny Watson日 前

    That is correct form for exercising on the rowing machine though. My professional powerlifting friend taught me exactly that form.

  6. untitled youtube goose

    untitled youtube goose日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2082">34:42</a> "schooled" (static) "shooting" "school shooting"

  7. Noro

    Noro2 日 前

    Got challenged to hvh in csgo with a trash anti-aim cheat, he didnt kill me once in 16 rounds

  8. nuanil

    nuanil2 日 前

    You don't just exit VIM, VIM exits you.

  9. Downytr

    Downytr2 日 前

    Some kid tries to 1v1 me in dust 2 Little did he know I use wallbangs

  10. BlandyBoi

    BlandyBoi2 日 前

    Dodgeball Took like 10 mins after I was last one in until the coach told us it was a tie, he never got a shot on me, and it's not he was as good as dodging as me, just I was bad at throwing, I could aim but I had no strength

  11. Viyla

    Viyla2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2082">34:42</a> "schooled shooting"

  12. James Shallow

    James Shallow2 日 前

    Water bottle flipping

  13. Exiled G

    Exiled G2 日 前

    back in high school i walked by a lunch table everyday of kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh and payed no mind untill one day in homeroom one of the kids decided to talk to me for no reason and asked if i played i responded with yes, but i dont have a physical deck because i played online he asked to play me saying he beats all of his friends at lunch every day and he just wants a challange little did he know i had been playing yugioh online for probably 7 years at that point and was pretty good at using a unorthodox deck we queued up and i ruined him in less than 3 turns several times over using my go to deck i kinda felt bad cause the kid wasnt mean or anything but to this day he asks me to duel him and ive never changed my deck and i still win, i dont even play anymore.

  14. Thetall man

    Thetall man3 日 前

    3 come to mind. Not an expert but pretty damn good. #1 My grandfather held 5 black belts and taught me self defense from an early age, on top of this I studied boxing. In high school I was being picked on while riding the bus home from school by this kid who thought I was an easy target. I wasn't having it and snapped back (talking smack, the dozens). Before I knew it he challenged me to a fight. I get off at his stop and he can't lay one hand on me. I blocked and countered everything. It was sad, I just went straight boxing on him and walked away after one of his neighbors was begging him to quit because he was so outclassed. #2 About 12 years later I'm fresh out of the military so I'm still in good shape and my best friend takes me to a bar. There's a group of guys taking turns on one of those punching machines trying to beat each other's scores. I walked over because I was entertained by them taking running starts at this thing. They were all raging on each other's form when I told one of them that they didn't even need to run at it if they used proper form. Que challenge. Long story short not only did I beat everyone's score I got top score on the machine with just pivoting. #3 (Something non violent) I used to work for the city of Atlanta as a garbage truck driver. If we finished our routes early enough a bunch of people would play a mini tournament of spades in the breakroom. A lot of them thought they were hardcore players because they played alot in prison or whatever. I'm not from Georgia and don't talk with a lot of slang, so when they asked/challenged me to a game, needing a 4th, they thought I would be an easy win for them. They didn't realize that not only do I know how to play I was taught by family members and friends who are real beast in the game. My partner and I beat all challengers until we clocked out for the day. Sorry for the long stories. I shortened them as much as I could. 😁

  15. Pineball 43

    Pineball 433 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1783">29:43</a> *THE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER*

  16. WhatOkay

    WhatOkay3 日 前

    Some guy tried to mansplain how to train a dog to me. I’m a dog trainer. Fortunately, he understood canine behaviour and positive reinforcement

  17. Spencer Smith

    Spencer Smith3 日 前

    The vaccine-maker is wrong. Vaccines are a total lie. I’ve seen tons of completely adequate evidence. Some of the things he said is a total straight-up lie. They are deceived and haven’t done objective research.

  18. Pyro Genuine

    Pyro Genuine3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="332">5:32</a> this is a copy pasta nvm I just saw it somewhere else

  19. Unknown Variable

    Unknown Variable3 日 前

    i messed around in gta 5 for days at a time at one point and without realizing it i picked up some skills such as head shots and driving because i spent 99% of my time messing around and basically became a god at racing and pvp and ounce i realized i wasn't trash i started doing pvp against my friends with like all my friends vs me with snipers rpgs and machine guns while i had a pistol. honestly i hadn't a clue i was good at the game until i was godlike at it since when i first started i was terrible at races and pvp and stayed away from it...

  20. Ima Dude

    Ima Dude3 日 前

    Someone challenged me to a wiffle ball game long story short I just kept throwing my best pitch... the super slurve-up it went halfway then dropped while also sliding outside. Yeah he was mad when I let him pitch and I got 50 home runs no not runs home runs total score 168-0

  21. Nyonics

    Nyonics4 日 前

    I'm not going to pretend that the thing I was an expert at actually mattered, but in college I was hanging out with a few friends in the dorms, and from down the hall I heard some familiar music. To the chagrin of my friends, I followed the music with a sense of purpose, to find some of their/our new acquaintances playing Guilty Gear X2 on someone's PS2 in another dorm room. They invited me to play with them since I seemed interested. I had spent a fair amount of time the previous summer training myself to nail the inputs for a few Johnny combos from Ethereal S' combo video, "The Final Another Side," and had pretty solidly put it into my muscle memory. Naturally, the guy who invited me warned me that he thought he was, "getting pretty good," at the game. I proceeded to perfect him, then broke the news that I actually knew what I was doing. If you're unfamiliar, and I assume most people will be, at this point in the guilty Gear franchise there was a very high execution-barrier to proficiency, and some time windows for things could be as short as 2 frames of animation long at 30 FPS, or 1/15th of a second. Consistently nailing inputs is a reward in itself, and doing crazy ones that look cool while also winning a fight was something downright amazing. It was a really satisfying experience. Johnny can't even continuously dash, so new players assume he's not very mobile. They couldn't be more wrong. And this guy found out by getting Divine Blade FRC resets in his face. Yeah, I was a nerd with no life.

  22. 13

    134 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> By itself it is much cleaner than coal, but once something goes wrong... Well, you know what happens

  23. JustMike

    JustMike4 日 前

    Marvel set: Can you do a backflip? Tom Holland: *Watch me*

  24. Violet Mctiger

    Violet Mctiger4 日 前

    My story: i am an equestrian and its my 10th year riding, i can do decent dressage and have jumped up to 1m 40cm, i went to a like this thing woth tents ad attractions(not a circus tho) butlike yea and yhere was this place for pony and horse rides and naturaly i wanted to try it out, the handler of the horse tried instructig me on what i have to do and i told her ive doeit before, she didnt believeme so i got on like the proffesional rider i am and satun that saddle, heels down, shoulders back and she handed e the reins and told me to prove it, i took the reins, got the horse into a beutiful colected walk, then trotted a bit, got off and said: told you ive done it before and walked away. Not that impressive but yeah

  25. n go

    n go4 日 前

    One time I was driving with my mom on a highway in the United States and we got a flat tire. This was before cell phones and I, a women in my twenties was motioning for drivers to call for help. After a while I decided to just change the tire myself. (I didn't want to originally because big trucks were flying past which scared me) I am halfway done changing the flat when a minivan with a family in it pulls over. The husband/father steps out to help me but I pretty much had it almost done. I just needed him to help me lift the full size spare tire into place so I could get the lugnuts on. My mom and I thanked him and then a police officer pulled over to see if everything was alright. I said I had a flat tire and before I said another word the officer was thanking the guy for doing changing the tire for me. But he said that I did it! The officer was shocked. Before my father, who was a mechanic, died of Cancer he made sure to show me how to check tire pressure, how to change a flat tire, and how to check the oil. Thanks Dad! ; )

  26. youssef mehana

    youssef mehana4 日 前

    My friend challenged me on cod and he thought I can't play it because all my friends including him haven't played it and he doesn't know I play it nearly every single day

  27. Yeet god

    Yeet god4 日 前

    I used to do mma competitions and was pretty good I would beat grown men when I was 13 by the time I was 14 I used to piss of grown men and then make a bet with them who ever got dropped first had to pay 20 bucks I made 380$ men like to think that there better and dont like people recking there ego

  28. Veteran Sergeant Kilandros

    Veteran Sergeant Kilandros5 日 前

    Person tried to insult me once. Little did they know, I do that to everyone and no one is going to steal my title.

  29. Dick Small

    Dick Small5 日 前

    this is me on r/smalldickproblems

  30. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot5 日 前

    I wish i could have submitted this little story of mine. So, it was around 2010, my cousin asked me to get my ps2 and some coop/versus games to his friend's house and play, and i am a humble player, i never say i am a good, because i am aware there will always someone better. We got there, and we had a sort of a party with 5 dudes plus us 2, jacked in the PS2 and started playing, two of the games brought were Killzone and MoH European Assault, they started playing the versus against each other while i was just checking my facebook on my notebook and i also wanted to play some morrowind, they started chalenging me and i refused one many times, then they started teasing me and my skill, or lack of, then i said fine, we started with killzone, funny and some times buggy game, no bots, and i cant remember what map we were playing on, as we started i said "bet you 20 bucks i win without dying" guy looked at me, sure of his skill after defeating everyone in the room including my cousin, my cousimg looked almost scared like he was thinking "he's mad". We started playing, controled fire, no pistol used, almost running out of M82 ammo, i just said, alright, knife time, picked up the knife, and started using the pistol, killed that guy so many times he got real angry at me, see me without ammo and thinks the lack of bullets will make him win the game, think again, knifing is kind of broken in that game unless you know what you're doing. I won, instead of paying he wanted a double or nothing in MoH, i said "fine" we started playing, i let him take the luxury of playing allied while i played german(playing german on versus in this game means you can get one tapped by nearly any gun) we played, we danced, and again, superior conteolled burst accuratelly deluvered to his face, well though nades through corners, and most importantly, knowledge of the map. In the end, these were the easiest 40 bucks I've ever won, and since i was the only guy with a console in the neighborhood back in the day, they kept inviting me to these parties but never chalenged me ever gain, theybjust knew i was going to wipe floor with them faces.

  31. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot5 日 前

    Side story, playing CoD Mobile one ofnthese days, created a custom match with my friends at work, some the claimed they were experts in the game, I've been playing it for about a week or so, i just calld all of them to a 1v5 and roasted everyone, every single one of them got knifed in the back of the head before the end of the match, now my boss want me play competitive with him, hoorray 😒

  32. Gal4xy Cat

    Gal4xy Cat6 日 前

    Most of the time, when someone challanges me, they lose. Not only the challenge, but sometimes their dignity.

  33. Treefroto Logagud

    Treefroto Logagud6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2091">34:51</a> when he says schooled and immidiatly says shooting

  34. Nick McEachern

    Nick McEachern6 日 前

    Says they’re an expert in chem but brings up a high school example of the double slit experiment lol

  35. Bilgee Carlos

    Bilgee Carlos6 日 前

    My friend tried to win some bucks by playing the i was a master at. Got F**king rich.

  36. Joshua Shilling

    Joshua Shilling6 日 前

    Many people at school had challenge me to write with my left hand for a week. If I could do it I'd get $100usd from the other person. Over the course of a month I got $1000usd. I'm a Lefty.

  37. Skellymon

    Skellymon6 日 前

    'i sound like a normal pole when i speak polish'

  38. * redhood686

    * redhood6867 日 前

    I hate when people want to challenge me with old muscle cars/drag racing. This one guy kept running his mouth about our small block powered car. My buddy had enough and he is fuming. He pulls up to the line, rips a fat smokey burnout and they stage. My buddy let loose on the transbrake and bolts down the line and runs a new PB of 10.8 in a small block 3rd gen camaro. This guy has a twin turbo 350z and his reaction time was god awful. They come back and my buddy goes "So, how's our tin can now? Check yourself before you challenge kids of life long mechanics to a race, we may be young but we know our shit" this guy just stomped off and had his friend try to beat us, friend wouldn't even race after he saw my buddys last past. (For reference the car mostly ran 1/4 miles in about 11.6-11.9 seconds, it wasn't fast by any means but we did some tuning and made a nasty pull, we still don't know how he got a 10.8 all things considered

  39. Jbj Alexander

    Jbj Alexander7 日 前

    when people challenge me to write with my left hand 😂


    LOGAN DAVIS7 日 前

    Here’s another one that is for me. I was once challenged in a Yu-Gu-Oh duel and my opponent was mocking me over and over again. I dealt 12,000 damage to him in one turn. With only four cards I did that. Three Spike Shield with Chains. One copy of a high attack and high defense monster. My opponent said I just got lucky. I switched decks. I went onto using a certain deck I like to call Dragunity Union. I built the deck in hopes to get Ascalon out turn one with many different combos. Again I won in one turn. This happened three times more then he said I give up you win. If your wondering this was in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. I posted a deck list on both of those decks. The Spikeshield with chain OTK deck I used in the first match got hit badly. The ancient gear archetype got a structure deck and more of their cards just a bit after I created the deck. Then Concentrating Current came out and I used it in a new variant. People use that card like crazy now even though it is simi Limited. My Dragunity build has not been hit yet. It can win against the meta easily now. After all Ascalon got buffed. Now banish based decks have been nerfed.


    LOGAN DAVIS7 日 前

    Ok me and one of my friends when we first met had a Pokémon battle. He was the best at school before I moved. I won really easily using strategies he has never seen before. He was a casual player and I am a kid who if older could win the world championship. That is how good I am at the game. This was in Pokémon Sun and Moon. I used a team that was just made to win against the elite four 100% of the time. My team was set at level 50 due to the rules. It was single battles. I used defensive walls to counter his strategy. He is a chess prodigy. I am a Shogi prodigy. I don’t know which is more impressive.

  42. Just a weird guy

    Just a weird guy7 日 前

    Math. It was a simple algebraic equation. Also, last night I wrote an equation while I was high, can someone translate it for me, please?

  43. J BLAST

    J BLAST7 日 前

    Not me but i was in college i had a classmate that was quit and a little fat so we had a paintball game and a group of freshmen invited him saying large fat target esay to hit but little we know he served as a US marine for 6 years 2 combat deployments and a lot of fire fights he almost single handley wipe the floor with 20 people

  44. Jack Gamblin

    Jack Gamblin7 日 前

    The one at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> is proof that people care more about meaningful anecdotes then actual statistics. No wonder there are no medical professionals at anti-vax rallies. Smh

  45. Asserting Word

    Asserting Word7 日 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> surprisingly this is true. Also if you happen to be one of the 350 million Americans in the world our Navy ships run on pure nuclear energy. So it costs literally almost nothing to power a US Destroyer and they can run a very long time on nuclear energy.

  46. Thomas Calhoun

    Thomas Calhoun7 日 前

    Pretty much any time anyone in real life has ever challenged me to a DBZ video game or trivia game, usually late 20s, early 30s black folks who think they know everything about the series because they watched most of the episodes during their original US runs. More often than not, they assume that DBZ is mostly popular with black people and that the black community has stronger ties to the franchise. First they'll challenge my trivia knowledge and try to trip me up with minute details from the anime, only to get frustrated when I answer everything correctly and start throwing back questions that they'd only know the answers to if they were "true die-hards," and read interviews with the author, collected/reviewed/read the Japanese-only guidebooks, what scenes are filler and which are canon to the source material, and things like that. Then they challenge me to the games and, because I've been playing them religiously since the PS1 days and regularly practice most of them just for fun, I end up stomping the shit out of everyone around. At one point, during a match of BT3 a few years back, I had one dude comment to my opponent something along the lines of "you've eaten every super he threw at you, what's it like being his bitch?" before the guy I was fighting rage quit and said "there's no beating this dude, he's like the God of Dragon Ball Z!" Best compliment I've ever received lol.

  47. Evi S

    Evi S7 日 前

    I'm not an expert but I really like skulls. Sometimes I challenge myself by trying to identify different skulls at natural history museums. My boyfriend and I both love zoology, so we decided to go to a famously big natural history museum that's an hour away from where we live. In the museum, they had this display that had different kinds of skulls called, "Guess the Skull" or something. On the plaque in front of it was the corresponding answers hidden with little flaps that just talked about the animals for which the skulls belonged. I looked at one on the display I had seen before, which was the skull of a chirostenotes (an oviraptor-type dinosaur) so I look and can't find chirostenotes on the plaque. I instead see oviraptor. I lift the little flap thingy and sure enough they had the chirostenotes skull labelled as oviraptor. I've never felt so good about my knowledge of anything in my life. TL;DR: A museum had one of their displays labelled wrong and I figured it out.

  48. Daniel Breslin

    Daniel Breslin8 日 前

    I'm sorry but did that person on that date know what the double slit experiment was or know anything about it I really need answers as this is something we were taught in high school low level physics

  49. Daniel Breslin

    Daniel Breslin8 日 前

    also, never been challenged but I'm naturally really flexible and we had a yoga instructor in for heath week, all the girls were trying to show off in the splits seeing how far the could get to the ground meanwhile across the room you have me, 14 male whole body pressed against the ground while in the splits also I didn't realise it until that day but I didn't know that it was hard for people's knees to touch the ground while doing the whole butterfly thing with their legs

  50. Daniel Breslin

    Daniel Breslin8 日 前

    we've had PE teachers that get waayyyy to cocky, for instance a lot of them challenge our class clowns and local smokers offering money, they usually get beaten because most of these kids grew up on sports as the schools in our area had every after school club possible, but if we're including me I don't like sports much, I'm physically unfit and i cant help it so I tend to sit out a lot but the new teachers tend to make me partake a lot not expecting a lot and I can do everything but run, they made the mistake of making me partake in football (soccer for you Americans) and none of the class could get a goal passed me as I was the goal keeper back in my old primary school. another story is I went to a shooting range that did archery and sniping once with my dad and all the adults there challenged me because I was a kid and it was my first time, we were made to wear goggles because of the recoil on the gun but they were blocking my vision so i took the goggles off and wiped the floor with their asses, the same goes for archery. I have a really good aim for most things and can usually predict where things will land. also p.s for the first story, I cant help being physically unfit as I was in a car accident and both of my knees often tend to dislocate

  51. Thatoneoneguy Thatoneonefamily

    Thatoneoneguy Thatoneonefamily8 日 前

    my coworker is a prolific 1 upper and know it all. well one day i mispronounced a Spanish work by stressing it as you do in Italian (i know English, Italian, and Spanish in that order) and he lost his shit. well he's always mispronouncing words himself or just using the complete wrong word with the confidence of Morgan Freeman doing narrations( English being our 1st language while speaking English) , and everyone else is too polite to correct him; myself included. so after this situation i said screw it, i just inject the corrections mid sentence every time he speaks and slips at all. i believe there's a saying about glass houses that applies here. tldr: know it all coworker gets mad i mispronounce a word in my 3rd language and treats me like I'm stupid. constantly misspeaking in his 1st language I've become his onsite auto-correct and he hates it. hoping he learns some ducking* humility.

  52. Jintei_Modding

    Jintei_Modding8 日 前

    I was playing GTA 5 (before my PS3 burnt) and some kiddo wanted me to race against him in a loooong race around Los Santos (both North and South part of the map) He didn't know that I had played that track for a long time with my friends Also that day, I had played a lot of Burnout Legends on my PSP (you might Guess what happened next) I win easily with the slowest supercar of GTA 5 (PS3) and a lot of attack/defense skills 2 days later I found him again in a open race in the same map (this time, instead of "1v1", we were "me & my crew friends vs the other 10 guys") Needless to say that I destroyed each and every one of them (exept my crew friends, of course)

  53. Hope Gallows

    Hope Gallows8 日 前

    By 15 I was playing team trivia games as a one man team at family gatherings. In HS I carried the masterminds (weird semi lawless team jeopardy) to regionals. I answered 75% of the questions our team answered. Still trying out for college jeopardy and looking for another masterminds team.

  54. Jerry Lin

    Jerry Lin8 日 前

    Someone challenged me to a Rubik’s Cube race and I rekt the person.

  55. Demonic Thorn

    Demonic Thorn8 日 前

    (THERE IS A TO LONG DIDN"T READ AT THE BOTTOM) Someone challenged me to a yu-gi-oh duel online, he seemed alright being placed 7th on the online leader board bragging how he had 3-4 years of yu-gi-oh playing online... Demolished the dude. To say that to the online first placer with 11 years of yu-gi-oh experience while being 7th, Pathetic. ( I now have 17 years of experience, gotta say all the new changes online are boring, can't personally challenge others, can't message others or trade cards, can't give silver or gold coins to people either- I was a big softie to noobs so i used to meet up with them in real life and teach them and give them silver coins for common to rare card deck chance, and gold coins for epic, legendary, and limited edition decks- gold coins are for in real life money costing decks and can win them when you win a challenge from another player like 1 to 3 per challenge and a deck costed around 25 and since i was ranked first I got challenged from around 10 to 20 some times a day and lost once to a person called CryogenicPlayer119. turned out he was rich and had numerous personal trainers pretty chill and we became friends haven't seen him for about a year or two but he still gives me my personal trainer paycheck when he realized i was pretty poor then, so its nice to know he still looks out for me.) Tl;Dr I was First place on online yu-gi-oh beat the 7th placer, taught newbies and gave them helpful items, lost to a rich kid who had numerous trainers, taught him for a bit and Became close friends, I still get my trainers pay check even after not seeing each other for 2 years. still plays yu-gi-oh but not online.

  56. Brendan Hansen

    Brendan Hansen8 日 前

    Just saying, im waiting for someone to challenge my knowledge of mythology, vikings, and marine biology

  57. Kas Stoner

    Kas Stoner8 日 前

    I know a ton about the band One one dares to test me... Edit: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> fellow infosec professional, hi. 👋🏻

  58. Robert Talbert

    Robert Talbert9 日 前

    once my sister challenged me to just dance. the fool

  59. Harley Tann

    Harley Tann9 日 前

    You can tell like 70% of these belong on verybadass

  60. Lucas Walters

    Lucas Walters9 日 前

    I am in no way an expert, but I love mechanical engineering and am a pretty big car guy, so I know enough to diagnose problems with a car. One day my dad's Saturn SL was making some funny noises as we were driving, so he took it to the dealership's shop to get it fixed. I told them that the noise it was making was consistent with the engine timing and was likely the spark plugs. He brushed it off, saying "It could be, but it's not very likely. We'll do a full engine checkup to find out what's going on." So my dad and I get a ride home, and a couple hours later, the dealership calls back saying: "So it turns out one of your spark plugs were loose. Everything else looked pretty good." I felt pretty good about that.

  61. tempodo pop

    tempodo pop9 日 前

    I mean strep is pretty obvious, that nurse is not listening and probably jaded from people asking for antibac for everything. She needs to humble herself. Although there are many times it goes like: I have a headache can I get some Zithromax? 🤫 🤔 ... Nope.

  62. Jace Gorrell

    Jace Gorrell9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2083">34:43</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2085">34:45</a>

  63. Zander Heinitz

    Zander Heinitz9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="522">8:42</a> I Also Now All The Countries' Locations; The Same Thing Goes with The Chemical Element/Periodic Table.

  64. Stan LOONA

    Stan LOONA9 日 前

    For me. I didn't actually know I was good at it until I tried it. In 7th grade. My class had this fun way of learning how to quiz people in which in order to answer a question, you have to throw a mini basketball in the hoop on the wall. (it was a small plastic fake hoop attached to the cabinet door) You only get two chances to hit the ball. And every boy goes up. And they're constantly missing shots. So much so where there isn't any points on the board. The teacher doesn't like the fact that only males are playing. So he suggested the boys to hype us girls into shooting the hoop. So, I offer to go in. And I managed to shoot it twice. And consecutively after that. To put into perspective, it's a majority 5.7'-6' feet male classroom. I used to be 4'11 and I had to stand far away. But yeah. That was that

  65. Sarah Coleman

    Sarah Coleman9 日 前

    Even though it's getting better, there are still Nerd/Geek guys out there who assume women don't know anything about comic books. I collected X-Men comic for 15 years, and I built a pretty good collection of older (80s) comics, I also read character bios and manuals and other nerdy stuff like that, like 10 years before any of the movies came out. I can't tell you how many times I've had guys talking about stuff from one of the movies and I'm like, yeah, that only happened as a nod to ______ or they probably want to use ______ plotline into the movie. They just look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm still rooting for them to bring Rogue into the movie franchise using her original storyline... Mystiques convinces teenage Rogue to steal half of Carol Danver's powers. I'd be a great solution to how OP Carol is right now.

  66. Kommercial Vas

    Kommercial Vas9 日 前

    In my experience, when you're knowledgeable about a subject, or proficient in a skill, people will go out of their way to prove you wrong as if it's a contest, and the prize is a $500 gift card.

  67. JenamDrag0n

    JenamDrag0n10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="294">4:54</a> That happened to me! I was the hostess at a restaurant and when an older middle-aged gentleman walked in with his friend and started speaking French to me (nothing rude or anything), I answered right back in French. I think I surprised and maybe impressed him too since most people in the States don't learn French as a second language if they learn one at all, and I'm proficient (not fluent, not that good).

  68. Andres Escamilla

    Andres Escamilla10 日 前

    I was challenged on who could make the loudest fart. Little did my opponent know that on that day, I was holding in a shit. I proceeded to release the holy grail of farts.......and shit my pants. On that day there were no winners.

  69. Ethan Shackelford

    Ethan Shackelford10 日 前

    One time a guy told me he could beat me at 'any game'. Turns out apparently rhythm games, puzzle games, RPG games, strategy games, literally anything that's not an FPS isn't a 'real game'.

  70. Gg Gogo

    Gg Gogo10 日 前

    They didn’t ask to challenge me. Ok so I am a girl and this boy was a bully and he wanted to pick a fight w/ me little did he know that I did boxing and I wasn’t an easy competition (In 4th grade) and then the next week the boy wanted to pick a fight again on the same day time but different week then I smashed him again and then we told the head master of my grade and he said that I was the bad kid and started the fight but we had cameras and the teacher believed me so I think the kid got expelled. Soo yeah. Also it has been 4 years since then and still continuing mma :)

  71. Sapphire512 ,

    Sapphire512 ,10 日 前

    Nerd time: I can easily solve a Rubik’s Cube in about 25 seconds or less. Before quarantine, everyone in my sister’s school seemed to love cubing and many had their own, but the best time in the whole school was about 30 seconds. Of course, the “best” in the school was very arrogant and when I visited the school to pick my sister up, he challenged me to a race. Didn’t go very well for him, sat there texting on my phone for a good 40 seconds while waiting for him to be done. Dude didn’t really brag about his accomplishment again, while I earned a ton of respect from the kids. Kinda made me realize how cool my talent was, and stopped a balloon ego dead in its tracks. Pretty good day.

  72. Sekroy's Sektor

    Sekroy's Sektor10 日 前

    The sight reading sheet paper music happened to me quite exactly like that. But I was in college Japanese class. Even the question at the end. Fascinating.

  73. Yukimi Sakura

    Yukimi Sakura10 日 前

    once someone told me to fuck myself too and ive been doing that for 8 years

  74. Bryan Desotell

    Bryan Desotell10 日 前

    I had a friend challage me in mario cart (he was a few years younger) little did he know i grew up on that game, absolutely wiped the floor with him everyone was speechless

  75. Humanoidy

    Humanoidy10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2081">34:41</a> lol school shooting

  76. ForgottenKnight1

    ForgottenKnight111 日 前

    I got challenged to a swimming competition by a co-worker. I am a former IM triathlete and endurance swimmer.

  77. The SpecOp

    The SpecOp11 日 前

    I used to play America's Army: Proving Grounds. I just felt these clan members were being penisheads to me for playing bad just because I'm a girl, their comments proved my assumptions. I proceeded to annihilate their whole clan in Inner Hospital in their own server and got banned for being a "hacker". They didn't know I actually had 480 hours on record as a beta tester.

  78. Joseph Harris

    Joseph Harris11 日 前

    Had a guy in high school challenge me to a Pokemon battle. He even arrogantly stated that with his Ho-oh, Lugia, and Mewtwo that I had no chance of winning. His other pokemon were a Charizard, Dragonite, and Tyranitar. I figure to myself, "Basic, simple." When the Pokemon battle started, he has 6 pokemon. I had 1. Shuckle. First 2 rounds I use double team, then used rest because Shuckle's hp was getting low. I continued to use rest until he has missed a couple of times. Then I kept double teaming until I was at maximum evasion. Then I used toxic, and bind to drop his pokemon one by one. After I took out his 2nd pokemon, he rips the link cable out of my gameboy violently, calls me a "god damned cheap ass cheating piece of shit" to which I simply replied, "Your 3 legendary pokemon, 2 damn near legendary pokemon and a Charizard couldn't kill a Koopa Troopa.

  79. Noahbelle

    Noahbelle11 日 前

    For my birthday one year, my mom took me and my friends to play paintball. Lots of the guys on the other teams were all confident in their skills, having bought the best gear and such. At one point, the three most confident guys on the field (one being a kid who was just overconfident) challenged everyone else to a 3v17, or whatever the number was. Little did they know, my mom was raised knowing how to hunt, and had been wiping the floor with people all day. She doesn’t look like the kind of mom who would be good at stuff like that, so I can only imagine the look on those guys’ faces when they got taken out, only to see her pretty smile as she waves at them to let them know who just shot them.

  80. F4PTR

    F4PTR11 日 前

    Haha, this is awesome! I remember I was in the dorms and friends with some girls, one of them was pretty cute but not my type and she had a crush, she ended up dating this alpha type douchebag who took me as a threat and challeneged me to a COD matchup. I used to play a lot and was pretty damn good, he said he was a badass pro level player and so we decided to play in front of all our friends and his girl. That was BLOPS 2; so a long time ago. We made our loadouts and I decided I wouldn’t use a gun and just use ballistic knives, and he picked an smg class and laughed at me. We played on the yacht map and got too it, and by the end I had 2 deaths and over 50+ kills on him. It was so funny seeing his face as he got steamrolled and embarrassed himself in front of his girl! I feel kinda bad because she ended up breaking up with him soon after but at the time it was hilarious!

  81. Decode Lifehacker

    Decode Lifehacker11 日 前

    I can't think of any time it a good think to hear your GF say you test Begins now