Did this Chapter Ruin Oden? / One Piece Chapter 969 Review


  1. DJ HiNRG

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    969 . . . ok

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    clone clone fruit

  3. ian dwiki

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    we still dont know what is it the bargain between him and orochi, but we know it was all a lie to buy them time to gather up some troops. so to assume what kaido said, that oden is strong, but too soft, like roger or whitebeard. so the bargain was actually a blackmail. they probably talk out a war-free proposition. in exchange of oden giving up his pride for 5 years. of course, oden being so naive and didnt want a war to break out. agreed to it. which.. still.. for me, its quite a stupid decision. he's been all around the world, surely he knows the nature of some bad guys right? cant he tell that orochi, being a kuroizumi, and kaido. cant be trusted? cant he.. think for a moment, that it was all a lie? well... im still wondering what it is exactly the bargain between them, because.. its seems quite stupid, so.. yea.. he mustve had a good reason to believe orochi. i still dont know what.

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  5. sub to me for good luck

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    Stop being shallow people. There is a meaningful reason to why he did why he did. Like zoro he sacrificed pride to save what he cares about

  6. kozuki zaki

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    Yo wtf, Zhoniin I’ve been subbed to your for a couple months and just realized you have 48k subs, I remember you having like

  7. Tanner Tolman

    Tanner Tolman25 日 前

    Oden ate a smile or something similar to it (I know they 'weren't invented yet'). That is why Oden was laughing even when Roger died. The smile made him loony but the real Oden was inside all along battling for control just like Greed-Ling. The Straw Hats will help the other pleasures to overcome their smiles as well and together they will defeat the beast pirates. Devil fruits can be overcome and Luffy will swim.

  8. gohar judge

    gohar judge25 日 前

    That the difference D and not D. The D's does not care when they fight like luffy always pick one opponent the rest is on the crew.luffy kicked crocodile's even when so much is going on . luffy's logic is if he kick ass one at the top every thing going to be alright. ALWAYS AIM FOT THE HEAD.

  9. Jean Paul

    Jean Paul25 日 前

    I hated this chapter

  10. Weizi

    Weizi26 日 前

    Oden's an idiot, Oda's an idiot, the author of this video, which agrees with Oden having no choice is an idiot, all the fans who agrees with this is an idiot. And look at all the fucks I give for getting downvoted to hell by idiots(The Dunning-Kruger Effect is fun) instead of trying to argue and prove me wrong: Anything Orochi could of possibly threatened Oden with, it's not like Orochi can't do any of that anytime he wants anyway. Whether it's to say he'll assassinate Oden's family or all Oden's citizens. Who cares if Oden had already gotten cheap shotted by the laughing chemical. Why would you trust someone to hold his end of the bargain if they can kill your family anytime he wants anyway in 5 years if you don't have any more leverage over him then you have now? Oden probably have less leverage over Orochi in 5 years due to Orochi developing technology and getting stronger. Is Oden getting stronger and getting more tech over 5 years? Nope. Then do the right move NOW instead of being an idiot. Why would someone hold their promise if you don't have any leverage? What are the chances of Orochi doing anything he promised? 0% probably, then stop being a fucking idiot and do what must be done. The correct move should of been: To kill all of Orochi's men, kill all his factory workers and destroy all the tech he had and is developing. He'll assassinate your family and people? He could of done that anytime he want anyway, so what difference does it make? Who cares if you can't touch Orochi? If Orochi assassinates your family members? Kill the assassin afterwards. Kill any of them who appears and makes a move. Kill all Orochi's men until he is left with himself, the barrier guy and the witch. You don't negotiate with terrorists. If Kaido's going to come, he was going to come anyway whether you make a deal or not with Orochi, in that case, Orochi have even less of an incentive of hold his bargain. Even more correct move: Why had Roger's crew leave when they dropped you off? He could of won the whole war if he simply asked Roger's crew for help vs Kaido + Orochi. Roger's crew probably would of won. Bunch of fucking idiots and keep believing Oden is such a great sacrificial guy who made the right moves.

  11. David Cohen

    David Cohen26 日 前

    I'm surprised that Bartolomeo's devil fruit is that indestructible that it was able to sustain no damage from Oden's sword strike. I mean I understand it's durable against most attacks like Elizabello's King Punch, but against Oden, one of the most powerful characters, that's very astonishing. I mean maybe the first user of the barrier devil fruit learned how to awaken it or has better experience when utilizing it which made it impervious to most physical attacks but who knows? Let's say hypothetically speaking if Bartolomeo was up against some of the high tier characters like Gold D. Roger, Whitebeard, or any of the current Yonkos, or Shichibukai, how exactly will these battles go down? Will Bartolomeo's barriers be impenetrable or will they get shattered completely like glass? I mean don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Bartolomeo and he's a very entertaining character but I just hope Oda doesn't make him too overpowered that he's able to go head to head against the high tier One Piece characters.

  12. Jordan Vance

    Jordan Vance25 日 前

    @David Cohen sound and light can still go through his barries i.e kizaru is a natural counter

  13. David Cohen

    David Cohen26 日 前

    @Eldrin Manguerra I know his barriers are unbreakable but maybe or hopefully that will change because I'm sure they're not invincible. I mean maybe in the future Bartolomeo will fight an opponent that's so powerful that his barriers won't be so unbreakable. Let's look at Perfect Cube, Merlin's spell from the Seven Deadly Sins, it's unbreakable but not invincible because it can be canceled by a spell called Absolute Cancel whether it's the user of the spell or someone who is familiar with it. Do you think it's possible that there are haki users with strong armament haki or devil fruit users that can either destroy or dissipate Bartolomeo's barriers?

  14. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

    David Cohen it's a great defense but that's that

  15. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

    David Cohen in dressrosa bartolomeo said it was unbreakable .but that doesn't mean he's the strongest or he cannot be defeated or oden is weak..



    Chapter 970 onwards we'll get context and an explanation about what happened between Orochi and Oden. I can't to see the Bari Bari No Mi vs the Yonkou. We might get it this arc if the Grand Fleet make it to Wano. As for what happened between Oden and Orochi, Orochi probably threatened the existence of Wano itself. Oden's goal was to open the borders for JoyBoy and threatening Wano itself and of course the people of Wano, friends and family, will get in the way of his goal. I also think he knows that he has to accomplish this goal as he knows the True History and this I think makes him take a decision like dancing like a fool.

  17. Andrei K

    Andrei K26 日 前

    A hyped commander level in Whitebeard and Roger's crew to become this pathetic? He couldn't cut a barrier fruit but scarred Kaido? Danced half naked like an idiot for 5 years? Doesn't make any sense. Really he should've committed seppuku instead!

  18. Drago

    Drago25 日 前

    @Andrei K a barrier sword would be extremely dumb for him to do cause then both his arms would be occupied, one to hold the barrier and the other to cross his fingers so he's extremely vulnerable to attacks if he does it and would lose hard against any competent sword fighter. Nice plan.

  19. Andrei K

    Andrei K25 日 前

    @Drago so Bartolomeo could alter shape and size of the barrier, shown flexible to his liking but he can't shrink it? Mind you, it was shown that he was able to alter the shape and size of the barrier when he converted the barrier into a stair to its maximum size and length. Obviously, he could shrink it as well you dumb! Also, since Barto could alter shapes, he could clad himself with the barrier. Not even Whitebeard punch could hurt him. But his attacks clad with barrier has been shown to deal great damage. He could also turn the barrier into a sword. Off course he hasn't done these yet, but it's heavily implied that he could!

  20. Drago

    Drago25 日 前

    @Andrei K he didn't shrink a barrier smartass he made a barrier specifically to the size of his hands, your the one actually not paying attention so go look at it again. Also an inflated Gladius and Kaidou don't even compare and Barto was seen altering SHAPES not sizes! He didn't make a small barrier big or a big barrier small at any time so it's unknown if he can shrink barriers at all

  21. Andrei K

    Andrei K25 日 前

    @Drago lol, no! You're the one who's dumb! Like I've said, the barrier was large enough to put him and an inflated Gladius inside. Barto was seen altering the shape of the barrier so there's no reason he couldn't shrink it. He even shrunk it to the size of his hand. You're obviously not paying attention!

  22. boubiche alaa

    boubiche alaa26 日 前

    Am i the only one who is interested in seeing kaido and moria fighting it's a confirmation of moria's strenght he maybe even was stronger than mihawk in the past

  23. sub to me for good luck

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    @boubiche alaa okay lol

  24. boubiche alaa

    boubiche alaa23 日 前

    @sub to me for good luck keep calm and wait for oda to reveal the flashback fight between kaido and moria and you will shut up

  25. sub to me for good luck

    sub to me for good luck23 日 前

    @boubiche alaa thats still gonna be a no from me dog

  26. boubiche alaa

    boubiche alaa23 日 前

    @sub to me for good luck well maybe mihawk wasn't the strongest swordsman at that time don't forget mihawk was too young when roger died and moria was in his prime

  27. sub to me for good luck

    sub to me for good luck24 日 前

    Strong? Yes. Stronger than the strongest swordsman? Hell no come on dude

  28. Aether Blackstar

    Aether Blackstar26 日 前

    Most don't know what is good writing or not lol. What smooth brain read this far and then can't pick up on stuff like this? They just read the chapter, didn't even think about what they read, and then come online to post that Oda is slipping lmao

  29. Clive McSu

    Clive McSu26 日 前

    I thought Oden was given a smile at first, so happy that he wasn’t smiling by the end of the chapter. Next week can’t come fast enough.

  30. Makinout Makinout

    Makinout Makinout26 日 前

    Oden knows he can’t win so he set up time for a five year plan to wait on joy boiiii

  31. Makinout Makinout

    Makinout Makinout26 日 前

    I don’t see what’s so bad or confusing about why oden did what he did it’s called playing pussy . Alright I’ll do what you ask if you keep my family safe even tho I can smoke your bitch ass ima pretend I’m pussy but you cross me I’m pulling up simple af

  32. lessur dgreat

    lessur dgreat27 日 前

    called it... one piece' writing is shitty right when big mom arc started.

  33. VenomtheOne

    VenomtheOne26 日 前

    lmao fuck off.

  34. Jame Htoo

    Jame Htoo27 日 前

    One piece has NTR 🚫 no I mean blackmail.

  35. darien donaldson

    darien donaldson27 日 前

    Where do you read the chapter

  36. Zack 691

    Zack 69127 日 前

    How could this chapter ruin Oden? He was forced by Orochi to ate SMILE Fruit, what do you expect him to do

  37. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

    He didnt ate SMILE Ffruit

  38. VenomtheOne

    VenomtheOne26 日 前

    the ending of the chapter confirms it false.

  39. Arturia Pendragon

    Arturia Pendragon27 日 前

    Very likely he’s acting that way because of a defective SMILE fruit.

  40. rakim

    rakim26 日 前

    @nyongtory4e that's why i said he didn't eat a smile, he's clearly showing anger towards kaido

  41. nyongtory4e

    nyongtory4e26 日 前

    @rakim But he cries too at the end of the chapter, and not out of joy precisely.

  42. rakim

    rakim26 日 前

    @Matthew Cleary thats tear of joy, he's sad because roger got executed but at the same time he's proud and jealous of roger because roger had an amazing life and his death started great pirate era

  43. Matthew Cleary

    Matthew Cleary26 日 前

    Well he was crying/laughing

  44. rakim

    rakim27 日 前

    No, he's able to show anger and seriousness I think smile doesn't exist yet at that time

  45. The one StrawHat

    The one StrawHat27 日 前

    Thank you someone that understands!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    Kenny Lee Jian Siong27 日 前

    Context... Wait for it.

  47. Jerald Albritton - 9PCT

    Jerald Albritton - 9PCT27 日 前

    Oden tried to stop the cycle of revenge. He probaly told orochi to not harm the ones precious to him and that I won't interefere.

  48. Roger Bencomo

    Roger Bencomo27 日 前

    He can give kaido a scar but can't scratch the barrier fruit...

  49. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer25 日 前

    @Andrei K it takes more then a wall that goes down if you sneeze to be a yonko idiot. Even considering the barrier being unbreakable I can come up with 10 ways off the top of my head a yonko can beat the barrier user. 1: leave commanders to watch him and strike when it goes down, wich it will. People need to sleep 2: conquerers haki 3:big mom: have her sun homi sit on it. If the barrier doesn't guard from heat the user is dead. If it does, the user will die when they're too tired to hold it 4: hold a territorie around it if the user can somehow stay awake for days. They'll starve. 5. Pick up the barrier. Throw it in the ocean. 6: make a scene. Marines will deploy admirals to the island when they hear of a yonko and when they find the user there after the yonko left the island having most likely destroyed the users ship, they are trapped facing the marines who will most certainly have brought sea stone to face the yonko. 7: kaido: have queen shoot some ebola around the scene. Same result. 8: dig a hole. Drop em in it. 9: call allied pirates to watch em. One weakling aint worth a yonkos time. 10: literally anything will work if the yonko just waits long enough

  50. Tushar R

    Tushar R25 日 前

    Used by an old man.....he must have mastered the fruit till now

  51. Weizi

    Weizi26 日 前

    It's hard to judge the barrier if we don't know the full extent of it yet. For all we know, the barrier could be indestructible where nobody can break it: Not Big Mom, Kaido, White Beard, all the Navel generals or Roger. If it's that strong, then it's not far fetched.

  52. vishal tomar

    vishal tomar26 日 前

    @Roger Bencomo he don't need to cut it and the problem with bird cage is just bad writing from oda that not even the combined force of all the people in dressrosa can stop bird cage is bullshit and it is good example of bad story writing .Fuji can force his way through barrier for example dressrosa rubble was too much for barto (even barto/chinjao commented on the scale of attack)

  53. Roger Bencomo

    Roger Bencomo26 日 前

    @vishal tomar not sure I can agree with that but bird cage was an interesting ability because no swordsmen could cut it and while bird cage could not cut the barrier it pushed it back. Almost makes you think that Bartholomews barrier can take on a kong gun no problem since kong gun did no damage to kaido. But slashes from oden did and also could not break the barrier ability.

  54. Coty Lee

    Coty Lee27 日 前

    He mentioned something about a boat and Kaido to Orochi and looked pissed/shocked when Orochi acted like he didn't know what he was talking about. Sounds like something to do with whatever deal they made. Maybe Orochi was supposed to give him a boat to leave with everyone he cares about and now he's acting like he never made such a promise

  55. Troll Bot

    Troll Bot27 日 前

    Where did u read

  56. SirEbster

    SirEbster27 日 前

    this was a great chapter!!! my emotions where boiling and Oden is a great man! the death of orochi and kaido will be very satisfying and I hope Joyboy/Luffy will save the day!

  57. kwstas kwsta

    kwstas kwsta27 日 前

    WTF DID I JUST READ 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁Bartolomeo s fruit ALSO? 😳😳😳😳

  58. Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch27 日 前

    Always said Bartolomeo’s fruit is super busted, and I still think he’ll be the strongest representative of the grand fleet, and on par with Sanji, Zoro, and Killer.

  59. Not'The ChosenJuan

    Not'The ChosenJuan25 日 前

    Also that devil fruit is pretty much unbreakable as a blood-thirsty on the Warpath swordsman prodigy as well as a Whitebeard and Roger pirate crew Alumni can't break the barrier?

  60. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

    Wilfrid Ekoue it's 20 years ago so he probably dead

  61. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

    Wilfrid Ekoue probably will be killed or died due to oldness .

  62. Wilfrid Ekoue

    Wilfrid Ekoue26 日 前

    Real question to find out what will happen to that guy who had Bartolomeo's fruit?

  63. Ryanator

    Ryanator27 日 前

    Further makes Oden more of a legend. And further makes you wish Luffy would beat the fuck out of Orochi

  64. Dj Murphy

    Dj Murphy27 日 前

    Maybe If the hands of the fruit user gets cut off the barrier fruit is useless

  65. just some guy without a mustache

    just some guy without a mustache27 日 前

    Oda is stalling again.

  66. just some guy without a mustache

    just some guy without a mustache27 日 前

    Marie Willoughby we were supposed to see some action in this chapter. The last chapter led to a fight for this chapter, but there were no fighting instead this chapter yet again leads to a fight.

  67. Marie Willoughby

    Marie Willoughby27 日 前

    😂 How?

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    I shared the link of the chapter in my channel go check it

  69. TheJakeeeeeee

    TheJakeeeeeee27 日 前

    What could be blackmailed to make Oden run away like a kid every day and let the citizens of wano die? And why he would have believe in Orochi´s process and wait for 5 years not telling to his loyals friends that get surprise to know he wanna fight

  70. Sadddkehkeh

    Sadddkehkeh27 日 前

    Could’ve threatening to have Kuri destroyed by Kaido

  71. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer27 日 前

    Did you really forget all the stuff kaido has?

  72. Aaron Dinero

    Aaron Dinero27 日 前

    Just by this chapter and how’s oden flashback is going I don’t think he died. I think he’ll get in another situation where he puts his life for his family and scabbards but he doesn’t die. Orochi feared the scabbards coming back even with “defeating” them 22-23 years ago.Meaning he knew he didn’t kill the scabbards.making me think that oden didn’t die and saying orochi ate him is also saying oden was able to get to orochi with that old mans barrier devil Fruit to help.....idk

  73. Top militerian Pa Raul

    Top militerian Pa Raul27 日 前

    Honestly I've had it with oda for me personally I think the fandom are annoyed for me it's built up frustration let's be honest wano hasn't been that good yes it's too soon to judge but some things he's done for me is unacceptable

  74. Jordan Vance

    Jordan Vance25 日 前

    If you are so frustrated then just stop reading and come back when you feel like it or dont. Stop whining about something that has no context yet

  75. Corvo Black

    Corvo Black26 日 前

    @Yo Gabba thats not the point. You dont have to be chef to enjoy good food

  76. Yo Gabba

    Yo Gabba27 日 前

    I doubt you could do better😂

  77. Sadddkehkeh

    Sadddkehkeh27 日 前

    Lmao what’s so bad

  78. Hero Hunter Dabi

    Hero Hunter Dabi27 日 前

    Oden needs to die already lol. I hate him more than Spandam and that is saying something.

  79. Clive McSu

    Clive McSu26 日 前

    Please explain. I’ll wait



    Oden or Orochi brother?

  81. Malik monk

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  82. kwstas kwsta

    kwstas kwsta27 日 前

    Wtf did we just read 😂😂😂Oden became one of the worst characters. THERE S NOT EVEN 1 CHANCE IN 100000 that Luffy could have acted this way 🙄🙄🙄

  83. Addison

    Addison27 日 前

    Oden danced around like a retard for 5 years? ill never understand this

  84. flame dragon

    flame dragon27 日 前

    I think orochi made oden eat a smile

  85. Clive McSu

    Clive McSu26 日 前

    flame dragon i had that thought process but he’s not smiling towards the end, unless the only way to break the smile is overwhelming anger? 👀

  86. Shinsuke - sama

    Shinsuke - sama27 日 前

    Clearly oden eat the fail smile fruit..why..how..this is what I want to know and this chapter infuriates me..towards orochi ofcos

  87. ItsJustWan

    ItsJustWan27 日 前

    Shinsuke - sama nope... go look at how rayleigh reacted when Roger dies

  88. Bashey Floyd

    Bashey Floyd27 日 前

    Where are u reading this

  89. ThermoNuclear

    ThermoNuclear27 日 前

    lol 1 reason being subscribed to reviewers is how fast they get to the chapter i really don't want to be spoiled so im here to ask where can i read the this chapter at?

  90. Mohammed

    Mohammed26 日 前

    i think you might find it in onepiece reddit page

  91. Internet Stranger

    Internet Stranger27 日 前

    I gotta be honest, I didn't really like this turn of events, but I think the fanbase is overreacting a little, we don't really know why Oden did that, sure, Orochi blackmailed him, but we don't know the details, we'll just have to wait I guess.

  92. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer26 日 前

    @Weizi orochi didn't hurt anyone close to oden for amost 5 yrs. Seems like he was holding up his end of the bargain from odens perspective.

  93. Weizi

    Weizi26 日 前

    @#1Slayer Orochi could do that anyway regardless of whether Oden follows or not. And what's the chance of Orochi following his end of the bargain? 0%. This isn't rocket science.

  94. Weizi

    Weizi26 日 前

    Overreacting? I see 99% of the comments for it than against it.

  95. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer27 日 前

    @TheJakeeeeeee citizens of wano die? Who. It's pretty obvious that oden has been blackmailed to NOT let the citizens die. As for what they could be blackmailing him with. How about? The dragon capable of sneezing and hitting every house within a 69 mile radius. The ninjas who can and HAVE murdered people for rebelling or liking oden. The pirate crew of said dragon who are literally named after natural disasters, one of wich can make diseases capable of reducing grown ass men to mummies The factories filled with slaves that can just as easily be retired for hostage job or even flat out killed to make a point The inevitable war against an army that has access to resources outside the island and so would bring way bigger weapons to the fight. I mean seriously. Did yall just forget what kaido has?

  96. TheJakeeeeeee

    TheJakeeeeeee27 日 前

    What could be blackmailed to make Oden run away like a kid every day and let the citizens of wano die? And why he would have believe in Orochi´s process and wait for 5 years not telling to his loyals friends that get surprise to know he wanna fight

  97. Spectaa a

    Spectaa a27 日 前

    One Piece chapter 969: "You hate to see it"

  98. Vaibhav Nair

    Vaibhav Nair27 日 前

    Whatever Orochi blackmailed him with, Shinobu heard everything.

  99. Jacques Wilson

    Jacques Wilson25 日 前

    @Vaibhav Nair Here my prediction! If Shinobu his momo right now! Well if she turn out to be the traitor than Momo will at the fire party, just like ace at Marinefold. Hiyori might be there also????? Remember when Orochi got infor about the location of Hiyori. Here the weird part I think that Hiyori is Toko, and Komurasaki is Lady Toki. I have evidence no, just suspection Like We don't know how old hedgehog is , but all he had is one child in all this time even before Orochi took over??? Do you remember how Kimmon play the role of father to protector Momo. This could having again with Yasisa and Toko.

  100. Vaibhav Nair

    Vaibhav Nair26 日 前

    @Jacques Wilson This can also be true. Nine red scabbards are very loyal. Well I feel we'll come to know about this in 2-3 chapters !

  101. Vaibhav Nair

    Vaibhav Nair26 日 前

    @Weizi Well, something did happen. Last chapter, we saw Oden full of rage and in this chapter, we see Oden dancing naked and bowing to Orochi ??????? We also saw a Panel where Shinobu is looking at Oden, who is talking to Orochi about something .

  102. Vaibhav Nair

    Vaibhav Nair26 日 前

    @Mahesh Nadar Could be ! We also saw Law's face along with Orochi's Panel !!!

  103. Jacques Wilson

    Jacques Wilson26 日 前

    However is Shinobu clear of all suspection? As of now I don't see how any of the Redding 9 can be a traitor

  104. bab baby

    bab baby27 日 前

    Am i the only one thought denjiro indeed is zoro sensei kyoushiro? base on the last page...

  105. Vaibhav Nair

    Vaibhav Nair26 日 前

    Zoro's master is Koushiro , not Kyoshiro.

  106. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

    bab baby but zoro as a boy came to challenge kyoushiro's dojo so he came from somewhere else' not on kyoushiro's side

  107. bab baby

    bab baby26 日 前

    @rakim why ridiculous? u know one of wano major clans are shimatsuki? the same clan ryuma from and the one who forged shusui...the previous leader of that clan have shilhoutte similar to zoro and they been said disappear 20 years ago...u know what happen back then...orochi rose to power and oden died...orochi also said he attacked other clans...denjiro gone missing and zoro right now 21 years old... there a chance that denjiro fled from wano and probably take 1 of shimatsuki survivor ( maybe zoro)...oda is genius...he already foreshadow something to us readers... not confirm yet but still possibilities there...

  108. rakim

    rakim27 日 前

    No, denjiro looks different from kyoushiro (they maybe brothers tho) denjiro always wear black glasses and has crazy long ponytail And why the fuck denjiro ran away from wano and starts a new life disguising as kyoushiro in shimotsuki vilage, that's so un-warrior like This theory of denjiro is kyoushiro need to stop because it's so fuckin ridiculous

  109. bab baby

    bab baby27 日 前

    @Top militerian Pa Raul no chance? See the guy between inuarashi and kanjuro..🤷‍♀

  110. Alexander Siebert

    Alexander Siebert27 日 前

    Chapter was awesome

  111. cancerxnd

    cancerxnd27 日 前

    Oden's still a Chad, he simply threw his pride away to protect his ppl. We don't know with that Orochi blackmailed him. But we know that Kaido will get that bigass scar, so Oden will go out with a bang.

  112. O-Toko Maka

    O-Toko Maka26 日 前

    L T from the 9 how is it not?

  113. rakim

    rakim26 日 前

    @#1Slayer ebola gun ftw 🤣

  114. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer26 日 前

    @rakim dont need to be strong to pull the trigger on an ebola gun

  115. rakim

    rakim27 日 前

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  116. Zakaria Mansouri

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  117. Jordan Vance

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  118. DarkSendo94

    DarkSendo9427 日 前

    HOnestly its an overreaction from fans We don't know what Orochi threatened with afterall

  119. Yeah Boi

    Yeah Boi26 日 前

    @Andrei K Fam it's a fucking unbreakable barrier. Unbreakable means you cant break it. That so hard so understand? Of course a admiral or a yonkou cant break it that would defeat the whole purpose of the devil fruit

  120. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer26 日 前

    @Kay well he kept his promise for almost 5 years. Plus when faced with such an overwelming force, you really have no choice but to accept an offer of peace. If only to consider the small chance of avoiding conflict

  121. Wilfrid Ekoue

    Wilfrid Ekoue26 日 前

    @Andrei K I have no words for how dumb you really are if you really think Oden is being instantly pathetic because he is dancing like a "fool" for Orochi then you are not thinking of the big future

  122. Andrei K

    Andrei K26 日 前

    @Kay there's no answer acceptable. You mean to say even the admirals and Yonko are helpless against the barrier fruit? Oden was overhyped only to become instantly pathetic. Oda should've just made kaido protect Orochi then dispose Oden.

  123. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer27 日 前

    I feel like the people who think this chapter ruined oden are ignoring that orochi was holding the citizens hostage. Nevermind that kaido showed up to the meeting and we didn't see what he told oden.

  124. Andrei K

    Andrei K10 日 前

    @Kevin Lopez safest route, but after making a fool out of himself for 5 long years, finally decided to take on Kaido anyway! Oden is a fool indeed!

  125. Andrei K

    Andrei K10 日 前

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  126. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

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  127. Eldrin Manguerra

    Eldrin Manguerra26 日 前

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  128. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez26 日 前

    Andrei K seriously? Ur literally acting the same way oda is representing the citizens of wano in this chapter: despised and ashamed of a man who’s in a dire situation. He’s attempting to take the safest route as to not allow any harm on both sides, even if he has to follow the orders of the man he wants to rip apart.

  129. Alexander Karlsson

    Alexander Karlsson27 日 前

    How can anyone say it is bad writing when they have no idea what happened? The whole point right now is literally that we are supposed to feel like Oden is a scum for not fighting (just like all the people in Wano feel). Oda has purposely not told us what happened so we are supposed to be surprised and feel disappointed with Oden. Saying this is bad writing before we find out the whole story is like saying the king of Dressrosa is a scum for attacking his people, without knowing Domlamingo controlled him. We should only judge the writing after we have the full picture.

  130. Son Kakarot

    Son Kakarot19 日 前

    @Alex Jonathan Well, You are in a manga video. And it happened in just 970, So, Yeah...

  131. Alex Jonathan

    Alex Jonathan20 日 前

    @Son Kakarot damn spoiler

  132. Son Kakarot

    Son Kakarot20 日 前

    @Alex Jonathan Oden ONE-SHOTTED Kaido. So kaido CAN be killed.

  133. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer23 日 前

    @kwstas kwsta no idiot. The topic is if age affects the potency of a fruit ability. In that context. YES. Raleigh is exempt from the conversation. Some fruits require physical input on the users part like the hana hana, zoans and the op op no mi. Some are always active but its up for the user to fight with it, like luffys and buggys. And some just require you to activate it and the fruit takes it from there. Like sugars fruit, and now evedince shows the barrier fruit.

  134. kwstas kwsta

    kwstas kwsta23 日 前

    @#1Slayer A ok...So since he s not a df users,he s exempt from time.Leave it here kid.You bring whatever is convenient to justify oda s way of ruining the chapter.Have a better taste.Go brush your teeth now.

  135. DEATHxTHExKIDx1

    DEATHxTHExKIDx127 日 前

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  136. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer27 日 前

    @DEATHxTHExKIDx1 Plan? Strategy? You're forgetting this is the same guy who ran sword first into the king of the pirates. The way I see it. There is no real plan to take down kaido. Even in the current events, all the straw hat alliance has is rush em. And it looks like that's what oden and the scabbards are going to try. The problem with that though is that when you mess with a yonko, (I know he's technically not a yonko yet) you get one chance. If you retreat. They will find you. If you hide. They will start killing civilians. If you plot. They will find out.(especially if they happen to have ninjas that most likely follow you home) If oden tried something back then and failed, he might as well have set wano on fire himself. With all this there is one piece of dialogue that supports this. What about kaido? And the boat? It seems like there was some kind of deal struck. Possibly involving kaido leaving wano. And when your faced with a being that can turn into a monster capable of plowing through thousands of civilians by burping. Ninja assains holding civilians hostage. Tens of thousands of beast pirates with captured prisoners. And lets not forget a second commander with the ability to drop an ebola bomb on wano. Even the great oden would go. ... Shit... What do I do...?

  137. DEATHxTHExKIDx1

    DEATHxTHExKIDx127 日 前

    @#1Slayer I got all that but its like nothing changed in those 5Years to help him bring down Orochi he just got fed up. He could've done what hes about to do in the first year. Like he could've at least devised a plan or strategy in those 5Years to better combat Orochi now. True we didn't see what Orochi said. Just sucks that Oden played a fool for that long.

  138. #1Slayer

    #1Slayer27 日 前

    How? From what I gather, orochi was holding the citizens hostage, and oden had no way of getting past the barrier power. Never mind the fact that kaido was there and we didn't see what he was told.

  139. The Unfamiliar

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  141. Only 2 Choices Available

    Only 2 Choices Available27 日 前

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    Shanks will knockt out Garou with conquerors haki

  143. Kami Tenchi

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  144. Captain Crunch

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    I Have a Mustache to I just agreed that this fight is useless just like you said, what else do you want me to say? Fuck off somewhere else dude, I didn’t even say anything wrong. We don’t know how haki would effect Garou, so we can’t say anything.

  145. Dxrk Zoom

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    Underwhelming flashback.

  146. Only 2 Choices Available

    Only 2 Choices Available27 日 前

    @Dxrk Zoom it's been like that since one piece began. And you're still complaining about it?

  147. Yo Gabba

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    @Dxrk Zoom go write your own story if you can do better

  148. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom27 日 前

    @KittyG Gaming Important, yes. Best, no. I dont know about u guys but charecters like Roger are not interesting. Sure he is PK. But he is 1- dimensional as a charecter. A cool mysterious guy. Thats it. What did we learn from this "important" flashback honestly. No void century lore. Only Roger laughing, which was obvious since the Island is called "Laugh tale". Oda keep dickteasing ffs.

  149. KittyG Gaming

    KittyG Gaming27 日 前

    Just the oden parts, with Rodger excluded? Maybe. It’s not even finished though. Oda is a long term writer. This flash back is going to continue to grow in importance even past Wano, this little bit of info is going to be so important when we finally finish the the story. Looking back this is going to be one of the most important flash backs.

  150. Internet Stranger

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