Dirt Bike Battle | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect2 年 前

    3 VIDEOS IN 3 WEEKS!! Next Monday: All Sports Golf Battle 3 Next Next Monday: Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle

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  10. shadow painting

    shadow painting日 前

    The robot dog

  11. 404breckin

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  12. Cameron Obermeyer

    Cameron Obermeyer2 日 前

    No black bike

  13. Cameron Obermeyer

    Cameron Obermeyer2 日 前

    I want Tyler’s bike

  14. Jordan Lee Quay

    Jordan Lee Quay2 日 前

    what is that dog robot thing

  15. RENIM P.R.

    RENIM P.R.2 日 前

    I want this bike🥰😍❤❤❤

  16. Justin Grisley

    Justin Grisley2 日 前

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  17. Hasyid 21

    Hasyid 212 日 前

    Nggak bisa basa Inggris 😂

  18. Alisha Khan

    Alisha Khan3 日 前

    Ya bike ap sale kart ge pleasekardy

  19. Meena Chaware

    Meena Chaware3 日 前

    Any one from INDIA 👇

  20. Pranjal Chandel

    Pranjal Chandel3 日 前

    who saw the dogs move and then get scared

  21. fichtl mens

    fichtl mens3 日 前

    Tyler cheating because he win in every battle do you know?




  23. The Quad Squad

    The Quad Squad4 日 前

    you scared me for a second

  24. Tim Morgan

    Tim Morgan4 日 前

    Nothing better than to spend my Wednesday watching grown men ridding bikes

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    love love4 日 前

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  27. J-Den Singer

    J-Den Singer5 日 前

    Any1 else know those are pit bikes not dirt bikes 😂🤣

  28. sarvagyajain

    sarvagyajain5 日 前

    garret is the best

  29. KW

    KW6 日 前

    where was cory in round 2

  30. Carrus Brick Productions

    Carrus Brick Productions3 日 前

    He was eliminated in the first round dude

  31. Jonas Samme

    Jonas Samme7 日 前

    Cory's chain broke then he get's hit by a ball in last place to add insult to injury

  32. Jaideep-11-7D

    Jaideep-11-7D7 日 前

    How you A.X.L

  33. ching ho

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  34. That Turtle 196

    That Turtle 1967 日 前

    Sure hope no one was injured

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  36. Tejinder Singh

    Tejinder Singh9 日 前

    your all videos are awesome

  37. Kansas City Chiefs

    Kansas City Chiefs9 日 前

    Lets go purple Hozer

  38. Ad2 Gamerdizz6u

    Ad2 Gamerdizz6u10 日 前

    I think Coby gets to the finally the most just never wins it

  39. Tareq Rstom

    Tareq Rstom10 日 前

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  43. Epix Games

    Epix Games11 日 前

    Anyone else thinks ty looked different in this vid

  44. Harvey Cunnington

    Harvey Cunnington11 日 前

    Is it a coincidence that Cory's chain broke and miles chain broke in the actual movie

  45. Alen k baiju

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  46. iPad Snl

    iPad Snl12 日 前

    Nice video

  47. Wesley Campbell

    Wesley Campbell13 日 前

    Tiny dirt bikes

  48. Qdog23rob

    Qdog23rob13 日 前

    Where is that at in Texas

  49. Danielee podutii

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  50. Neons

    Neons13 日 前

    1:59 CAMERA GG

  51. Romaero Edwards

    Romaero Edwards13 日 前

    is that a mecanicaldog

  52. Jewel Dineros

    Jewel Dineros13 日 前


  53. Jack Nielsen

    Jack Nielsen13 日 前

    Coby's was longer than ty's he just wants pride

  54. Vivaan

    Vivaan10 日 前

    You sure?

  55. Natalie Ponsler

    Natalie Ponsler13 日 前

    Team Coby!!

  56. Kat Gacha fan

    Kat Gacha fan14 日 前

    I love watching on quarantine

  57. Dead Space

    Dead Space14 日 前

    Garret was the only wearing a helmet in the last battle

  58. Callum Kiely

    Callum Kiely14 日 前

    Team Cody

  59. Katraj Nageswararao

    Katraj Nageswararao15 日 前


  60. Jennifer S

    Jennifer S15 日 前

    Do a 2 plz

  61. WrangWrang is me

    WrangWrang is me15 日 前

    Great vid guys love ya

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    John Lewis16 日 前

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    Jofacebbq17 日 前

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  65. Dj Hoes

    Dj Hoes17 日 前

    Who’s here in 2021!!😃😃😃😃😃😃

  66. D.C builds

    D.C builds19 日 前

    no wonder why everybody loves dirt bikes

  67. Hyper Potato Gaming

    Hyper Potato Gaming19 日 前

    0:52 😂🤣 Don’t ever change ty.

  68. Eugene Goldenberg

    Eugene Goldenberg19 日 前

    Team ty

  69. Elton Kleist

    Elton Kleist19 日 前

    Mario kart 😂😂

  70. Catherine Stevenson

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  71. Catherine Stevenson

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  72. Catherine Stevenson

    Catherine Stevenson19 日 前

    I LOVE U

  73. Shashank Vats

    Shashank Vats19 日 前

    Dude ur production costs are going of the roofs with each new video

  74. Roblox gameplays

    Roblox gameplays19 日 前

    4:31 tyler look liked Tyler from mrbeast lol


    DSH GAMER19 日 前

    can you gift that motobike in nepal plzz 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  76. Abby Borik

    Abby Borik20 日 前

    Cody and I are in the final round. And I wonder why no one likes me

  77. ifx96 -_

    ifx96 -_20 日 前

    I dont have even a cycle

  78. ifx96 -_

    ifx96 -_20 日 前

    Bro can i get one of the bikes

  79. Cael Woelflein

    Cael Woelflein20 日 前


  80. P & P Heard

    P & P Heard20 日 前

    The race is like the first challenge in jumanji: welcome to the jungle BTW the dirt bikes would be cooler if there were lights at the front

  81. danny rage

    danny rage21 日 前

    I though that the thumbnail wasn’t clickbait because they were doing a cool trofk

  82. Daniel Mulhall

    Daniel Mulhall21 日 前

    The intro was amazing by the way 😉

  83. Shana Pace

    Shana Pace21 日 前

    hay can I dirt bike battle?

  84. explore Fun in Dance with Satarupa sengupta

    explore Fun in Dance with Satarupa sengupta21 日 前

    When you were going through the doodle way when you were coming out there was that a robot dog standing and watching

  85. Ejanof Shumet /

    Ejanof Shumet /21 日 前

    i'm writing this comment on january 2019 with Internet Explorer, I hope my comment gets here quickly.

  86. Mohit Savaliya

    Mohit Savaliya21 日 前

    stay safe

  87. Hans Margis

    Hans Margis21 日 前

    How do they do that or are they born with this skills

  88. Carrus Brick Productions

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  89. Aleksa Stojnic

    Aleksa Stojnic21 日 前

    Mark of bikes? If someone know pls answer me

  90. frost wolf

    frost wolf22 日 前

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  91. frost wolf

    frost wolf22 日 前

    ( Y )



    We actually watched A-X-L yesterday!!

  93. Jervis Lee

    Jervis Lee22 日 前

    The thumbnail is great

  94. Deathstroke 44

    Deathstroke 4423 日 前

    That looks so fun it’s not even funny

  95. Dameer Faadhil

    Dameer Faadhil23 日 前

    Who else got these battles recomended to them after they rewatched some dp videos

  96. Ghostkinginaffect KG

    Ghostkinginaffect KG23 日 前

    Coby went farther than Tyler they cheated my dude coby

  97. Carrus Brick Productions

    Carrus Brick Productions3 日 前

    No Ty went farther it’s right where you fall off is the mark not where the person is when you fall off

  98. Marcus Garofolo

    Marcus Garofolo24 日 前

    those better be water proof

  99. Jessica Maher

    Jessica Maher24 日 前

    Because I'm on my moms account

  100. Jessica Maher

    Jessica Maher24 日 前

    My real name is Garrett so obviously I am a Garrett fan

  101. TheTankGaming

    TheTankGaming24 日 前

    Their like millionaires what’s up with the bikes 🏍 there’re so small

  102. Rey Rincon

    Rey Rincon24 日 前

    Cory “Keep your eye on red” Gets last first round.

  103. Lauren Bratton

    Lauren Bratton25 日 前

    I’m in 2021

  104. Conrad Laymon

    Conrad Laymon25 日 前

    is it wrong to say that dude perfect has more subs than Mr. Beast but Dude Perfect spend 10x less money than Mr. Beast does.

  105. Air Canada Lover

    Air Canada Lover25 日 前

    U didn’t realize but Tyler actually went farther than Coby idk why u guys celebrated so much

  106. Kara Morella

    Kara Morella25 日 前

    I love your battles I thought don't was going out in the first round lol

  107. Thanmay S H

    Thanmay S H25 日 前

    Can you give me a bike

  108. Nizer ツ

    Nizer ツ25 日 前

    Hello ты eblan

  109. Logan Playz

    Logan Playz26 日 前

    Is it just me or did they all look way to big for the bikes 😅😅