Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!


  1. Rokeya begum Ete

    Rokeya begum Ete21 時間 前

    And it was much better then I expected

  2. Rokeya begum Ete

    Rokeya begum Ete21 時間 前

    This is the best movie I've ever seen in my life

  3. Jyrunhkptnjsnlcfradmvphtrvelcir Crysyslycrnysnradt

    Jyrunhkptnjsnlcfradmvphtrvelcir Crysyslycrnysnradt23 時間 前

    I liked this movie, riding splash mountain in my head. Makes anyone scream!

  4. Ashlyn Jones

    Ashlyn Jones日 前

    Genie is such a mood

  5. bittu bammash

    bittu bammash日 前

    Download kese kare

  6. Ahmed Evans

    Ahmed Evans日 前

    Aladdin is from iraq

  7. venessa rodrigues

    venessa rodrigues日 前

    Trailer is more beautifu

  8. Danielle Kamunen

    Danielle Kamunen2 日 前

    It came out on my birthday

  9. Hussien Alsafi

    Hussien Alsafi2 日 前


  10. Know me

    Know me2 日 前

    If I get 3 wish from genie I would have use my wish to add More wish 😎

  11. Violedy Charria

    Violedy Charria2 日 前

    That movie was spectacular

  12. Palanisamy Madakkannu

    Palanisamy Madakkannu2 日 前

    Jonney depp is the perfect suit for Alladin character.. they just missed to use him..

  13. J

    J3 日 前

    The movie is already 1 year old! This is actually a worthy remake Will Smith has enough charm as both genie and non-genie but Williams is still the master Aladdin is just okay here but thank god Jasmine isn’t as passive in this version and she’s more politically active I think it depends which movie is your favorite so you can still watch them back to back

  14. Suraj Vishwakarma

    Suraj Vishwakarma3 日 前

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  15. Helin Adib

    Helin Adib3 日 前

    Who is here 2020 May!

  16. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo4 日 前

    I honestly liked this better than the original

  17. Md Babu

    Md Babu5 日 前

    এটার পরে এই নায়ক এর ছবি চাই

  18. Zuri Su

    Zuri Su5 日 前

    : )

  19. Crafty Shawn

    Crafty Shawn5 日 前

    Just got this out of Redbox

  20. Marialis Perez

    Marialis Perez5 日 前

    Jafar looked like Anwar 😭

  21. Marialis Perez

    Marialis Perez3 日 前

    @Mohd Ikhrul Hafiz that's why I was laughing a little bit every time he appeared

  22. Mohd Ikhrul Hafiz

    Mohd Ikhrul Hafiz5 日 前

    ikr i think the same thing HSHSHAH

  23. Gokul Anil

    Gokul Anil5 日 前

    there is no full movie

  24. Rose ♡

    Rose ♡4 日 前

    On Disney Plus there is

  25. ramadhani Feng

    ramadhani Feng6 日 前

    I like aladdin (mena massoud) and the jasmine (naomi scott) 😍😍

  26. Rhel Yochoi

    Rhel Yochoi6 日 前

    The guy looked more like Aladdin than Alaaddin

  27. AL YA

    AL YA6 日 前

    Altough it is an Arabian tale ; I see only Indian folk !!!! You ought to understand the traits first .

  28. Funny Edits

    Funny Edits6 日 前

    Great movie

  29. Voice Of Neha

    Voice Of Neha7 日 前

    I liked the movie but I like the old Jafar BETTER

  30. Divikesh Bhan

    Divikesh Bhan9 日 前

    Love the movie One of my all time favourites Love everyones acting especially mena massoud, naomi scott, will smith and nasim pedrad

  31. SnakeTheJake

    SnakeTheJake10 日 前

    The reason I think Disney is remaking movies is so the originals will keep being watched by people and still have an existence.

  32. z1mt0n1x

    z1mt0n1x10 日 前

    Wasn't Jasmine supposed to be 15 and Aladdin 18? These guys look way older. I mean, if it's supposed to be a remake you don't just change things out of the blue... Disney is not the only one that treated a remake this way, and it's not just age, but locations and other details. Transformers is another example, and Airbender.

  33. emma

    emma4 日 前

    the age doesn’t really matter, it all really counts on the acting skills and appearance. naomi scott is 27 and mena massoud is 28

  34. Crtani Filmovi

    Crtani Filmovi11 日 前

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  35. Crtani Filmovi

    Crtani Filmovi11 日 前

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  36. That_girl_tahliah B

    That_girl_tahliah B12 日 前

    I disagree with most people’s opinions when they say things like the movie still sucked or no one can replace robin williams I honestly think this is one of Disney’s best movies and it’s my fav not trying to throw dirt or shade at others and there opinions just saying😊

  37. That_girl_tahliah B

    That_girl_tahliah B13 時間 前

    Keefy Boi I agree

  38. Keefy Boi

    Keefy Boi13 時間 前

    They should learn to accept new things too, they're being salty and bitter. The now generation ppl are being too spoilt as well

  39. B Kay

    B Kay12 日 前

    You know i never doubted in this movie even before it came out!

  40. B Kay

    B Kay12 日 前

    All those people talking trash about this movie before it came out now theyre all obsessing over it😎

  41. Sinem Atasoy

    Sinem Atasoy12 日 前

    BOLLYWOOD ALADDIN?! Totally dissappointed.. where is the Arabic tale?

  42. mwt 233

    mwt 23313 日 前

    am I the only one who's going to feel strange watching basically a Arabic historical drama in full English? lol

  43. Man of a man

    Man of a man13 日 前

    In some Indian movies, Aladdin is a prince who’s a hero

  44. Uwu Uwu

    Uwu Uwu14 日 前

    The movie is super cool I really love it I saw. It on fox cinema 🔥🔥

  45. JellyBird12

    JellyBird1214 日 前

    Highly dissapointed in the movie..

  46. tswiftist13

    tswiftist1315 日 前

    lowkey my favorite disney trailer

  47. JL MOHA Wa

    JL MOHA Wa17 日 前

    C est lourd oul1lalallalalalalalalalallall

  48. Karan VFX

    Karan VFX18 日 前

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  49. Morida Gultom

    Morida Gultom18 日 前

    Aurora please

  50. Hassan Al_iraqi

    Hassan Al_iraqi18 日 前

    The movie is great but it’s is ironic that they didn’t mention anything about Where this story happened and who even wrote it ! All the stories like sinbad etc. from the”thousands and one thousand nights” or the arabian nights which all written in iraq in Baghdad and mat stories happened in Baghdad! They didn’t mention anything from that it’s insane ! They didn’t even depict the real customer or iraqi people or the songs and music ! This is really Unfortunate ! 😠

  51. Jannahtul Raya

    Jannahtul Raya18 日 前

    I liked it

  52. E M

    E M19 日 前

    The movie was ok I guess. The settings and visuals we're great. But there was no emotion.

  53. bruh moment

    bruh moment19 日 前

    disney please stop

  54. Mohid Twaseen

    Mohid Twaseen20 日 前

    this kid was in dhoom 3

  55. smileyfan16

    smileyfan1620 日 前

    Aladdin is Disney's best remake.

  56. Mahiden Shah

    Mahiden Shah20 日 前

    This is the best remake movie of all time😍😍😍😍

  57. Michael Arat

    Michael Arat21 日 前

    I finally watched this movie. The first time I saw the teaser I refused to watch this. Saw the scores on Rotten Tomatoes and decided still no. Almost an entire year later I gave in out of boredom and wow. This is one of my favorite live action adaptions. This had a lot of depth and interesting story telling with some updates. Sure it’s not the original but I had to remember it’s not a goofy cartoon, it’s an adaption. It blew my expectations and loved the acting. Jasmine really felt like Jasmine, Aladdin felt like Aladdin. Will Smith’s Genie felt like his own character and not trying to push himself to be like Robin. The be yourself line throughout the film kind of spoke to me about this film. I try my best to not compare films and so I wanted a fresh perspective from the film itself. I’m upset I never saw this in theaters but ignorance got the best of me. I say well done.

  58. Pete Booth

    Pete Booth23 日 前

    All work and no play.

  59. Juvena Okram

    Juvena Okram23 日 前

    Super flop movie

  60. EJofLA

    EJofLA24 日 前

    Loved most of this movie- it was awesome! Until the end where they Marvel-Movied it, which took away the magic as it just got exhaustingly too much. More isn't always more whoever is in charge I hope is listening!

  61. Alia Alam

    Alia Alam24 日 前

    I think I prefer smurf blue spray-painted Will Smith to normal Will Smith.

  62. Rupert Tumbaga

    Rupert Tumbaga24 日 前

    Can someone tell what this sound effect called? at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>

  63. jorge cameras lopez1

    jorge cameras lopez125 日 前

    2001. 9/11 2020. "Chairo". Pan. PRI. Enrique Peña Nieto dineros pesos Mickey mouse. Trump y Aladdín oro lamp John titor

  64. Kshitij Chhokar

    Kshitij Chhokar26 日 前

    I am mindblown by the fact that how much it exceeded my expectation😯specially Will Smith being the gene

  65. Y_r [BoY

    Y_r [BoY26 日 前

    I_Like_this_ Movie 🎠

  66. kitten wizard

    kitten wizard26 日 前

    Aladdin is my all time favorite movie, when this trailer came out I watched it 100 times while acting insane, when I went to watch the movie I smiled like a creep with every song ( except the new one, dont get me wrong they're good just not from the original movie) I love aladdin I always will :)

  67. mewk

    mewk27 日 前

    Best live action movie in disney❤️❤️❤️ im in love with the effects , the music , the costumes , the props , the editings, i love everything about this movie... Salute to all the crews of this movie❤️❤️

  68. Jay B vlogz

    Jay B vlogz27 日 前


  69. Karly M Harris

    Karly M Harris28 日 前

    the fact that this movie came out almost a year ago makes me :(

  70. العراقي الحر

    العراقي الحر28 日 前

    من سينمانا ايرث لنك اجيت 😍⁦🇮🇶⁩😉

  71. MrWWFederation

    MrWWFederation28 日 前

    This is the best Disney remake of all time. Masterpiece of a movie

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    RIA SUCI ANISA 201428 日 前

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  73. Marr

    Marr29 日 前

    i’ve watched the movie 8 times and rewatching the trailer gives me gosebumps

  74. pasindu lashan

    pasindu lashan29 日 前

    Very good movie

  75. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanatorヶ月 前

    watched this this afternoon fell asleep though😡

  76. Ayaz Ahmed

    Ayaz Ahmedヶ月 前

    Everyone definitely wants a second part right

  77. Ayaz Ahmed

    Ayaz Ahmedヶ月 前

    This movie is a masterpiece remake glad that there making a sequel with spicing up a new story

  78. U0020x

    U0020xヶ月 前

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  79. 90s Nostalgia

    90s Nostalgiaヶ月 前

    Almost as good as the original :p

  80. elena stokes

    elena stokesヶ月 前

    This movie was dopeee and I just loved will Smith as jenie

  81. ajay sengar

    ajay sengarヶ月 前

    Aladdin was a charachter in 1001 arabian nights a book which was written during the rule of mighty caliph harun al rashid...it was the time of islamic golden age...an age when islam flourished both in terms of spirituality and scientifically.An age when arab and persian culture was folded into one...

  82. Le Neexz

    Le Neexzヶ月 前

    When i saw will smith as a genie i said nah. But when i saw the whole movie damn i think i got a lack of information about his talent and The whole movie is great very nostalgic.. mena did a great job and naomi Scott

  83. Matthew Cooke

    Matthew Cookeヶ月 前

    Guy Ritchie FUCKED this REMAKE Up!!!!!

  84. Emma Tyson

    Emma Tysonヶ月 前

    This is a great movie! Best remake so far! I was actually really excited when I saw the trailers, but apparently they got a lot of hate. Oh well, still a good movie.

  85. Psycho Devil

    Psycho Devilヶ月 前

    Best movie love from India 😊

  86. Shah Xad

    Shah Xadヶ月 前

    is this the first one or this is a sequel to a movie before this one.