Disney Love Medley (feat. Kirstin Maldonado & Jeremy Michael Lewis)


  1. Frances Yoo

    Frances Yoo7 時間 前

    The back up vocals are just so reliable that it empowers the main vocals. How nice is that feeling?

  2. Leonardus Irfan

    Leonardus Irfan13 時間 前

    I want more of this!!

  3. bruchpilot747

    bruchpilot747日 前

    Imma say it: This is more Disney than Disney has been in a long time!

  4. Darlene Bulawin

    Darlene Bulawin日 前

    so good, synchronised

  5. Krisna Aditya

    Krisna Aditya2 日 前

    Dude, i wish kirstin cover more disney song 😍

  6. Noonah

    Noonah2 日 前

    3:24 kinda give me a Glee vibe >

  7. Anna - Wedding Voice Anna Déinyan

    Anna - Wedding Voice Anna Déinyan2 日 前

    25 Million views and I'm afraid I'm responsible for at least half of them. This is so freaking beautiful!!!!

  8. Kenneth Ho

    Kenneth Ho3 日 前

    tbh , if you cut Jeremy's voice from the group , I wouldn't have noticed

  9. darknj

    darknj3 日 前

    I came for the chemistry between Jeremy and Kristin and stayed over for Voctave

  10. Hoony K.

    Hoony K.3 日 前

    i'm really impressed with the background singers.. the harmonics... just wow

  11. elisha martin

    elisha martin4 日 前

    Wow you guys are amazing! Is there an album of you works in general? And viewers, please don't tell me you don't hear the floor come through right after 3:08 . Come on men section!!

  12. Amita Krich

    Amita Krich5 日 前

    4.32 how he’s looking at her is adorable :) also this medley is genuinely incredible

  13. ᄃ23ᄋᄅ

    ᄃ23ᄋᄅ6 日 前


  14. Outher

    Outher6 日 前


  15. Fretchie Grafe

    Fretchie Grafe6 日 前

    Anyone who's still listening? 🖐

  16. Fretchie Grafe

    Fretchie Grafe2 日 前

    @sven hanse it's my remedy everytime I take an exam. The feels!

  17. sven hanse

    sven hanse4 日 前

    Oh yes! I still get a euphoric feeling - both physical and emotional every time I listen. One of the most satisfying musical listening experiences ever.

  18. Calvin taste of pure music

    Calvin taste of pure music7 日 前

    Incredible and really inspired with the hard work and musicality.Firstly hats up to the sound engineer and composer for so much of effort and all singer who put their dedication and understanding of music.

  19. Vincent Rey Ursabia

    Vincent Rey Ursabia7 日 前

    Just love. 2020 here

  20. Sono Acqua

    Sono Acqua7 日 前

    Love You Voctave!! You are amazing!!

  21. Dems Suck

    Dems Suck8 日 前

    I love the chubby girls!

  22. Rainer Groß

    Rainer Groß8 日 前

    *Heavenly !!!*

  23. Tyler Tinari

    Tyler Tinari8 日 前

    This is by far one of the most memorable and satisfying endings to any piece of music I've heard. I listened to this when it came out, and I still get chills and goosebumps listening to those final chords. The arrangement and performance of all of it is incredible, but WOW.

  24. Liz Echevarria

    Liz Echevarria8 日 前

    Kayla: they should do a defying gravity, part of your world, once upon a dream and i won't say i'm in love and out there and popular, when will my life being, how far i go. all of the songs in the world

  25. Mi N

    Mi N9 日 前

    Glad I found this, very impressed

  26. Anime JT

    Anime JT9 日 前

    Tarzan q-q oh my god

  27. Jinho Jung-Cotton

    Jinho Jung-Cotton9 日 前

    Awww Kirstin

  28. Kenneth Womack

    Kenneth Womack9 日 前

    So nice I had to watch it twice! 😄😄😂

  29. 米

    10 日 前




    good but needs bass

  31. che lee

    che lee12 日 前

    2019?? Like it

  32. Nick Napolitano

    Nick Napolitano12 日 前

    Three years later and I’m STILL CRYING

  33. Misaelli Silva

    Misaelli Silva13 日 前

    Que maravilhoso😍👏

  34. Gabriela Sencion

    Gabriela Sencion13 日 前

    this is so... so .. soo good

  35. Silje Strønen

    Silje Strønen13 日 前

    I can't help but feel like Part of Your World would have fit in perfectly.

  36. tigre fofo

    tigre fofo13 日 前

    Hands up to background they're awesome! that 2 ladies hitting the opera notes almost kill me woowwwww

  37. H2O Soundcheck

    H2O Soundcheck13 日 前

    Great Work!

  38. Mariel Sinq97

    Mariel Sinq9713 日 前

    This Disney medley just soars in my heart! Everyone has perfect harmony and magnificent melody! This feels so magical!

  39. edward j

    edward j14 日 前

    여자분 너무 귀엽고 귀정화된다....

  40. SaltyTubers

    SaltyTubers15 日 前

    Jamey Ray, MASTER of Arranging!! Truly amazing.

  41. Raúl Melantuche

    Raúl Melantuche16 日 前

    That woman is a meisin💝and man

  42. Raúl Melantuche

    Raúl Melantuche16 日 前

    She is a star

  43. Trenton Traylor

    Trenton Traylor17 日 前

    I fully believe that Jeremy took the lyrics to heart when he was singing and put all his energy into making sure Kirstin knew that even though they were performing a medley, he meant every word of what he was singing towards her. Powerful

  44. Dave Wetherell

    Dave Wetherell17 日 前

    And the think the two of them are engaged. Their children are going to be some type of hybrid super-singers.

  45. Dave Wetherell

    Dave Wetherell11 日 前

    Even better. One couple will have a boy, the other a girl, and their grandchildren will rule the world. :)

  46. José Nunes

    José Nunes17 日 前

    They were engaged, now Kirstie is with Ben Hausdo and Jeremy is with Lauren

  47. Disney Love

    Disney Love17 日 前


  48. Toshik Rvantseva

    Toshik Rvantseva17 日 前

    I'm crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  49. thassa lot of sodium

    thassa lot of sodium17 日 前

    i love how smiley he is


    AJ LIKES TREES18 日 前

    That soprano 1 woman going sicko mode She's sooo good

  51. John Dough

    John Dough18 日 前

    RIP Pentatonix :-(

  52. Mandy Kruse

    Mandy Kruse11 日 前

    I'm confused

  53. Vandrei Banaag

    Vandrei Banaag18 日 前

    I miss Kirstie and Jeremy together

  54. Alexandra

    Alexandra18 日 前

    I think 4:32 is the most adorable thing I’ve ever witnessed

  55. WetWilly Bandit

    WetWilly Bandit14 日 前

    Couldn't agree more.......gotta get someone that smiles at you like that.

  56. Alyssa

    Alyssa19 日 前

    God I live for his smile

  57. P E Wheatley

    P E Wheatley21 日 前

    Kirstin herself looks like a delightful little cartoon character girl. Lovely! The whole thing is mesmerising.

  58. 3150 korinsei

    3150 korinsei21 日 前

    I'm dying........................ (;o;) (/ _ ; )

  59. Sahana Balaji

    Sahana Balaji21 日 前

    Does anyone notice that the other guy that is singing is her fiancé/future husband and if you guys are from the future he is her husband

  60. Mandy Kruse

    Mandy Kruse11 日 前

    They aren't together anymore :/

  61. stephy A

    stephy A22 日 前

    les voix derrière (surtout les femmes) ont beaucoup plus de coffre que kirstin et jeremy. C'est bien dommage qu'ils et elles ne soient pas plus mis en avant. A certains moments, ils couvrent presque entièrement les voix devants.

  62. Hunter Dawn

    Hunter Dawn22 日 前

    2019 anyone?✋

  63. Damon Barber

    Damon Barber22 日 前

    I wish Kirsty would have kept this look. Avi made quite an impression. I'm glad he's doin' alright. I also hope DCapella makes a Christmas albumb.

  64. Ethan Berry

    Ethan Berry22 日 前

    Why is Go the Distance in here? It's not a love song. It's so good but still

  65. Vania Calista

    Vania Calista24 日 前

    is this boy now with lauren?

  66. Misaka Mikoto

    Misaka Mikoto24 日 前

    yea, that so sad

  67. Joey Camacho

    Joey Camacho24 日 前

    I just ugly cried through that entire video beginning from the first second.

  68. Rachael Onuigbo

    Rachael Onuigbo25 日 前


  69. Milena Farias

    Milena Farias26 日 前