Disney Pixar's Soul - Official Trailer (2020) Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey


  1. Jose Frausto

    Jose Frausto2 日 前

    I'm getting emotional because of AJR!! Man I want this to be a success

  2. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy3 日 前

    thats new?"

  3. hunty spaghetti

    hunty spaghetti4 日 前

    Iam actually part of ign

  4. Ülraïcha Alexandre

    Ülraïcha Alexandre4 日 前

    I want to see it because it seems cool BUT ALSO BECAUSE THE SONG IS FROM AJR-- A big AJR fan.

  5. Chairofthebored

    Chairofthebored4 日 前

    Can we give props to the person on the scooter for squeezing into that tiny space between the manhole and the MC? That's some daredevil type riding right there

  6. Chris Burns

    Chris Burns5 日 前

    Do people not believe the Rapture is soon? We are nearing the end of the 2000 yr age of grace. We in the "end times" now.

  7. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy3 日 前

    Pixar needs to go to church, I'm just waiting for them to do a horror film lol

  8. Plantenaria ouo

    Plantenaria ouo5 日 前

    AJR! ✌

  9. Jason Ashby

    Jason Ashby6 日 前

    Terrible. Just stop making movies, please.

  10. SAM Baldus

    SAM Baldus6 日 前

    how did the guy on the moped not crash into that hole?

  11. Elisabeth Chan

    Elisabeth Chan6 日 前

    Name song??????

  12. Gerald destroyer of world's

    Gerald destroyer of world's7 日 前

    It's berleezy

  13. Gerald destroyer of world's

    Gerald destroyer of world's7 日 前

    I recognize that one head from anywhere

  14. Leaky Sink

    Leaky Sink7 日 前

    What I’m guessing happened was this was gonna be a more serious movie with a focus on the protags struggles, but someone thought they needed a kid aspect and added the cowboy dance thing

  15. Wingate8 7zero

    Wingate8 7zero7 日 前

    34 so ul33 soul 67 the soul 26 74 i on z i on


    soLiD PAPAGIORGIO7 日 前

    The music is beautiful. Love how “Overture”is incorporated into the film’s score.

  17. Xboxfan2000

    Xboxfan20007 日 前

    What song is this

  18. Az. J. Woods

    Az. J. Woods8 日 前

    That's... really not jazz

  19. Misterio Dark

    Misterio Dark8 日 前

    pyxar dead is funny

  20. ALPHA Gaming

    ALPHA Gaming8 日 前

    We’re is my AJR Lovers at”?💕🙌🏼

  21. Just Somebody

    Just Somebody9 日 前

    i wanna be remembered as not being this small.

  22. kiba860

    kiba8609 日 前

    Pixar needs to go to church, I'm just waiting for them to do a horror film lol

  23. FPL Undownloader

    FPL Undownloader9 日 前

    I’m proud of AJR, to people who don’t know them, they did the music here, it’s their song “overture” check it and the rest of their music out

  24. Jacks Vacs and Safety

    Jacks Vacs and Safety10 日 前

    The background music is AJR overture! Yes ma’am

  25. John Striker

    John Striker10 日 前

    Excited for this!

  26. lawal faruk

    lawal faruk10 日 前

    Manhole:am about to this man whole life!

  27. lawal faruk

    lawal faruk10 日 前

    Well not gonna lie they had us at the first half.....🚶🏽‍♂️

  28. Enhanced Human

    Enhanced Human10 日 前

    Ah crap, it's just another isekai, isn't it?

  29. SUBJECT 31

    SUBJECT 3110 日 前

    Ahh finally they used an AJR song

  30. Cryz

    Cryz11 日 前

    *literally dies in the trailer*

  31. Martin Moore

    Martin Moore11 日 前

    A soulful movie.

  32. Garvey Neal

    Garvey Neal12 日 前

    Wow i'm getting some ray charles vibes here from jamie foxx's character.

  33. WooIn Louie YANG

    WooIn Louie YANG12 日 前

    I have a feeling one of these two movies will fail... Am I the only one?

  34. Panic Wolf Frolly Productions

    Panic Wolf Frolly Productions12 日 前

    What if your soul is an alien turtle?? 😂

  35. Lucid Lethalist

    Lucid Lethalist13 日 前

    Imagine if AJR actually sued Disney for copyright for using their songs

  36. Sheeer Soft

    Sheeer Soft13 日 前

    It’s my bois ajr!!!

  37. Mary Magdalene

    Mary Magdalene13 日 前

    This looked like everything I could ask for up until he died, like the animation quality of the diverse city and the lighting and character design could already bring me to tears but I already know the rest of the movie’s just gonna throw that away with its directional use of oooh magic colors and funny looking blobs

  38. Karla the battle buritto

    Karla the battle buritto14 日 前

    First song from AJR

  39. Doctor JohCoy

    Doctor JohCoy14 日 前

    wow! bad!

  40. Tevin Howard

    Tevin Howard14 日 前

    Where ever the cosmic realms are will it be the protagonist as NYC 's music teacher find the way where he had fallen to .

  41. Lula Wubs

    Lula Wubs15 日 前

    That thing looks like my paralysis demon

  42. MOCMationFilm

    MOCMationFilm15 日 前

    Just like Inside out but worse