Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!


  1. Cool Belle

    Cool Belle5 時間 前

    we want to see you do BILLIE EILISH makeup

  2. مهند العُمري

    مهند العُمري5 時間 前

    يا عيال وش فيه امكم كل شوي ذا الخرا يوصل الترند السعودي ؟

  3. In theme

    In theme5 時間 前

    Wow , you are still alive. Incredible

  4. Sammy_ John3:16

    Sammy_ John3:165 時間 前

    Last intro amazing only time she looked preety

  5. Ramsey Chand

    Ramsey Chand5 時間 前

    Your so Kranji,:D

  6. Khushbu Singh LIV

    Khushbu Singh LIV5 時間 前

    Mera aaj birthday hai mujhe gift mein sirf 10 subscriber chahie please mujhe gift Den aur support

  7. sophie rossiter

    sophie rossiter5 時間 前

    yasss i love this collab please do more

  8. Masud Hasan Imon

    Masud Hasan Imon5 時間 前

    Dendi khore😆😆

  9. Chaarvi kanare

    Chaarvi kanare5 時間 前

    I was literally rewatching 14:19 10 times i love that part😘🖤

  10. Grace H-S

    Grace H-S5 時間 前

    Kylie looks so different without makeup 💄

  11. Sammy_ John3:16

    Sammy_ John3:165 時間 前


  12. Iana Jitcova

    Iana Jitcova5 時間 前


  13. はやと[hayato]

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  14. Atul 0007 Atul

    Atul 0007 Atul5 時間 前

    Are bhai kon he ye 😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😄😂😄😂😄

  15. Seon Yeo Tan

    Seon Yeo Tan5 時間 前

    And do limit your use of emojis

  16. Seon Yeo Tan

    Seon Yeo Tan5 時間 前

    Hmm looks like you are that type of person who starts a war in the comment section

  17. Atul 0007 Atul

    Atul 0007 Atul5 時間 前

    Are bhai kanfuys ho gya ye konsa prani he pompom

  18. ana apostol

    ana apostol5 時間 前

    she Said in a yt video that stormi is going to be the purple Minion ,travis and her will be a clasic Minion so yeaaa

  19. JAM Happy Kids

    JAM Happy Kids5 時間 前

    @Jam happy kids

  20. NEFRET- Z

    NEFRET- Z5 時間 前

    Asoziales Pack

  21. Masoma Mhmb

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  22. Ankit Desai

    Ankit Desai5 時間 前

    Yee rangillii chiz haii kya😂😂

  23. 陰影D r a v e n

    陰影D r a v e n5 時間 前

    I’m telling Travis Scott.

  24. Yslla Souza

    Yslla Souza5 時間 前

    Alguém do Brasil???

  25. Rap Lachkick

    Rap Lachkick5 時間 前

    Wer ist diese linke kahi

  26. Danny

    Danny5 時間 前

    Who's the girl in the thumbnail?

  27. Arwa Gi

    Arwa Gi5 時間 前


  28. Yeet Skeet

    Yeet Skeet5 時間 前

    Kylie needs to stop with whatever she’s doing to her cheeks :(


    BLACKJACK #2NE15 時間 前

    I would love to see a collab with Selena Gomez, your neighbour!!! With an incredible and different makeup look!!! That would be iconic

  30. Timothyjgamer ruskage

    Timothyjgamer ruskage5 時間 前

    Are u marshmallow

  31. Yoana Balcheva

    Yoana Balcheva5 時間 前

    Most iconic collab 😌👌🏻

  32. ͔ ͔ ͔ ͔

    ͔ ͔ ͔ ͔5 時間 前


  33. VFiel

    VFiel5 時間 前

    this b is a halloween costume...she and her entire family.

  34. Carlail Ok

    Carlail Ok5 時間 前

    Really cute Kylie ❤️

  35. Redina Pakpahan

    Redina Pakpahan5 時間 前

    Do kendall!!

  36. Hank Jones da 3rd

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  37. Hrishita Sharma

    Hrishita Sharma5 時間 前

    Today I realised Kylie has such a cute personality

  38. سلطان سريان

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  39. M Sienczewska

    M Sienczewska5 時間 前

    james text millie!!

  40. Lamia Punni

    Lamia Punni5 時間 前

    the fact that their age together combined is not 50👁️👄👁️

  41. Layla Burns

    Layla Burns5 時間 前

    James cant even find the right match for Kylie se lols orageeeee

  42. Ginny :p

    Ginny :p5 時間 前

    Kylie is age 15:... her parents: UH UH NO BOYS IN YOUR BEDROOM I DONT CARE IF YOU ORDERING PIZZA GET OUTTTTTTT Parents 4 years later: oh kylies, your pregnant? K.....?

  43. Tracey Yazzie

    Tracey Yazzie5 時間 前

    Is it just me or does Kylie look like Beyoncé with makeup on?

  44. Voss Boss

    Voss Boss5 時間 前

    Oh shit, I didn’t know Ethan Klein did a video with James so recently!?

  45. Rihanna Bryant

    Rihanna Bryant5 時間 前

    Kylie is such a sweet girl and she’s so humble I love her 💙💙🦋

  46. Peter Masemola

    Peter Masemola5 時間 前


  47. antonia nino

    antonia nino5 時間 前

    james how long or how many uses do you think your makeup pallete will last

  48. Kimluck Heng

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  51. Yslla Souza

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  52. Lujain Numan

    Lujain Numan5 時間 前

    Trend 1 on UAE

  53. Sweety Yadav

    Sweety Yadav5 時間 前

    Miss kylie is such a sweet soul

  54. Heather Hughson

    Heather Hughson5 時間 前

    I didn’t really mean that was my cousin yesterday but how are your name is hi little baby Jenner Kylie

  55. あなたの音楽を送ってください音の表現

    あなたの音楽を送ってください音の表現5 時間 前

    James chargliee is a roman gerdess

  56. Simona Criss

    Simona Criss5 時間 前

    She looks old and different from her picture

  57. gamer sister

    gamer sister5 時間 前


  58. Broken Products

    Broken Products6 時間 前

    Kylie is gonna hire James as her special make up guy

  59. dragon_lady !

    dragon_lady !6 時間 前

    James: ITS SO GROSS also James: takes another sip

  60. lilslay paul

    lilslay paul6 時間 前

    I love kylie baby

  61. Islambag Squad LTD.

    Islambag Squad LTD.6 時間 前

    Your video is very perfect and good

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  63. Islambag Squad LTD.

    Islambag Squad LTD.6 時間 前

    1 million like this comment

  64. Emily Ali

    Emily Ali6 時間 前

    Omg why does people not play ROBLOX is best game in the world

  65. Emily Ali

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  66. Zhane Rose

    Zhane Rose6 時間 前

    It’s the editor for me

  67. *Milla__chan*

    *Milla__chan*6 時間 前

    You are so handsome 😂

  68. Jesamae Pagaura

    Jesamae Pagaura6 時間 前

    I love you James!

  69. Ayesha Pandith

    Ayesha Pandith6 時間 前

    You are decent one...i like it👍

  70. effat ansari

    effat ansari6 時間 前

    Kylie looks a little different........dosen't she ...🤷‍♀️

  71. Swift Johan

    Swift Johan6 時間 前


  72. Richard Kronberg

    Richard Kronberg6 時間 前

    Which one is Kylie?

  73. baekhyunee candy boy

    baekhyunee candy boy6 時間 前

    kylie without makeup looks like a 17years old girl from high school

  74. فتاة داعيه

    فتاة داعيه6 時間 前

    تشعر بشئ من الفراغ؟ القي نظره على قناتي لعلك تجد بها ما يلملم شتات قلبك 💜

  75. AHungryUnicorn

    AHungryUnicorn6 時間 前

    Omg it made me realise she edits her photos too much cus she doesn't even look the same. Not hating but instagram really gives many people body dismorphia and nowdays young kids are always on Instagram and kylie is a huge personality and she gives a bad example. She doesn't even look the same as her photos.

  76. ueefquay oxbay

    ueefquay oxbay6 時間 前


  77. Katelyn Schwartz

    Katelyn Schwartz6 時間 前

    Rest circle cluster hat good tank down like toilet chemical angle.

  78. Felicia Seng

    Felicia Seng6 時間 前

    Didnt she unfollow him last year... so that’s why it has been two years since they last collabed.....?

  79. Kaila Kantdoit

    Kaila Kantdoit6 時間 前

    omg i love james and kylie so much they are both so beautiful and i love their personalities

  80. Meanwhile

    Meanwhile6 時間 前

    Idky I felt sad James doesn’t want kids when literally a bunch of people don’t want kids

  81. KenDayu TwT

    KenDayu TwT6 時間 前


  82. thereal myth

    thereal myth6 時間 前

    She was not loking good in the commercial she was lokking good in the video though

  83. Brucey Woosey

    Brucey Woosey6 時間 前

    Attention seeking people are just so irresistible because we all need attention and we're all just so happy when someone gets the love that we all desperately crave.

  84. Arab Doll

    Arab Doll6 時間 前

    0:19 her face is priceless! no more fillers should be the tittle of this video

  85. Maitreya Mckinlay

    Maitreya Mckinlay6 時間 前

    Please slow down james charles ...i wanna understand what you're saying!

  86. Angelina Sakr

    Angelina Sakr6 時間 前

    Love you Kylie and James watching you from lebanone ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

  87. Gardener Drew

    Gardener Drew6 時間 前

    Hi Sisters!

  88. Shelly Begum

    Shelly Begum6 時間 前

    I think she might be a tiger or lepord for halloween

  89. Carlsen Atanga

    Carlsen Atanga6 時間 前

    Kylie’s « of course » is everythinggg😩❤️

  90. Francisco Villarreal

    Francisco Villarreal6 時間 前

    Solo lo vengo a ver por mi querida kylie

  91. Shelly Begum

    Shelly Begum6 時間 前

    I love love love kylie she one of my faviroute models and youtuber

  92. MVP 1

    MVP 16 時間 前

    She looks like a little girl

  93. 707 Choi

    707 Choi6 時間 前

    *“whoomp whoomp whoomp... Heeyy yi yeah iy yeah~”*

  94. Anumol CR

    Anumol CR6 時間 前

    Stunning ❤️😘

  95. Carol

    Carol6 時間 前

    Yesss we wanna see Kylie dance more. We know she used to dance all the time and she’s pretty good

  96. 9 b

    9 b6 時間 前

    im 25 year old male waching this am i weird?

  97. Lydia Johnson

    Lydia Johnson6 時間 前

    James what the

  98. Anonymous

    Anonymous6 時間 前


  99. Bunny Dong

    Bunny Dong6 時間 前

    James how do you talk so fast😂!u

  100. Carrot Car

    Carrot Car6 時間 前


  101. Eugeniea Lungu

    Eugeniea Lungu6 時間 前


  102. growupgirl

    growupgirl6 時間 前

    Kylies skin is great with all those scars .periodt.😃

  103. Baichuan Zheng

    Baichuan Zheng6 時間 前

    so shes gonna wear that all the way till halloween

  104. Majda

    Majda6 時間 前

    Me watching the video: My screen: 👁👁👁👁 👄 👄

  105. Aakash Compton

    Aakash Compton6 時間 前

    i hate your vedos

  106. Crafty Studio

    Crafty Studio6 時間 前

    First get education u don't even know how to spell videos.

  107. Crafty Studio

    Crafty Studio6 時間 前

    H : Having A : anger T : towards E : everyone R : reaching S : success