Disney's Mulan | Official Trailer


  1. GoMusic

    GoMusic53 分 前

    I’m not racist but i cannot see the mandatory black ones. Why is there no one? White ones i won’t ask where they are. But what disney does is racist.

  2. irmuu sanaa

    irmuu sanaa時間 前

    The thing is in the original texts it says the “emperor” was a “khan”

  3. The Jack'o' Lantern

    The Jack'o' Lantern2 時間 前

    Fuck this movie Free Hong Kong!

  4. AshMini

    AshMini2 時間 前

    This is an adaptation of the original tale, not the ‘original’ animation, stop being so but hurt about mushu being gone.

  5. Jay

    Jay3 時間 前

    It won’t be good without mushu aka Eddie Murphy

  6. Blair Waldorf

    Blair Waldorf4 時間 前

    Okay but why do my eyes get watery watching this?!!!

  7. kꪖtꫀ

    kꪖtꫀ5 時間 前

    I was planning on watching this at a cinema But coronavirus came in ;-;

  8. djneedles000

    djneedles0005 時間 前

    We want mushu!!!!

  9. Gina Talatonu

    Gina Talatonu8 時間 前

    Me waiting for mushuu😩😩

  10. Slomevent

    Slomevent8 時間 前

    A witch instead of mushu, yeah disney you're not ruining my childhood memories again, just like every masterpiece they touch

  11. Amy Chim

    Amy Chim13 時間 前


  12. Amy Chim

    Amy Chim13 時間 前

    Worst casting ever

  13. Amy Chim

    Amy Chim13 時間 前

    Disney never failed to disappoint us

  14. rebeka akhter

    rebeka akhter14 時間 前

    Who's here after Corona virus?

  15. Erum Khan

    Erum Khan15 時間 前

    Who needs mercy now?

  16. Rawan

    Rawan16 時間 前

    sooo how am i gonna watch this

  17. Mr.Pickles

    Mr.Pickles20 時間 前


  18. Cryo1147

    Cryo114723 時間 前

    wait no Mushu ?

  19. mee mee

    mee mee日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> is that Mushu?

  20. JD Tolipas

    JD Tolipas日 前

    Goosebumps. Each and everytime.

  21. • Expensive Monster •

    • Expensive Monster •日 前

    Halfway watching this I forgot this was a Disney movie and got shook when the disney logo came

  22. Goat Cast

    Goat Cast日 前

    WHERE IS MUSHU~~~~~~~~!!

  23. Elisha Ponty

    Elisha Ponty日 前


  24. roman efron

    roman efron日 前

    Im sorry but this era of the woman has really crossed a line subverting this story arc Mulan was a 2 part story the minor point was showing a true devotion to her father willingly to face death on iether side to protect him but the major point was a demonstration that a woman especially one from her times of composed refinement could not only compete with but surpass any man in that encampment culminating to her defeating thier feared marauder leader Shan Yu by reconnverting him to her it defeats the entire process....I never had a problem with that message this new adaptation crosses a line

  25. J Lei

    J Lei日 前

    They could have given us Mushu at least, since they won't have our favorite songs. 😭😭😭😭

  26. metallord69

    metallord69日 前

    whos the mortal kombat reject that turned into the bird

  27. Rouge Isho

    Rouge Isho日 前

    this looks like bull crap.

  28. Nightmare Foxy

    Nightmare Foxy日 前

    Me: Shinsuke Nakamura, Bruce Lee, and other Japanese people are the best martial arts in their homeland. Mulan: *Hold ma katana*

  29. Elizabeth Rusyn

    Elizabeth Rusyn日 前

    Girls are way better fighters

  30. Clause Santa

    Clause Santa日 前

    Why do Chinese in old era speak English?

  31. Axel F

    Axel F日 前


  32. SmileyLegends

    SmileyLegends日 前

    kinda sad how i cant watch dis in theatres due to lockdown :(

  33. Ryan seas

    Ryan seas日 前

    Lol cant wait to see muchou

  34. Ryan seas

    Ryan seas日 前

    Shit finally man mulan has been out for so long about time they made an actual movie about woth real people not fiction people this is lit cant wait

  35. Ryan seas

    Ryan seas日 前

    @DF ik the movie is but the ppl aren't mulan was just a character now they put a cast behind that character other mulans were just talked over characters but i guess you didnt understand what i meant

  36. DF

    DF日 前

    Ryan seas this is still fiction

  37. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay日 前

    Damn you coronavirus

  38. Foggy Pebble

    Foggy Pebble日 前

    This movie and many others have been postponed due to the Coronavirus!! I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a year and the original Mulan is one of my favorite movies!

  39. fred otieno

    fred otieno日 前

    ArMY messenger

  40. Powoww P

    Powoww P日 前

    It's a shame the actress is in support of unethical practices by police in hk. I hope people boycott thus movie



    the people who kopid me fug you

  42. Bọ Hung

    Bọ Hung2 日 前

    Vietnam có ai k

  43. Wyatt Osuba

    Wyatt Osuba2 日 前

    Coronavirus: Oh so you are all going to the movie theater to go see that Mulan reboot? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I THINK NOT.

  44. Superbutter 800

    Superbutter 8002 日 前

    Looks kinda crap and I grew up with this movie so I have BIG nostalgia for this, hopefully its good

  45. Wyatt Osuba

    Wyatt Osuba2 日 前

    Unlike other Disney reboots, which are rated PG, this one is rated PG-13. HOW FASCINATING. 😮😮😮😮😮

  46. Viktorija D

    Viktorija D2 日 前

    Where is mushu

  47. Katy taylor

    Katy taylor2 日 前


  48. rabbitmaze

    rabbitmaze2 日 前

    it actually looks so good. ;_;

  49. TerPine

    TerPine2 日 前

    They took mulan way too seriously man... that’s why I expect this to not work well, like the lion king and no matter how good it looks, this is not really mulan anymore

  50. Tatyana Jay

    Tatyana Jay2 日 前

    So where's mushu?😭😭

  51. Matt from Florida

    Matt from Florida2 日 前

    I have an idea for a Disney 'Princess' movie about the corona-virus: *'Wuhan Mulan'* What do you think?

  52. mr T

    mr T2 日 前

    No dragon 😒

  53. Eu e Tu, Tu e eu.

    Eu e Tu, Tu e eu.2 日 前

    Sem muchur eu não assisto 😠

  54. Oguz Schmenger

    Oguz Schmenger2 日 前

    Me: This could be the first really good Disney remake, since The Jungle Book. Corona: Really 😏

  55. Matt Coombes

    Matt Coombes2 日 前

    BAD NEWS: Covid-19 is preventing us from seeing Mulan. GOOD NEWS: Samuel Kim, the guy who made this version of Reflection, has put it up on Spotify for us all to enjoy. It’s called “Reflection - Epic Version”. Be safe and healthy everyone.

  56. Hellstorm Vertigo

    Hellstorm Vertigo2 日 前

    were tf is the dragon, and the 3 companions of mulan

  57. Za Ha

    Za Ha2 日 前

    I make a Man out of you

  58. Hi Ho

    Hi Ho2 日 前

    Who sees donnie yen 💛

  59. Zayna Ditta

    Zayna Ditta2 日 前

    Where’s captain li Shang

  60. Sarada Uchiha

    Sarada Uchiha2 日 前

    Disney made this movie it has to be according to the movie of 1997 not the actual legend...and they cut off Mushu bc it's not...."realistic" ...meanwhile that shape shifting witch...ok Disney ok

  61. Gray bridge Tipton

    Gray bridge Tipton2 日 前

    Where is Matt Damon ??

  62. Humairah

    Humairah2 日 前

    *we all need mushu*

  63. Vel Duaso de Ocampo

    Vel Duaso de Ocampo3 日 前

    Womens Month, Womens Power. 💪💪💪

  64. Galaxy

    Galaxy3 日 前

    Where Tf is the sauce?

  65. Sebas L

    Sebas L3 日 前

    Now I just wanna see a live action lilo and stitch

  66. pewdie pie

    pewdie pie3 日 前

    Pls unsubscribe Disney

  67. 奇里夫

    奇里夫3 日 前

    The actress of Mulan is agree Hong Kong Police Violence to against human right. I never watch this movie

  68. Renjie Wang

    Renjie Wang日 前

    that's BS U know that

  69. Kenny Lin

    Kenny Lin3 日 前

    whitest chinese movie trailer i ever seen

  70. Lorena Hernandez

    Lorena Hernandez3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> You're saying our villain is witch?! A witch being a villain is the most clichest villain you would ever pick

  71. Nicole Jimenez

    Nicole Jimenez3 日 前

    Movie cool nice good

  72. Ibrahim Audu

    Ibrahim Audu3 日 前

    Saw the trailer for the first time today. I always thought mushu and cricket would be in it. I'm disappointed lol

  73. Ink Bendy Toons 1

    Ink Bendy Toons 13 日 前

    Petition to change Chi-Fu's Actor JK

  74. Alexander Baysara

    Alexander Baysara3 日 前

    So, there's no Mushu, no Cricket, no Matchmaker, no Ancestors... but there's a witch? Am I missing something? Cause thats not the Mulan I remember watching



    Who else wanted to see moosho

  76. Gabby

    Gabby3 日 前

    where is mushu?... that is my only question

  77. 凍檸茶少甜

    凍檸茶少甜3 日 前

    Plz don’t watch this movie 🙏🏻

  78. Robogirl

    Robogirl3 日 前

    Mulan!? More like Flulan.

  79. mtz.k30 AZ

    mtz.k30 AZ3 日 前

    I'm not sure about this honestly..

  80. Teckkers

    Teckkers3 日 前

    Where Mushu at?



    I hate you Covid-19

  82. I’ll Teach You

    I’ll Teach You3 日 前

    After the breakdown of Corona Virus, Mulan will give as te mindset to forgive them.

  83. o_g i M y u_na

    o_g i M y u_na3 日 前


  84. shourya prakhar

    shourya prakhar3 日 前