Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out


  1. Kian O'Donoghue

    Kian O'Donoghue12 分 前

    This video is incredible, I am absolutely speechless!

  2. Nelson John

    Nelson John13 時間 前

    You guys are doing great ...And the family is too hope to see much more people like them

  3. Scott Lilly

    Scott Lilly16 時間 前

    Lol when I see a number like that I think it’s a billing company

  4. Pleasant Quake

    Pleasant Quake20 時間 前

    My number is holy should i if i get 100 likes on this comment i will

  5. Emily Ratcliff

    Emily Ratcliff日 前

    You should phone people in the uk 🇬🇧

  6. Umar waseem

    Umar waseem日 前

    turn on subtitles and stop the video at 0:26

  7. Ronin H

    Ronin H日 前

    She was really sweet and open minded.. damn.. people need to be like her honestly..

  8. Aiden Ashworth

    Aiden Ashworth日 前

    I don't believe this.... I used to be like this, I used to care, but nobody wanted me to. :( But I guess that's because I'm a below average male. :(((

  9. james taok

    james taok日 前

    aftershot at 0:27 says subscribe to pewdiepie if u open ur subtitle

  10. Danny Knight

    Danny Knight2 日 前

    I did this and some guy said: I’m a sissy , can I clean your house for free?

  11. Danny Knight

    Danny Knight2 日 前

    1000 ways to die

  12. Hamdan Nasrulloh

    Hamdan Nasrulloh2 日 前

    I just watched this video and i just try to call random number 😂

  13. Nathan Geiger

    Nathan Geiger3 日 前

    I love this type of video, it warms my heart that there are people like this and this inspires me to be more social and to help others! Keep up the vids!!!!!😊😊

  14. StrawberryJelly99

    StrawberryJelly993 日 前

    I know this is late but pls do this again

  15. ColoradoCrew24

    ColoradoCrew243 日 前

    Yes Theory taught me 2 lessons in 2 days. First: most of the people are mostly kind, the media is scares us because being scared generates money for some people. Second, I don’t remember which video: « a friend is someone invested in your personal growth »... it hit me. What you do is amazing Thomas, Amar , and Matt. Everybody needs friends like you. Have a wonderful day

  16. SebaS

    SebaS3 日 前

    She was soo nice :D

  17. shikarzaise

    shikarzaise3 日 前

    dude this vid melts my heart. thank you, youtube. you just made me cry

  18. zzz 1

    zzz 14 日 前

    10:28 that went 0-100 real quick

  19. Colvalt

    Colvalt4 日 前

    Yo hit up Ryan shazier and make a video with him

  20. Toromino

    Toromino5 日 前

    Wow, Hannah is really nice :)

  21. Amy Mellen

    Amy Mellen5 日 前

    i loved this episode so much!!!!!!!!

  22. John Chinzah

    John Chinzah5 日 前

    Come to aizawl, mizoram, india it is a hilly place and very beautiful

  23. Ekekwe Karen

    Ekekwe Karen6 日 前

    Hannah is the coolest

  24. Fan

    Fan6 日 前

    Why need to call unknown numbers even though y'all can ask me ,No numbers needed 😁

  25. Bobby Bell

    Bobby Bell7 日 前

    I gotta have one of those sweaters ...

  26. ish j

    ish j7 日 前

    All friendship starts from being strangers. We just have to connect and trust to build a lifetime bond.

  27. SharkRule 64

    SharkRule 649 日 前


  28. Lambda

    Lambda9 日 前

    Boîte à messages qu'il a traduit littéralement le Thomas haha

  29. Cooller

    Cooller9 日 前

    so stupid xD ... I'd not even pick up hidden id :D

  30. zio z

    zio z10 日 前


  31. slav Fbi

    slav Fbi10 日 前


  32. V Hayes

    V Hayes10 日 前

    I Live right by sacromento...

  33. cdoney12

    cdoney1211 日 前

    What I live where they landed. Rancho Cordova, why haven’t I met Hannah yet lol

  34. Gooch1989

    Gooch198911 日 前

    I wish y'all would have dialed my number 😢

  35. orpheus2006

    orpheus200611 日 前

    Serious? This is an nice family. So cute and lovely . Love this episode

  36. Mark Harris

    Mark Harris11 日 前

    Anyone in Florida?

  37. Jason Koenig

    Jason Koenig12 日 前

    I’m thinking this is fake

  38. Martin Pintamalli

    Martin Pintamalli12 日 前

    What a good channel!! I love random things like this

  39. max

    max12 日 前

    How do you dislike this?!

  40. Isla Ki

    Isla Ki14 日 前

    when u had the kids in the car i was just thinking how on earth do the parents trust you guys!!

  41. Philip Ehusani

    Philip Ehusani14 日 前

    Immediately I heard "there's a lot more good people in the world than there are bad ones," I started laughing uncomfortably!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Trey Honeycutt

    Trey Honeycutt14 日 前


  43. Naomi Stringer

    Naomi Stringer15 日 前

    8:58 through the end of the video I was CRYING!!! It’s amazing that if you never called Hannah you would have never met her kind family!

  44. S M I L E

    S M I L E15 日 前

    Big thumbs Up for you guys 👍

  45. Life With Sara

    Life With Sara15 日 前

    Thomas: you watch the news and feel like the world is burning Me: YEAH BECAUSE IT IS BUT NOBODY CARES ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT for everyone that’s confused, the amazon rainforest is on fire right now

  46. MGun

    MGun15 日 前

    People are just ignoring strangers. But I'm sure if you hang out with them and you'll know not all humans are Bad :)

  47. ARAH

    ARAH15 日 前

    So a random vid about a guy randomly dial in phone number and a random person answered it and the guy randomly went to a random city where the girl lives and they met with the random girl's random fiance and the next day they met a random family of the girl and the girl gave random foods to random homeless men at random locations just randomly got recommended to me by a random platform called JPreporter

  48. Twistwam Marsic

    Twistwam Marsic15 日 前

    Why are all his videos so wholesome?

  49. Tiffany Williamson

    Tiffany Williamson16 日 前

    I almost cried, this is beautiful!

  50. Matheus

    Matheus16 日 前

    This can’t be random. Only a serial killer would accept to meet a stranger in this situation

  51. R2E7D

    R2E7D16 日 前

    Hahahaha that’s so funny Hahahaha

  52. Tomas Martin

    Tomas Martin16 日 前

    I honestly thought it was Hannah mcneely for a minute

  53. Lucinda Domonique  De Almeida

    Lucinda Domonique De Almeida17 日 前

    Who would dislike this video, , this is so beautiful .

  54. Skye Bain

    Skye Bain17 日 前

    I’m sorry but why I’m earth did she let her kids drive in a car with 2 random men 🤣 I know you guys were probably really friendly but she could never know what could have happened 😬😂

  55. Regular Player

    Regular Player17 日 前

    When will this happen to me? :(

  56. Shamixx Yasuo

    Shamixx Yasuo18 日 前

    Imagine being that 1 month Old baby getting stories about a stranger holding him/her ? Lol amazing

  57. Alan Tan

    Alan Tan18 日 前

    Life is full of exciting surprises. Awesome random adventure. ♡♡♡

  58. Korbin Elsmore

    Korbin Elsmore18 日 前

    Why is that hallway so long??

  59. AWOL Studios

    AWOL Studios18 日 前

    Circuses aren't vegan

  60. Izzy shan

    Izzy shan18 日 前

    does anyone know what car they're driving?? like the model cuz ik it's a Toyota