Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser


  1. Han Nguyen

    Han Nguyen8 時間 前

    She doesn’t even move her face wtf is this called an “actress” ?????

  2. YOU ME you

    YOU ME you9 時間 前

    Disney supports police brutality! Disgusting #boycottmulan

  3. Swamp Muffin

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  4. Elerrr

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  5. Christina Chong

    Christina Chong14 時間 前

    ​#BoycuttMulan wrong location wrong history, most importantly, the actress supports HK police brutality and thats why I boycutt.

  6. Wahaha Fung

    Wahaha Fung17 時間 前

    The actress Liu supports HONG KONG POLICE BRUTALITY against peaceful protestors. She is NOT qualified to be Mulan ( hero/princess) with such cruel spirit. Shame on her! Shame on Disney!

  7. Tony Romero

    Tony Romero2 日 前

    Dinkey wpyld be disappointing for his pet Dragon didn't make live action film.

  8. Feliz Navidad

    Feliz Navidad2 日 前


  9. Elaine

    Elaine3 日 前

    hello disney~ why are u deleting comments that you dun like~because of how tasty RMB is? are you turning into WHO?

  10. Samazing Samazing

    Samazing Samazing3 日 前


  11. tourist cn

    tourist cn4 日 前


  12. Steven Green

    Steven Green4 日 前

    #BoycottMulan and stand with Hong Kong. 光復香港,時代革命

  13. Timmy Temkka

    Timmy Temkka2 日 前

    Chinese government forced her to say such things. It is nothing to do with Disney.

  14. BrandonVoiceGuy

    BrandonVoiceGuy4 日 前

    I have to admit, it's interesting that Disney is making the movie based off the original story rather than their adaptation however I have a feeling this isn't going to do as good as if they went with the Disney adaptation but then again I may be wrong. But I can guarantee that people are going to bitch if it didn't do good.... this is the internet after all.

  15. Top Insight

    Top Insight4 日 前

    Living Mulan #realDragonPrincess sends best wish to the film: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-k2fmFxcV4F4.html

  16. sulaiman222

    sulaiman2225 日 前

    Those who are interested in watching the Hua Mulan classic musical movie in Chinese with English subtitles should go here jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Tglm3anmue8.html. You will get an excellent introduction to one type of Chinese musicals (very catchy and lively tunes) and many authentic cultural concepts: traditional Chinese social norms, filial piety values, nationalism, conscription into the army, officer selection, traditional weapons used in war, treatment of foreign invaders, romance in the old days, etc. This is a well-loved classic movie loved by many Chinese. Only when you have watched this and can appreciate the cultural aspects, you can then compare it to the Americanized modern Mulan movie. Enjoy.




  18. HeungGongYan

    HeungGongYan5 日 前

    boycott mulan!pls support hong kongers🆘🇭🇰

  19. Trent

    Trent5 日 前

    The first Disney reboot to get a PG-13 rating

  20. Ioan Vlad

    Ioan Vlad5 日 前

    Where is my szechuan sos?

  21. BlackBerry

    BlackBerry5 日 前


  22. cantopopulist

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  23. Nat Kuhn

    Nat Kuhn7 日 前

    I’m going to cry so hard in this movie, I’m calling it

  24. Rizman Panggabean

    Rizman Panggabean7 日 前

    "These are the qualities we see in WUHAN"

  25. Farrah Mae Villarosa

    Farrah Mae Villarosa8 日 前

    1:14 😍😍😍

  26. Kota孔堂

    Kota孔堂9 日 前

    Mulan is not Princess in history,But She is DISNEY PRINCESS!

  27. G. K.

    G. K.11 日 前

    I can't wait to see how they made the Huns!! Because I am from hungary

  28. G. K.

    G. K.10 日 前

    @Loup Bleu I agree, they made Huns in the cartoon too barbarian and not soo realistic but I think there is a little truth in it. Because back then "we"/they were primitiv to the other civilizations like China or ect.. So this is why I am waiting for this because maybe they done a little more research. And I hope in the future they will make a "Hungarian princess" (in the 1800's or in the nomad life) princess. 😊

  29. Loup Bleu

    Loup Bleu10 日 前

    The problem is that the American realisators though it would be a good idea to depict the Huns as some afghan insurgents with turbans and black eyeliners so it's not accurate at all, Huns in the cartoon were lightyears ahead in terms of accuracy. Since it's an American movie it's very binary when it comes to "good guys / bad guys" separation, I guess they wanted to include their current geopolitical enemies as the bad guys but it totally ruined the movie to me since I'm inner Mongolian, what's next ? They'll eat vegetables too ? LOL (just in case if some people don't get the joke: Huns had a strictly carnivore regime)

  30. Ronald Sanchez

    Ronald Sanchez11 日 前

    I’m sure funny characters will be on the next trailer. This will target Rated GP.

  31. Daniel Thng

    Daniel Thng12 日 前

    Lui Yifie!!!! I love her sooooo much!

  32. Summer Baby

    Summer Baby13 日 前

    Omg Mulan is one of my fav disney princess!

  33. Random Guy

    Random Guy13 日 前

    expected to be a GOOD WIFE trained to be a SOLDIER

  34. ラピスラズリ

    ラピスラズリ14 日 前

    ディズニーアニメの中でムーランが一番好き! 楽しみ☺️

  35. 검애스반엣아

    검애스반엣아14 日 前

    Nobody else thinks she's gorgeous?

  36. Thomas Zhang

    Thomas Zhang17 日 前

    This is classic Chinese by Mulan. 唧唧复唧唧,木兰当户织。不闻机杼声,惟闻女叹息。问女何所思,问女何所忆。女亦无所思,女亦无所忆。昨夜见军帖,可汗大点兵,军书十二卷,卷卷有爷名。阿爷无大儿,木兰无长兄,愿为市鞍马,从此替爷征。东市买骏马,西市买鞍鞯,南市买辔头,北市买长鞭。旦辞爷娘去,暮宿黄河边,不闻爷娘唤女声,但闻黄河流水鸣溅溅。旦辞黄河去,暮至黑山头,不闻爷娘唤女声,但闻燕山胡骑鸣啾啾。万里赴戎机,关山度若飞。朔气传金柝,寒光照铁衣。将军百战死,壮士十年归。归来见天子,天子坐明堂。策勋十二转,赏赐百千强。可汗问所欲,木兰不用尚书郎,愿驰千里足,送儿还故乡。爷娘闻女来,出郭相扶将。阿姊闻妹来,当户理红妆。小弟闻姊来,磨刀霍霍向猪羊。开我东阁门,坐我西阁床,脱我战时袍,著我旧时裳。当窗理云鬓,对镜帖花黄。出门看火伴,火伴皆惊忙,同行十二年,不知木兰是女郎。雄兔脚扑朔,雌兔眼迷离。双兔傍地走,安能辨我是雄雌?

  37. Witty Cherry, necira

    Witty Cherry, necira18 日 前

    Am i the only one who heard her saying it's my duty to fart not fight😂😂

  38. The Bmac

    The Bmac19 日 前

    Mulan brings honor to her family and protects her homeland = brave woman. Me going to war and screaming “Merica!” = white nationalism.

  39. pravi Pavi

    pravi Pavi19 日 前


  40. Immortal Richard Dragon

    Immortal Richard Dragon20 日 前

    Mulan 1:18: You shall not pass!

  41. Lianne Buenafe

    Lianne Buenafe21 日 前

    This is not a remake. It completely change the story for the most part. It took out some of the original characters in the original movie

  42. Taskeen Fatma

    Taskeen Fatma21 日 前

    Liu Yiefi! !!!!!!!! I love her!!!

  43. ANH Minh

    ANH Minh21 日 前

    hmm Mulan from China but she says English ????

  44. I'm In Satan's Basement

    I'm In Satan's Basement23 日 前

    Okay just to clear up, this movie isn't a live action remake of Disney's Mulan, it's about the ballad of Mulan.

  45. Davin Lie

    Davin Lie23 日 前

    I want to see Jimmy Wong!

  46. Will G. Forrest

    Will G. Forrest23 日 前

    This is the best trailer, the others were good, but they receded in my expectations.

  47. Reyhan Budianto

    Reyhan Budianto24 日 前

    like kung fu film

  48. Ming Leong

    Ming Leong24 日 前

    hopefully the matchmaker scene will be funny as the animation one

  49. Nenad Lucic

    Nenad Lucic24 日 前

    It follows the original story. The ballad of Mulan, what I really think is a good move. I really like that they took out all the music of the movie.that will draw a wider audience in my opinion.i am an martial arts fan and it looks really good. how can’t you go and watch the movie with all these legends in the movie. Thatmovie will make over a billion dollars. I predict 400 to 500 millions alone in China.

  50. perharbs

    perharbs24 日 前

    I wanna see bug armies

  51. Ng Wing Ying

    Ng Wing Ying24 日 前


  52. Olivia Furtuna

    Olivia Furtuna24 日 前

    ok the scene where Mulan was fighting the solders,gave me goosbums holy fuck.As I can see the movie will be more serious than the animation .Interesting

  53. Ariella Leung

    Ariella Leung25 日 前

    Fun fact: The actress who plays Mulan actually supports violence.🙂

  54. Jonathan C.

    Jonathan C.25 日 前

    brabo dmssssssssssssss


    PHOENIXZ DX25 日 前

    They ruined the jungle book: They ruined be Beauty and the beast: they were ok with dumbo: They were OK with Aladdin: Why the lion king out of all things?: Mulan sees this: Oh SH-

  56. Genesis Rostro

    Genesis Rostro26 日 前

    2020? Anyone?

  57. Azeri mapper

    Azeri mapper27 日 前

    C O R O N A V I R U S H A S E N T E R E D T H E C H A T

  58. Camila Marques

    Camila Marques27 日 前

    "When will my reflection show who I'm inside?" I heard it 🥰

  59. Orjada Jaupaj

    Orjada Jaupaj27 日 前


  60. zuly vargas

    zuly vargas28 日 前

    Every masterpiece has its cheap copy. : '(

  61. G. K.

    G. K.29 日 前

    This will be amazing! But I think they should make Brother Bear and that would be amazing

  62. Jessica Fallen

    Jessica Fallen29 日 前

    Going to see that March31!!!!!

  63. Superherosolution

    Superherosolutionヶ月 前

    No Jackie Chan. No sale.