Disney's Mulan | Official Trailer


  1. Jenny Far

    Jenny Far時間 前

    I started crying at the reflection instrumental

  2. Magdalena Reuter

    Magdalena Reuter時間 前

    It doesn't matter how badly i wanne see this movie, i'm not going to support a Pro-China actress..

  3. Brian Kent Pirrie

    Brian Kent Pirrie時間 前

    good news is no mushu. bad news is no musical numbers.

  4. mann _

    mann _2 時間 前

    Kpn tayang di indo???

  5. Sasaha Lawerance

    Sasaha Lawerance2 時間 前

    So beautiful 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😿😿👍

  6. Thai B. Tran

    Thai B. Tran3 時間 前

    Is that Mushu at 1:31?!

  7. Rahrah Unique

    Rahrah Unique3 時間 前

    There ain’t gone be no mushu so idk 😐

  8. Phoenyx Grajeda

    Phoenyx Grajeda4 時間 前

    I'm.glad its not gonna be a musical number! Bring in the fight!!

  9. B. K.

    B. K.4 時間 前

    Where is mushu??

  10. DreamEnglandBeauty

    DreamEnglandBeauty4 時間 前

    « The spirit is evident, but something holds you back » 😭

  11. Jess Minshull

    Jess Minshull4 時間 前


  12. Danilo Lucena

    Danilo Lucena6 時間 前

    Love of the condor heroes 😍

  13. Lirece

    Lirece6 時間 前

    Can't wait for that Szechuan Dipping Sauce.

  14. gavo1201

    gavo12016 時間 前

    Even is not a 'real' princess (but Disney insists to show her along with Cinderella and the others), Mulan is how a real princess should be. Fighter, courage, brave. She didnt wait for the man to rescue her or take her from her 'horrible life and destiny'.. Mulan is definitely one of the best.

  15. Maxille Lucero

    Maxille Lucero6 時間 前


  16. April A

    April A9 時間 前

    Awesome preview. I hope it's worth watching. They changed so many things. First her makeup and outfit is not like in the first one . Second Mulan is supposed to be an only child with a dog she calls little brother. Third there is no sorceress in the first one. Fourth the villain is called Shan Yu not this other name. Fifth where is the dragon , where is mushu and cricket ? I'm will pissed if she doesn't get together Shang!! I so hope this movie is worth watching.

  17. Pieter Van Gorp

    Pieter Van Gorp9 時間 前

    Disney: we are remaking Mulan. Everybody: yes Disney: but there will be no mushu or cricket or grandma, songs, mulans friends + Shang. Everybody: and the great villain Shan Yu and the hun army? Disney: also gone but we have added a witch. Everybody: so its actually a bad movie wich you just slapped the name Mulan on to get more money out of people who dont know this isnt Mulan. Disney: yes.

  18. Sun shine

    Sun shine10 時間 前



    HYPER KEZ11 時間 前

    I am sick of people keep saying where is Mushu where's Shang like if you would take your time to research and listen you would know it's more based on The Legend of Mulan and not the Disney film that most people think is the ”original” like enjoy the fact that Disney isn't making another remake that is exactly like the Disney version I'm personally glad that it's more serious and there's no talking animals or songs every twenty minutes and dancing by just hearing the reflection instrumental piece I got chills and even if there's no love interest at all I'm still excited that it's not like every Disney film and has more action even though I liked the Disney film and liked Mushu I'm very glad that he isn't there because when I was watching the Disney film I'm like isn't that a bit disrespectful to China that something as much as there Chinese dragons that they respect so much is used as a comedy character in a Disney film for ”funny” purposes and not really something serious so get over the fact that it's not like the Disney version and just enjoy the fact that we're getting an exciting different movie as great as mulan

  20. Rudi achmad nugraha

    Rudi achmad nugraha13 時間 前

    Come come mushu

  21. TheFlightChannel

    TheFlightChannel13 時間 前

    I prefer the animation

  22. Somasri Nandi

    Somasri Nandi13 時間 前

    Ohh I'm happy its coming 👍👍👍👍

  23. John Xoler Ramiro

    John Xoler Ramiro14 時間 前

    1:24 still give me goosebumps no matter what version the song is lmaaooo

  24. Ray Dva

    Ray Dva15 時間 前

    i just wanna sing ill make a man out of you lol

  25. Lachimolala

    Lachimolala15 時間 前

    this comes out the day before my birthday .....

  26. erekaviolin

    erekaviolin18 時間 前

    Everybody's saying that Mulan's not a princess but I thought the Emperor bestowed titles/lands to people based on the service to their nation, so didn't he make her a princess?🤔

  27. Rick Seto

    Rick Seto19 時間 前

    hollywood always ruins asian cultures

  28. p u

    p u14 時間 前

    Stfu you lil sensitive bitch

  29. KhmerD0g

    KhmerD0g19 時間 前

    Have you notice they hired many well known Chinese casts?

  30. StephenHeart

    StephenHeart19 時間 前

    Loved the original but I'm sorry, I'll take a bad ass witch over a a dragon that talks like a new yorker. lol

  31. phantom lover

    phantom lover16 時間 前

    I stand with you!

  32. Hakima Abdulkadir

    Hakima Abdulkadir19 時間 前

    So yall mean to tell me mulan doesn't cut her hair, she has a sister, there is no Shang, theirs a witch, and no Mushu so the remake I have been waiting for turns into this, now u got me messed up Disney.

  33. Opaque z

    Opaque z20 時間 前

    1:47 did anyone notice this, this is historical rendition of the Tang Dynasty capital Chang'an ( in 800 ad the biggest and the most awesome city on earth)

  34. Opaque z

    Opaque z19 時間 前

    THE STREET IS 50 METER WIDE, also to the right u can see the giant wild goose pagoda, the only remains of this colossal city, everything else burned down or got destroyed

  35. ッnotme

    ッnotme20 時間 前

    Am I the only one who have yet to watch the cartoon version of this?

  36. Toad El No se

    Toad El No se21 時間 前

    So.... boycott time. 1. Wont have Mushu. 2. Wont have "I'll Make a Man Out of You" or ANY songs at all. 3. Who the hell is this evil witch? If it was trying to be realistic, the fucking original movie was more realistic because I don't remember there being a witch in Mulan. 4. Fuck the remakes they're always bad. Except maybe Jungle Book. 5. Also, 2 daughters? I don't fucking remember 2 females in the original.

  37. Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    Rafferty Keegan-Sharief22 時間 前

    Director Niki Caro confirms that “Mulan” will not feature songs and no mushu.

  38. Kelly Anana

    Kelly Anana22 時間 前

    I just wanted to hear the girl will sing the reflection songg .!!

  39. Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez22 時間 前

    Can't wait!!!!

  40. Aish Ariel

    Aish Ariel23 時間 前

    How are they going to make this movie without mushu?! 😞

  41. Richard The Imaginator

    Richard The Imaginator23 時間 前

    This is totally gonna be the EPIC Disney Remake of 2020. I so can't wait!

  42. De Mile

    De Mile23 時間 前

    Well at least they'll get one right.

  43. yun chang

    yun chang日 前

    Damn she hot yooooooooo

  44. HannahV

    HannahV日 前

    These comments about Mushu are very ignorant and getting very annoying. Stick with the original movie if that’s all you want but stop tearing this down.

  45. YamiAnimate

    YamiAnimate日 前

    All I want from this movie is for McDonald's to return the Szechuan Sauce like Rick and Morty crew members wanted

  46. Slava Boyko

    Slava Boyko日 前

    I can’t wait for the first Disney movie fact you have some blood inside violence

  47. Anne Yamoyam

    Anne Yamoyam日 前

    Wow so looking forward to this

  48. Dominique Norton

    Dominique Norton日 前


  49. Katherine Mae

    Katherine Mae日 前

    No mushu :(

  50. Christy Lee

    Christy Lee日 前

    I'm from Hong Kong and I love this

  51. Eilleen Forrest

    Eilleen Forrest日 前

    Let's Get Down To Business

  52. Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    Rafferty Keegan-Sharief22 時間 前

    Eilleen Forrest SHUT UP NOW!!!! 😡😡

  53. A Feisty Oreo

    A Feisty Oreo日 前

    now all of china knows you're here

  54. Ezekiel 37

    Ezekiel 37日 前

    There are so many cultural inconsistencies in the movie. Father blessed with daughters, female antagonist, etc. I wonder how they did not put Trump as a bad guy.

  55. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un日 前


  56. Cielito Villacorta

    Cielito Villacorta日 前

    and mushu? and zhang? 😨😤

  57. Lucas Mellin

    Lucas Mellin日 前

    WHERE'S MUSHU?? 0/10

  58. Anglexls garcia

    Anglexls garcia日 前


  59. Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    Rafferty Keegan-Sharief22 時間 前

    Anglexls garcia LANGUAGE!!!!! 😡😡

  60. sandali pathirana

    sandali pathirana日 前

    Can’t wait !!!

  61. Aleksandra Cop

    Aleksandra Cop日 前

    Nobady like you disny everywon hate you

  62. FunShaman Society

    FunShaman Society日 前

    It's Kind of Fun to "Do the Impossible"~ Walt Disney ⛥♦️)0(🐝🐬💯❤️

  63. Juan Reyes

    Juan Reyes日 前

    Let’s make this movie the highest box office count ever.

  64. Eduardo Andrade.j

    Eduardo Andrade.j日 前

    Que salga Mushu...

  65. Нуреке Дол

    Нуреке Дол日 前

    Where is a dragon?????