Destiny reviews "Male Privilege is a Myth" by Steven Crowder


  1. ThisVideoAnnoyedMe

    ThisVideoAnnoyedMe7 日 前

    What is this Crowder boosting?! Almost 3hrs and Destiny speaks like for what, 20min?!

  2. Mac4zz

    Mac4zz12 日 前

    Destiny's idea behind rape culture is just not true. You can look it up and find that rape culture is defined as the normalization, tolerance, or encouragement of rape or sexual assault. There is not a single source that I've read describing it as having an "entitlement to sex." Thus making this "taking someone out and expecting sex" example irrelevant. Normally I'd agree with Destiny on many of his takes but to pretend that what he defines rape culture as is what society defines it and implies when they use the term is untrue.

  3. Yellow Flash

    Yellow Flash13 日 前

    Crowder wins because he knows actual history. Most women didn’t want the right to vote. Also slavery still exists today in the Middle East and Africa. Leftists always lose because they don’t use facts and base there argument off of emotion. Victim mentality runs rampant on the left.

  4. Muggz D

    Muggz D14 日 前

    He didn’t reverse his position on small male and mma female he said that that wouldn’t count bc it’s anecdotal/ rare

  5. Muggz D

    Muggz D14 日 前

    Some people’s day to day life is prison.... i know they’re in prison bc they did something wrong but it doesn’t make not human

  6. Muggz D

    Muggz D14 日 前

    I don’t think society can influence what women want to do and you see that with women doing premium snaps or only fans accounts. Women are not following social “norms” and doing what they want. I think women are much independent more than ever.

  7. Muggz D

    Muggz D14 日 前

    The thing is that the people who gave the women the right to vote didn’t make those laws... they were just born in that world and then they decided, “hey let’s let women vote”. They weren’t the ones to oppress women in the first place but they were the ones to give them the right to vote

  8. Atom AiL

    Atom AiL14 日 前

    Its wired destiny had to call that first black guy the N word but what ever.. good vidoe

  9. Asa Jake

    Asa Jake2 日 前

    Atom AiL I think you were watching a different video. Like a very different thing... lol

  10. OriginalKarasu

    OriginalKarasu15 日 前

    i actually liked crowder in the beginning but i knew something was not clicking about him, i just couldnt quite grasp... today i do realize crowder is a foking dumass that "stages" his videos and interviews... the dude makes fun of so many things that arent funny... he seems to me sometimes like a failed comedian... but then again he supports trump, nuff said i think xD

  11. - Lancepie -

    - Lancepie -15 日 前

    Didnt men have the code of chivalry back in those days?

  12. best djaf

    best djaf17 日 前

    To be clear, nobody could vote. The rich men & rich single women could vote The Poor men & poor women couldn't vote!! And the rich married women could even influence the decisions with their money!!! And what about the women Pharaohs & Emperors & Queens & Duchess & just extremely rich women!?! They couldn't vote?

  13. Chris Bartolini

    Chris Bartolini17 日 前

    How can you reasonably deny the fact that a woman wouldn’t face the same physical consequences for getting in a man’s face that a man would? Little bit of your bias sneaking in there.

  14. Connor Lenihan

    Connor Lenihan19 日 前

    Lil Dicky vs Destiny in the final battle

  15. G-rant Wilson

    G-rant Wilson19 日 前

    TRUMP 2020

  16. Davi Barker

    Davi Barker19 日 前

    I love how after refusing to acknowledge the transwoman as a woman, Crowder then argues the transwoman has female privilege.

  17. N7 Stellaris

    N7 Stellaris20 日 前

    Male privilege is a myth.... what's so hard to understand about it. Edit: In the West.

  18. Adrian Canada

    Adrian Canada21 日 前

    You are like two rogans tall max

  19. badhass threeonenine

    badhass threeonenine21 日 前

    Destiny's idea of "worthy of moral consideration" regarding abortion is insane. first of all what right does he have deciding who is worthy of consideration. I have heard him say that the baby is unconscious and is currently unable to experience "conscious moments" (his term). with destiny's logic you are "not worth of moral consideration" when you are asleep, got knocked out, or in a coma. Please just be genuine, I could entertain the pro choice argument if someone would argue that that child would be neglected. Instead it sounds like destiny reached his conclusion that he was pro choice first then he picks and chooses a philosophy that confirms his position. you don't get to choose who is "worthy of moral consideration" every life is worthy and the idea that some politician would be in charge of who's life is worthy should scare every.

  20. badhass threeonenine

    badhass threeonenine21 日 前

    iI doesn't matter who uses the argument, you should judge an argument based on its validity. destiny lost a debate he didn't even participate in. Destiny seems like a nice guy but I've seen him in many debates and in my opinion is usually outclassed. I'm not trying to throw shade but destiny seems like he is unwilling to change his position even when presented with new information. I think he means well but as bought into identity politics because it makes you feel good without actually doing or helping anybody. His political position is more of a religion, believes something completely because its easy and makes you feel good. rather than engaging in a debate with an closed mind and already assuming you know everything and are correct. I appriciate the civil discourse but a little more humility would go a long way.

  21. Neon Nihilist

    Neon Nihilist21 日 前

    Wait a minute why is this destiny guy talking like his opinion fucking matters? Hes a privileged white male and needs to shut the fuck up.

  22. Dani C

    Dani C25 日 前

    I started to get really emotional watching around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a>:00 with that poor girl. It’s hard for a lot of us women to have to be demeaned like that but it happens all the time. Our experiences and opinions constantly invalidated by men like Crowder. I hope that this won’t discourage her.

  23. TrueMohax

    TrueMohax23 日 前

    What was wrong about that part?

  24. Mr. cat

    Mr. cat26 日 前

    Racism does not exist. It is an illusion created by those in power to divide us and control the black peoples. To make them always think about the white man. Racism does not exist, and has never existed. Nobody hates someone just for color of skin alone. It is anger and judgement they have to a group of people. It has nothing to do with the colour of your skin.

  25. Noah Thurman

    Noah Thurman28 日 前

    Destiny is such a clown, and all the plebs in is chat are a bunch of sheep

  26. Darthwing Xodius

    Darthwing Xodius28 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2730">45:30</a> What if the individual does not care about societal brainwash in by TV shows. What if you don't watch TV or shows.

  27. Razashi Pillow

    Razashi Pillow29 日 前

    Slut shaming for women is as prevelant as virgin shaming men. It's the dynamic between the sexes that cause this.

  28. Deepu M

    Deepu Mヶ月 前

    When you force the people in power to give you rights, you basically took your rights by making things hard for them. Snatched. What is there to praise about them 'giving' rights in that

  29. Josh White

    Josh Whiteヶ月 前

    The definition of biological life is very different from a "soul" or personhood. It's an intentional false equivocation of two distinct terms. He is using biological life to claim conception is when life starts, and then he uses the concept of a person's life to say it's wrong to terminate it. Science doesn't say you are a person at conception, it says you show similar features to bacteria or your own cells at that time.

  30. GeneralZod99

    GeneralZod9928 日 前

    I'm an atheist, but the argument from a god believer is that the "soul" is there at the moment of conception. I am a fan of Crowder, but this is where I would hold his feet to the fire and ask him to demonstrate the "soul". It's not an intentional false equivocation. It's what god believers like Crowder believe to be the case. Personally, I would ask him to explain the phenomenon of a zygote splitting producing twins. Did this "soul" split in two? Did another "soul" suddenly appear at the moment of the split? This is why I find most of these comments so amusing saying that Crowder is being a big meanie making these kids look stupid. I have no formal education on these topics and I have no problem pushing back when I think Crowder is wrong about something. What Crowder is doing with these "Change My Mind"'s is exposing the ideologies being taught at these universities.

  31. melvin shermen

    melvin shermenヶ月 前

    I want to live in gattaca now

  32. Kalle Freyschuss

    Kalle Freyschussヶ月 前

    So if i have understood Destiny correct he is a hard determinist. I've heard him say that he believes the entire history of the universe is predetermined since the big bag. How can Destiny at the same time call bullshit on biological determinism? What am i missing here?

  33. Josh White

    Josh Whiteヶ月 前

    If you ever got in on a crowder CMM he wouldn't air it. I'm sure he gets owned all the time, or people are smart enough to not be led down these easy paths where crowder can ambush them. We only ever see the "unedited' but completely good for crowder's image videos.

  34. Eleanor Mayerfeld

    Eleanor Mayerfeldヶ月 前

    If Crowder is so concerned about the draft, I'd assume he supports the Equal Rights Amendment? lol

  35. Nick G

    Nick Gヶ月 前

    This guy have adhd?

  36. Riley Bilbrey

    Riley Bilbreyヶ月 前

    Okay i wanna see destiny debate ben shapiro and see how that goes.

  37. jokul

    jokulヶ月 前

    Kinda off the cuff rejection of the violinist argument when the previous justification was "I choose to value conscious life". Does that mean abortion would be justified whenever someone chooses to value the fetus or not? That was a pretty weak line to go with.

  38. Nic West

    Nic Westヶ月 前

    Tell me the f*** off to my face destiny I'll beat the f*** out of you. you're a punk b****

  39. Brock Corb

    Brock Corbヶ月 前

    Yeah what's stopping Mr high horse here from finding out where the next change my mind will be at and actually show up himself... He doesn't always, but Crowder does seem to frequent a select few locations / events.

  40. Nina Jensen

    Nina Jensenヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>:20 While that seems intuitive, the reality is, trans-women that don't pass are 'othered', so they won't be treated as men, but will be pegged down to at least women. They'll get the bad side of men, and the bad side of women at the same time.

  41. Timo Doherty

    Timo Dohertyヶ月 前

    How hasn't anyone pointed out that the title is 'male privilege is a myth' but in the video Crowder keeps on pointing out things he would consider female privilege? I haven't finished watching, I'm hoping someone will point out the hypocrisy.



    Timo Doherty .......exactly that’s the whole point he’s tryna show that females have privileges as well as men do.

  43. Callum's Underling

    Callum's Underlingヶ月 前

    Hey destiny stop being cringe and read some theory

  44. Pepe Teriyaki

    Pepe Teriyakiヶ月 前

    “It just means that your gender(male) is not one of the things making your life more challenging.” Being a male has been the direct cause of some of the most challenging and life changingly horrible events of my life. Being a male in my circumstance ultimately meant that I would lose my childhood and my family. Had I been female it’s very likely my family would still be together and what happened to me may never have occurred at all. Honestly the events of my childhood resulted only because I was a BOY and have left me with endless challenges to overcome to this very day... But I guess according to Destiny this is a decent summary of male privilege. What a crock of shit I can’t believe people buy into this none sense🤦🏻‍♂️

  45. supercoolsunday

    supercoolsundayヶ月 前

    Crowder isn't funny. Thank you for skipping past his stupid Bernie skit lol

  46. Barrett Smith

    Barrett Smithヶ月 前

    I’m mostly on Crowder’s side on most of these talking points but I would LOVE to see Destiny debate him. That would very interesting and would actually challenge Steven appropriately.

  47. Tony Dammit

    Tony Dammitヶ月 前

    White inheritance is the definition of white privilege through finances? What about the majority of whites who come from dysfunctional families that are not only disinherited, but abandoned and left to fend for themselves since a very early age? I am one of those white males, and I cant stand the fact that no one acknowledges that I had the hardest life that one can possibly have in this country. Shame on you... also , no I don't care about non whites problems. I care about them as much as they care about me.

  48. TheBlackiwid

    TheBlackiwidヶ月 前

    So biological differences (in strength) is discrimination against women according to Destiny. Yes I agree he is the last (crazy) SJW!

  49. TheBlackiwid

    TheBlackiwidヶ月 前

    That black women was horrible "women get called bitchy if they are more agressive" So and man get more often called "creep" this term is nearly exclusively used towards men... so her stupid anekdotal bullshit makes me question if it's good to have women in high management positions, if they all are so dumb then not.

  50. TheBlackiwid

    TheBlackiwidヶ月 前

    "Generally women are better of in society than man" That depends on the tools you messure if you use the dollar amount of your bankaccount (and look only on average) then yes. BUT ONLY THEN. On most other factors that are 1000 times more important not: *Live expectence* women are better of (and every lefty agrees that everything is society based difference till proven otherwise so we must here also assume society and not biology). *Homelessness* Women are less often homeless *Suicide rates* Women do less succesful suicides *Workplace deaths* >90% male .... So only if you only messure the bank account you can come to this stupid conclusion.

  51. TheBlackiwid

    TheBlackiwidヶ月 前

    So you can ask the question why more women get nurses than man, (you argument didn't really work because you said less women want to become doctors which to my knowledge is not true anymore, but depends on the country I guess), but when the male "nurses" work still more hours and get more additional training and therefor earn more this doesn't help you. Even if you had parents that say their daughter 1mio times in their upbringing "don't become a doctor, become a nurse" and she wolud pick therefor the job of a nurse, how does that make her work less hours than the male nurse? And even you said "that is a question" so if it's a question why do we then pretent the Answer is it was sexism? Why is it sexism till proven otherwise? Why is sexism the default position? THAT is the problem. If it would be a question fine but the implication whenever this stat is used is that it must be sexism. Therefor every left politician that brings up the wage gap is a fucking liar because he intentionally pushes a false implication. Which is a surely tricky way to lie, when you lie with implication you can always bring up the "but I did not (explicitly) say that" which then you are a cowert and a liar, which is even worse.

  52. Blake Baker

    Blake Bakerヶ月 前

    Destiny vs. Crowder would be great to hear.

  53. rade piljov

    rade piljovヶ月 前

    Destiny belive women , a got nothing to say about this crazy girl who want men go to jail without evidence. This girl like destiny have no sons and brothers who maybe one day be accused by false.

  54. rade piljov

    rade piljovヶ月 前

    Destiny , democracy,voting,workers rights,.... are win because wars,revolutions,uprisings,... , so if men are not give women right to vote why women didn't take guns and got they rights like all people in the Europe and other countries?? Crawder is right , powerfull men gave women right to vote , but women still roday are not going to war.

  55. TPH2010

    TPH2010ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a>:10 No, Ford Did Not Recant Accusations Against Kavanaugh:

  56. cool88905

    cool88905ヶ月 前

    So fun fact every single link he puts on the screen when talking to the first guy does not support at all what he is saying and they are just long articles in the hopes you don’t actually read them. Look at them.

  57. prod. by DummyStacks

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  58. brian0811

    brian0811ヶ月 前

    Destiny, it was a good effort trying to dismantle Crowders “change my mind” segment but you are missing the real point. The point is to see what these college kids are being taught, because that’s shapes their beliefs going forward. As you can see by this episode the people who sit down are very uneducated on these topics because they are being taught by leftists that America is an awful place. So Crowder makes them sit down and try to rationalize their beliefs and they can’t because their beliefs are founded in leftist talking points with ZERO substance to back up their claims other than anecdotal evidence... so again you don’t even understand the point of the segment. Crowder would massacre you in any debate IMO

  59. Beyond Lorien

    Beyond Lorienヶ月 前

    In science literacy, a person is only considered to be alive if they have brain activity. We know that all other organs are either replaceable or unnecessary for survival. Your lungs, limbs, toes and fingers are all replaceable. Your heart is not only replaceable, it can literally be turned back on if it stops working. The only thing that absolutely requires functionality, even if only dormant, is your brain. So against the argument that abortion takes a life, you could argue that technically it isnt alive until after a full month into the pregnancy. So legalizing anything before that would not be murder, it is only teminating the potential to create life. Which if anyone wanted to argue that should still be illegal they would also need to argue that masturbation and sex without the intention to get pregnant is murder. Which of course are difficult and absurd ideas to advocate for. This isnt necessarily an philosophy that I hold strongly myself. I support womens right to abortion simply because I believe that living and breathing humans should have more rights than a clump of cells. But this argument typically works well against those pro-life people who are hardcore republicans and say that facts dont care about your feelings, believing that the left is entirely emotional. They can't argue against abortions that technically dont take a person's life without admitting that it is an emotional one devoid of facts.

  60. Humphrey Hogan

    Humphrey Hoganヶ月 前

    Harry Sinclair Lewis would have blown Steven right out his seat with rebuttals Steven couldn't have refuted at all, had Lewis been still alive. But then again Steven would have won by default of hjs refusal to argue against anyone older than him. Anyway does know whether Crowder is really a homosexual? Because I've wondered about that boy from time to time. His peculiarities and his attitudes. Him and his sidekick Jerrod or "Not Gay" Jerrod together, esp.

  61. DEEK

    DEEKヶ月 前

    Interesting that you bring up biologists telling us when life begins. Life began. It doesn't begin as a system. Life began for all life. Life is not separate from our reality.

  62. JDDizzle19

    JDDizzle19ヶ月 前

    He doesn't have them oh what are they FBI and doj???? Sounds like he has the ststs keep playing videogames

  63. JDDizzle19

    JDDizzle19ヶ月 前

    Consent culture you're a genius

  64. JDDizzle19

    JDDizzle19ヶ月 前

    Men are more likely to get assaulted because of people like you you betta

  65. shlomo shlomowitz

    shlomo shlomowitzヶ月 前

    Destiny is treating being believed by cops as a minor deal.

  66. JDDizzle19

    JDDizzle19ヶ月 前

    Is that your definition of rape culture because I don't think any normal person would call rape culture what you described

  67. JDDizzle19

    JDDizzle19ヶ月 前

    you're an idiot

  68. William Johnson

    William Johnsonヶ月 前

    "...people, who are accused of rape, with no evidence, is a horrible thing. We need to put a stop to that as well." Not just put a stop to fake accusations, but accusations without evidence. So, a well-planned rape should never be reported, "because that also diminishes real rape that happens" according to Crowder. Sounds like what he's trying to say is, in the case of Kavanaugh, "it was a perfect rape."

  69. Chance Robertson

    Chance Robertsonヶ月 前

    Steven crowder is a weasel, he refuses to debate anyone well versed in leftism.

  70. Neon Nihilist

    Neon Nihilist21 日 前

    Being well versed in leftism is like being well versed in brain disorders.

  71. Riley Bilbrey

    Riley Bilbreyヶ月 前

    What and even if you dont think so just go to Ben shapiro and see him debate intellectuals.

  72. Ryan N

    Ryan Nヶ月 前

    On the point of who gets abused more men or women, I admit this is an anecdote but I know several men who have been assaulted by their wives or girlfriends and they don't call the police. And I have to admit I'm sure there are women who are abused and don't report it but I have to assume more men refuse to report than women

  73. G_GlasgowRFC

    G_GlasgowRFCヶ月 前

    Steven Crowder is a moron, but he's correct in many ways here. Class privilege is the only real privilege.

  74. Jeff C

    Jeff Cヶ月 前

    "A little bit more, but exactly the same." If someone says this to you, they are lying to your face.

  75. Prudent Paratrooper

    Prudent Paratrooperヶ月 前

    "Biology doesn't determine when life begins" Big Brain statements by Destiny.

  76. GeneralZod99

    GeneralZod9928 日 前

    @Dreams Of course there is consensus as to when life begins. What is debated is whether a clump of cells should be considered _human_ life or just a clump of cells. This is why people debate about the notion of a soul and when it supposedly forms, which is why there are questions about when a fertilized egg splits into twins, did the soul split too? Did a new soul magically appear at the time of the split?

  77. Dreams

    Dreamsヶ月 前

    I haven't watched the video yet (too long) but he's actually right about that. There isn't a consensus among the scientific community regarding when exactly in a fetus' development the life "starts". It's actually more of a philosophical question. for example is the life "threshold" brain activity, consciousness, heart beat, independent movement, etc? It's not a biological question

  78. Renegade7777777

    Renegade7777777ヶ月 前

    OMFG You're actually platforming fucking Crowder now!? That's it. Right wing grifter confirmed. Unsubbed and I hope the left rising destroys what semblance of a reputation you have left!

  79. max Headroom

    max Headroomヶ月 前

    is this sarcastic

  80. obce

    obceヶ月 前

    It's so fun watching you lose arguments to yourself and Crowder with Google at your fingertips. I don't even like Crowder, but you ducked out of so many of these when the results didn't match. Bravo! Thumbs up

  81. LittleOfThisAlotOfThat !

    LittleOfThisAlotOfThat !ヶ月 前

    Why do leftists think it’s trendy to be a cuck?

  82. Devin Brown

    Devin Brownヶ月 前

    Destiny is literally so uneducated about a lot of shit but says these bs stupid comments out there knowing none of his libtard viewers will question it

  83. Max WM

    Max WMヶ月 前

    such as?

  84. Dexterous4

    Dexterous4ヶ月 前

    What game is this

  85. AlmostHollowed

    AlmostHollowedヶ月 前

    Anyone else notice that his goon handed him a fetal development chart as soon as abortion was broached? Crowder is all "I didn't even WANT to talk about abortion!" in the V.O. but DAMN are he and his sycophants ready for it.

  86. Zoro

    Zoroヶ月 前

    Sounds smart actually, if Crowder isn't the one bringing it up in the first place

  87. GRIM

    GRIMヶ月 前

    Why does the left look to children (Greta) and kids (Students of a school that had a shooting) as policy experts but these college students are considered unprepared students.

  88. max Headroom

    max Headroomヶ月 前

    @Kayden Yes, Because i definitely believe that you spent all that time. Cool story bro. And the normies are the climate activists, do you understand the term normie or anti science? global warming is no where near as bad as people claim and the reason they do so is to play on emotion to implement socialism. Very simple scam you are falling for and are now advocating for the deaths of conservative because you wrongfully deemed them anti science. 1/10 argument would have been better if you didn't pretend to study mechanical engineering.

  89. Kayden

    Kaydenヶ月 前

    max Headroom I'm an Energy Engineer with a Masters in Energy and Sustainability and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering where I've spent the past 5 years studying the chemistry and physics behind it, yes climate change is the most pressing issue you anti-science subhuman. This is the problem, braindead normies like you with no understanding of this whatsoever will disregard the scientists who've spent hours everyday researching this for years. You should all be exterminated, unironically

  90. max Headroom

    max Headroomヶ月 前

    @Kayden No it isnt, You are brainwashed

  91. Kayden

    Kaydenヶ月 前

    @max Headroom yes, democracy just takes away power from the smart people and gives it to the braindead dregs. Climate change is the most pressing issue for our species and it's do or die time and conservatives are choosing die because they dont believe in science.

  92. max Headroom

    max Headroomヶ月 前

    @Kayden ok fascist

  93. mike green

    mike greenヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a>:25

  94. DerUnbekannte

    DerUnbekannteヶ月 前

    watching change my mind is only enjoyable if you already agree with crowder he gets unprepared opponents by virtue of where he finds them, and it's the same outcome (almost) every time

  95. max Headroom

    max Headroomヶ月 前

    boring to watch, at least it isn't as bad as bennie the duel loyalty jew

  96. obce

    obceヶ月 前

    Nah. He's annoying for sure. But he did change my mind on abortion.

  97. calmerpls

    calmerplsヶ月 前

    what is it with all these ugly ass "famous" cancervatives? ben shapino, steven coward, charlie kirk... they all look uncanny valley asf.

  98. Arthur Kwon Lee

    Arthur Kwon Leeヶ月 前

    God your so gay.

  99. Kayden

    Kaydenヶ月 前

    great argument brainlet

  100. Shy Brother Speaks

    Shy Brother Speaksヶ月 前

    The black transgender incident definetly reeks of being staged.