Did anybody else do these things?


  1. Berinde Octavian

    Berinde Octavian2 時間 前

    erasers: sacrifices themselves for human mistakes everyone: haha i stab u now

  2. Rowan Towers

    Rowan Towers4 時間 前

    I got 19

  3. Ricardo Javillonar

    Ricardo Javillonar5 時間 前

    Is it weird that almost everything i do is in this video .-.

  4. bandit bandage

    bandit bandage5 時間 前

    say weird things like chamiken for chicken just so certain people can understand me!

  5. HumorGem

    HumorGem7 時間 前

    my school is like "pokeyman? i collected 2 of the cards five years ago!" i didnt have rumors

  6. Gabe Sandiford

    Gabe Sandiford8 時間 前

    Well not the meat thing

  7. Gabe Sandiford

    Gabe Sandiford8 時間 前

    Lol I relate to all of this

  8. ItsKatElse

    ItsKatElse8 時間 前

    one was me lol

  9. Lion_Boi

    Lion_Boi8 時間 前

    I wanna see how many hate comments I get on this any ways. SUBSCRIBE TO MY JPreporter CHANNEL

  10. Blue Rad Berry

    Blue Rad Berry9 時間 前

    scooting on your butt down the stairs

  11. Nathan Duong

    Nathan Duong10 時間 前

    Hi 👋

  12. FBP Animations

    FBP Animations12 時間 前

    I live this new style

  13. Aura Animates

    Aura Animates12 時間 前

    On tiled floor (all the floors at my elementary school were tiled) you would have to step in the middle of the tile or else something bad would happen. (This was before I learned of the “step in the cracc, break your mothers bacc” thing)

  14. Rhys Weaver

    Rhys Weaver13 時間 前

    11 and 12 I did

  15. Charlie Peterson

    Charlie Peterson14 時間 前

    All of them are relatable

  16. Candy_Katz

    Candy_Katz14 時間 前

    For me it’s 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 17, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 31. thanKs

  17. Angie The Birb

    Angie The Birb14 時間 前

    Are you watching me through my window?

  18. 『 Ciinnamoyume 』

    『 Ciinnamoyume 』15 時間 前

    ‘Testing’ to see if those shatterproof rulers are really shatterproof... (Spoilers: they are not.)

  19. Fanofpikachu

    Fanofpikachu15 時間 前

    I got 19 out of 31 pffft

  20. Hachi Abreu

    Hachi Abreu16 時間 前

    I got 25 (rip picto chat) ( i imaged in my head when our car passed other cars a skateboarding torchic,a parkouring treko, and when i saw someone riding a bike it was a mudkip. I just love gen 3

  21. kucyk Walczak

    kucyk Walczak17 時間 前

    Wow me to 31

  22. LifeTimeSkins

    LifeTimeSkins17 時間 前


  23. Lettuce Killer

    Lettuce Killer18 時間 前

    I got 30 cuz I never played pictochart. But I did wait to play luigis mansion dark moon with someone. (Nobody ever came)

  24. Evan Landry

    Evan Landry19 時間 前

    Scratching those cups. The cups that have a design, but when you turn a little the design would change.

  25. PenNameBatour

    PenNameBatour19 時間 前

    Is it just me or does chip kinda sound like a teen going through puberty?

  26. It's Samael

    It's Samael20 時間 前


  27. Feather tail

    Feather tail20 時間 前

    Watching (staring) at random people for a loooong time. for no reason.

  28. Triple A

    Triple A20 時間 前

    Putting out hands in front of us like if they're on a steering wheel and make engine sounds like if we're driving a car.

  29. Almighty Tom

    Almighty Tom20 時間 前

    I got 31

  30. The Remarkable Artist Morgan

    The Remarkable Artist Morgan20 時間 前

    Sword Fight With Pens/Pencils During Class

  31. HarriJones1928

    HarriJones192821 時間 前

    23/31. How did literally every kid do this and yet nobody knew that they weren't the only one until much later in their lives?

  32. shrimpo shark

    shrimpo shark21 時間 前

    u should colob with haminations you both have a similliar amount of subs like if u agree

  33. Shahrina Md Nordin

    Shahrina Md Nordin21 時間 前


  34. Severn Strong

    Severn Strong21 時間 前

    I did the thing with the stairs, but I got too tall to do it. (And too old)

  35. LMS Gaming

    LMS Gaming日 前

    All of them

  36. i am a trash can

    i am a trash can日 前

    i've always "dodged" cracks on sidewalks. i dunno why, i think it was because when i was younger i was really anxious of someone pulling a gun on me. so i made up this scenario where someone pulls up a gun on me, they shoot, i pull a Matrix and dodge. so i've just gotten a habit of doing that lol

  37. Perry Cook

    Perry Cook日 前


  38. Whitepaw AJ

    Whitepaw AJ日 前

    Numbers 1, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19, 22, 25, 28, 29, 31, I can relate to. 14 ones I related to. Basically one third of the video

  39. ifinnishboy

    ifinnishboy日 前

    Got 22

  40. Novelle

    Novelle日 前

    When Chip tapped their fingers on the table I literally heard that song in my head

  41. With my Mind And My Imagination

    With my Mind And My Imagination日 前

    Me: Watching the video and relating to just a couple of these 2:27: Me: O👄O

  42. Cyber_Lynx

    Cyber_Lynx日 前

    I always thought I was the only one who ran upstairs on all fours. Maybe that's why I'm a furry...

  43. Nightstorm The Nightwing

    Nightstorm The Nightwing日 前

    Yes & no rubber anyone or just me?

  44. Aryeh Israel

    Aryeh Israel日 前

    I is three

  45. foxycat_animations UwU

    foxycat_animations UwU日 前

    I ligit relate to almost all these ;v; I relate to 29 =V=

  46. Black Coyote

    Black Coyote日 前

    Running at the most random moments

  47. TheSmolLime

    TheSmolLime日 前

    Ok can you pls keep a consistent artstyle this time thank you

  48. OWOstudios

    OWOstudios日 前

    I do all of these thing

  49. Melinda Welfel

    Melinda Welfel日 前

    I had literally everything on that list and i still walk up the stairs on all fours

  50. Daniel Lata

    Daniel Lata日 前

    Chip flake you are the best youtuber in the world. I watch your vids a lot and you inspire me to become a animator as well. Hope you have the best of days

  51. Hayden Falcon

    Hayden Falcon日 前

    Me: so player 1 is ahead of player 2 oh wait but player 2 Is catching u- *mom wipes the window down*

  52. TheRealityReaper_BC

    TheRealityReaper_BC日 前

    I still go up the stairs on all fours

  53. Daniel Wi

    Daniel Wi日 前

    I did press the B button when I played pokemon Diamond when I was a kid.

  54. E E

    E E日 前

    I did all of them except the meat and with the ants after I did that I chopped their head off with my nail ._.

  55. ラスアト

    ラスアト日 前

    The first one I thought of a deer jumping over the branching off roads and jumping over anything that wasn't grass lol

  56. Hiro folf

    Hiro folf日 前

    1:39 i read the tips on the screen while your minecraft world is loading up am i the only person who do dis?

  57. Buchi

    Buchi日 前

    I (almost) do these all! This vid is really cringe,but cool 😎

  58. Gavin Pace

    Gavin Pace日 前

    All of them

  59. Nugget

    Nugget日 前

    i did 15, 19, and 25, 28, 3, 5, 13, 24

  60. Onii-Chan

    Onii-Chan日 前

    Woah what I came back to this channel to watch some of the more recent videos and that voice is manlier than my voice lol, not trying to be rude btw.

  61. CatzbeCatz

    CatzbeCatz日 前

    When you watch the rain drops on the windows and pretend they are racing

  62. Danny zaf

    Danny zaf2 日 前

    Umm I tried to out swim my shadow

  63. Master Miner

    Master Miner2 日 前


  64. Victor Biraianu

    Victor Biraianu2 日 前

    Wow i havent watch chipflake in 2 years his voice changed

  65. Miike

    Miike2 日 前

    your word is..... C A T

  66. LARSOS

    LARSOS2 日 前

    Number 17 dosent apply to me

  67. Dingos Rock

    Dingos Rock2 日 前

    I draw on my eraser

  68. Mindcell Studios

    Mindcell Studios2 日 前

    1:15 * confused xbox noises * so you quit the game to raise the chanses?

  69. Tomey TheBag

    Tomey TheBag2 日 前


  70. Tomey TheBag

    Tomey TheBag2 日 前

    Yup... Thoose things.... Yup

  71. Emerald Stone Fox

    Emerald Stone Fox2 日 前

    I always walk up the stairs on all fours

  72. An Erolmisian Dog

    An Erolmisian Dog2 日 前

    When I was in elementary school, recess during sunny days was at the track, and I would just walk around sometimes looking for dying worms, then I'd pick them up, and put them in the grass.

  73. Barry Johnson

    Barry Johnson2 日 前

    "When you bite your nails cause why not"

  74. Hazel Harvest

    Hazel Harvest2 日 前

    XD I am definitely 2, 4, 10, and 13

  75. BlueDino07

    BlueDino072 日 前

    I do/did almost all of these things! lol

  76. Ironic Animations

    Ironic Animations2 日 前

    I related to so many things omg-

  77. CatzbeCatz

    CatzbeCatz2 日 前


  78. Cozy Azzy

    Cozy Azzy2 日 前

    Going up the stairs on all fours is the superior method of transportation!

  79. Marcel Ziolkowski

    Marcel Ziolkowski2 日 前

    Oh no I’m so unlucky I landed on unlucky number 13 out of 31 which is also the opposite which I just realized

  80. RSK_XxdemonNinja

    RSK_XxdemonNinja2 日 前

    When we gettin the chip theme I need it