Do They Work? Big Brake Kit Tested! // Audi TT Quattro


  1. Bryan Jenkins

    Bryan Jenkinsヶ月 前

    Fantastic video you did great, very scientific and informative thank you. You need to change out the abs control module. Had the same problem with a b5.

  2. Car Dude

    Car Dudeヶ月 前

    25 feet is an awesome improvement. Tires do play a decent part. Too bad you didn't do a before and after for the big brake kit. Bravo!!

  3. Thomas Canning

    Thomas Canning3 ヶ月 前

    Im a year late but have you tried bleeding the abs pump? Air in brake lines can cause that kind of pulse sensation in the pedal

  4. Paul Colmer

    Paul Colmer7 ヶ月 前

    Great video as usual. Your stopping distances would be shorter if you could back off the pedal force just before abs activates.

  5. DataWaveTaGo

    DataWaveTaGo8 ヶ月 前

    Great work!

  6. Deo Persad

    Deo Persad9 ヶ月 前

    Wow you are amazing in working it out and doing the science 😱 I just see if it stops faster if there is any pulling to one side and I like no abs just old school but I have to learn it myself😱 but I'm not computer wise for cars or any much lol thanks

  7. Geoff Powers

    Geoff Powers9 ヶ月 前

    Sarah, you really rock. Them brakes.

  8. Allan McCallum

    Allan McCallum9 ヶ月 前

    It's a PINK screwdriver! I love it! You're such a woman! 😘😘😘

  9. Todd Lavigne

    Todd Lavigne9 ヶ月 前

    great videos...thank you

  10. CarlosBoiii

    CarlosBoiii11 ヶ月 前

    For the problem you described that happens when you apply the brakes lightly and you get feedback (ABS actuation). I would check the abs wheel speeds sensors. If one of them is off, it would actuate the abs thinking one of the wheels is slipping.

  11. michael takarangi

    michael takarangi11 ヶ月 前

    its a symptom I had in my b2 coupe quattro when the ABS was offline when I did a brake upgrade. the pulsing in the pedal is likely a result of a couple of possibilities . 1) the reluctor teeth on the CV joints are worn or rusty in some way... some people have made comment on that already. 2) the ABS sensors on the car are either too close or too far away from the reluctor rings and the signal isn't within the tolerance of your system. it'll be close though as the ABS is working fine from what you have said and the tests you have done. do a lil more reading in the manual and see if it mentions the spec. in my coupe it was just that all 4 wheel sensors had to have the same values....which required an oscilloscope to calibrate them all to throw the same sine wave. well at least that is how it worked in my dinosaur version of what your car has. sounds like the same tell tale signs of what is happening.... hope that helps?

  12. KrissrocK

    KrissrocK年 前

    i think you and i are the only ppl still keeping/tuning '01 TT's

  13. KrissrocK

    KrissrocK年 前

    As for the ABS pulsing, did you change the sensors or hubs? I've never had that issue on my TT, but I had it on my chevy. And I had to change the hubs cause that's where the ABS sensors are housed...

  14. Harry Cordell

    Harry Cordell年 前

    I enjoyed the test.

  15. andrew wilgus

    andrew wilgus年 前

    abs > you might have wheel sensor going bad causing the pedal feed back

  16. Slimjim

    Slimjim年 前

    ABS delete.

  17. Iain Mcglynn

    Iain Mcglynn年 前

    Nothing beats a tall slender gorgeous girl in jeans who knows her stuff and yes quirky is what makes this so good Love the hair Love everything actually

  18. Peter Bird

    Peter Bird年 前

    I love your aircraft terminology, as an aircraft engineer I get it but I doubt most people will👌love your show Sarah

  19. Stuart Coupe

    Stuart Coupe年 前

    Tyres, agreed. And whilst those big brakes might handle heat better, I’d still be pretty disappointed that they don’t make a big step change; standard brakes on all regular VAG cars are rubbish. Hopefully they at least give better feel or something.

  20. Brett Powers

    Brett Powers年 前

    You did a really great job on that TT

  21. Spuffy

    Spuffy年 前

    why did you went for a quattro? I got a TT with FWD here in Germany. Mine is finetuned to 231 PS and the as i drove the quattro it was really slow in comparison. So what is the point to get a quattro? i honestly dont know, maybe if you live on a mountain? Great Video btw!

  22. Steffen Scheibler

    Steffen Scheibler年 前

    Stumbled onto your channel because I also went and bought myself a basket case TT and I ran into a lot of similar issues with the 1.8T. I had your ABS problems too. It would ABS regulate particularly often at low speeds regardless of conditions. In the wet ABS would sometimes kick in really late. In my case TWO culprits tag-teamed their way into making my life annoying: 1) The longitudinal sensor was just not working right. No error code though. Not that I saw anyway. 2) Sensors on the wheels themselves were pretty much done (rust mostly, I'd say). Swapping the longitudinal sensor helped the most. But the TT would occasionally just brake 'weird' with some ABS assist when I genuinely felt it shouldn't. Swapping the sensors on the wheels fixed it permanently. If you have any weird braking, just check the sensors at the wheels. Only one needs to be bad for it to do stupid things. As you live in AZ and it is dusty (like here in Cyprus), they can suffer a little bit more than the manufacturer expected.

  23. Erich Lavelle

    Erich Lavelle年 前

    I have a GTI with a wierd glitch that its had since I bought it in 2012. If the engine bogs at all especially if the engine is still cold, the EPC light comes on and switches to limp mode. I have been hunting down the source of it ever since. VW/Audi gremlins are hard to kill.

  24. Muataz Alshammari

    Muataz Alshammari年 前

    remove the ABS fuse and try


    OVRLXND年 前

    What tiny computer is this?

  26. Heinrich Reger

    Heinrich Reger年 前

    Hi Sarah what are your plans for lowering the TT? When are you going to do it if you want to? I think it'll improve the look of the TT by a lot.

  27. roderick mchardy

    roderick mchardy年 前

    cool vids girl ,, for " normal " road driving the standard brakes are ok , but with any " spirited " driving a big brake kit is essential , with any more than one or two powerful stops from around 80 mph the brakes will fade dangerously , glad to see you have fitted nice stuff , tho i think you could have fitted bigger discs tho wheel spacers may be needed .. do you know the rear big brake mod using the front disc ?

  28. Kelly Lloyd

    Kelly Lloyd年 前

    If your brake pedal is pulsating you could check for air in the brake lines...

  29. 3 Wheels & A Block

    3 Wheels & A Block年 前

    Nice work! Glad to see you make this work out despite the setback you ran into. Keep it up girl!



    Nice nails. Your a Rock Star. Keep up all the great videos.

  31. john bernier

    john bernier年 前

    you should wear a t top when you drive your tt

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    JJ's Videos年 前

    Or Wine

  33. JJ's Videos

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  34. Mk1 Rabbit

    Mk1 Rabbit年 前

    Hey Sarah, Great Video, I'm soo excided, you are wearing the " Hide and Seek Champion " T - Shirt that I sent you.It looks great on you. I hope you like the color.Keep up the good work. 114 K Subscribers. Woo Hoo !!

  35. Chips Neeson

    Chips Neeson年 前

    Complains about destroying hair while working on cars, spends whole time with hair band on wrist.

  36. TheWinky666

    TheWinky666年 前

    The ABS Problem could be a broken ABS control unit. Its a known problem that something of the electronic inside brake after years. Here in Germany there a specialized companys who can fix that problem. Maybe you have a company around your homebase who can check and fix the control unit. Or you change it with one of the junkyard. It also possible that the ABS Rings are broken or rusted like hell and the sensor could read it. I had the problem with the control unit at an 1997 Passat and the ABS-Ring on a 1994 URS6. Good luck. You make a great job.

  37. Azl205

    Azl205年 前

    You said "That's the best you can do". Give yourself more credit Sarah. You are doing great.....

  38. skyranger375

    skyranger375年 前

    Nicely done girl...well done!

  39. Bogan Phelps

    Bogan Phelps年 前

    I was thinking the next time you put the car on your Lift. Start it put it in gear and check to make sure that you don't have a slightly bent axle and along with what the other guys are saying to check your tone rings and your wheel speed sensors and all that stuff too

  40. Bob W

    Bob W年 前

    I always thought you were a bad-ass, and now you look like one. Keep on being you!

  41. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke年 前

    Love the hair!. I recomend viewing Foose Design , he's here on JPreporter i think you might like the channel.

  42. Vortec67

    Vortec67年 前

    Pink screw driver awesome good job#Vortec67

  43. audi car mech

    audi car mech年 前

    Sarah what type of book and obd2 reader you using for your audi thanks couse i have the same problem from my audi a4

  44. Sixthpanic

    Sixthpanic年 前

    The Pump is a huge problem in these cars.

  45. Sixthpanic

    Sixthpanic年 前

    Still no s2000 Air filter :p

  46. DaOneEnOnly

    DaOneEnOnly年 前

    I wonder if the wheel speed sensor is reading properly at low speeds. I'd also recommended checking the flexible brake lines for small cracks. To check you must flex or move the brake line and look at it with a flashlight. These brake lines are know to dry out crack and eventually burst. When mine was doing this it gave me pedal feedback too, but my feedback most of the time was similar to a warped rotor. Good luck!

  47. Dot Directory

    Dot Directory年 前

    What speeds where you going when you applied the breaks?

  48. Sarah -n- Tuned

    Sarah -n- Tuned年 前

    Plant-Based MD the official posted speed limit 😊

  49. John Snider

    John Snider年 前

    You may want to check the TONE rings at the wheels. If a nub is broken or the tone ring is cracked, it will give bad information to the ABS computer and cause the abs engaging inappropriately. Good Luck.

  50. Christopher Puls

    Christopher Puls年 前

    Du bist ja ganz aufgeregt, ausser Athem ) Das Masband :) it reflekt :₩ links nice :) Today I brake for a human from 30 km/h to 0 by 0,5 m :) CAUSE gone by Snow weather Info the suspention . THATS WHY I DRIVE SERIES . GO ON WARM and stiff by warm and could all. Made MY Rest brake Disks black by drive and bin eyes some.

  51. RB

    RB年 前

    Your boobs didnt even move on the heavy braking! That is one supportive bra !!

  52. HFR83

    HFR83年 前

    You look just like my friend Tina. She's not a car person though.

  53. David Martin

    David Martin年 前

    I sure others will have already suggested it but,My TT did exactly the same spontaneous abs activation, Fixed it with a full set of wheel speed sensors a cleaning the rusty sensor rings.

  54. Robert -

    Robert -年 前

    If you knew the improvement would come mostly from the tires, why spend the money/time/frustration on the big brake kit?

  55. exophthalmos1

    exophthalmos1年 前

    We’ve been click-baited. The thumbnail is not in the video. Not even anything as dramatic as the thumbnail.

  56. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies年 前

    My Wife's TT S-line Quattro is a very nice car, with the DSG. Brakes are already damned good on it!

  57. Russ Serpico

    Russ Serpico年 前

    What happened to you Sar? All the little things that made you catchy and unique are no longer there, namely, no sexual inuendos, no more shorts, out of focus shots, no silly "hi there" with a silly knee bend and hand wave This channel is no longer what it used to be, in fact it's getting dull and boring.

  58. Team HellMammoth

    Team HellMammoth年 前

    You are so beautiful and sexy working on cars.

  59. soul conjecture

    soul conjecture年 前

    Damn, woman. Seriously beautiful. (TT's sounding good, too!)

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  61. AL

    AL年 前

    You have beautiful hands and hair =) Not to mention Brains!

  62. f1620mm

    f1620mm年 前

    Hi Sarah, I have a 2003 GTI and am the original owner. I have had the ABS shutter at slow speeds too once. We have the same ESP braking system so this is what I found. Have your front axle shafts checked for security. Also check your front sway bar end links for security, meaning make sure the end links are attached to your subframe. My drivers axle shaft was the problem on mine. Once replaced I’ve never had an issue with it again. German tolerances are crazy tight and it was very hard even to see the difference in abs sensors using the Vag-Com. Hope this helps!

  63. f1620mm

    f1620mm年 前

    Sarah -n- Tuned that’s .3mm

  64. f1620mm

    f1620mm年 前

    Sarah -n- Tuned Ok, Make sure the Rotor is .3mm from the speed sensors and theirs a Brake pressure sensor G201 that’s under the master cylinder you could look at, let us know what you find out.

  65. Sarah -n- Tuned

    Sarah -n- Tuned年 前

    f1620mm I have new front axles

  66. Daniel Fuentes

    Daniel Fuentes年 前

    That blue coloured t-shirt suits you really nice 😉

  67. The Kimball Project

    The Kimball Project年 前

    Wow!! awesome!! Love the brake tests!! Using rocks and telephone poles! old school technology!!

  68. Brent Lukoni

    Brent Lukoni年 前

    That’s an unusual braking problem, hoping you get it figured out as I’m curious as to what is causing it. Looking foreward to the next video, power up...😊 Hair looks great btw 👍

  69. Ramon Jorge

    Ramon Jorge年 前

    turn off your traction control and the abs feedback will disapear. i have an 01 TT

  70. Clive Breitenherdt

    Clive Breitenherdt年 前

    Hi Sarah. I did some reading on German Audi forums what could be wrong with your ABS. The most people had a problem with there sensors not being put in all the way and having not the korrekt distance to the ring. Good luck. Still loving it when you do your thing. Respecting the hard work. Thank you for that. :-)

  71. The Stevie B Show

    The Stevie B Show年 前

    I think you was 6 rocks short of a distance...

  72. 802 Garage

    802 Garage年 前

    Nice fun test! Still jealous of the brakes.

  73. Johnny Lucas

    Johnny Lucas年 前

    No phssssst sound 😟

  74. Christopher Puls

    Christopher Puls年 前

    Schönes Video , good woman :) GOOD WORK on gyratoskope (gratetoskope) and comulation. GOOD that Orion exists :)

  75. ZKev1

    ZKev1年 前

    its always been a pity that the 4 pot tt sounds like a tractor with a sports exhaust

  76. The Missing Link's Younger Brother

    The Missing Link's Younger Brother年 前

    The bigger brakes may need warming up a bit to work properly which maybe why the first attempt was further than the others?

  77. RMJ Motoring

    RMJ Motoring年 前

    Great Technical information regarding the bigger brakes, and yes tires stop the car. Awesome!

  78. Michel77 Michel77160

    Michel77 Michel77160年 前

    J’aime beaucoup te vidéo sur la TT et en plus avec une très belle femme Biz

  79. Jose Lozano

    Jose Lozano年 前

    Your struts also contribute to shorter brake distance.

  80. Sarah -n- Tuned

    Sarah -n- Tuned年 前

    Jose Lozano mine are blown, so 🤔 haha

  81. Efraín Romero Landín

    Efraín Romero Landín年 前

    Hi Sarah, I had that problem with the ABS in my 2001 Audi A8 D2. In my case it was the front right ABS sensor. It occurs that the cooper wires inside the ABS sensor cable sometimes they break due the fatigue (micro cuts), and with certain movements of the steering the ABS obtains punctual wrong measurements (no measurement means wheel lock for the ABS brain). It's a problem that sometimes shows up in the ABS faults and sometimes not. I spent months researching until the wire completely broke up and I realized after replacing it what was the fault. Hope it helps and good luck!

  82. Daniel Lechuga

    Daniel Lechuga年 前

    I had a car with the same pulsating brake pedal due to the ABS at slow speeds but no ABS light. It turned out to be that one of the wheel speed sensors wasn't close enough to the ring. A small adjustment and it was fixed.

  83. Kirk Truman

    Kirk Truman年 前

    Hey Sarah papa kirk love the hair colour. That is a very informative video. Thank you for all you do here on your channel and teaching people how to werk on automobiles. And you are awesome.

  84. Rune Andre Bergtun

    Rune Andre Bergtun年 前

    You might want to check out if it's possible to get an upgrade for the sensor, I have heard that the awd system didn't work optimal on the old TT.

  85. Rob Creel

    Rob Creel年 前

    First braking, then power. I like your priorities, lol. Nice work.

  86. The Flying MechanicDIY

    The Flying MechanicDIY年 前

    Using VCDS, Log the four wheels speed (preferably at the graph mode) while driving at low speed (same speed u r having the symptoms) without touching the brakes .. and see which one is reading off, then move to diagnose that corner only rather than guessing