DO TEENS KNOW 2000s ANIME? (REACT: Do They Know It?)


  1. REACT

    REACT3 年 前

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  2. coolguy 234

    coolguy 23419 日 前

    Did you know shinigami translates to God of death

  3. Caitlyn Abigail Santos

    Caitlyn Abigail Santos22 日 前

    Update: its not 697 anymore, it’s 700.

  4. marinette_adrien_ 3

    marinette_adrien_ 32 ヶ月 前

    React to Inuyasha plzzz

  5. Oumulkulsum The Danikon

    Oumulkulsum The Danikon5 ヶ月 前

    can you please tell them its not NRUDO ITS NARUTO thx


    ANNABELLE K6 ヶ月 前

    REACT you said naruto wrong I went like: O.o

  7. Sarah K

    Sarah K27 分 前

    Easy. Got them all and watched them all I wish you guys reacted to GOT7

  8. Sherell Manning

    Sherell Manning45 分 前

    Others:narudo Me:noooooo its NARUTO

  9. Sherell Manning

    Sherell Manning48 分 前

    Bro with naruto that first guys reaction was mine

  10. Sherell Manning

    Sherell Manning51 分 前

    Idk why but anything that has to do with naruto just makes me cry😭😭

  11. Lx_ Boydoblaster

    Lx_ Boydoblaster時間 前

    What kind of life do you live if you learned from naruto

  12. Charlton Supan

    Charlton Supan時間 前

    Why is JoJo's bizarre adventure not here

  13. SMHaych

    SMHaych時間 前


  14. Paola Montalvan

    Paola Montalvan時間 前


  15. LT Hypnoticz

    LT Hypnoticz時間 前

    this disgraceful woman said naturo. may I chidori her plz.

  16. 星の林

    星の林2 時間 前


  17. Optic Godz Gamin

    Optic Godz Gamin2 時間 前

    These people saying Naruto hurts me

  18. Rana Azemdroub

    Rana Azemdroub2 時間 前

    2:25 lol me too 😂

  19. enxhi braka

    enxhi braka3 時間 前

    "NATURO" Pain wished he was still alive.

  20. DropJuicy j

    DropJuicy j5 時間 前

    "it's called naturo right?" My weeb hart: KATON GOKAKYU NO JUSTSU!

  21. Katui

    Katui5 時間 前

    "My friend has a death note and she wrote my name in it. Too bad I'm already dead inside." I'm crying

  22. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez6 時間 前


  23. sakura chan

    sakura chan6 時間 前

    "I've always wanted to be her with the pink hair" What next are you gonna say you ship hunter x hunter-?

  24. n a r u t o e d i t s

    n a r u t o e d i t s7 時間 前


  25. kød ae

    kød ae8 時間 前

    I'm 6 point

  26. -Dubzzz -

    -Dubzzz -10 時間 前

    When they said the Walmart version of Pokémon I was really about to body slam them through a wall

  27. Gavin Fleetwood

    Gavin Fleetwood11 時間 前

    “Is this called Natouro?”

  28. IYBJackHendo

    IYBJackHendo11 時間 前

    Imagine apparently watching all of naruto and NOT KNOWING FMA

  29. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY12 時間 前

    "The wallmart version of pokemon" Weebs: OuCh


    SAVAGE SENSEI13 時間 前

    I knew all


    SSGSS GHOST13 時間 前

    I al way,s want to be her Whith te pink hair me o you want to be trash

  32. Arisa Manalo

    Arisa Manalo17 時間 前

    Girl: natoro Me: hold my phone, imma rasingan this gurl

  33. Suzue Kanbe

    Suzue Kanbe17 時間 前

    0:17 can't relate

  34. David Whyde

    David Whyde18 時間 前

    N A T O R O right?

  35. David Whyde

    David Whyde18 時間 前

    2:20 why would you wanna be Sakura? She's useless

  36. Mackenzie Espino

    Mackenzie Espino18 時間 前

    I also wanted to be her when I was a kind (I still kinda do -3-)

  37. Mackenzie Espino

    Mackenzie Espino18 時間 前

    Sometimes she's not

  38. ZynxGhost

    ZynxGhost19 時間 前

    “Eats candy” Me:Ight imma head out

  39. itz_thefriends

    itz_thefriends19 時間 前

    Naruto gang where u at ?

  40. Bokutos Girl

    Bokutos Girl19 時間 前


  41. Richie Ray

    Richie Ray19 時間 前

    The pink hair is named salutations and she is called trash and have a bad reputation

  42. Intrepid Merc

    Intrepid Merc19 時間 前

    I was able to get all of them the moment the screen turned on except for the high school host club one because I’ve just... never even heard of it?

  43. Kenmar Villanueva

    Kenmar Villanueva20 時間 前

    damn it why is the ops english

  44. Andy flores

    Andy flores21 時間 前

    WHAT THE F$&% NO JOJO WHY!?!?!??

  45. edilma mejia

    edilma mejia22 時間 前


  46. •Cold S•

    •Cold S•22 時間 前

    *when you realised you only know Naruto* 👁👄👁

  47. Tristan Quick

    Tristan Quick22 時間 前


  48. Kageyama -kun

    Kageyama -kun22 時間 前


  49. Reu Flame

    Reu Flame23 時間 前

    Also Seth I’m your fan

  50. REAM /:

    REAM /:23 時間 前

    Calls it Walmart Pokémon I swear I will charzaid ur ass if u call it Walmart Pokémon

  51. Anna elle

    Anna elle23 時間 前

    Them : " that's a lot of animation" Me : "what about sazae-san... it has the world record and is still on going.."

  52. Anna elle

    Anna elle日 前

    Me crying when I see ohshc (we need another season ASAP)

  53. Sahil Parmar

    Sahil Parmar日 前

    "Its called nutoru right?"

  54. Makaio Rayco

    Makaio Rayco日 前

    That’s not how to say naruto

  55. paris

    paris日 前


  56. Andrea Nieto

    Andrea Nieto日 前

    Its called noroto right ? Me: putting on Narato headband do you want to die

  57. Andrea Nieto

    Andrea Nieto日 前

    Ouran high School host club I cant

  58. Andrea Nieto

    Andrea Nieto日 前

    Also thf wants to be Sakura

  59. cass rivera

    cass rivera日 前

    The lack of people not knowing fma disturbs me

  60. Gamerroy 43

    Gamerroy 43日 前

    “It’s called naturo right??” Every naruto fan on earth then went to that person and used Chibaku tensei on their house

  61. 16wanyaynaw16

    16wanyaynaw16日 前

    Bruh naturo LMAO

  62. Murtza _

    Murtza _日 前

    Me: cries in jjba

  63. Forgive me for I have SINNED

    Forgive me for I have SINNED日 前

    2:33 she really said nataroo

  64. DogeLover69

    DogeLover69日 前


  65. Hanako-kun

    Hanako-kun日 前

    I know this was made 3 years ago, but can they react to Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun it came out in January of 2020? Or like the amvs of the show?

  66. Elijah Joaquin

    Elijah Joaquin日 前

    I'm dissapointed they don't know Ouran

  67. Bloodlust _

    Bloodlust _日 前

    Okay but they forgot HXH i-

  68. Lindokuhle Mdluli

    Lindokuhle Mdluli日 前

    Death note and naruto A message from the future of 2020

  69. real amethyst

    real amethyst日 前

    death note would’ve gone a lot faster if Ryuk just wrote @everyone

  70. Reu Flame

    Reu Flame日 前

    I like initial d

  71. Dev Makwana

    Dev Makwana日 前

    2:31 so you choose death

  72. Alex waterson

    Alex waterson日 前

    The guy who didn't recognize one piece Me: why are you breathing??!!!

  73. ExploreFoods Doodle

    ExploreFoods Doodle日 前


  74. Felyscha Nour

    Felyscha Nour日 前

    I just have one word to say What's 10000-7?

  75. Aryav Ghosh

    Aryav Ghosh日 前

    2:17 why do you want to be uselessness

  76. lisle merced

    lisle merced日 前

    Her who wanted to be sakura Me who wanted to be shikamaru because he's smart lol

  77. MEME GAMERZ 2.0

    MEME GAMERZ 2.0日 前


  78. kurt ballena

    kurt ballena日 前

    so digimon mean digitalmonster so pokemon means poking monster?

  79. Blaze Luminous

    Blaze Luminous日 前

    I'm a bigger weeb than all of you probably since I was 3 yes old

  80. Blaze Luminous

    Blaze Luminous日 前

    I'm a bigger weeb than all of you probably since I was 3 yes old

  81. Siva Yugan

    Siva Yugan日 前

    Wow he knew sho is smosh

  82. Amadia Stockbridge-garduno

    Amadia Stockbridge-garduno日 前

    Hey Digimon was not a knockoff of Pokemon okay........😖 it was a knockoff of tamagotchi but I actually liked it more than Pokemon

  83. Amadia Stockbridge-garduno

    Amadia Stockbridge-garduno日 前

    2:56 'that's a lot of animation' 😅 wait until she see Sazae-san, detective Conan, and One piece to name a few

  84. Hinata Hyuga

    Hinata Hyuga日 前

    “It’s called Naturo right?” *I declare the 4th great ninja war*

  85. Abe Paredes

    Abe Paredes日 前

    One piece

  86. Kurapika_ Is drowning

    Kurapika_ Is drowning日 前

    When they say Narutoh and main-ga 😫

  87. Random Dude

    Random Dude日 前

    Carson: “all I know is from the smosh parody whe-" *"get the f out"*

  88. Spitting Facts

    Spitting Facts日 前

    "It's naturo right?

  89. hero 007

    hero 007日 前

    did i herd that correct did she just said natoro

  90. Skylar The last Airbender

    Skylar The last Airbender日 前

    I'm 10 and I knew more of them👁👄👁

  91. Diego Orduna

    Diego Orduna日 前

    The guy said:He learned life thrue Naruto Me:Same

  92. Thick Boi

    Thick Boi日 前

    actually digimon came before pokemon

  93. Khang Vuong

    Khang Vuong日 前


  94. xxnarutoxhinataxx

    xxnarutoxhinataxx日 前

    2:32 its na ru to

  95. Madeline Medellin

    Madeline Medellin2 日 前

    Props to my dude who said full metal not Brotherhood!!!

  96. Opaline Gordon

    Opaline Gordon2 日 前

  97. M̷i̷c̷h̷e̷_2̷1̷x̷x̷ X̷

    M̷i̷c̷h̷e̷_2̷1̷x̷x̷ X̷2 日 前

    Naruto and one piece


    COZMICZ2 日 前

    I knew everything

  99. omar elshahbour

    omar elshahbour2 日 前

    8:09 okay okay is this guy stupid?

  100. Isabela Alava

    Isabela Alava2 日 前

    I mean, Who didn’t hear about Naruto?

  101. YT-_- Vengeance

    YT-_- Vengeance2 日 前

    Digimon was created first not Pokémon

  102. Artic d0wny

    Artic d0wny2 日 前

    But we all know Pokémon is better

  103. Kanha Bhave

    Kanha Bhave2 日 前

    That girl hasn't watched Naruto Dude u are dead from inside

  104. Mmusi Phoko

    Mmusi Phoko2 日 前

    Eureka 7 should have been added in

  105. Summer Mitchell-bell

    Summer Mitchell-bell2 日 前

    I swear to god if I here one more of them say NARruto I'm-

  106. fernxndaa

    fernxndaa2 日 前

    Y recuerden niños: no confundan boku no hero con boku no pico

  107. Extreme Gamerzz!!

    Extreme Gamerzz!!2 日 前

    I'm pretty disappointed by these people they didn't guess fullmetal alchemist!!

  108. Extreme Gamerzz!!

    Extreme Gamerzz!!2 日 前

    Man where's dbz? It was my childhood 😢