Dismantling a scam


  1. Eduardo Enriquez

    Eduardo Enriquez35 分 前

    You are my hero

  2. Sandra Raituma

    Sandra Raituma時間 前

    You sound a bit like a commentator on Discovery channel - "And The lion approaches it's victim". :D

  3. Bryn Price

    Bryn Price時間 前

    If anybody tries to kidnap this guy's daughter they will soon regret it. There's a series of movies based on this.

  4. Mohammad Shahzeb Qureshi

    Mohammad Shahzeb Qureshi時間 前

    Hahahaha absolute legend!

  5. Glenn Joseph // Jogpen

    Glenn Joseph // Jogpen2 時間 前

    Is there an update to these scammers?

  6. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz2 時間 前

    At last, something on JPreporter that uses Patreon that is a real benefit to the public. If people like Jim had proper government backing they could shut down all scams like this!

  7. Lukas Stratmann

    Lukas Stratmann2 時間 前

    How does this reversing the connection work exactly? Is it an included feature of the remote access tool they use?

  8. Żywy Official

    Żywy Official3 時間 前

    Bro U are GOD

  9. I am a Tarot Card

    I am a Tarot Card3 時間 前

    It's literally like stealing money in public. From anything or anyone, I think these scammers don't see it this way, because you never interact with the person you rob. But watching you made me realize these people are just as a criminal walking into any normal physical store and stealing. Pretty cool to see how you do these things. True hero sir.

  10. John Lever

    John Lever3 時間 前

    I just love the word dismantle.

  11. Maryam Hodaie

    Maryam Hodaie3 時間 前

    i bet jim isnt even his real name lol thanks for your services tho

  12. xxx xxx

    xxx xxx3 時間 前

    Give this man a medal I say!

  13. Jesse Richter

    Jesse Richter4 時間 前

    Ahaha the scammer going on incognito is almost cute

  14. Scott Lowell

    Scott Lowell4 時間 前

    The thing that must infuriate the scammer- not just dismantling. The fact you talk to them in a calm, collected and confident manner. To hear in your voice that they have not angered or scared you in any way must kill them.

  15. dan vans

    dan vans4 時間 前

    jim:say my name scammers:dave Robert

  16. Nitrobucket

    Nitrobucket4 時間 前

    Thank you for your service

  17. The Main Nerd

    The Main Nerd4 時間 前

    Heroes do exist. And Jim is a true Hero.

  18. Jaydino

    Jaydino5 時間 前

    why is it always indians. like im not trying to be racist or anything, but seriously

  19. Hannah Lewry

    Hannah Lewry5 時間 前

    Keep up the good work!!

  20. scot kight

    scot kight5 時間 前

    Do you still need to talk to anyone at the Apple store? I am local to that one though it may still be closed, let me know.

  21. game changer 123

    game changer 1235 時間 前

    how did you get control of scamers??in india..if we do thiz..first you go to jail then that indian scammer😂(not sure if that scamer will go to jail,bez the laws are not strong)

  22. Alan Dalan

    Alan Dalan6 時間 前

    Why the scammers are all from India ??

  23. WannaComment2

    WannaComment26 時間 前

    The police in Kulkata was probably happy to know that there are some juice bribes just waiting for them to come pick them up.

  24. Glen Nielsen

    Glen Nielsen6 時間 前

    Did you call that womans bank before you called her? That would have been a good idea because I can only imagine that when she called the bank, the bankers might have had questions as to who you were and if they could contact you.

  25. Gowtham Prakaash

    Gowtham Prakaash6 時間 前

    How do you connect back to the scammer's computer?

  26. Wesam Abukhdeir

    Wesam Abukhdeir7 時間 前

    what a beast bro

  27. SquishEESpark

    SquishEESpark7 時間 前

    They got the fake email wrong, they wrote “Springfield Armony” lol

  28. Mayank

    Mayank7 時間 前

    Scamming a 75 year old innocent woman!! Do these scammers have even a little bit of shame!! I'm an Indian myself and I'm ashamed of these people taking advantage of other innocent people unaware of how these computers work!!!

  29. Sarim Ahmed

    Sarim Ahmed7 時間 前

    "I've passed on the details to the FBI 😮

  30. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda8 時間 前

    Indian = no no

  31. Jonathan john

    Jonathan john8 時間 前

    good hacker.........u r a hero

  32. Entrepreneur Mindset

    Entrepreneur Mindset8 時間 前

    Great to see someone doing the right thing man, you're a genius with computers damn!

  33. LOL

    LOL8 時間 前

    Scammer: wait, i recognise this voice... (lip trembling) yo..you're not Jim Browning are you? Jim: Yes Scammer: (hangs up and calls his boss): Baba Yega is coming

  34. insert namehere

    insert namehere9 時間 前

    Makes me think back i was scammed too. Was doing chemo back then when i was 18 and wanted a pandora really bad for myself to make me happy. How i know i got a fake pandora made of cheap fake silver which cost almost $70 for the whole thing. I’m so pissed. If only this guy had saved me too :(

  35. Drew perry

    Drew perry9 時間 前

    I’m so happy you were able to get to her to where she could call her bank, hopefully in time.

  36. FastredGreenholm

    FastredGreenholm9 時間 前

    I saw some of this videos., just out of interest. Today I got a call from Evelin Smith ( strong indian accent) regarding my windows computer. I have a mac.

  37. __Junayed__

    __Junayed__9 時間 前

    Good job boss..i love your honesty

  38. Rishabh Awasthi

    Rishabh Awasthi9 時間 前

    How come all of them are indians.

  39. StevieDrama

    StevieDrama9 時間 前


  40. sankalp sharma

    sankalp sharma9 時間 前

    i want to join your company>>>

  41. Albert Chow

    Albert Chow10 時間 前

    After watching a few of your videos I have a sudden paranoia that I'm being scammed and I keep impulsively checking whether or not the URL I'm at is the one I should be at

  42. Albert Chow

    Albert Chow10 時間 前

    After watching a few of your videos I have a sudden paranoia that I'm being scammed and I keep impulsively checking whether or not the URL I'm at is the one I should be at

  43. Baptiste Dejean

    Baptiste Dejean10 時間 前

    No need to be a genius to see that it's a scam... There's written Sprinfield Armory and Sprigfield ArmoNy right under it -_-

  44. Kezia-Beryl Godwyll

    Kezia-Beryl Godwyll10 時間 前

    I'm just here to listen to your voice😂 well done!

  45. TheGodWhoComes

    TheGodWhoComes10 時間 前

    Thank you for everything you do. Subscribed, liked and commented.

  46. General Of Leafy Army

    General Of Leafy Army10 時間 前

    Please teach wise one

  47. Razer

    Razer10 時間 前

    I wish the Indian government would officially recruit you to fight against these monsters. It's heartbreaking to watch people, especially the elderly get spammed like this.

  48. GuruAshram : Prepare For Bright Future

    GuruAshram : Prepare For Bright Future10 時間 前

    hey jim, You should report these people in the Indian Cyber Crime agency or Central Bureau of investigation on twitter. police will pickup those guys within the day I will your work sorry , I really feel down after seeing peoples from my country doing all these type people should die

  49. Mayu Jog

    Mayu Jog11 時間 前

    I am amazed I think all of them are from India........ If you need help translating some phrases in some languages may be I can help....... Stop them..... Go on we are with you......

  50. Anonymous Joe

    Anonymous Joe11 時間 前

    Man your channel deserves the world there isn’t many people like you

  51. Gordiejohn

    Gordiejohn11 時間 前

    3:00... Aashis, that particular contact, has, what looks like a screen grab of Matthew McConaughey in 'The Wolf of Wall street'. I've heard some of these dicks mention they got inspiration from that film. Bunch of idiots.

  52. Musilytical

    Musilytical11 時間 前

    Wouldn't it be smart to just close ur wifi router when you know u messed up?

  53. Jack McGann

    Jack McGann11 時間 前

    How do I learn your magic spells Jimmy? Teach me your ways my lord!!!


    LOKITYZ11 時間 前

    Oh, no. I've found a new genre on JPreporter that I never though existed. Scam-hunting. Subscribed of course. It's gonna be a deep rabbit hole for me...

  55. Mike

    Mike12 時間 前

    Me: Having a trouble on my computer. Also me: Calling a Internet Tech Support. *HEARD INDIAN ACCENT* *NOPE*

  56. Peshia Lam

    Peshia Lam12 時間 前

    8:41...?????? Heard the scammer murmured???? That's the last thing an Indian says when they know that they are f..k.d up.

  57. TACTICAL_ Synnx

    TACTICAL_ Synnx12 時間 前

    Scammer: can I have your screen real quick? Jim: alright Also Jim: I got your screen 😈

  58. Andrei S

    Andrei S12 時間 前

    your doing gods work, if only there were more skilled people like you...

  59. We Are one

    We Are one12 時間 前

    You are a hero 🦸‍♂️

  60. deirhese66

    deirhese6613 時間 前

    The hero we need.

  61. Strixx XD_yt

    Strixx XD_yt13 時間 前

    i know this message is late but this guy scares me almost as much as my dad :(

  62. Nolanator8551

    Nolanator855113 時間 前

    This Man could dismantle a COUNTRY

  63. Mike Mazz

    Mike Mazz13 時間 前

    Why do I feel like Jim is actually Liam Neeson?

  64. Anna Conroy

    Anna Conroy13 時間 前

    Jim you’re like the scammer busting version of batman. Awesome

  65. Lion lion

    Lion lion13 時間 前

    You’re honestly such a humble and good person and a fine example of how good we can actually be. The fact you’re helping people with no reward or expectations in return just shows your good intentions. I wish you all the best and hope to god to protect you. On a side note some of those people you’re helping such dickheads not showing a bit of appreciation

  66. Puffin - One Handed Gamer

    Puffin - One Handed Gamer13 時間 前

    it's people like you and James Veitch that are the heroes to the common man. you handle the calls and James does the email scams :) if you haven't seen his youtube videos they are quite funny. he trolls the scammers til the scammers regret everything lol. it's justice in it's purest form.

  67. Joshua Browne

    Joshua Browne13 時間 前

    From the time I hear an Indian accent from any caller telling me about anything computer wise, I'm hanging up right away 😂😂

  68. Bunny Tsukino

    Bunny Tsukino13 時間 前

    *batman voice* Justice

  69. Stefan2SERB

    Stefan2SERB14 時間 前

    Absolutely love these videos! Thank God for JPreporter, this is exactly what it was built for. You’re a genius. Your lovely soothing Irish accent lulls them all into a false sense of security, then BAM the absolute devastation you unleash on these fools; their terror is palpable purely from voice.

  70. Unknown

    Unknown14 時間 前

    How are you able to watch their scams for so long?

  71. Taylor Brunelle

    Taylor Brunelle14 時間 前

    This guys is beyond boss

  72. Naul Freakraler

    Naul Freakraler14 時間 前

    8:08 ''please press the enter keypad on your keypad'' and its a computer not a bank.

  73. J A

    J A15 時間 前

    Mr. Browning, Thank you so much for helping these victims and alerting authorities to these low life scum people. God Bless you for helping this elderly lady. I am so glad you reported them to the FBI.could the FBI. To get involved with all the people that get scammed due to being international or across state lines? My apologies, I don’t know the perimeters of when the FBI is allowed to be involved. It just makes me so mad that people get scammed and seem to get away with it.

  74. Phantom Stranger

    Phantom Stranger15 時間 前

    Thank you! All heroes don't wear cape, you are doing a amazing work and please keep doing what you do

  75. Rover N

    Rover N15 時間 前

    12:41 Ive passed pn these details to the FBI.

  76. Night Wing

    Night Wing15 時間 前

    New sub here, you're amazing!!

  77. Rizqi Aditya Pratama Nugroho

    Rizqi Aditya Pratama Nugroho15 時間 前

    Someone who dislike this video was a scammer LoL

  78. Exploring With_ ME Robin

    Exploring With_ ME Robin16 時間 前

    Hey bro they even pay these broadbands so it’s hard for us to find

  79. thomass9264 3

    thomass9264 316 時間 前

    Damn, 500 bucks at Springfield armory wouldn’t get you shit anyway

  80. Soumya Panicker

    Soumya Panicker16 時間 前

    Hathway people reply only if we tweet our issues on twitter!