Did Drake Fall Off? | Hip-Hop Moments of Clarity


  1. XXL

    XXL22 日 前

    Do you think Drake fell off or nah?



    Yeah drake fall of in 2018 bro

  3. Javon

    Javon7 日 前

    No Drake did not fall off he is the goat. 👍if you aggre

  4. Oh No No

    Oh No No20 日 前


  5. Still Monday

    Still Monday21 日 前


  6. East Side

    East Side21 日 前

    Wow he got boo'd now yall think he fell off 💀

  7. Sincerely, Jayton

    Sincerely, Jayton2 日 前

    .Hands.down. huge influence on Music In General. Plus, If it sparks your mind then we have a WINNER!

  8. Sincerely, Jayton

    Sincerely, Jayton2 日 前

    This question will never make sense. Drake will never fall off keep it real.

  9. XxMCNASTYxX3311

    XxMCNASTYxX33116 日 前

    Did biggy make big shirts? I need to get.

  10. Sammy Xavier

    Sammy Xavier13 日 前

    Duh of course drake whack ass Fukin Fell off with his square ass! 😅🐝😁

  11. Xlyza22

    Xlyza2215 日 前

    no one deserves to be booed off stage especially not fucking drake who has hit after hits. Frank Ocean? ok well frank Ocean is pretty lit, but seriously. Also, no drake did not fall off why it this even a topic??????????????/

  12. Questchaun

    Questchaun17 日 前

    His ghost writers did.

  13. Devin Greenwood

    Devin Greenwood18 日 前

    Fire her.. How she get on xxl

  14. Devin Greenwood

    Devin Greenwood18 日 前

    Bwuahahaha did drake fall off 😂😂😂. What hater made this

  15. jay san

    jay san19 日 前

    Stupidest question? Like for real.

  16. 10kTy

    10kTy19 日 前

    Y’all should make a video on your biggest fan...Donny Konz

  17. Ronald samuel

    Ronald samuel19 日 前

    Drake garbage now he needs to just die like go jump off a cliff

  18. X D

    X D20 日 前

    Dang why did you get so many dislikes😂😂😂

  19. Monkey D. Naruto

    Monkey D. Naruto20 日 前

    drake been fell off

  20. Oh No No

    Oh No No20 日 前

    I haven't heard from Drake for a long time

  21. Siyanda

    Siyanda20 日 前

    Am I the only person though that is tired of hearing ooooooooooold ass people talking about youth culture and wat we like and dont like?? These people dont know wat its like growing up in our generation nor do they understand us but somehow they 'know' how and wat we think -_- .. Follow @srs_1.3 on Instagram the future of rap music

  22. CezaMVO

    CezaMVO20 日 前

    Did XXL fall of? The answer is shocking, (yes they did)

  23. Mateo J

    Mateo J20 日 前

    Drake is Drake I don’t even have to say more

  24. atomic flounder

    atomic flounder20 日 前

    Slow day in the office I see

  25. Donner Kebab

    Donner Kebab20 日 前

    More like XXL has Fell Off , why is this old ass woman picking out the XXL Cypher Contenders

  26. Shane Symington

    Shane Symington21 日 前

    XXL fell off you can tell by their view-grabbing ass titles

  27. Charles Devinat

    Charles Devinat21 日 前


  28. Keymo Embryo

    Keymo Embryo21 日 前

    i thought he died last year

  29. MDG_ 5

    MDG_ 521 日 前

    Lmao so cuz he got boo’d by some damn idiots y’all asking this idiotic question...I dead don’t even know y’all

  30. hpkevinn nn

    hpkevinn nn21 日 前

    ur youtube channel fell off

  31. Gavin Hansen

    Gavin Hansen21 日 前

    Did Drake fall off?? Y'all stupid.

  32. Danny Stevens

    Danny Stevens21 日 前

    Never really rated him in the first place.

  33. jaionii lopez

    jaionii lopez21 日 前


  34. Supa Fan Boi

    Supa Fan Boi21 日 前

    Yes he fell off now I’m the boss

  35. Supa Fan Boi

    Supa Fan Boi21 日 前

    Who cares

  36. ReedMySole

    ReedMySole21 日 前

    I think if you looking to see something special drake isn't it. His music has been overplayed for 10 years. Blame the crowd but drake is literally the most commerical rapper ever.

  37. andrea varela

    andrea varela22 日 前

    ok boomers

  38. Dustyn Trott

    Dustyn Trott22 日 前

    drake sucks. kind of stupid to assume all people would appreciate seeing him perform.

  39. BafeHD

    BafeHD22 日 前

    Drake get played everywhere, shit overplayed. Hes a legend but im certainly not waiting for his new music, shit whatever now.

  40. TrillKev

    TrillKev22 日 前

    More versatile artists now and we like hearing dif tunes. I been iffy bout drake after the ghost writing rumors that people still bring up. I don’t hate the guy or his music but it ain’t the same no more idk.

  41. TB K

    TB K22 日 前

    Drake will never fall off

  42. Romello 20

    Romello 2022 日 前

    Oh and y’all sound old as hell or just ignorant.

  43. Romello 20

    Romello 2022 日 前

    Oh and drake not being big enough for the frank ocean fans. No nigga they want Frank. Frank is a staple piece of ODD FUTURE. And people will always choose Frank over Drake in this situation.

  44. Romello 20

    Romello 2022 日 前

    So if Summerwalk goes to a country festival and gets Booed did she fall off?? No right. Drake was just in the wrong situation.

  45. Matthew Blake

    Matthew Blake22 日 前

    Is drake a pedo