Do Gay People Walk Faster Than Straight People? • Ladylike


  1. Natalie Cruz

    Natalie Cruz13 時間 前

    What kind of messed up stuff is this

  2. glow in the dark star stickers

    glow in the dark star stickers日 前

    My legs are so long, i just stride like the BFG.

  3. PlebyElla

    PlebyElla日 前

    Im a nugget

  4. Maria Barron-Zuniga

    Maria Barron-Zuniga3 日 前

    4:49 Jen: still making my way downtown Me: 🎶walking fast🎶 . God my joke is trash😂

  5. PsychoDoesGacha Boi

    PsychoDoesGacha Boi4 日 前

    I'm straight and I walk faster than my friends anyone else

  6. Katy_plays_ gacha

    Katy_plays_ gacha4 日 前

    hey im gay too!

  7. Sadie beebe

    Sadie beebe5 日 前

    nobody: Jen: (1:31) i am gay i love caffeine bro same p.s this should be a shirt

  8. Eloracorn

    Eloracorn5 日 前

    I'm bi so now what..?

  9. ecitie

    ecitie5 日 前

    I'm pan I fly

  10. Isabella Kim

    Isabella Kim6 日 前

    When ladylike run out of ideas

  11. Debdyuticrath mooscrath

    Debdyuticrath mooscrath6 日 前

    The bisexual are call lesbians not gay and the bisexual boys are call gay

  12. le bébéque

    le bébéque7 日 前

    4:59 I thought she'd be singing A Thousand Miles lol

  13. Disgruntled Fishy

    Disgruntled Fishy8 日 前

    I'm straight and I walk faster than most gay/lesbians at my school... So does that mean my sexuality is faster than- what?

  14. Disgruntled Fishy

    Disgruntled Fishy8 日 前

    But Usain bolt-

  15. Dee Kinlan

    Dee Kinlan8 日 前

    Me ( Straight) : 🚶🏼‍♀️ My friend (gay, caffinated) : 🚗

  16. Estelle Mcclelland

    Estelle Mcclelland9 日 前

    Jen, you know Freddie is cute...btw i'm queer so I know you think she is cute:)

  17. meKathi

    meKathi10 日 前

    4:59 walking fast faces pass and I'm home bound

  18. tobi park

    tobi park12 日 前

    I’m not gay nor caffeinated never almost but my anxiety makes me go fast and I’m really tall and have long legs

  19. laughter horse

    laughter horse13 日 前

    Jen and Fred you go girls!😀

  20. hieloloco

    hieloloco14 日 前

    I'm an alien so I walk faster than the speed of light

  21. Brandie Borden

    Brandie Borden15 日 前

    Jen didn’t take her photo

  22. Meg Shultz

    Meg Shultz15 日 前

    No one: Literally No one: Ladylike: Do gay people walk faster than straight people?

  23. Sommy Bunny

    Sommy Bunny15 日 前

    I’m asexual. I don’t walk.

  24. Quanice Bolton

    Quanice Bolton15 日 前

    I love Fred and Jen there my two favorite

  25. Prateek Sachdeva

    Prateek Sachdeva15 日 前

    Gay people walk faster, but are always late.

  26. Anna Bem

    Anna Bem16 日 前

    I actually think gays DO walk faster than straight people, because I’m gay and when I walk at my normal pace people think I’m in a rush

  27. Gabriella Toombs

    Gabriella Toombs16 日 前

    I gotta straight friend who walks like the devils behind her so idk about this🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. Naomi Zarin

    Naomi Zarin17 日 前

    Jen: I can't go faster, I have to walk at my normal pace. Gotta be fair! Fred: I WILL WIN

  29. Claire Hendy

    Claire Hendy18 日 前

    .............. "MAKING MY WAY DOWNTOWN"

  30. Edgy Child

    Edgy Child18 日 前

    Wait, a girl is lesbian... not gay?

  31. Halona Adams

    Halona Adams19 日 前

    My mom's straight and literally inhales so much coffee every. day.

  32. EonaChan

    EonaChan19 日 前

    Now it makes sense why everyone always tells me I walk too fast lol

  33. I'm really tired

    I'm really tired20 日 前

    Ha mortals i am pan and i naruto run faster than light

  34. MarvelousSandstone

    MarvelousSandstone20 日 前

    My whole family walks super fast, all kinds of people of every sexuality so I believe it's more of a how you grew up thing than who you fall in love with. I either almost ran after my family members or got lost somewhere as a child.

  35. Caslyn Suder

    Caslyn Suder21 日 前



    GDOLCEVITA21 日 前

    I've never heard of this statement in my life.....

  37. mia brown

    mia brown21 日 前

    i walk like 🏃‍♀️

  38. Dee Lg

    Dee Lg22 日 前

    Depends on mood of a person !!

  39. Meneje nneneme

    Meneje nneneme22 日 前

    I have never heard of this and I’m straight

  40. joshua ramos

    joshua ramos22 日 前

    One didn't beat the other because gays and straights are both the human and equal. Now let's exist on this rock together and be sad regardless of your sexual orientation.

  41. Giorgy Germain

    Giorgy Germain23 日 前

    Everybody walks faster than me and I’m straight so it prove the memes to be right 😂

  42. gacha videos

    gacha videos24 日 前

    when you run out of video ideas

  43. Nic Yoyo

    Nic Yoyo25 日 前

    I thought i was bi i walked faster than straight and walk faster than gay too So does that make me gay too

  44. Brooke

    Brooke26 日 前

    The only take away I got from this video is that Freddie is straight, and that is extremely devastating news. Please respect my privacy in this trying time 😪.

  45. hot sauce

    hot sauce26 日 前


  46. M T

    M T26 日 前

    IDK, I'm straight and cis. I hate anything girly, and hate the construct of "acting like a lady", so I hate the mincing steps women often take due to fancier shoes or in certain outfits. I'll clomp along in my sneakers, and often my girly friends and family have to hustle to keep up.

  47. Anne Plat

    Anne Plat26 日 前

    Try gay and caffeinated people who work as servers vs caffeinated straight servers

  48. Noah :p

    Noah :p27 日 前

    I’m gay and my friends say I “walk to fast” 😳.. I just tell em im not fast their just slow 😒

  49. Black Widow

    Black Widow27 日 前

    4:59 “makin my way downtown, WaLkiN fAsT...”

  50. QueenMaxine

    QueenMaxine27 日 前

    “A gay” 💀😭

  51. m E

    m E27 日 前

    They really have ran out of ideas haven't they

  52. Chloé Candy Bizimana

    Chloé Candy Bizimana28 日 前

    Jen : im still mAkInG mY wAy DOwNtoWn Me (as a joke) : walking fast Me (2 seconds later) : wait she is walking fast

  53. Crazyant Gaming

    Crazyant Gaming28 日 前


  54. M D

    M D28 日 前

    I am : Confused about my sexuality Uncomfortable with being a girl (in terms of gender role) A caffeine drinker A fast walker... And totally there for Jen 😏 BTW I walk faster than all of my friends (gay or het, even thought they some of them are way taller)

  55. SomebodyNormal

    SomebodyNormal29 日 前

    I’m bi, a new Yorker, and I have long legs soo 1 of my strides equals like 15 of my friend’s 😂😂

  56. Katie Vlcek

    Katie Vlcek29 日 前

    can this be my science fair project

  57. akua baryeh

    akua baryehヶ月 前

    what is buzzfeed even doing. ive lost all hope

  58. Alina H

    Alina Hヶ月 前

    This isn’t a very accurate test and that saying that gay ppl walk faster is so not true and so is straight ppl walking faster it’s hard to have a fair and accurate test. I would actually say Freddie won jus cuz Jen only went to Starbucks while Freddie went to two different shops for food. And she still caught up with Jen

  59. Ravenclaw

    Ravenclawヶ月 前

    The reason why we walk faster is because we’re a walking to the beat of Applause by lady Gaga whereas straight people are walking to the beat of City of Stars from Lala land

  60. Kennedy Wilcox

    Kennedy Wilcoxヶ月 前

    Buzzfeed can make a video out of anything