Doing Jenna Marbles' Makeup


  1. Rye Randall

    Rye Randall42 分 前

    I HATE him but I’ll watch for her

  2. Astrick !

    Astrick !20 時間 前

    julien in the car:HEVGIYCUVUOHDWVCUEVICuVURVCHJVCYVVCIWUWVBUBCUIBWBCUI Jenna:omg julien Julien:what I need to let it out

  3. sarah lee beauty

    sarah lee beauty21 時間 前

    she is so wise and the sweetest person ever

  4. Gacha _Lyla

    Gacha _Lyla日 前

    * screams *

  5. SoGGyy CRIsP

    SoGGyy CRIsP日 前

    Jenna is a true Hufflepuff lol

  6. Forsaken Torch

    Forsaken Torch2 日 前

    Real Title: Two Queens, One Room

  7. Amara Knutson

    Amara Knutson2 日 前

    I need everyone to do Jenna's makeup

  8. Mary Goldstein

    Mary Goldstein2 日 前

    Jenna's lip color in this video is so gorgeous

  9. Butter Pikachu

    Butter Pikachu2 日 前

    I'm not sure how to feel about this

  10. Cass Camp

    Cass Camp3 日 前

    Only got a view because of Jenna!!!!


    DIYA LUTHRA3 日 前

    Jame Scharles *just a random thought*

  12. Kaly Elizabeth

    Kaly Elizabeth3 日 前

    My rescue pup is a lab border collie mix. Best. Dogs. Ever. ❤️🐶 Btw you are so talented James! Jenna looks stunning!

  13. After Hours

    After Hours4 日 前

    Jenna talks to James like shes his mom or a smart older sister

  14. Fenimorka

    Fenimorka4 日 前

    i just want backstage footage of Julien trying to subdue his vigorous Aries energy

  15. Anushka Sarkar

    Anushka Sarkar4 日 前


  16. GraphiqueJack

    GraphiqueJack4 日 前

    The eyes are lovely but those lips? Nope.

  17. Leah L

    Leah L4 日 前

    The end result looks like she would be Jenna’s sister, not Jenna herself.... i’ve never seen a transformation that makes my brain feel that way lol like she clearly has similar genes to Jenna, but is also her own person with her own face shape lol

  18. harvey cooper

    harvey cooper5 日 前

    James Charles talking about himself for 30 minutesn

  19. Waggy Tail

    Waggy Tail5 日 前

    When I was walking down the street, I came across James Charles and he sister spanked me because I asked him to kiss me. Best. Day. Of. My. Life. Oh and then I went to my “milk”, it was pretty refreshing ;)

  20. pbtart

    pbtart6 日 前

    awesome video! loved the collab!!

  21. Aleena Simone

    Aleena Simone6 日 前

    I love how spiritual Jenna is

  22. McScuseMe B

    McScuseMe B6 日 前

    Emma chambirlyn?

  23. Lunar Filth

    Lunar Filth6 日 前


  24. mon a LizUh

    mon a LizUh7 日 前

    *Wow Jenna is the kindest*

  25. Jonku

    Jonku7 日 前

    Jenna, Julien and James........Triple J’s Kitchen, just a thought!!🦑

  26. Brooklyn Paul

    Brooklyn Paul8 日 前

    jenna looks nothing like herself in the thumbnail

  27. Laura vv

    Laura vv8 日 前

    She looks like a gen-Zer in the end

  28. andrew r

    andrew r8 日 前

    i really don’t like james and i especially don’t like him after dramageddon, but this video makes me so happy 🥰

  29. brklynbaby2291

    brklynbaby22918 日 前

    This is the first video I am watching of yours and I am sold!Love you and your personality and your makeup talents!UGH!Need his skilled hands to fix my face!Bahaha!

  30. Artblock_

    Artblock_8 日 前

    Jenna is so cute

  31. Dominique Siwulich

    Dominique Siwulich9 日 前

    Jenna is too funny.. soon as u added brow she look ten million times better lol

  32. Dominique Siwulich

    Dominique Siwulich9 日 前

    James u really do need to take a break once in a while.. it would make u a lot happier

  33. Leo Thrasher

    Leo Thrasher9 日 前

    Once I'm done being... A guru 😂👌🏻

  34. Wicker Wish

    Wicker Wish10 日 前

    im sorry but he did her lips dirty. I love Jenna in makeup and how SHE does it.

  35. natalie enriquez

    natalie enriquez10 日 前


  36. Carla

    Carla10 日 前

    She seems so unbelievably down to earth, humble, and genuine. I adore Jenna ❤️

  37. OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez

    OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez10 日 前

    She looks like a complete different person

  38. Mad Science

    Mad Science10 日 前

    She turned out looking like emma Chamberlain somehow

  39. malia miner

    malia miner10 日 前

    james: I don’t want to get a dog as big as a lab *finn has entered the chat*

  40. Erin Tracy

    Erin Tracy11 日 前

    Jenna be here acting like a mother for 30 minutes...

  41. Lizard Stauss

    Lizard Stauss11 日 前

    I genuinely enjoyed their chat, and want Jenna to be my therapist. That love in the universe was good advice. Her brows look so good, and think the colors are perfect for her.

  42. Venus GV

    Venus GV11 日 前

    Now do Kermit's make up.

  43. Rhythm Jaiminy

    Rhythm Jaiminy11 日 前

    Omg Jenna looks so pretty ♥️♥️♥️

  44. Megn MoRtuary

    Megn MoRtuary11 日 前

    I love that Jenna is concerned for James so she’s both being a mom, and ontop of that just so giddy to be apart of the beauty community, that both sides clash just a little lmao

  45. Diana Martin

    Diana Martin11 日 前

    One of the best collabs!!! ♥️♥️ you both are so funny and humble 😂

  46. KiKi

    KiKi11 日 前

    I love how jenna is always making eye contact with the camera to keep us feeling included ❤️

  47. waluigi

    waluigi11 日 前

    Brother julien

  48. Tiffany Dillon

    Tiffany Dillon12 日 前

    OMG these people are so rich they have their own bathrooms!

  49. Abi Corona

    Abi Corona12 日 前

    You can see James do the "I'm famous" joke here. This is litiral proof that it was a joke and he does it with everything good an fresh, it makes me so sad that a 19 y/o had to go through such trauma for something he didn't do. I love you James and I hope you stay strong❤

  50. Jay Tripathi

    Jay Tripathi12 日 前

    Where is james t shirt from

  51. clumsim

    clumsim12 日 前

    they're so great together I swear I was smiling the entire time

  52. Oakley

    Oakley12 日 前

    is he wearing a rashi?

  53. Gacha Sentatha

    Gacha Sentatha13 日 前

    knowing that james had to sit there staring at her eyebrows not sure what to do makes me so happy

  54. Iz M

    Iz M13 日 前

    I really want Juliet to start epepepep in the background

  55. Amy Parker

    Amy Parker13 日 前

    Low key looks like james Charles is wearing a sun top for the pool 😂😂 (‘rashie’ is that what non aussies call it idk)

  56. Riftrecon02

    Riftrecon0213 日 前

    Julian: 🗿

  57. Lexi Exi

    Lexi Exi14 日 前

    James do Julien’s makeup!

  58. Nikki G

    Nikki G14 日 前

    When am I gonna do your makeup?

  59. Averie Sanchez

    Averie Sanchez14 日 前

    she looks like Emma chamberlain

  60. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay14 日 前

    Honest i'm only watching this for jenna but no offence James amazing makeup