Disgusting Food Makes Gordon Go To Another Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Graz'zt Lugburz

    Graz'zt Lugburz14 時間 前

    I hope this Joe moron went bankrupt and never opened another restaurant ... how anyone can be so stupid is beyond me

  2. nothing to see here

    nothing to see here日 前

    What , is Joe a chameleon.

  3. griffo36

    griffo36日 前

    A hobos discarded shoe in the street would be more edible and tender

  4. griffo36

    griffo36日 前

    This guy deserved to fail just no clue

  5. Jo-Anne Winmill

    Jo-Anne Winmill3 日 前

    Scallops en poop thats what they are

  6. BDツ- NotSoBiju -

    BDツ- NotSoBiju -3 日 前

    Don't serve veg food to Gordon.

  7. ninjagogeorge0 games

    ninjagogeorge0 games3 日 前


  8. Tide Swell

    Tide Swell4 日 前

    How many times does Ramsay say “wow” in an episode? I lost count once he reached 3 figures. And what sort people eat elk? I am British and therefore, by definition, civilized. We Brits do NOT eat elk. I doubt if many people in UK know what an elk is, never mind where to buy or eat it.

  9. Haydini leafini

    Haydini leafini4 日 前

    Ight Imma head out

  10. WRAGE

    WRAGE4 日 前

    FINALLY.. now i know who's Joe

  11. WRAGE

    WRAGE4 日 前

    "wow" - Gordon Ramsey

  12. J.C. Cawley

    J.C. Cawley5 日 前

    Joe: Good luck, go find something better! Gordon: ight imma head out

  13. Mere Hasui

    Mere Hasui5 日 前

    Me: that looks deli- Gordon Ramsay: *DISGUSTING!* Me: DISGUSTING!


    CHAKMACK Ab5 日 前

    Joe is so in denial that he makes Amy look like a baby elk

  15. Callum Moore

    Callum Moore5 日 前

    "I guess we couldn't cook them until they were totally piping hot" Me, checking microwave instructions: I hear that's a pretty important thing to do.

  16. McC1oudv2

    McC1oudv25 日 前

    Is there footage of Barrys?

  17. fif fof

    fif fof5 日 前

    The queso cheese, doesnt that mean the cheese cheese?

  18. Jebediah Clang

    Jebediah Clang6 日 前

    4:39 Nice impression of Trump

  19. Ashbash DeSmash

    Ashbash DeSmash7 日 前

    you know when he says wow, as he sees the food. SHITS GOING DOWN

  20. Toby Murr

    Toby Murr8 日 前

    It’s so painful how stupid he is

  21. Scorpio

    Scorpio9 日 前

    4:40 r/watchpeopledieinside

  22. Christopher Dibbs

    Christopher Dibbs11 日 前

    I love how the waitress still says "enjoy" even though she knows he won't.

  23. Josh Copsey

    Josh Copsey11 日 前

    God is a twat

  24. U-TOPIC 47

    U-TOPIC 4711 日 前

    instant noodles may be best solution to this

  25. Snilf

    Snilf11 日 前

    Good weitress

  26. Ainz Ooal Gown

    Ainz Ooal Gown12 日 前

    The best part is that “Something better” in that case is literally the default option 😂

  27. La Se

    La Se12 日 前

    I know you only clicked the video to see 6:00 you’re welcome

  28. Der Knilch

    Der Knilch12 日 前

    Ah yes siting in a new restaurant everything is ok *gordon walks in* Me: Yeah I would like to pay and leave

  29. Julia Rinoa

    Julia Rinoa12 日 前

    ive learnt basic cookery for 4 years and let me tell you, every year they tell us to use edible garnishes. im surprised these chefs doesnt know that

  30. Thepowerlies

    Thepowerlies13 日 前

    what kind of food takes 10 seconds to get cold

  31. Ariella McCallum

    Ariella McCallum14 日 前

    Joe: good luck finding somthing better McDonald's:alow me to introduce myself

  32. uknow who u messing with

    uknow who u messing with14 日 前

    i m actually wondering where Gordon's gonna go eat

  33. Kiara Cummings

    Kiara Cummings14 日 前

    These waitresses are always exposing 😹

  34. Ok.

    Ok.14 日 前

    I love how he said "it's tender" but he's literally having so much trouble chewing

  35. Dama Ito

    Dama Ito15 日 前

    En croute my ass>My ass en croute

  36. neil obleada

    neil obleada17 日 前

    In what season and episode is this?

  37. Mohammed Kadir

    Mohammed Kadir18 日 前

    The guy at 6 16 😂😂😂😂😂couldn’t hold it in

  38. Mjhay Pangilinan - Gaming Channel

    Mjhay Pangilinan - Gaming Channel19 日 前

    "Legend say he's still chewing that tender piece of elk"

  39. PH Faker

    PH Faker20 日 前

    Gordon: *Goes to another restaurant* Gordon at the other restaurant: Disgusting *Gordon goes to another again*..........

  40. K E R M I T

    K E R M I T21 日 前

    lel i dare him to go in gordon restaurant ma man his restaurant is better than yours xD

  41. MXRGツ

    MXRGツ21 日 前

    “Good luck, go find something better” I don’t think that’ll be hard you know

  42. champagnemami00 _

    champagnemami00 _23 日 前

    Is there any restaurant that Gordon Ramsay actually likes their food (other than his)

  43. Vanesa Diaz

    Vanesa Diaz23 日 前

    For Gordon that's not a quesadilla, is a pesadilla.

  44. Black Ace

    Black Ace24 日 前

    Sometimes I think , how can anyone be this bad at cooking . 🤔🤔🤔

  45. TheMusicfan189

    TheMusicfan18924 日 前

    “It’s so tender” *chewing intensifies* How stubborn can you get? 😂

  46. memo A

    memo A24 日 前

    I bet gordon had tried spit and shit in his food without him knowing. The owner hates him😂

  47. Danterik

    Danterik24 日 前

    Why are americans so stupid honestly The Einstein of cooking comes in their restaurant and then think theyre smarter and better at cooking than Ramsey and tell him hes wrong. What is with them 🤣

  48. Akihiro Kenshin

    Akihiro Kenshin25 日 前

    His jaws at 4:53 : LIGHT WEIGHTS BABY !

  49. Light Owl

    Light Owl26 日 前

    Joe eats my 10 years old work boots: that's tender Elk right there.

  50. sirprintalot

    sirprintalot27 日 前

    'Joe - Owner' is an idiot.

  51. A -10 Thunderbolt

    A -10 Thunderboltヶ月 前

    i feel sorry for Amy

  52. Melissa Tran

    Melissa Tranヶ月 前

    joe: Good luck, go find something better Gordon Ramsay *MY RESTAURANT*

  53. Carson K

    Carson Kヶ月 前

    He did

  54. Yogg

    Yoggヶ月 前

    4:55 still biting at this day... Probably gonna fish in another decade

  55. Michael W

    Michael Wヶ月 前

    Joe: that fucking elk is *chew* tender *more chewing*, it's delicious *wants to say more but he gotta chew*

  56. N K

    N Kヶ月 前

    Waitresses are the biggest snitches lol

  57. Guide To Life yolo

    Guide To Life yoloヶ月 前

    "that elk is tender" -joe Bitch is straining his jaw tryna eat it 😂😂

  58. Joe Le Gud

    Joe Le Gudヶ月 前

    "Queso" cheese Lmao

  59. Squall0506

    Squall0506ヶ月 前

    If you look up the word arrogant in the dictionary you will see a picture of that owner

  60. Vadose Apollo

    Vadose Apolloヶ月 前

    Im pretty sure a lot of restaurants serve left overs lol

  61. Vadose Apollo

    Vadose Apolloヶ月 前

    @PancakesPusheen ! Yeah ik but the truth is for a lot of restaurants its expensive to buy fresh ingredients and a lot of other things

  62. PancakesPusheen !

    PancakesPusheen !ヶ月 前

    Vadose Apollo but the problem is they really shouldnt be.