Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out


  1. Claudia Woods

    Claudia Woods12 時間 前

    Liked this vid! Can you guys do another one like this?

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  3. EthAnimations

    EthAnimations2 日 前

    I wanna do this one day

  4. Armand Azhari

    Armand Azhari2 日 前

    Wait what chainsaw? 😂

  5. Masooma Jabeen

    Masooma Jabeen2 日 前

    Laugh your laughter Thomas...

  6. 5G will kill us unless we dont stop it

    5G will kill us unless we dont stop it2 日 前

    The reason the news is always showing the worst in the world is because positive stories dont sell views. People watch things to hear about something bad that happened to someone or something.

  7. BlkQueenK

    BlkQueenK2 日 前

    Bless this woman and her family

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  9. J H

    J H3 日 前

    pretty sure ive never liked as many videos from a single channel. ive loved every single one so far!

  10. KoeBowmaker

    KoeBowmaker3 日 前

    Not everyone in the world is this nice. Because they say yes, they're more likely to be nice. But what about all the people that say no? More people say no in these videos. Some of them say no in a nice way though.

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    No one: nothing English subtitles 0:25 : so, subscribe to Pewdiepie

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    069 1230 482

  13. Ryan Zane

    Ryan Zane4 日 前

    I hope this is not scripted.

  14. James Nesbitt

    James Nesbitt4 日 前

    Had this to happen once wieth the wife. Set up a meet, person who called showed up and then went directly to jail. His wife was not happy with him. This is a video for fools.

  15. Eddie

    Eddie5 日 前

    There needs to be more people like Hanah in this world

  16. Margot Curcio

    Margot Curcio5 日 前

    almost teared up watching this. there really are some amazing people in this world that make the world a whole lot better.

  17. Margot Curcio

    Margot Curcio5 日 前

    I love her!!!!!!

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    Yo guys are awesome..i subscribed to this channel since every since they got only 150 subscribers..

  19. C.O.D.M NINJA MOMENTS :3 gaming

    C.O.D.M NINJA MOMENTS :3 gaming5 日 前

    one time i did this and then i almost got robbed luckily i always have my gun around

  20. Toxic Nine

    Toxic Nine5 日 前

    This guy looks like Hugo llorris 4:55

  21. Smarty Productions

    Smarty Productions6 日 前

    At 0:26 the captions have a secret message 👁👄👁

  22. ortiztuc1

    ortiztuc16 日 前

    Mind blown.

  23. Jess J

    Jess J6 日 前

    Yes Theory: a series of video concepts that only men can pull off. Lol.

  24. Shadow_ Clan_flame

    Shadow_ Clan_flame6 日 前

    I love how they had no doubt that they could literally die

  25. KH23 GAMER

    KH23 GAMER6 日 前

    Imagine if he dials the same number twice..😂💔

  26. Duhft Dfjft

    Duhft Dfjft6 日 前

    Y’all are amazing. Truly living out my dream lol❤️💯💯

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  28. Jules

    Jules7 日 前

    this womans heart is beautiful

  29. Jules

    Jules7 日 前

    "message box" ah yes the multilingual struggles

  30. Muskan Gupta

    Muskan Gupta7 日 前

    When they met such people it definitely feels like it was meant to happen

  31. Muskan Gupta

    Muskan Gupta7 日 前

    When you meet strangers like these , it restores faith in humanity

  32. Curtisg839

    Curtisg8397 日 前

    When I did trips when I was young I found a number and someone answered like 1/3 times

  33. Info Matters

    Info Matters7 日 前

    Whenever I received a call from an unknown number it is always an Indian guy with fake accent trying to scam me in some way.

  34. Alexander Baker

    Alexander Baker7 日 前

    Sacramento! Woo! Y'all were less than a mile away from me 😭

  35. Jamison Zeliff

    Jamison Zeliff7 日 前

    they're lucky the people are good

  36. Charging Active

    Charging Active7 日 前

    "And that is how I met your mother".

  37. Hoo Mantew

    Hoo Mantew7 日 前

    Scammers call random numbers and make millions of dollars and they never have to waste time meeting them.

  38. Danielle Cedillo

    Danielle Cedillo7 日 前

    You guys are awesome I was having the worst morning in years of my life and your videos turn my day around thanks hope one day I'll have the chance to meet y'all And this family seems absolutely amazing its great to see a strong woman doing so much to help others I strive to be like her

  39. Victor Roasted Gaming

    Victor Roasted Gaming7 日 前

    Imagine contacting a drug dealer

  40. Quade Harris

    Quade Harris7 日 前

    My favorite part was when he said "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT"

  41. Joshua Quirk

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  42. Oja Amelia

    Oja Amelia8 日 前

    You are an angel, Hanna.. Amazing! You totally move me.. God Bless You, girl 😘

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    This channel is for sure the BEST

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    i think i hung up on you

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    We stan Hannah

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    Hi there! im on a yes theory streak! watching vid after vid after vid. if you see this, hello!

  47. irondasgr

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    Well, you hit the bull's eye dudes.

  48. teal banz

    teal banz9 日 前

    Those ppl were so so nice and just amazing people in the world we need more ppl like that

  49. J Anything

    J Anything9 日 前

    Nah I don't buy this. Seems too easy to setup.

  50. J Anything

    J Anything9 日 前

    Subtitles are screwed up.

  51. Aastha Chaurasia

    Aastha Chaurasia9 日 前

    Life is all about the moments of “either I’ll die or I’ll have the best experience”❤️

  52. Arcade Warrior

    Arcade Warrior9 日 前

    Funny 😄

  53. Potato Gamer

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    Anyone notice the subtitles when it said sub to pewdiepie for like a second

  54. Ven

    Ven10 日 前

    tbh whoever agrees to hangout is stoopid

  55. pratik sonderwa

    pratik sonderwa10 日 前

    Picks up the call, "Hi, this is Hannah, Hannah Baker.. Welcome to your tape, Thomas"

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    Try this number it’s real 6900386

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    Good spirit.

  58. Ivana Stojanovska

    Ivana Stojanovska10 日 前

    Thomas holding the baby is so adorable

  59. Art with Mimi

    Art with Mimi10 日 前

    I accidentally texted the wrong number last year. Area code was wrong so even another state.… Someone started swearing and cursing calling me every mean name they could think of… I let it go and then I text them back and said “I think your having a bad day and I hope it gets better for you.” They said ”right now I am homeless... and I told them my mom has just passed away. They apologized and I put them in my phone as -anonymous text- . All last year about once a month we’d check in. I never knew if I was texting a male or female and never asked. A few months ago they stopped answering. I hope they are ok. I think we really needed each other.

  60. CollectiveDog

    CollectiveDog10 日 前

    great idea for a video. what an awesome random way to meet some good people. easy going hip and kind. the whole fam. humanity is better off than i thought. you got my sub.