Do NOT Buy A Rebuilt Title Car


  1. Fernandez Hernandez

    Fernandez Hernandezヶ月 前

    Bro im thinking of buying a rebuilt title... so not a good idea?

  2. 24v cummins

    24v cumminsヶ月 前

    Shit iv had a lot of trucks that are like this they all worked good for me hell my 1994 ram 1500 was rebuilt and the a/c worked didnt have any problems drove the piss out of it tell i got my dually and its the same way not one problem

  3. Brandon Ibarra

    Brandon Ibarra2 ヶ月 前

    You don't know what you are talking about

  4. Tommy Tjoa

    Tommy Tjoa3 ヶ月 前

    Stick to your roids and tans man, you know absolutely nothing about rebuilt title cars. Just like anything, there's shitty shops and really good ones that repair cars. Also, just because the car has a clean title, doesn't mean it wasn't in a bad accident or had frame damage.

  5. CfomodzGaming

    CfomodzGaming3 ヶ月 前

    How much money do you think people looking at rebuilt title cars (who aren't doing this as a business) have that they can just buy a nice clean title car that doesn't have issues already, With a warranty no less? I mean it 100% depends on who you're buying from as well. To get a rebuilt title you have to rebuild the car, and prove that with things like receipts for the parts you put in, and before and after photos. For a car to have a rebuilt title, someone had to file that paperwork + photos, etc. so just ask them for it, check it out. See if it was some weird situation where there was just too much damage to the car for insurance to be willing to pay for it to be fixed - someone in the comments mentioned hail and I think that's a great example - and if the records show that someone bought it, pulled panels from different cars in junkyards, put them on, painted it, and is now selling it for 1k profit or whatever, then he is not 'hiding' something wrong with the car that is going to give out in a week. Also, to my point of them having records for what they did to the car, get that, take it to a mechanic you trust or a friend you know, and have them look it over to see if they were just trying to slap a fresh coat of paint (figuratively or literally) on the car and get it out to someone else to deal with, or if they are just trying to make an honest buck by buying a salvaged car and putting in the time and money to make it worth more than they paid for it + the parts they had to buy and they are just trying to get paid a bit for their labor that they put into it. Or, if you know someone who does that as a business, obviously you will know if they are an honest person with whom people like to do business and if you could buy a rebuilt car from them and have a reasonable expectation that you are going to have a car that is just as good, if not better, than a used one - because they know what they're doing and just replaced anything that's wrong with it - kind of like how a refurbished product is better in some ways than a heavily used product that hasn't ever had anything break on it. Sure they'll tell you, it's always run great and there are no major problems with it, and they're right, but they have no idea what is about to break. If it has 100,000 and nothing is wrong and it runs great, shouldn't I be worrying about what is going to go out all of a sudden? On a rebuilt, from your honest friend, they are obviously testing things out and they're going to make sure that everything is in order as best as they know-how and they also aren't trying to hide anything, but that's better in my opinion from the clean title guy who isn't trying to hide anything, because he is ignorant about the condition of his used car, and although it's "always run great" the transmission is going to need work in 10-15k miles, you know?

  6. AU falcon

    AU falcon3 ヶ月 前

    Stop trying to defend these cars. They are absolutely shit and run for a month or two

  7. Leo Logan

    Leo Logan4 ヶ月 前

    I about to buy a rebuilt title truck I did. A lot of research about I know what was the original accident , the truck has all the proofs, of been fix properly , and will buy it 🤘🏻

  8. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams4 ヶ月 前

    There should be a law against jackasses like this making videos.

  9. Zachy Bitch

    Zachy Bitch5 ヶ月 前

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  10. Prince Duties

    Prince Duties5 ヶ月 前

    I bought a 2017 car rebuilt and I had zero issues. I had the car for 3 years. The front bumper was only damaged, and some plastic parts. I don’t agree with you.

  11. kool kobra

    kool kobra19 日 前

    Prince Duties your right. Buy a rebuilt title car if their is only minor damage done to it like a bumper or a fender. But don’t buy a rebuilt title car if there is a lot of damage. Even clean title cars can have lots of damage.

  12. Chico Val

    Chico Val3 ヶ月 前

    Prince Duties it all depends where the car got damaged

  13. Lankster Price

    Lankster Price5 ヶ月 前

    Know this... Rebuilt Title / Retitled vehicles only hold a max 50% of its known real value by KBB or NADA EVER! Never pay more. The car is junk and remains always junk and should have been parted out. It NEVER should have been fixed. If you buy it.. its your loss and the person that sold it wins that game and walks off with your money.

  14. No Comps

    No Comps6 ヶ月 前

    Appreciate the great info! What about for slight hail damage? Would that be an exception, or still a no go?

  15. No Comps

    No Comps6 ヶ月 前

    This is for a 2005 Saturn SUV with roof rack 110k miles that looks really clean and couldn't even spot the hail damage in the photos, only the disclosed description of the vehicle.

  16. Knight_Rayner

    Knight_Rayner6 ヶ月 前

    I am glad I watched this video because I was just about to look at one; I figured there was some caveat like it's too good to be true.

  17. Knight_Rayner

    Knight_Rayner6 ヶ月 前

    Example of one rebuilt car I found was a Honda FIt 2010 that's $5600 and with 62000 miles, looked at the pictures and it looked clean, but if there are cheap part replacements in the vehicle to make up the cheap costs, then that would explain it.

  18. Becky Emmanuel

    Becky Emmanuel6 ヶ月 前

    What’s considered “a lot of mileage”?

  19. Chayanne Lowe

    Chayanne Lowe2 ヶ月 前

    Becky Emmanuel my dad used to be a car salesman and he said the average mileage per year shouldn’t be over 15,000 to 16,000 miles. i’d just multiply those numbers by how old the vehicle is and see what you get. ultimately it’s up to your judgement and how often you’re gonna be using the car

  20. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Mr. Fahrenheit6 ヶ月 前

    2007 Ford Victoria rebuilt title for $2800. Looks like it's in good condition. 101,000 miles on it. Haven't seen underneath or the engine. If all that looks good and it runs fine, is that good?

  21. Lance Romance

    Lance Romance6 ヶ月 前

    i dont believe a word you said because i know lots of people buy salvage car oinly thing you need to do is google the vin # it will let you see accident pics then you decide i brought three salvage cars love them

  22. Sister Brothers

    Sister Brothers7 ヶ月 前

    What kind of moron does a shirtless video? You so pretty with your earrings. #BigCringe

  23. Moriah W

    Moriah W7 ヶ月 前

    I haven't had problems with my rebuilt title car

  24. e sure

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  25. Mvp-AngelOfGod

    Mvp-AngelOfGod7 ヶ月 前

    Learn about cars before u start talking

  26. Leonel Messi

    Leonel Messi7 ヶ月 前

    Helpful thanks man !

  27. James Harris

    James Harris8 ヶ月 前

    You stupid

  28. hydrazombie

    hydrazombie9 ヶ月 前

    you can run a vehicle vin here and it cost you nothing

  29. Jr Beans

    Jr Beans9 ヶ月 前

    This guy knows how to save money. He doesn't even buy shirts.

  30. Tommy Tjoa

    Tommy Tjoa3 ヶ月 前

    His number 1 investment is in car warranties and roids.

  31. Jose Valdez

    Jose Valdez10 ヶ月 前

    You sound dumb asf

  32. Dan Z

    Dan Z11 ヶ月 前

    only 50% accurate sorry but you are misleading people and you don't seem to know much about cars as you let a mechanic scalp you $3000 for a airconditioning compressor which you could have got for $500 at most put it on and go have it recharged after for $50-$75 yet you let someone scalp you out of 3K and then you mislead people based on your bad purchase decisions LMAO my dad buy cars from insurance auctions for family and friends has pro shops fix them and he's got 20 years nothing but happy people in brand new cars for 40%-60% less than a dealer so you can buy a used car with 80/100k miles on it and have nothing but guaranteed problems or you can pay the same and rock a year old or less car for same money or close to it if you do the foot work and buy the right car, not advised for most people this is for people who know cars and have common sense

  33. Gato Minino

    Gato Minino11 ヶ月 前

    Thanks u for ur honesty I almost was gonna make a mistake with a rebuild title cars

  34. ssdtrain1

    ssdtrain111 ヶ月 前

    kinda true,, But salvage titles can be from a car just being stolen in some states.. Any knows don't ever buy a Cadillac PERIOD !! they're all Junk after 1970-1984 or so.. My father owned 15 of them, and stopped buying them in 1979 (Fleetwood)... and just for the record AC won't work without R134a or oil.. the clutch won't engage so if it "broke?" that was because of something else.. And I know a guy that bought a rebuilt title 2002 Porsche 6 years ago,, still cruising without issues.. So it really doesn't matter on vintage cars. at that point it just comes down to "How bad do you want it".. And how mechanically inclined you are, if your not? don't risk it. but if you are and don't care about the market value and not trying to make a fast buck like Some people.. Do it !! have fun with it..

  35. Sergey Kochubey

    Sergey Kochubey11 ヶ月 前


  36. Edgar Gallegos

    Edgar Gallegos年 前

    Rebuilt titles are my favorites for the last 8 years i always have rebuilts with no problems, better deals, 2015 impala and my favorite part no payments.

  37. Peter M

    Peter Mヶ月 前

    My family has an impala and 2 Ford Focus that have been running great for about 3 years.

  38. Edgar Gallegos

    Edgar Gallegos年 前

    @Conscious I person I know gave me a good deal, and I got the impala LTZ 2015.

  39. Conscious

    Conscious年 前

    Edgar Gallegos whered you find it?

  40. Technewlogy

    Technewlogy年 前

    I have had good experience with rebuilt cars. I recently got a honda crv from an auction with a rebuilt title, it turned out to be a one owner car and was flawless except for minor body damage at the back which i fixed. The car was soo well maintained you could tell with the first peek. Before that i had a camrh which was again rebuilt and i used it for more than 25k miles without any major problem. It was much better than many clean title cars i had seen and guess what it was one owner too and had been serviced at the dealer all rhe way from its birth in 2004 to 2016 when it got into an accident and got a salvage title. So hey salvage/rebuilt titles arent bad, a log of times they are one owner vehicles which have been well maintained that just got into an accident .

  41. Jill Marie

    Jill Marie年 前

    Technewlogy I’ve had 3 rebuilt- no problems. It’s important that you do your homework, know how to check a car before you buy (or have a mechanic and an auto body tech do it).

  42. Hoan Lee

    Hoan Lee年 前

    great info. but, please next video put any shirt or even tank top on will ya

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    Luis Sierra2 ヶ月 前

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  44. Zorn Casteel

    Zorn Casteel年 前

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  45. Lord Kingdom

    Lord Kingdom年 前

    What car you recommend?

  46. Frank Murray

    Frank Murray年 前

    You are misinformed and misinforming other people. You don't know as much as you think you do. An inspector has to check the vehicle out and make sure the prior damage has been fixed before a salvage title can be rebranded and a rebuilt salvaged title. And most people nowadays are using these so called "cheap parts on their own vehicles when fixing faulty parts on them these days because consumers don't want to end up buying parts at a dealership where the prices are sky high and most of the time in no better quality than a cheaper part. Not all parts are cheaper than at a dealership, but a lot are. You cannot just put a cheap bandaid on a car that is salvaged to get it rebranded as rebuilt salvaged. And I'm sorry, but you spent $2,500 on a new a/c for your Cadillac where? The only thing you would have had to replace from a compressor with no oil in it is the compressor, orifice tube, dryer, and you would have had to have had a complete system flush and charge done on the system. Sounds like (just as you sound in your video) that you are actually naive and ignorant to vehicles and ended up getting screwed over by whoever did the work which at this point I am guessing the "stealership" aka dealership. Any vehicle you buy should come with a history and you should be able to have your own mechanic look at it without the owner having an issue with that. Now they may not let you drive said vehicle around without paying for it, but they will allow your mechanic to come to them or may even meet you at your mechanic to allow him or her to check it out. Be careful when test driving cars because if you intentionally break a car you may have just bought it.

  47. Gerard Lavergne

    Gerard Lavergne6 ヶ月 前

    This is comment 💯

  48. Jeremiah Berry

    Jeremiah Berry9 ヶ月 前

    Very knowledgable comment. Thank for sharing!

  49. Nadir Jibu

    Nadir Jibu年 前

    Your a dumb motherfucker lol

  50. California Crown Vic

    California Crown Vic年 前

    get a car with a warranty....retail twice as much

  51. thnkbg

    thnkbg年 前

    Dude 3rd party warranty's are garbage, they cover everything until you make a claim

  52. hilario flores

    hilario flores年 前

    spent 2500 on a used 2004 mitsubishi eclipse and after the 1st inital week the vehicle never saw the road again and sold it for 800 it was a rebuilt title

  53. THE BIG G

    THE BIG G年 前

    bruh you probably didnt even put the devotion into cars

  54. AaronMoore

    AaronMoore年 前

    Seems like you know very little about this. A lot of people don’t buy the cheapest parts. I’ve driven plenty of new, used, rebuilt, and even salvage cars lol. I’ve had more problems with used cars than anything. Dealers screw you over with warranty. The best advice anyone ever can give you is to never buy a brand new car in general. Also if you are not Mechanically inclined, always have a trustworthy mechanic look over the cars before you buy them (only one person) look over the car throughout its lifetime.

  55. ইসলামের সুপথে

    ইসলামের সুপথে年 前

    Thank you bro

  56. NoOne

    NoOne年 前

    My car simply had cracked bumper covers. And its rebuilt title. So, youre an idiot.

  57. JohnStax

    JohnStax年 前

    I know right

  58. cindy d

    cindy d年 前

    I was just on Offer Up, trying to make a decision. Thank you!

  59. Johnathan Santoni

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  60. Ryan

    Ryan年 前

    So what he is saying is "I got fucked over because I don't really know anything about cars and I'm mad about it" I have been rebuilding and flipping salvage cars for 12 years, I offer a 90 day bumper to bumper and 1 year powertrain warranty on all my vehicles. Do you wanna take a guess how many things I had to fix under that warranty in these 12 years and hundreds of cars sold??? Absolutely nothing! Do you know why? Because I actually know about cars and how they work and how to fix them, and I don't buy junk because of it. Couldn't fix an air conditioner yourself? 😂 You're just a hater that tried and failed with rebuilt cars because you got took....because you DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Anyone buying a car from your goofy ass ought to beware...and make sure there's no weed left behind in ashtray 😂

  61. Mikee

    Mikee年 前

    Unless your a mechanic

  62. Franklin Hicks

    Franklin Hicks年 前

    do some wrenching yourself and stop bitching. cards means Jack shit and most warranties are worthless

  63. Papacraus

    Papacraus年 前

    This guy speaks the truth. Almost bought a pretty much brand new rebuilt today. Looked great. Took it to my mechanic and was told half the airbags were missing and the cost to replace was more than the car was worth.

  64. Devoy Williams

    Devoy Williams年 前

    correction do not buy a salvage car if you know nothing about fixing cars.

  65. cojo5500

    cojo5500年 前

    I have 2 rebuilt title vehicles and let me say sir you are an idiot.... a rebuilt title and a car with flood damage is very different dealers can't legally sell a car with flood title private sellers can sell you anything they don't have recourse. This guy is basically making a generalization that's not true it's like saying Stay away from all blonde women....all cars with rebuilt titles are not the same, nor are the ppl who get the work done. What this idiot should be told you is Don't buy rebuilt if you are not knowledgeable of the market and the actual cars. Car buying in general is a huge risk especially when buying used. I own a dealership, I give consultations to clients before selling them anything. 1st thing I tell all ppl is if you can afford it buy a new car with warranty, that's the only way to be 100% protected and you can still get screwed if the warranty doesnt cover everything. 2nd if your going to buy used know it's a risk but with all risk their is tremendous upside as well as downside.... Rebuilt and salvage is even more riskier but with that same risk you can find good fortune. I've watched so many ppl pay thousands less for vehicles with rebuilt titles and are still in them happy as ever.... I own a 2016 Ford explorer sport- rebuilt, I guarantee u couldnt tell work was done. cause it's all about who did the work!!! I called you an idiot cause u made this broad generalization that all cars with rebuilt title are bad, and that is not true.... I have videos on my page

  66. bahhaziz

    bahhaziz8 ヶ月 前

    Let me call you idiot... Because you were just lucky with those two cars. This guy has more experience than you... And don't tell people that you are an honest dealer 😉 we all know that dealers are stealers

  67. s

    s11 ヶ月 前

    @Angel Maria you just want his dick

  68. Angel Maria

    Angel Maria年 前

    @cindy d This guy made so many good points that actually make so much sense and of course there is always an ignorant person ready to call him an idiot. I found that comment so unnecessary

  69. cindy d

    cindy d年 前

    Weren't you listening when he stated that if you're going to buy a rebuilt title car, make sure it's an older model car vs. newer model??? He is talking from experience, not from hear say. People are so quick to call people names because of a disagreement. He is not costing you to lose business. If your vehicles are up to par and are not faulty, then there is nothing for you to worry about, but judging by your tone, defensiveness, and long page essay, you're one of those dealers that he might be referring to. That is all! ✌

  70. Eze O.

    Eze O.年 前

    cojo5500 dammm

  71. Zone6TV

    Zone6TV年 前

    Smart man, i will gladly take your advice

  72. mousetivity

    mousetivity年 前

    Amen, brah

  73. José Ramiro Moreno

    José Ramiro Moreno年 前

    Alright, I've been watching a lot of videos about salvage car titles but in the comments section i haven't seen any one saying "I have a salvage car title and got total" so anyone???

  74. Grace Mensah

    Grace Mensah年 前

    José Ramiro Moreno yes

  75. Marvin Zhang

    Marvin Zhang年 前

    Thanks dude I just about to buy rebuild Pontiac GTO now I won’t buy it.

  76. LegendCookies

    LegendCookies年 前

    What if that car got a rebuilt title from something minor? Like being keyed or cosmetically damaged? Because then the only real downside would be insurance troubles

  77. Kevin YunG

    Kevin YunG年 前

    cindy d ohhh trust me, there is. Guess u just repeat same stupidity from this guy without the knowledge of purchasing IAA and how something so dumb as graffiti on a car can salvaged the whole vehicle. Do us a favor and before you jump into the wagon do some research and learn more.

  78. cindy d

    cindy d年 前

    Um, car being keyed or cosmetically damaged does not equate to salvage 😂😂😂

  79. Logan Williams

    Logan Williams年 前

    My rebuilt truck has been working fine

  80. Cody Yellott

    Cody Yellott7 ヶ月 前

    Exactly I bought a salvage title Silverado for 175 needed a 3rd door that was it and got a rebuilt title and bam

  81. Mvp-AngelOfGod

    Mvp-AngelOfGod7 ヶ月 前

    @bahhaziz not luck at all

  82. bahhaziz

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  83. Glyn Robinson

    Glyn Robinson年 前

    I agree with you! I am into cars as well. No Rebuilt Title Vehicle, Period!



    It's also almost impossible to obtain auto insurance in standard markets.

  85. Devoy Williams

    Devoy Williams年 前

    false all the major car insurance insure rebuilt titles

  86. Jason Clark

    Jason Clark2 年 前

    ...What tan?

  87. ItsAntoine

    ItsAntoine2 年 前

    I’m about to be 17 so I’m looking for a car this was helpful info thx ☺️

  88. Nick Keith

    Nick Keith2 年 前

    Jake, are you familiar with "car staging"? It can easily return a few grand extra in profit. Especially with exotic cars. The action shots add an extra level of buyer interest. And you'd look good behind the wheel in the action shots. And if you're good at it, then folks will hire you to sell their private rigs so that they don't have to deal with the showings or the actual sale transaction.

  89. Jona Abreu

    Jona Abreu2 年 前

    What ever happened to the DNA test results -___-

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    Michael Evansヶ月 前

    Yeah, wasn't he that guy on Maury?

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    I love you

  92. Ben E. Ballesteros

    Ben E. Ballesteros2 年 前

    WOW Jake, you're a car guy...niiiiiiice.... ive been in the automotive field for over 30 yrs...

  93. jeepthing98

    jeepthing982 年 前

    I mean, the fact a vehicle has a salvage or rebuilt title in the first place is a sign to stay away. There's a reason that is the case and it isnt good. Even if a dealer tries to downplay it like it was minor damage but was totaled anyways. Uh no, insurance companies total a car generally when theres 70% of its value or more in repair cost. Or if theres airbag deployment. Speaking of insurance, many companies wont insure a car with full coverage if it has such a title or at all. And if you think they are going to pay out anyways you arw mistaken. Unless you plan to drive it til the wheels fall off, best to avoid such vehicles because trade in value will be almost nothing.

  94. Devoy Williams

    Devoy Williams年 前

    not really sir insurance are a scam itself a simple fender bender or headlight smash and a baseball dent can total a car. That can be easily fixed under couple hundred bucks.

  95. Nick Keith

    Nick Keith2 年 前

    I won't disagree with what you stated. But I sold salvage title cars and trucks as used car lots, and for some customers, they don't mind putting in some extra work to save some money. It is a hobby of sorts. Have you watched any Samcrac? There are several guys that flip and only deal in salvage title and or wrecked rig flipping. If I bought a salvage title, I would want it before anyone else tinkered with it. And I prefer to buy it from the owner versus an auction because auto auctions require an immense amount of guess work. Not to mention the games other flippers and dealers play at the auctions by sabotaging cars or shill bidding.

  96. Jake Orion

    Jake Orion2 年 前

    jeepthing98 Good mention I forgot about insurance coverage. Yes if you get into an accident they will pay next to nothing. Thank God I was not in an accident.

  97. Peace Love, and Happiness

    Peace Love, and Happiness2 年 前

    Dear Jake I will take your advice in the market for a looking for another SUV and thanks for helping with that take care of yourself looking good as ever take care of those puppies and good luck with your new home peace and love to all !!! 😘🤗

  98. Robb K

    Robb K2 年 前

    Boys I understand cars I don't so I don't have to worry about that. peace and love

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  100. Martin Alvarez

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    It is good to take these recommendations... Thanks for all the information you give us... I really like your content... Excellent day Jake 😉

  101. papagiorgio85

    papagiorgio852 年 前

    Thanks for the advice Jake. Besides a home a car is your second big investment, and you should do your homework.

  102. Pharaoh of Kemet

    Pharaoh of Kemet2 年 前

    How do you feel about

  103. Dominic Goodner

    Dominic Goodner2 年 前

    So, when buying a car, it’s probably best to just get a new one? Or get a fixer upper? Just as long as you don’t get one that’s already been fixed up?

  104. cojo5500

    cojo5500年 前

    Nick it's all about your financial situation bro, if u can afford new buy new but if you only have a few thousand it's still good because u can find great deals on cars that will last you just as long. What it comes down to is having a good "Car Guy" someone who is willing to inspect cars for you and someone who knows values... I do this for all my clients so they don't buy a lemon, but don't listen to the guy in the vid, he probaly got burned on a rebuilt title and now he salty, if he had a car guy it wouldn't have happened

  105. Dominic Goodner

    Dominic Goodner2 年 前

    Jake Orion awesome thanks for the advice dude! Keep it up, love the advice based off of personal experience. That’s the stuff that other youtubers don’t talk about, the real stuff. 💯

  106. Jake Orion

    Jake Orion2 年 前

    Nick Goodner All depends on what you can afford. If you ever buy a car get a carfax and get it professionally inspected.

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