Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!


  1. Mayer Cohen

    Mayer Cohen時間 前

    hi james

  2. ::

    ::2 時間 前

    James please slow down for your non english speaking friends

  3. ::

    ::2 時間 前

    James please slow down for your non english speaking friends

  4. sakhan ai

    sakhan ai3 時間 前

    can you do more?

  5. Anam Fatima

    Anam Fatima3 時間 前

    Every body criticies me that i look like kyle jenner and i copyed her but i was born with this face she bought it 6-7 years ago 😎😎😎

  6. Josh & Kia

    Josh & Kia3 時間 前

    Please do a collab with Billie

  7. Jonathan Legagneur

    Jonathan Legagneur5 時間 前

    Holy shit it’s Kylie Jenner

  8. Teddy Love

    Teddy Love6 時間 前


  9. Keren Aguilar

    Keren Aguilar6 時間 前

    I Love Yuo James 😘😘

  10. Lucia Rengifo Villanueva

    Lucia Rengifo Villanueva6 時間 前

    9:41 OMG

  11. Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner6 時間 前

    It was very cool James.

  12. Vanessa Aichele

    Vanessa Aichele8 時間 前

    For all who was wondering Kylee was a red power ranger :)

  13. Vithal Sharma

    Vithal Sharma8 時間 前

    Who want James to do billie eillish ‘s make up 👇⬇️⤵️

  14. ItsJayla

    ItsJayla11 時間 前

    Kylie do be looking like a kid 😳

  15. Jacky Scharlau

    Jacky Scharlau11 時間 前

    She looks terrible without make up ! Sie hat so viel Botox im Gesicht, das sie keine mimik mehr hat Schrecklich



    I really need it in school and actually my Phone is HTC And we don't have enough money to buy a new phone so i hope James Charles that you'll see my message cause i really need it😢😷 I hope you'll give me a phone its ok if it's used already

  17. Gabby V-H

    Gabby V-H12 時間 前

    "It's so nasty" *continues drinking*

  18. Ananya Prabhakar Barde

    Ananya Prabhakar Barde12 時間 前

    "nICe and WoUNdeD"

  19. saltywalt x

    saltywalt x13 時間 前

    I love Kylie. She’s so chilled and nice

  20. Mahra Al mazruie

    Mahra Al mazruie13 時間 前

    James pls react to your first video pllssss

  21. Arianna Visconti

    Arianna Visconti13 時間 前

    Omg her look is stunning! James you’re talented!

  22. M Gsabcs

    M Gsabcs15 時間 前

    she’s actually so funny lol

  23. Shriyam

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  24. Shriyam

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  25. Every Haircolor

    Every Haircolor19 時間 前

    Love their hoodies💕


    YVETTE OREN20 時間 前

    She said “I can’t tell you baby “🤣🤣❤️😊

  27. Pineapple Gamer

    Pineapple Gamer21 時間 前


  28. mahnoor baig

    mahnoor baig21 時間 前

    How Awesome would it be if James and Kylie could collab on and makeup /eyeshadow palette or any make up together it would be so cool

  29. carlos lizarraga

    carlos lizarraga21 時間 前

    el comentario en español que buscabas😌

  30. Zeraiyah Chua

    Zeraiyah Chua23 時間 前

    Petition for sister to collab with Kendall! 😳



    Is it just me or does kylie look like a legit teenager without makeup?

  32. Brayal Djigne OFFICIAL

    Brayal Djigne OFFICIAL日 前

    Cant believe he blends in with the girls.

  33. hijou Quinn

    hijou Quinn日 前

    Who wants that James brings selena gomez. Just amazing with her new collection rare beauty

  34. Raul altamirano

    Raul altamirano日 前

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  35. نوره الشمري

    نوره الشمري日 前

    I want you to do a lot of videos with her🥺❤️

  36. Бахтыбаева Камила

    Бахтыбаева Камила日 前

    Kylie looks like a ready-made toaster😂🤤🤤 p.s. i love Kylie❤️❤️❤️

  37. Kids memory Channel

    Kids memory Channel日 前

    Kim sister: plastic Turtle and vscos: oh no Her: welcome back to my channel! James: hey sisters: Hotel: trivago

  38. Mercy Jove

    Mercy Jove日 前

    Whoever likes this will have a glow up in 1 year

  39. • ßutter Cup •

    • ßutter Cup •日 前

    omg is dat really her cuz idk how she really looks l8ke bc am 9 i sub bc i love your vids :D

  40. Дарья Баякина

    Дарья Баякина日 前

    Хуя себе он тараторит

  41. hijou Quinn

    hijou Quinn日 前

    A james charles fan will like my comment.

  42. vapids

    vapids日 前

    She’s hideous without all that makeup lmao

  43. Vanlalfeli

    Vanlalfeli日 前


  44. Tony Turner

    Tony Turner日 前

    🥰 Oh that’s so cute

  45. jeico reyes

    jeico reyes日 前

    Did you know that cheetahs are quite docile



    Please do something with Melly Sanchez!!

  47. andy baechel

    andy baechel日 前


  48. andy baechel

    andy baechel日 前

    Me cracking up this whole time because of: Kylie Jenner to the foye I've got a little suprize for u

  49. Silvermoon Star

    Silvermoon Star日 前

    Someone who is tired of everyone saying “a future millionaire will like this comment” will like this comment

  50. Corrupted Alex

    Corrupted Alex日 前

    Im satisfyed...also ylie jenner's nail is so long and cute its pink

  51. cute radhika

    cute radhika日 前

    Without makeup I didn't believe she is kyliejenner and after makeup I see that it's kyliejenner

  52. athena cait abellanosa

    athena cait abellanosa日 前

    can u colab with kendal?❤❤

  53. Yvette Cordova

    Yvette Cordova日 前

    is it just me or kylie's skin is not good?

  54. Soy Vennus

    Soy Vennus日 前


  55. Philip 777

    Philip 777日 前


  56. Daisy Lopez-Rojas

    Daisy Lopez-Rojas日 前

    She looks really pretty without make up.

  57. c h a r

    c h a r2 日 前

    shes so pretty without makeup on.

  58. Refiloe MOTSWENYANE

    Refiloe MOTSWENYANE2 日 前

    omg kylie without make up looks like 14 years old she soup cute hashtagb love you kyle and james good work

  59. Iyana Robinson

    Iyana Robinson2 日 前

    the dislikes uhm-

  60. Gabriela Peña

    Gabriela Peña2 日 前

    Omg I love this video 🤩🤩and u both too😍😍😊😊😊see this video was so fun 😁😁

  61. Nanda Rodrigues

    Nanda Rodrigues2 日 前


  62. Luhana valentina Cortez canto

    Luhana valentina Cortez canto2 日 前

    She has the most adorable personlity just like jasme , being themselves 😊

  63. stxrxX_plxyz

    stxrxX_plxyz2 日 前

    james:thats so nasty james: *keeps drinking it*

  64. Mystz Boxed U

    Mystz Boxed U2 日 前

    A future trillion air will like this comment

  65. Ale Grano

    Ale Grano2 日 前

    A future Trillionaire will like this

  66. N V

    N V2 日 前

    Her face is looking so puffy 🙄🙄🙄

  67. Sarai Vlogs

    Sarai Vlogs2 日 前

    Its looks so gooooddd

  68. Mathilde Tanghe

    Mathilde Tanghe2 日 前

    I mean cant hate on kylie shes cute and a good mom

  69. Kamila Kenzh

    Kamila Kenzh2 日 前

    Мне кажется или слишком «оранжевая» получилась?

  70. Prakriti D

    Prakriti D2 日 前

    James Charles : iT iS sO nAsTy !!!! Also Him : *proceeds to take another sip* lol

  71. Nida Shahnawaz8C

    Nida Shahnawaz8C2 日 前

    Hate you

  72. Crystal Galaxy

    Crystal Galaxy2 日 前


  73. Brianna Jackson

    Brianna Jackson2 日 前

    Wait what that was 2 years ago!!!!

  74. skaterb0iiファッグ

    skaterb0iiファッグ2 日 前

    Are you in her pr list now?

  75. parsleuu

    parsleuu2 日 前

    plot twist: Kylie actually scratched herself with those long nails




  77. Klitz Kayle

    Klitz Kayle2 日 前

    James Charles I love your makeup

  78. lila jo fallang

    lila jo fallang2 日 前

    Ha, " that's so nasty!"😃🤣. *Keeps drinking it*

  79. ItzYa Boi

    ItzYa Boi2 日 前

    Kylie is honestly a person I’d want to hang out with she’s rlly down to earth.

  80. Jalee bancroft

    Jalee bancroft2 日 前

    i love kylie she is so pretty and funny

  81. Nevaeh Covarrubias

    Nevaeh Covarrubias2 日 前

    i wish you can do my makeup you are amazing

  82. Estelle M

    Estelle M2 日 前

    Idk why in this video she actually looks her age. You can see her real face showing and it’s so refreshing. IG really doesn’t display who people truly are.

  83. XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX

    XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX2 日 前

    Omg my diamonds earnings. ..! U guys u should get the orange soda 1 min later can I get the strawberry soda and the other too I don't feel bad I feel sad...

  84. XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX

    XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX2 日 前

    Guys- don't u realize somthing when famous ppl do photo shoots and other stuff they look rude but when u get to know them their a whole different persob-

  85. Baileryn_ Valtyni

    Baileryn_ Valtyni2 日 前

    Aunque no entiendo nada me encanta James xd.

  86. alqama kundiwala

    alqama kundiwala2 日 前

    who is sauce

  87. loubna loubna

    loubna loubna3 日 前

    Wtffff her face shes looks 40

  88. Yuppie

    Yuppie3 日 前

    OMFG, Kyle and James are so SOFT! PERIODT

  89. Mx

    Mx3 日 前

    she is such a good mum omg

  90. RevmanBeastly YRG

    RevmanBeastly YRG3 日 前

    love you james

  91. Dne Laprade

    Dne Laprade3 日 前

    Hi sister *

  92. Secretly Sims

    Secretly Sims3 日 前

    Kylie's face with no Makeup looks so cute like a baby

  93. liza lili

    liza lili3 日 前

    I'm Russian and I'm 13 and I have a lot of Amcrekzki bloggers on my subscription, and the first blogger I signed up for was James

  94. Asanda Mkhize

    Asanda Mkhize3 日 前

    She's such a sweetheart 🥺😭

  95. Aye!ItsZee Mlanjana

    Aye!ItsZee Mlanjana3 日 前

    Please do a collaboration with Cardi 😜

  96. Angelina Abdelsayed

    Angelina Abdelsayed3 日 前

    8:29 kylie got exposed...

  97. Melanie Jones

    Melanie Jones3 日 前

    James is that the real Kylie Jenner

  98. Elie Lanny

    Elie Lanny3 日 前

    James: I dont like decorate Also James: I'm a make up artist

  99. Amelia Kepa

    Amelia Kepa3 日 前

    i love this collab so much, this is the 10th time ive watched it

  100. anayr arroyo

    anayr arroyo3 日 前

    Omg kily.😍 hello i love you kily y james

  101. Eliana Habib

    Eliana Habib3 日 前

    she didn't drink