Disgusting Food Makes Gordon Go To Another Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. yeet mah meat please

    yeet mah meat please4 時間 前

    That guys arrogance is unbearable. AND he's delusional

  2. Freek Buttz

    Freek Buttz10 時間 前

    “Is that the ...” “That’s the queso cheese.” So, just cheese?

  3. Tristan Wong

    Tristan Wong15 時間 前

    Maybe Joe ate the Elk that Gordon spat it out, so its tender

  4. EBL TV

    EBL TV日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> that ravioli popped like a pimple on a teenager‘s face. Disgusting

  5. That One Rahul

    That One Rahul日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> Boi u probably can't even afford to go to his restaurant seeing how ur restaurant is doing lmao

  6. Coffin Dancers

    Coffin Dancers3 日 前

    He should take the elk to Michelin. They would pay big money to have such a tough rubber.

  7. Kamitza

    Kamitza4 日 前

    That fucking elk is tender is delicious!!! 1h later still chewing on it

  8. Capacitor

    Capacitor6 日 前

    These clips either make me hungry or make me want to cook

  9. Warden

    Warden7 日 前

    Amy is a treasure

  10. Crimzash

    Crimzash7 日 前

    I'm so mad that there are so many blind arrogant and idiotic people who genuinely believe what they do is good when it's just shit. Even when you say it straight to their face.

  11. jamie Marshall 6

    jamie Marshall 68 日 前

    "Good luck finding somewhere better" Goes to amy's baking company

  12. Akhiilesh Gupta

    Akhiilesh Gupta日 前


  13. Craig Brotherton

    Craig Brotherton6 日 前

    imagine if she remarried Joe

  14. Ian Chauhan

    Ian Chauhan8 日 前

    He did find something better, it’s called Mcdonalds

  15. pdmore123

    pdmore1238 日 前

    I hate the American version. British version is much more real and gritty

  16. Yash Salunkhe

    Yash Salunkhe9 日 前

    "That is a tender piece of elk" Struggles to chew elk.... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="292">4:52</a>

  17. Hiro Matsune

    Hiro Matsune9 日 前

    The way Gordon squeezes the vegetarian ravioli it’s like squeezing a pimple.

  18. Osmiumskin 182

    Osmiumskin 1829 日 前

    That's a "quesashit" all mexicans are triggered



    I love how Gordon sits next to some cute grandmas and talks to them and they laugh just love that chicky smile in their face ahhaha

  20. Hercules Baterna

    Hercules Baterna11 日 前

    i just like it when people in the background are all awkwardly losing their appetite as gordon criticizes the food.

  21. Alexander Hounsell

    Alexander Hounsell12 日 前

    That owner thinks he's so much better than Gordon Ramsey and he thinks that hes the master chef not Ramsey 😂

  22. FeckingHell

    FeckingHell12 日 前

    Idk why but i really like lhe waitress that served him

  23. Jade Abbie Higgins

    Jade Abbie Higgins12 日 前

    What I do to just to get Gordon to call me darling

  24. Kimchi 1234

    Kimchi 123412 日 前

    Amy, rescue me!

  25. Ch4rl13 Moore

    Ch4rl13 Moore12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> she must enjoy saying that to his face soo much~

  26. Kieran Lovett

    Kieran Lovett13 日 前

    He orders so much food. What happens if he likes the food so runs out of stomach to eat it?

  27. mr nick21

    mr nick2113 日 前

    I was expecting the waitress to say "hey come here!! ITSSS RAWWWW TOUCH THATTT THATS ICE COLDD!!"

  28. Saksonijus Trumbačiauskas

    Saksonijus Trumbačiauskas14 日 前

    Joe: our food is from farm to fork. Gordon: from farm to trash can.

  29. TheBruhGuy 101

    TheBruhGuy 10115 日 前

    Their restaurant is failing but they still think that the food is good. hmmmm

  30. Michael Magi

    Michael Magi15 日 前

    tHaT iS a TeNdEr PiEcE oF eLk *chewing intensifies*

  31. Agustín Muñoz

    Agustín Muñoz15 日 前

    no one: literally no one: Joe:this is literally how they make it in Ohio

  32. Felix Tsang

    Felix Tsang16 日 前

    I bet the other restaurant will frame itself as "we filled Gordon Ramsay's stomach"

  33. Aries G. Raymundo

    Aries G. Raymundo17 日 前

    Elk is tender, chewy, etc. Yeah, you're eating what Ramsy just spit.

  34. franco grammatico

    franco grammatico17 日 前

    Queso cheese? Really?

  35. Jeremy Ly

    Jeremy Ly17 日 前

    This joe is so in denial

  36. ThatWolffe

    ThatWolffe19 日 前

    Elk Jerky? lmao

  37. Alpha Vex Studios

    Alpha Vex Studios19 日 前

    lol, Gordon Ramsey would go to McDonalds and the food would still be better then what he was served

  38. PeteOnFire

    PeteOnFire20 日 前

    Catch of the day ! But the day is april 4th 1987.

  39. Tasneem Bashir

    Tasneem Bashir20 日 前

    Fresh frozen

  40. antisocial skateboarder

    antisocial skateboarder20 日 前

    Legend has it that he’s still trying to eat the elk

  41. Jun Kitami

    Jun Kitami20 日 前

    I like how when Joe said "It's aged elk, elk is gonna have a bite..." and the waitress is just like "You know what? You're fuckin' hopeless if you think about it that way. I FUCKING ATE IT TOO YOU BLITHERING IDIOT!"

  42. Zei33

    Zei3321 日 前

    Farm to garbage lol

  43. Tapi

    Tapi21 日 前

    *Gordon decides to go to another restaurant* Other restaurant owners: -Why do I hear boss music?

  44. Cheap Tactics

    Cheap Tactics21 日 前

    "Queso cheese" that just means cheese cheese. There's a cheese called cheese?

  45. REAPER

    REAPER21 日 前

    It's tender elk Gordon it's tough The owner must have jaws and metal

  46. Marcelo Viana

    Marcelo Viana21 日 前

    I admire the sheer patience that Amy had with that arrogant piece of shit of a human called Joe while hearing all the bullshit he talked about Ramsey's complaints.

  47. Dat 1235

    Dat 123522 日 前

    Tender piece of elk he couldn’t bloody chew it in denial or what!!

  48. Pantelis Triantafillidis

    Pantelis Triantafillidis22 日 前

    The only thing that's bothering me is the cheap sound effects used from the show,very unprofessional.

  49. Nawal

    Nawal22 日 前

    Fucking boomer

  50. james G

    james G23 日 前

    "Its tender is delicious, this is how these items eat" as hes chewing it like bubblegum

  51. Nicole G.

    Nicole G.24 日 前


  52. Dmise

    Dmise24 日 前

    "This is how they do it in Ohio" I am no expert but I'm pretty sure nobody thinks of Ohio when thinking about culinary specialties

  53. Sourav Bagchi

    Sourav Bagchi24 日 前

    When he came to India, he liked every dishes.

  54. Pehi the Penguin

    Pehi the Penguin24 日 前

    Elk is like Gum with meat's flavor ?

  55. Cristian Andrei

    Cristian Andrei27 日 前

    I swear to God that all the chefs that serve shit food always think that their food is the best

  56. Bruh _

    Bruh _27 日 前

    Let’s be honest, they only laughed because it’s Gordon

  57. Lilith1986

    Lilith198628 日 前

    That is NOT a quesadilla!

  58. Mitchell C

    Mitchell C29 日 前

    I love queso cheese, it's like cheese but still cheese.

  59. Namiko Kazumi

    Namiko Kazumiヶ月 前

    I just loooove how Gordon always "thanks their darlings", it's so cute and polite... Truly a very well raised man

  60. Abdul Quddus

    Abdul Quddusヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="311">5:11</a> deluded human

  61. Lir Meaney

    Lir Meaneyヶ月 前

    I bet the other restaurant didn't have much better luck 😂

  62. Mohammad Adil

    Mohammad Adilヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay: eats gummy worms* *its way too chewy*

  63. Mohammad Adil

    Mohammad Adilヶ月 前

    this restaurant was able to make a fish dry...

  64. olebogeng magonare

    olebogeng magonareヶ月 前

    Which season was this?

  65. Chai E

    Chai Eヶ月 前

    I really want to know where he went to eat. part of me wishes he just went to a fast food place - like he went to Maccies and got a Big Mac and was just happy with that

  66. C. wan

    C. wanヶ月 前

    I just realised how loud the American version is.

  67. Renz Sobrevilla

    Renz Sobrevillaヶ月 前

    Ahh geez

  68. Thije Wissema

    Thije Wissemaヶ月 前

    i just wanna know how he liked the cafe

  69. warren dale

    warren daleヶ月 前


  70. Jaratic

    Jaraticヶ月 前

    I like it how hes doubting a renowned chef

  71. Patrick Cossack

    Patrick Cossackヶ月 前

    Good way to show what kind of personality some people have.

  72. Resurrection Leaf

    Resurrection Leafヶ月 前

    Will he like berries restaurant though

  73. Azzlack Gühnter

    Azzlack Gühnterヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> When you finally pop that one annoying Pimple

  74. Paul Kay

    Paul Kayヶ月 前

    Nobody: Gordon Ramsay: wow

  75. Yash Patil

    Yash Patilヶ月 前

    Skipping Gordon's ad to watch Gordon ramsey

  76. Ferricity AMV

    Ferricity AMVヶ月 前

    i would fucking go to gordon restaurant and say this shit go his food



    When joe talks about how tender the elk is... well that’s what I think he said because he was proper chewing that “tender elk” and almost broke his teeth 😂



    I feel bad for Tom, you know he wants to use fresh ingredients and cook proper food but the owner won’t let it, it’s mad to not let a chef cook to his full potential

  79. David O Donovan

    David O Donovanヶ月 前

    I despise that old mans arrogance.

  80. Tadhg Phelan

    Tadhg Phelanヶ月 前

    Ho is such a fucking bullshiter

  81. Just Roberto

    Just Robertoヶ月 前

    And that's how food poisoning was born,because some smart ass chefs have no apetite

  82. Jo Jerico Manalang

    Jo Jerico Manalangヶ月 前

    I'm sure some of those were good, or okay the least. Gordon's just being mean and overly critical

  83. Patrick Cossack

    Patrick Cossackヶ月 前

    I doubt it. He knows perfectly well what small restaurants can afford and still achieve. He doesn't expect the top food from them.

  84. Samantha Godard

    Samantha Godardヶ月 前

    Joe struggling to chew the elk: "That is a tender piece of elk!"