Doing Addison Rae's Makeup!


  1. Samiya Larson

    Samiya Larson6 時間 前

    i literally don’t get how someone can be that F***ING GORGEOUS!!

  2. dustyclips gaming

    dustyclips gaming6 時間 前

    People in tiktok need to stop hating on you

  3. xLunaPearlx

    xLunaPearlx6 時間 前

    Am I the only one who has never heard of Addison Rae......?

  4. Charli-Rose Byron

    Charli-Rose Byron6 時間 前

    At the end Addison looks like Selena Gomez

  5. Faith Bracken

    Faith Bracken6 時間 前

    are you a guy or gurl but btw I LOVE YOUUUU I FOLLOWED YOU ON TIK TOK

  6. T & K

    T & K6 時間 前

    I saw Addison‘s Tic tok before

  7. Bryam Ortiz

    Bryam Ortiz6 時間 前

    Un hack

  8. Aliyah’s Land

    Aliyah’s Land6 時間 前

    Wow ur so so so good at makeup

  9. Whitemerewolf

    Whitemerewolf6 時間 前

    Why in god's name is this in my recommended

  10. *Yuki*

    *Yuki*6 時間 前

    All i have to say they are the QUEENS like yessss

  11. Ines Deba

    Ines Deba6 時間 前

    wow le make up est magnifique 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  12. dïnå Nã_bï_nä

    dïnå Nã_bï_nä6 時間 前

    كتييييييير حلوة i love her so much 😘😘😘

  13. el rey de reyes Martinex

    el rey de reyes Martinex6 時間 前


  14. Alani Betancourt

    Alani Betancourt6 時間 前

    do a video with avani next ??!!!

  15. Subscribers without videos

    Subscribers without videos6 時間 前

    Before and after they are different person

  16. Sunset playz

    Sunset playz6 時間 前


  17. ahilla the queen

    ahilla the queen6 時間 前

    James charles:get every tiktoker to his house to makeup them Corona virus: am i a joke for you bruh -.-

  18. jason . k

    jason . k6 時間 前

    Ilove you

  19. Kaya 07

    Kaya 076 時間 前

    Damn she do be looking different without makeup on

  20. Jordan Radics

    Jordan Radics6 時間 前

    This definitely isnt social distancing

  21. Hevend Darwich

    Hevend Darwich6 時間 前


  22. seline valdez

    seline valdez6 時間 前


  23. Andrew Lopez

    Andrew Lopez6 時間 前

    Do Lil Huddy's Nails

  24. kate

    kate6 時間 前

    please do a video with Zoe Laverne Pemberton

  25. Christine Smith

    Christine Smith6 時間 前


  26. Christine Smith

    Christine Smith6 時間 前


  27. Random Tiktoks

    Random Tiktoks6 時間 前

    I need me a bad bish (yea) Addison re

  28. Spitfire Mark1A

    Spitfire Mark1A6 時間 前

    YA like you are like using the word "like" like far too many like times like you actually like do not need to like use it as like as much as you do. Also the man talks so fast he is practically incomprehensible.... like!

  29. Christine Smith

    Christine Smith6 時間 前


  30. BTSislife

    BTSislife6 時間 前

    She’s so preettttyy!!! With and without makeup🥰🥰🥰

  31. Olivia Taylor

    Olivia Taylor6 時間 前

    does she look like tessa brooks in the thumb nail or that just me 🤔

  32. JayBolt Official

    JayBolt Official6 時間 前

    Follow @liljayhall on tiktok

  33. inam mourou

    inam mourou6 時間 前

    I need a video where James comes out making up Tony Lopez

  34. Harry Borter

    Harry Borter6 時間 前

    I really like her personality

  35. Paula Bajaña

    Paula Bajaña6 時間 前

    Alguien español😥

  36. Aliyah H

    Aliyah H6 時間 前

    No she’s not as famous it is Charliedimiloair

  37. Mia Moore

    Mia Moore6 時間 前

    BEST DUOO 💜.

  38. M Er

    M Er6 時間 前


  39. Merrick Tosi

    Merrick Tosi6 時間 前

    Addison looks so different after the makeup

  40. Jack 89

    Jack 896 時間 前

    I love you so much, and you to James!

  41. Evelin Garcia

    Evelin Garcia6 時間 前

    Pin subtítulos en español para los que no sabemos inglés

  42. Lila MacDougall

    Lila MacDougall6 時間 前

    James: A little bit of a grown up Addison Rae! Addison: *Throws Goldfish at her mouth* Lol

  43. Goth Girl Queen Diva

    Goth Girl Queen Diva6 時間 前

    It’s like everyone gets a turn with James on the trending page

  44. tyler smith

    tyler smith6 時間 前

    Omg I love your make up channel

  45. Tamara Kennedy

    Tamara Kennedy6 時間 前

    Are you supposed to be all within inches of each other or was this made a long time ago?

  46. bum Marley

    bum Marley6 時間 前

    You're. A boy

  47. x %

    x %6 時間 前

    I know 🤢

  48. Elkan Mayeku

    Elkan Mayeku6 時間 前

    Everyone panicking 😷 James Charles:uploading with as many people as physically possible Corona :stay away from people

  49. masey michelle

    masey michelle6 時間 前

    "everyone's favorite person" me: who is this person?

  50. Amie Polkowske

    Amie Polkowske6 時間 前

    When I first saw the video before I clicked on it I though she was Ariana Grande. :), Great job on the look JC.

  51. Tine Tine

    Tine Tine6 時間 前

    I love her look James!❤️ Might wanna do like that too.

  52. Tamara Kennedy

    Tamara Kennedy6 時間 前

    She looks like she is crying after the eyebrow thing..

  53. Sander

    Sander6 時間 前

    Before she got make,up she was beautiful. No hate but I like Natural

  54. Lia Bee

    Lia Bee6 時間 前

    I loveeeee add

  55. It’s Vale’s Channel

    It’s Vale’s Channel6 時間 前

    Wait what?!? I thought people couldn’t leave their own house. Why are they meeting nigga???

  56. Beanie gang studios BGS

    Beanie gang studios BGS6 時間 前

    James when are u gonna avanis makeup

  57. anime 0.64

    anime 0.646 時間 前

    N I G G A

  58. Stanley Mankovich

    Stanley Mankovich6 時間 前

    U should Kim Kardashian makeup thats because u did so well with Addison so i think u would do well

  59. Alex Paone

    Alex Paone6 時間 前

    Roses are red Eyes have lids Karen left And she is taking the kids

  60. sierra fly

    sierra fly6 時間 前

    She looks just like her mom

  61. Emily

    Emily6 時間 前

    "Make it the best 15 seconds you've ever watched" *charli eats a piece of cake and gets 5M likes*

  62. Sophia Cortez

    Sophia Cortez6 時間 前

    Love you Addison and James please reply

  63. Glenda Melgar

    Glenda Melgar6 時間 前

    Oh my god I kinda ship

  64. Gold Star

    Gold Star6 時間 前


  65. Alexis Frazier

    Alexis Frazier6 時間 前

    Addison you should be a model

  66. Sarah Payne

    Sarah Payne6 時間 前

    Finally someone who talks more than James!

  67. Patrick Castro

    Patrick Castro6 時間 前

    I need a bad bitch

  68. Tracy Joseph

    Tracy Joseph6 時間 前

    James Charles and Addison RAE!!!

  69. brieana scofield

    brieana scofield6 時間 前

    me rewinding to hear her laugh at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="615">10:15</a>

  70. Nia Franklin

    Nia Franklin6 時間 前

    I didn’t even realize that was Addison on the thumbnail

  71. Jeralynn Feliz

    Jeralynn Feliz6 時間 前

    you should do avani and dixies makeup.

  72. Rebecca b.

    Rebecca b.6 時間 前

    Soooo like doesn’t James realize the importance of his influence and platform and that he shouldn’t be exemplifying that people should be out and about and touching each others faces and hanging out with friends like this....?

  73. flxral rxses

    flxral rxses6 時間 前

    okay but why is james prettier than me fr-

  74. Hannah S

    Hannah S6 時間 前

    Yassss the cutest collab ever!! Dont get me wrong tho the one with charli was just as good

  75. Nana Lopez

    Nana Lopez6 時間 前

    I was a fan of addison when she had like something .k

  76. Star Treaty

    Star Treaty6 時間 前

    She looks like Becky G omgggg

  77. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob6 時間 前

    Wow James you did SO great she barely looks the same!!!!❤️

  78. Literally Hitler

    Literally Hitler6 時間 前


  79. Braden Hart

    Braden Hart6 時間 前

    Touching face = corona time

  80. Gold Star

    Gold Star6 時間 前


  81. ملك ملك

    ملك ملك6 時間 前