Do We Already Know Luffy's CONNECTION To "Joyboy"? (Void Century) - One Piece Discussion


  1. kingLuckss

    kingLuckss2 日 前

    Breaking the number

  2. LoneDeathWolf

    LoneDeathWolf2 日 前

    What about Shanks? He lost his arm to a seaking while I'm fairly certain he could easily kill one.

  3. John F Kennedy

    John F Kennedy58 分 前

    I'm pretty sure he did it as a motivation or as a meaning for luffy to grow up strong or whatever cant think of the right word right now lol. Because he told whiteboard he "bet it on the future" pretty sure that's the right qoute going off memory.

  4. Bluebomber 28

    Bluebomber 283 日 前

    The beat is amazing

  5. Yassine Bouzerara

    Yassine Bouzerara4 日 前

    "something cool about madam sharley that i found" well looks like i found it aswell xD 10:28

  6. Ashraf Roslee

    Ashraf Roslee4 日 前

    So much talking about toki’s ability in the comment section. U guys talking without brain. U said that toki have the ability to go to the past and the future. Lol. Oda has confirming that toki’s devil fruit can only go to the future. So, dont just make some assumption or theory without refer to the facts. Tq

  7. Mohammed Hamdan Khan

    Mohammed Hamdan Khan5 日 前

    One piece last war will be much greater avengers endgame ithink just opinion no haate

  8. Cooking up Conversation

    Cooking up Conversation5 日 前

    maybe the celestial king is Joyboy in hiding which is why he hid away the strawhat in his castle which he used to wear when he was traveling the world or Joyboy could of been the previous celestial king and they keep his strawhat to rember the path they must follow to keep the world in order?

  9. Tony Abraham

    Tony Abraham5 日 前

    I’m pretty sure joy boy was a fish man



    Roger said I wish I could have born in ur era doesn't mean he is talking about past it can also be like Luffy being joyboy so it can be like Roger pirates they were too early.......

  11. Jayron Agassi Capirig

    Jayron Agassi Capirig6 日 前

    I think they need an astronomer for their next crew. The last Island (laugh tale) maybe would be the moon! it explains the suits of the Celestial Dragons, not sure but i think they originally live there. Oda said that the next crew will be a former enemy. Laugh tale is the place where only roger and his crew reach it, so in other words no one has ever reach it except roger and his crew because it doesn't exist in the north,south,east and west blue.! its in the moon!. My understanding about the treasure One Piece is that it is not actually a treasure but a mission or shall i say an incomplete mission that joyboy and roger didn't succeed. 800 years ago joyboy promised to the fishman island that they will all live in surface of the sea but it didn't come true because of the world government! they are the true enemy! they destroy joyboy and his entire civilization in existence but luckily they manage to create an message on how to continue the promised that they made from each other and that would be the ponegliph. Joyboy and Roger die without completing the mission. and what would you think that mission was?. I think its to destroy The center of the world!. Yes the Marijois ! thats the reason why its so difficult to fulfill the mission,! and what do you think is beneath the marijois? yes! its the fishman island! in order to successfully complete it you must have the 3 ancient weapon! we all know that shirahoshi is the poseidon and she can command the sea king!! what is the purpose of noah by the way? it is to transfer the fishman island to the surface. Remember the prophecy of madam sherlay? luffy will be the one to destroy the fishman island!( ) i think one of the weapons would be in the moon because its the only place where you can activate the Pluton to destroy the Marijois and fishman island! and Uranus i think will be the weapon to carry them to fly to the moon!! and then they destroy the center of the world!! the place where grandline and redline meet.. hahahaa!! And they finally fulfill the mission ! to make the north, south ,east and west All in One Piece..hahaha sorry for my poor grammar!! im not very good in English though..I Almost forgot !! the Next crew i think will be Monet!!.. hihihi. i Think she is an astronomer i saw she read some books of astronomy ! not sure what episode was that! but i really sure i saw it!,, Hope you enjoy!! Its just all theory!

  12. Muggz D

    Muggz D7 日 前

    Joyboy is luffy from the future!

  13. Tuakana Daphne Taulaga

    Tuakana Daphne Taulaga9 日 前

    Bruh smoked a joint it got me thinkin Im gonna say it like this JOYBOY was The King of The Ancient kingdom JOYBOY HAD NAKAMAS All over the seas Names Consist of MONKEY... ROGUE ... GOL... PORTGAS .. SAUL.. MARSHALL.. TRALFALGAR.. RYUMA.. you get the picture One piece is basically about history repeating itself just happens all the time repeativly Rocks XEBEC is one person submerged into blackbeard I believe the person that betrayed JOYBOY was Blackbeard yes I feel BLACKBEARD is from the past as well

  14. Ivan Reyes

    Ivan Reyes9 日 前

    It’s most likely like ashura and Indra souls from naruto

  15. ShadowMaster 45

    ShadowMaster 4510 日 前

    what if Im just wears that straw hat and destroys fish man island

  16. Roland Samonte

    Roland Samonte11 日 前


  17. Mashrur Ahmed

    Mashrur Ahmed14 日 前

    Are you sure it isnt Joy D Boy? 😂

  18. naw

    naw18 日 前

    Solid theory

  19. Christian Baratang

    Christian Baratang19 日 前

    What if the WORLD GOVERNMENT made the pony glyphs containing information about the ancient weapons to use as excuse to making reading all ponyglyphs illegal, I can honestly see this being possible

  20. Bad

    Bad19 日 前

    What mike did you use?

  21. Javon Scarbrough

    Javon Scarbrough20 日 前

    the one piece is a book

  22. Sir Walrus Mcmollingtonalberstein

    Sir Walrus Mcmollingtonalberstein20 日 前


  23. Kurt Francis

    Kurt Francis21 日 前

    why show the pages from bottom to the top? should i read it backwards?

  24. Sishir Yerra Doddi

    Sishir Yerra Doddi21 日 前

    Could JOY boy be a title given to an individual who brings laughter, freedom and peace wherever he travels?

  25. Woke Bloke

    Woke Bloke12 日 前

    I don’t think it has anything to do with LAUGHING-TION-GALE

  26. OneArmedGhoul

    OneArmedGhoul16 日 前

    Or it could be a Caesar thing where JoyBoys are elected when needed

  27. Jay Binz

    Jay Binz21 日 前

    joyboy is luffy ,, luffy travel back gol d roger's time by oden's wife devil fruit that can time travel, thank me later,.. i came from the future also 😉😉

  28. Kyle

    Kyle21 日 前

    Joy boy. Joy=laugh Tell tales to kids=boy So whoever gets to laugh tale becomes joyboy/pirate king

  29. roronoa zoro

    roronoa zoro22 日 前

    is shaki op?

  30. Krishna Krrish

    Krishna Krrish22 日 前

    Maybe, luffy travelled back in time, and helped or rescued someone or the whole world by not revealing his name in the blank century, people remember him as joy boy as in a boy who gave them joy. Came back to the present and now luffy knows what happened and how to save the whole world again, as the ponyglyfs say that they are waiting for joyboy, not resurrected but bought back to present. As for time travel, momosuke mom.have that power, so momo or his sister might have the power too.

  31. Victor Petrescu

    Victor Petrescu18 日 前

    I HIGHLY doubt that honestly and it just seems cheesy. Oda even went to great lengths to reaffirm the limitations of time travel through the Toki Toki no Mi . Time travel would realistically break the series and bring so many plot-holes with it that I hope it doesn't happen.

  32. Ruben Braekman

    Ruben Braekman22 日 前

    I believe the ancient weapons are all part of a plan to take down the world government. Pluton, a battleship to mobilise the pirates. Poseidon, to mobilise the fishmen. Uranus, to mobilise the skypeople. All with a common goal... to take down the govt and unite the world (One Piece).

  33. Shadow Wolf blitzer

    Shadow Wolf blitzer22 日 前

    Honestly I think luffy roger nd joyboy r connected thru their lineage because according to whitebeard before he died he specifically stated Marshall D. Teach is NOT the one Gol D. Roger is awaiting so in context seeing how whitebeard gave his crew the order to not let Monkey D. Luffy die will be more direct into the fact tht Gol D. Roger is in fact awaiting Luffy to fulfill the joyboy legend/prophecy

  34. Sipan Sert

    Sipan Sert22 日 前

    i cant take this all, its too much xddddddddd

  35. John Deo Parks

    John Deo Parks22 日 前

    When you smile your mouth forms the letter D. Joyboy possibly got this allias cause he was smiling or laughing a lot, similar to roger and luffy so this must have a little bit of connection to the will of D haha nvm forget what I said

  36. Redd Santos

    Redd Santos22 日 前

    Why do they keep saying that Poneglyphs are indestructible? Were infact how will you be able to write on in it? 🤔🤔🤔

  37. Michael Richards

    Michael Richards23 日 前

    I think joyboy is frozen and that when he is thawed and controlled by imu sama he will destroy fish man island the prophecy will go full circle in a very twisted manner

  38. Lawliet 94

    Lawliet 9423 日 前

    I am going to make you a BIG question_ If the poneghlyphs are so dangeroua for the Celestial Dragons, why the hell, in those 800 years, didn't they sent someone to take and hide them from the world isntead of making a law making it illegal to read them. It would be easier to hide them and don't let the world know aboit their existence, isn't it?

  39. theoneandonlyworldruler

    theoneandonlyworldruler23 日 前

    joyboy is a okama

  40. khevin coralde

    khevin coralde23 日 前

    island laughtale is same as agartha of hollow earth..

  41. Baka Baka

    Baka Baka24 日 前

    I think the One Piece is an embarrassing photo of Im at a christmas party and that is why Roger and crew laughed so hard. Im cleansed everyone in the void century who knew about it and now wants to cleanse again because people are too close to finding it. Obviously it can't be destroyed because the photo is imprinted on a poneglyph.

  42. Brandon Lambert

    Brandon Lambert24 日 前

    When Oda finishes One Piece it'd be cool if he came out with the full translations of all the Poneglyphs in a booklet

  43. Ashraf Roslee

    Ashraf Roslee4 日 前

    Brandon Lambert u can get it at

  44. Mashrur Ahmed

    Mashrur Ahmed14 日 前

    Raylieg said that the crew learnt everything. I think that's definitely what's gonna happen

  45. Brandon Lambert

    Brandon Lambert17 日 前

    @King Brand Is her journal in a separate manga for us to read or in a databook to keep up to date with everything she's written down? If so what's it called and where can I find it to read it?

  46. Brandon Lambert

    Brandon Lambert17 日 前

    @Victor Petrescu my ideas were to have approved authors write spin offs to OP including Koby, Supernovas, Schikibukai, among others to flesh out details of origins, how their bounties increased, cover stories, or what the government was doing during Luffy's story then databooks on the void century, poneglyphs, etc and maybe eventually a full story on Roger's journey. Honestly I'll be happy as long as Oda expands the universe instead of finishing Luffy's story then retiring OP

  47. Victor Petrescu

    Victor Petrescu18 日 前

    I think a better idea would be a 3-volume prequel series on what happened to the lead-up to the WG taking power. I also wouldn't mind someone approved by Oda to write some canon light novels on the time the WG took over to the modern day.

  48. Nathan Pollin

    Nathan Pollin24 日 前

    That is a good thought, tho I think it will be to predictable for oda. I think he is gunna end up making a second gen of this show and some of stuff wee learn here won't come till then.

  49. Kallen Kuso

    Kallen Kuso24 日 前

    Luffy is a reincarnation of Joyboy?? Or Roger...? I want to believe that..

  50. Michel Gomm

    Michel Gomm24 日 前

    Its called the one piece, the castle where im samas throne is, is called pangea castle. Pangea was the continent made of all continents we have in the world nowadays before they drifted apart. It would make sense for the ancient kingdom to be called the one piece. The world goverment is based on top of the redline which separates the seas. The gouverment rules above the separated seas under one organisation, they might have separated it in order to control it more easily. So the one piece is the ancient kingdom and the treasure itself because it will reallow freedom as it used to be. Right now people are almost power scaled in the world by the gouverment. Maybe the idea of one piece is what the world gouverment interprets as one gouverment and what people like joyboy regarded as one sea/all blue freedom to travel whereever you want both could follow the same idea in different ways. Maybe because they were pirates/nomads travelling the seas the ancient kingdom regarded all blue as sort of a reverse pangea, one sea, one piece

  51. Darren Pollonais

    Darren Pollonais24 日 前

    What if joyboy is luffy in the future and the hundred years void is the present that's happening in one piece? What if joyboy somehow reset time and the hundred year void that were left by clues that was to make the present moment happen in one piece where the female mermid to be born?

  52. muhidin ismahl

    muhidin ismahl24 日 前

    JoyBoy(someone who is joufull) who ever met luffy saw how joyfull is, that means the one who will chalenge everyone and become king of kings will do it for fun and not for real evil and controll

  53. budapesteBR2012

    budapesteBR201224 日 前

    So monomosuke is another great weapon. Like pluton? He speak with Zoan, just like shirahoshi.

  54. Bink Sake

    Bink Sake24 日 前


  55. Steven Gloude

    Steven Gloude24 日 前

    I said this on joy boys vid, I think joyboy full name is monkey D. Joyboy

  56. Al Coquilla

    Al Coquilla24 日 前

    Only writter knows the whole

  57. Vickey Macky

    Vickey Macky25 日 前

    I keep thinking there were 2 cubes on Alabaster. The One was buried in a sand cave that Luffy fell down into when he was separated from everyone in the desert. The other was under the castle

  58. Mr. Hulk

    Mr. Hulk25 日 前

    The name D and devil fruits might also has some connection.

  59. bashenga the black manta

    bashenga the black manta25 日 前

    Joyboy is the truth from fullmetal alchimiste

  60. Markus Nävergård

    Markus Nävergård25 日 前

    the one in Alabasta spoke of the god Pluton, Pluton was another name for Hades. So We have Posiedon, Hades but we lack a thrid Olympian god, Zeus

  61. Markus Nävergård

    Markus Nävergård24 日 前

    @KleineDikkerd Sea,earth and sky then

  62. KleineDikkerd

    KleineDikkerd24 日 前

    The third weapon is called Uranus, but nobody knows what it is yet.

  63. Josh Howard

    Josh Howard25 日 前

    if poseidon is at the lowest point in the world in shirahoshi, queen of Sea Kings what if IM is actually Uranus up at the highest point in the world, as King of "dragons". 2 rulers one of the sky, and one of the sea. 2 weapons to counter each other, and one weapon to lay between them, Pluton

  64. Romeo Katigbe

    Romeo Katigbe26 日 前

    Thanks to your theory..but oda will miss puzzle again this situation ahahaha...

  65. 101mrcrazyman

    101mrcrazyman26 日 前

    Bro whats that intro song. IT SLAPS

  66. Edward Reyes

    Edward Reyes26 日 前

    Mary Geiose is where the D's kingdom. That is why Joyboy is there and underneath it was the tree of life where devil fruit came from. And devil fruits was discovered by the D's. Luffy is the reincarnation of Joyboy.

  67. Alexander Alvarez

    Alexander Alvarez26 日 前

    First time watching your videos I'm impressed you gave me a headache of just how you put everything together lol. In Wano they used time traveler that woman is been alive more than 800 years by using time traveler how about if she was one the one who Put JoyBoy back into the present and Luffy doesn't remenber.

  68. Alexander Alvarez

    Alexander Alvarez26 日 前

    Bro you put alot of pieces that I didnt remember or put together great job. How about if Luffy used the time traveler and doesn't remember. This shit is crazy how about JoyBoy is the reincarnation of Luffy.

  69. Loktos

    Loktos26 日 前

    Luffy is not Joy Boy Bc Luffy is Mugiwara boy :x

  70. The Hammer

    The Hammer26 日 前

    You know how in wano arc where some of the characters have time traveled? What if Luffy is a time traveler but doesn’t know it? Hmmm

  71. errol janz tagalogon

    errol janz tagalogon23 日 前

    Maybe a reincarnation of Joyboy. But ain't a traveler becoz he is definitely dragon's son...

  72. Vegetsofray

    Vegetsofray24 日 前

    The Hammer he has dragons blood

  73. Alexander Alvarez

    Alexander Alvarez26 日 前

    Damn that will be insane.

  74. Sáilesh Rachapudi

    Sáilesh Rachapudi26 日 前

    Come on, it is Laugh Tale Officially. Not Raftel.