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    Lets dip your boosted board next.

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    JerryRigEverything I love how u *watch* these vids!

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    youre so attractive

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    How much would u charge me lol?

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    @Sasha Aaron THUMBS up...

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    Dipped an apple watch in gold.... that's pure genius Let's take a lil trip! I'm omw to 1k @ayeerenee__

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    Make more

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    Oh you had Jerry nice

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    Zack : Did you do it Casey : Yes Zack : What did it cost Casey :Everything

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    Checkout my videos. I want to become the next Casey Neistat. I’ve left school travel everywhere and I work in a multinational Fin-tech business.

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    0:31 👌🏻👌🏻🅱️🅾️ℹ️

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    Casey scratches off ray bans logo. Also wears gold Louis Vuitton Apple Watch

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    I like how Casey is acting like he’s paying attention but we all know he wants to have another first class flight to Canada

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    Gcse chemisty electrolysis prepared me for this moment

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    never realised that casey's studio had no toilet

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    Gold on a apple watch may be quite silly. You may buy a real watch.

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    Can you help me

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    Watch this, Apple Watch! Apple Watch: I am watching.

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    Let’s dip a Xbox one x or PS4 in gold

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    Joke sorry

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    I know it was a gold

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    Roccox09 it would break it because it is not water resistant

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    I don't know if Dan is still editing these but I'm glad there's no more crazy dark color-grading. Felt much more like Casey!

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    This is the kind of flex that I want to see fellas.

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    Apple would sell it for $3000

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    I didn’t know liquid gold was purple!

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    Hey CASEY I’m new JPreporterr , you can send me everything you don’t need from the fun mail people send you , I’m gonna Appreciate it a lot 😎

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    Is the mini s a good board?

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    but it it still working after that acis thing

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    bro i want your watch

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    Cut to Casey’s video of painting an Apple Watch gold

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    this whole video just made me feel poor 😂

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    Now I'm googling how to do this to the back of my phone 😭

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    That would be amazing! haha!

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    I want to buy this one 😍

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    Why doesn’t everyone do this stuff

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    You haven’t plated the Digital Crown 🤣

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    0:39 химия на русском, гимн России, Кейси что происходит???

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    ХИМИЯ))) Красава)

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    Thats some crazy scientific stuff going on there

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    Also... can you drop the name of the kit below lol

  44. Tim DaGraca

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    Would this work on the stainless steel black model? Or not because they already used another method to infuse the black color into the steel itself?

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    Great video casey

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    The music is so trash

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    Is this guy from future weapons

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    Офигенно ___________________________________ p.s Check out the video on the channel, I'm a beginner vlogger

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    Apple sucks cock.

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    Это типа внутренний мем с русскими словами?

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    Why does the bald guy sound exactly like MKBHD? It's freaking me out. Like Marques has a bald white guy disguise!

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    Since this is electroplating, is the gold the anode or the cathode of the process?

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    why is his name jerryrigeverything if his name is zack

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    You look like Sean Penn

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    Офигеть 0:38

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    Math😀 Science😠

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    This episode on 𝘊𝘢𝘴𝘦𝘺 𝘍𝘭𝘦𝘹𝘦𝘴 𝘏𝘪𝘴 𝘊𝘢𝘴𝘩:

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    Would he do mine? For a price??

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    Does Casey have merch

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    Scratches off the logo on his RayBans because it's to mainstream... still buys Apple products.*shrug*

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    "How does the acid not destroy the watch?" "So-" TOO SLOW

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    Where’s the 368 intro?

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    yea you are rich - we get it..

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    Flexing on another level, (Gold Apple Watch, Louis Vitton watch strap...



    Zack and Casey... best collab ever!

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    Лайк за слово ХИМИЯ на русском!

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    2015: turn apple watch gold using spray paint 2019: turn apple watch gold using electroplating

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    The bold guy looks like @acevideos

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    Is that jmac? 😂 I hope y’all adults get the reference

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    Anyone know what the trumpet beat song is?

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    Well done guys :-)

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    Look how far Casey has come. From spray paint to electroplating.


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    I love that Casey Neistat is collabing with Jerry Rig Everything

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    That was it???.... Lame could have done other stuff.

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    "So how is the acid not destroying the watch?" "So-"

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    My guess is that its not that strong and that it only attacks the conducting parts

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    I genuinely wanna hear the explanation though

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    thats crazy amazing men... anything you want can be turn into gold.. its like king Midas LOL...!

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    lowkey hoping for the comeback of the apple watch that he spray painted gold years ago and goofily comparing those two. maybe sam lost it or something

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    Oh my gold

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    Cool video with Zack... generally makes some great videos.

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    Start to finish..... what was the cost?

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    You wrote chemistry in Bulgarian ?

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    3:06 why did you skip that, i wanted to know

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