Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!


  1. LePapillon

    LePapillon時間 前

    yaahahahhh..thats hot.

  2. Isabel Garcia

    Isabel Garcia時間 前

    Anyone else got Prince of Persia chills at the beginning?? Just me?

  3. Gaurav mandor

    Gaurav mandor時間 前

    Ta da da da da aladdin madafakar 😂..... Snoop dogg😎😎

  4. prasetyo reizky

    prasetyo reizky時間 前

    Keren bro,, salam dari Indonesia

  5. usang chanel

    usang chanel時間 前

    Yang mau film dilan 1991 ada di channel saya

  6. Anthony Riccardi

    Anthony Riccardi時間 前

    This looks dope af

  7. Sean Jayson

    Sean Jayson2 時間 前

    Why cant they just make the Genie in full CGI like Thanos?

  8. The last Melon

    The last Melon2 時間 前

    I’m about to watch this shit 8 times a in theaters

  9. Ethan 0007

    Ethan 00072 時間 前

    Ranveer singh khilji look was better than this jafar

  10. Ethan 0007

    Ethan 00072 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-v7K4vGYL9zI.html howz this guy as jafar ?

  11. Jenni Lopez

    Jenni Lopez2 時間 前

    Why did Aladdin’s shirt have to be on...

  12. Vignesh dhils

    Vignesh dhils2 時間 前

    But the animated version is legit its ok

  13. Sai krishna

    Sai krishna2 時間 前

    Lion king, toy story,Aladdin..

  14. Giorgie Gorge

    Giorgie Gorge3 時間 前

    So far, I’ve watched Cinderella and Beauty and the beast as for the live remakes. Cinderella obvi was amazing and great story. Beauty and the beast, well, uhmm, was terrible. We’ll see about this one!


    KHALED WALED3 時間 前

    علاء الدين❤

  16. Greate Gambler

    Greate Gambler3 時間 前

    Porn parody?

  17. Wes B

    Wes B3 時間 前

    Frooooom, West Saudi Arabia born and raised, in a tiny lamp, where I spent most of my days.

  18. sofia

    sofia4 時間 前

    if you look closely at 1:58 when Aladdin fall there's a person 'o'

  19. MAX MAX

    MAX MAX4 時間 前

    Once again.. Hollywood (aka White people) mixing Indian culture with Middle Eastern/Arab culture. Smh.

  20. Flowercat911

    Flowercat9114 時間 前

    Who in the world is jafer? I hear people talk about him in the comments. Please TELL ME!

  21. manik basha

    manik basha4 時間 前

    Will give Oscar to will smith.especially wen comes out of lamp expressions are extraordinary.

  22. Jasmine Stuart

    Jasmine Stuart4 時間 前

    Could of found a cuter Aladdin tho

  23. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover5 時間 前

    Also the guy in the role of Aladdin is so handsome!

  24. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover5 時間 前

    So when is there gonna be a Hispanic princess, and a Latina Princess?



    Why did the thumbnail remind me of T-series?

  26. Lyn's Vloggers

    Lyn's Vloggers5 時間 前

    Looks good movie

  27. Daamiyan Ahmed

    Daamiyan Ahmed5 時間 前

    My issue is that I can’t imagine this Alaadin singing one step ahead :pensive:

  28. Waterfall Hunters

    Waterfall Hunters5 時間 前

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  29. freshguy601

    freshguy6015 時間 前

    Where is the parrot?

  30. Gonzalez131

    Gonzalez1315 時間 前

    look at 0:24 the parrot can be seen flying by infront of Jafar.

  31. Xylinder CELINE

    Xylinder CELINE6 時間 前

    Looking forward for this ❤

  32. Brianna Hernandez

    Brianna Hernandez6 時間 前

    I remember her from lemonade mouth!

  33. Marjana Ali

    Marjana Ali6 時間 前


  34. Harith Mustafah

    Harith Mustafah6 時間 前

    No, l like the cartoon version more, this one looks wierd, and songs were much better in cartoon version

  35. Cocos Love

    Cocos Love6 時間 前

    Everyone is talking about how bad the character cast is, but I think it looks awesome. And I can’t wait to tell my mom to take me to see it lol.



    🙏💦 *హోలీ పండగ శుభాకాంక్షలు*💦🙏 💥 హోలీ పండగ విశిష్టతను తెలుసుకుందాం.... 👉 ‘హోలీ’ ఎందుకు జరుపుకుంటారు? 👉 తెలుసుకోవాలంటే ఈ క్రింద ఇవ్వబడిన లింక్ పై క్లిక్ చేసి చూడగలరు..👇 jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Y3SEnuyb6BA.html *subscribe & Share* ✍🏿

  37. Diego Urena (du9589)

    Diego Urena (du9589)6 時間 前

    Mia khalifa should’ve been jasmine

  38. 22Link Yoshi4

    22Link Yoshi45 時間 前

    lol hope no young people r researching that name lol

  39. Jonathon Fyck

    Jonathon Fyck6 時間 前

    Wow those 33K people must really hate Will Smith

  40. Danny Cartagena

    Danny Cartagena6 時間 前

    Yes they do?!

  41. Usman Shahid

    Usman Shahid6 時間 前

    The Fresh Prince of Agrabah

  42. Brayyan Maulana

    Brayyan Maulana7 時間 前

    Disney????? Film palsu

  43. Jara FPV

    Jara FPV7 時間 前

    now I see the trailer .. I feel like I watched the entire movie

  44. LynSire Ⓥ

    LynSire Ⓥ7 時間 前

    In my mind I had imagined Aladdin as cute looking young Brad Kane, and Jasmine as a sensual Kim Kardashian.

  45. Bear hug :3

    Bear hug :37 時間 前

    This is going to be *_AMAZING_* , I just know it. 1:44 - the end gave me goosebumps!

  46. It’s a nerd in a box’s YEAH

    It’s a nerd in a box’s YEAH7 時間 前

    I actually so excited to see this....I cried a little bit

  47. Saeryen Kalador

    Saeryen Kalador7 時間 前

    It looks amazing!

  48. Gretchen Wieners

    Gretchen Wieners7 時間 前

    omg it’s mo from lemonade mouth

  49. peacelovechocolate

    peacelovechocolate7 時間 前

    I only know “Twisted: the untold story of a royal vizier”. Sorry Disney

  50. BuRn_RyRy Latte

    BuRn_RyRy Latte7 時間 前

    On the thumbnail, I thought that was T-series

  51. chase johnson

    chase johnson7 時間 前

    What is this, bollywood

  52. FightCard Previewer

    FightCard Previewer8 時間 前

    I don't even see genie. I just see Will Smith covered in blue paint. Who's idea was it to cast him lmao

  53. Squishney Loop

    Squishney Loop8 時間 前


  54. Zoel Amp

    Zoel Amp8 時間 前

    When disney became bollywood

  55. StaryNoon

    StaryNoon8 時間 前

    The fact that will smith plays in!!!! says LOT!!! This is going to be great XD

  56. freeridge_stan

    freeridge_stan8 時間 前

    Can we acknowledge the 15% of us who just came because we’re lemonade mouth stans?

  57. StaryNoon

    StaryNoon8 時間 前

    Cant wait

  58. ines lime

    ines lime8 時間 前


  59. Earle

    Earle8 時間 前

    broooo the aesthetics

  60. girona022

    girona0229 時間 前

    sorry but you ain't never gonna be able to replace Robin Williams as the original genie

  61. Jay Lonz

    Jay Lonz9 時間 前

    1:47 was the part that hooked me

  62. N Abdiel Nieves

    N Abdiel Nieves9 時間 前

    Want to make this even greater? PUT SORA IN THERE!!! 🤩🙌🏼

  63. TheHammerman68

    TheHammerman689 時間 前

    I was never a big fan of the first Aladdin movie thought my sister was, but this is making me want to watch the original again. This new movie shows promise

  64. Jess

    Jess9 時間 前

    I got goosebumps when he said “do you trust me” damn son actual chills

  65. rohit sharma

    rohit sharma9 時間 前

    Jasmine is so PRETTY!

  66. jose ortiz

    jose ortiz9 時間 前

    I thought this was T-Series or something

  67. Damonte Burris

    Damonte Burris10 時間 前

    Genie wants Aladdin make a prince.

  68. DanielTheJediYT

    DanielTheJediYT10 時間 前

    I know that the meme of this movie is really supposed to be will smith but I can only think of ya like jazz right now. Can we get a live adaptation of the bee movie but Vanessa’s boyfriend is played by will smith?

  69. Bloxburg Gaming

    Bloxburg Gaming10 時間 前


  70. Leonardo Rodriguez

    Leonardo Rodriguez10 時間 前


  71. Bryant Carlos

    Bryant Carlos10 時間 前

    They need a comedian for geni not will Smith hope he can bring a comical touch

  72. Hannah S

    Hannah S11 時間 前

    As soon as jasmine started singing my lungs were screaming I want to watch this so bad.

  73. Meghan Ambrose

    Meghan Ambrose11 時間 前

    I didn't expect Will Smith to play the role of Genie ... Great then this is going to be fun... But to be honest this looks like the Indian Version of Aladdin...

  74. Pero Peric

    Pero Peric11 時間 前


  75. Taka Etono

    Taka Etono11 時間 前

    Disney sucks. more and more each year. yeah yeah... "we have CGI now so lets make reboots of every f*ing idea we ever had, since we cant come up with decent new stuff". Sure, just my opinion. But it might matter after all caus I had been a Disney fan most of my life. But this... no more.

  76. Proverch 88

    Proverch 8811 時間 前


  77. saiinly

    saiinly11 時間 前

    Hey Disney, learn from the Kalank trailer to see what Aladdin should really look like.

  78. mona aziz

    mona aziz11 時間 前

    Wow amazing 😩😩

  79. Is Ro

    Is Ro12 時間 前


  80. Miss wise

    Miss wise12 時間 前

    Thank u Disney... Seems pretty good

  81. Soyoon K.

    Soyoon K.12 時間 前

    Jafar is not casted right, HES MEANT TO BE A VILLAIN


    FOKAT BAZAAR12 時間 前

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  83. Extreme dumbness inc

    Extreme dumbness inc12 時間 前

    You should make spider pig in a movie

  84. Uttara Gupta

    Uttara Gupta12 時間 前

    I miss Jasmine's blue attire.

  85. Dying Inside

    Dying Inside12 時間 前

    sponsored by t-series

  86. Kim Wan Hee

    Kim Wan Hee13 時間 前

    I don't know how many times I have rewatched this trailer already...haaa...I just cannot wait ^.^ My inner child is squealing so much right now!

  87. Steve from high school

    Steve from high school13 時間 前

    Same honestly

  88. DooDieDee

    DooDieDee13 時間 前

    Oh thats hot, thats hot - usher


    TEKNİK RESİM13 時間 前

    The story clearly states that it is about a Muslim boy living in China. It is a Uygur legend. And the story takes place where silk road passes. It has no fucking connection to Arabs. Holywood should at least acknowledge that.

  90. Reaper The Indoraptor

    Reaper The Indoraptor14 時間 前

    Rodan vs Roc Iago The flight fight of 2019

  91. Darra Fungus man

    Darra Fungus man14 時間 前

    I’m sorry but this looks incredibly fucking bad

  92. Ryan Hussain

    Ryan Hussain14 時間 前

    Kinda feel nostalgic. The breast is exactly the same size

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    Armageddon News14 時間 前

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  94. Manasi S

    Manasi S14 時間 前

    Wow this actually surpassed my expectations for the trailer

  95. Haris Ibn Sahir

    Haris Ibn Sahir14 時間 前

    This is just heartwarming. To know that most of these guys were able to catch a break from the call centers at 7-11. PS- I’m an Indian living in India. Just wanted to put this out there so that people won’t have to feel bad about thinking this.

  96. Awesome dude lol

    Awesome dude lol14 時間 前


  97. Hanna

    Hanna14 時間 前

    ok now i'm exited for the movie

  98. Australian Parrot Breeding

    Australian Parrot Breeding15 時間 前

    Trailer is really nice 👌

  99. The Court Of Public Opinion

    The Court Of Public Opinion15 時間 前

    Disney can you just stop collectively ruining our childhoods

  100. Keverino

    Keverino15 時間 前

    If there isn't a "bee yourself" line in this movie I swear to God I'm gonna riot.

  101. Jol Mart

    Jol Mart15 時間 前

    dis shit looks so mofokin gooood g

  102. Jack.B

    Jack.B15 時間 前

    Looks pretty good

  103. Brett Baer

    Brett Baer15 時間 前

    Still salty about Jade not getting the part of Jasmine 😑

  104. Pema Thongchi

    Pema Thongchi16 時間 前

    Jasmine is so pretty