Doing Charli D'Amelio's Makeup!


  1. Comedy interesting

    Comedy interesting15 分 前

    20:17 James like🤧 Charlie is like🤤🙄😑

  2. Edwin ooi

    Edwin ooi56 分 前

    i FUCKING like james charles

  3. Anna Adams

    Anna Adams時間 前

    Who want him to do it with Avani

  4. Fifty Nine

    Fifty Nine時間 前

    James can I see you with out makeup

  5. Avery Feist

    Avery Feist時間 前

    10:00/ 10:15

  6. Angelika Schiffner

    Angelika Schiffner2 時間 前

    Charlie is so cute :(

  7. Alex Cheng

    Alex Cheng3 時間 前

    Charli’s face looks like Dixie 18:06

  8. Leandro Magalhães

    Leandro Magalhães5 時間 前

    I love you charli you purfect ❤️🌈💫🌟✨

  9. Suwaree susana Eikrem

    Suwaree susana Eikrem6 時間 前

    Lol now shes at 94 million

  10. alyssa bishopking

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  11. Reema Rouge

    Reema Rouge10 時間 前

    My name? It’s Starbucks damelio

  12. Paige Johnson

    Paige Johnson11 時間 前

    Charli is at 87 Million. I couldn't be more proud of her, she deserves it :))

  13. Student Daisy Soto

    Student Daisy Soto7 時間 前

    She's at 90 million

  14. Bikey like

    Bikey like12 時間 前

    Soy la unica q habla en español y viendo los videos de james Cuando habla en ingles

  15. Lily_thenerd :D

    Lily_thenerd :D15 時間 前

    Ur my. Biggest fav you tuber In the world and keep doing videos dabs On the haters and HAI SISTERS ^.^

  16. Lara Lencinas

    Lara Lencinas15 時間 前

    Hello James charle

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  19. Mark Corpuz

    Mark Corpuz17 時間 前

    Jemes can you remove your makeup so we can see your real face no makeup

  20. Broly Full power

    Broly Full power18 時間 前

    Best duo🔥🚫🧢⚠️🤩😎🥶

  21. Witch Squad

    Witch Squad19 時間 前

    I love how soft she is 🥺✨💓

  22. Brielle Raimey

    Brielle Raimey20 時間 前

    Charli doesn't like james

  23. Lexi Ferri

    Lexi Ferri20 時間 前

    James pls do a giveaway for a james charles pallet!

  24. Nourah -_-

    Nourah -_-20 時間 前

    You boy?

  25. Jay Labissiere

    Jay Labissiere21 時間 前

    she looks so annoyed😭😭😭😭😭

  26. Art Castillo

    Art Castillo22 時間 前

    Charli Like James Charles Comment

  27. Jennie Playz

    Jennie Playz22 時間 前

    “I’m a little girl and u just made me cry..” LMFAOOOOOOOO ❤️❤️❤️❤️




  29. ويونهي Araw

    ويونهي Araw日 前

    Waw so col

  30. Ειρηνη Ξηρουχακη

    Ειρηνη Ξηρουχακη日 前

    Ελληνικο σχολιο εδω

  31. Jennie Kim

    Jennie Kim日 前

    Yo al ver qué habla más rápido xd, Charlie es muy tímida uwu

  32. Lāsma Zirka

    Lāsma Zirka日 前

    is cool to hear the seleb side of the whol thing

  33. Antonia Motorola

    Antonia Motorola日 前

    AM Toch saise mor

  34. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker日 前

    i cant even hear charl and chair i follow u on tik tok and u james

  35. It will He tags

    It will He tags日 前

    I love your vids and I love how Charley is soft and so nice I love all there vids

  36. Yg H

    Yg H日 前

    Are you a girl

  37. Karen Ryan

    Karen Ryan日 前

    Me literally right when the video starts: when she gonna bust out the renegade

  38. rose vaughan

    rose vaughan日 前

    Why would a BOY put makeup and long nails. are you trying to look like a GIRL

  39. SreeJanaki Sathish

    SreeJanaki Sathish日 前


  40. Zeynep Koyuncu

    Zeynep Koyuncu日 前

    I Love you Im form Türkey💖

  41. amjad Riyad

    amjad Riyad日 前

    You look like charli d'amelio sister

  42. Mara barrios

    Mara barrios日 前

    Ajajajja no entiendo ingles hello

  43. Jenesis Auwae-Figueroa

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  44. Abigail Smith

    Abigail Smith日 前

    James: Good at makeup Charli: Good at dancing Me: Good at watching their content XD

  45. Amanda Blanco

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  46. Amanda Blanco

    Amanda Blanco日 前

    I lov it

  47. Emily Naslund

    Emily Naslund日 前

    james: im going to teach her how to dance charli: im going to teach him how to do makeup charli: *dances how james did the renegade james: STOPPPPPP

  48. saby my love perfeita

    saby my love perfeita日 前

    100 milhões de topppps

  49. saby my love perfeita

    saby my love perfeita日 前

    🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🇧🇷 Brazil 🇧🇷

  50. saby my love perfeita

    saby my love perfeita日 前

    Charlie ti amo

  51. Emma

    Emma日 前

    who's watching this when charli is almost at 100mil

  52. ツ

    日 前

    Tik tok sucks but James is good ig

  53. Anna Luisa

    Anna Luisa日 前

    Eu achando que ia ter algum brasileiro🤡

  54. NW_xhen

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  55. GimmeAir

    GimmeAir日 前

    Charli “I don’t wanna go out looking... TrAsH!”

  56. Bóbã Bêrrÿ

    Bóbã Bêrrÿ2 日 前

    What do u smell like James?

  57. Kekoa Buerschinger

    Kekoa Buerschinger2 日 前

    Do more videos with lazer beam please

  58. Flamingos And Sparkles

    Flamingos And Sparkles2 日 前

    She seems so quiet compared to her crazy actions on tiktok.

  59. Malavika Ajith

    Malavika Ajith2 日 前

    Charli at 16 yoo were is my vape

  60. Dana Ciocan

    Dana Ciocan2 日 前

    Hi 🥺👋Charli ✨charle ✨

  61. aryan kalra

    aryan kalra2 日 前

    Imagine Brock lensar fighting with James Charles

  62. taskeen zehra

    taskeen zehra2 日 前

    Hi Everyone I am watching this James Charles video for first time and he is all girl

  63. ꧁Call_Me_ Jessi꧂

    ꧁Call_Me_ Jessi꧂2 日 前

    James: ya ya ya ya ya ya ya- WHAT?! 😂

  64. Anseera Minhal

    Anseera Minhal2 日 前

    She's sooooo humble☺

  65. Beatriz Amorim

    Beatriz Amorim2 日 前

    hello Passing here from Brazil to say that your work is Wonderful ❤️ my name and biah I am Brazilian 🇧🇷❤️ good luck in your career I love you ❤️

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  67. ximena quiroz

    ximena quiroz2 日 前

    James, deberías poner subtitulos en español, porque no entendí nada

  68. Sofia Doval

    Sofia Doval2 日 前

    i love your videos james

  69. Nevaehplaysgacha_ Life

    Nevaehplaysgacha_ Life2 日 前

    imma guess jame’s age is 22

  70. Student Daisy Soto

    Student Daisy Soto7 時間 前

    That's his age (I think)

  71. Максим Копеев

    Максим Копеев2 日 前

    james charles: ya ya ya ya ya ya ya y a y a charli: *telling a story* ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya

  72. Carly Charron

    Carly Charron2 日 前

    Ok, now we need a Dixie makeover!!!!

  73. Lala Lulu

    Lala Lulu2 日 前

    can someone tell me why she is so hyped I DOOOON'T GET THIS 😂

  74. Araceli bojorquez

    Araceli bojorquez2 日 前

    Anybody watching when Charlie has 95M followers 😆

  75. Niniko Dumbadze

    Niniko Dumbadze3 日 前

    ai love charli tiktok folov me plis how old are you end

  76. shabarish82

    shabarish823 日 前

    Are you a girl or a boy

  77. aya Essadqi

    aya Essadqi3 日 前

    I hate u jims

  78. Maria Garduza

    Maria Garduza3 日 前

    No english 😠😠😠

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    Monica Izquierdo3 日 前

    Charlie damelio!!!!!!!!

  81. The Bander family with, Lisa Jon Holly and Lucy

    The Bander family with, Lisa Jon Holly and Lucy3 日 前

    She’s at 95. Mil now

  82. Marcos Betances

    Marcos Betances3 日 前

    How did i end up here? Literally.

  83. Zareen Ghias

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  84. Niczka W

    Niczka W3 日 前

    Charli........14:20 are you sure you like online school?.....are you really sure?....

  85. Magnus Arkus Year 5

    Magnus Arkus Year 53 日 前

    I love Charlie more than you

  86. IamJustA Potato

    IamJustA Potato3 日 前

    I swear his facial expression is a legend AHAHAHAHAA, for example after the intro in which James put the cream on Charli's face and then he put the fondation on thios face i love it HAHAHAHAHAH this is not hate ily :D

  87. Isabella Cruz

    Isabella Cruz3 日 前

    I love Charlie 'D

  88. Jolana Klabochová

    Jolana Klabochová3 日 前


  89. Ameliya Kennedy

    Ameliya Kennedy3 日 前

    That make up is amazing love it 😍. Love you James and charli

  90. Mariqna Angelova

    Mariqna Angelova3 日 前

    Obicam te carli mnogo si krasiva celuvki

  91. Mariqna Angelova

    Mariqna Angelova3 日 前

    Obicam te

  92. Alexis Billingsley

    Alexis Billingsley3 日 前

    James:Hi SiStErS Charli:h..i sis..ters 👉🏻👈🏻

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    Sami Smith3 日 前

    yas queennn

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  96. Maria clara Valois

    Maria clara Valois4 日 前

    Esse é o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando, 😎

  97. Maria Clara Herberts Piola

    Maria Clara Herberts Piola4 日 前

    So Good This Makeup James

  98. Maria Clara Herberts Piola

    Maria Clara Herberts Piola日 前

    @Mohamad Fadlallah nada a ver

  99. Mohamad Fadlallah

    Mohamad Fadlallah3 日 前

    Let me guess you liked your own comment

  100. Grace Namkung

    Grace Namkung4 日 前

    the ultimate collab: James charles gives a celebrity a makeover Hyram gives them a customized skin care routine Brad Mondo does her hair

  101. Brandon Troth

    Brandon Troth4 日 前

    I wish James Charles would do my makeup! 🥵❤️

  102. Army BTS

    Army BTS4 日 前

    Oli London 2 (no hate)

  103. Emily Dempsey

    Emily Dempsey4 日 前

    Charli is so shy lol

  104. Delaney Vollrath

    Delaney Vollrath4 日 前

    Charli seems super chill

  105. Miranda Howard

    Miranda Howard4 日 前

    I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  106. Alexabalentina Alvaresquiro

    Alexabalentina Alvaresquiro4 日 前

    Hablo español