Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - Gamescom Trailer


  1. ReiGnJuste

    ReiGnJuste7 時間 前

    Hdr in this game is complete trash. Hlg looks far better on it.

  2. The Ikea Man

    The Ikea Man7 時間 前

    This would’ve been the best time to make a hive themed subclass

  3. Elmstreet Destro

    Elmstreet Destro23 時間 前

    Fireteam of titans: Wheres the hunter he's late Crota: Guess who's back Fireteam:hold up we gotta get our hunter.

  4. Elmstreet Destro

    Elmstreet Destro23 時間 前


  5. lordaveg

    lordaveg日 前

    This trailer is lit💣💥

  6. Hey Sin

    Hey Sin日 前

    The song is fire

  7. Dallas Widdersheim

    Dallas Widdersheim日 前

    Cant wait I pr-ordered it 112 days ago!!! cant wait 11 more days!!! who else is getting pumped up?!! Ima be grinding it out for days!!!

  8. Naamloos

    Naamloos日 前

    We want the sparrow races back!

  9. Dark_knight76_yt

    Dark_knight76_yt2 日 前

    You haven't seen darkness not yet D1 vets: are you sure about that

  10. Ryan Kelley

    Ryan Kelley2 日 前

    so is this just going to be more creature reskins, or are they actually you know, going to do something new?

  11. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton3 時間 前

    Prob do some thing new like new attcks and stuff like that

  12. Nuclear moisturizer

    Nuclear moisturizer2 日 前

    Me as a storm caller summoning lightning to fight oryx with my two friends: let's kill him properly this time

  13. VGGamer2006

    VGGamer20062 日 前

    I swear if they put Uldren back in this game I am going to murder him!

  14. mikeyatlas15

    mikeyatlas152 日 前

    I can not wait to play shadowkeep. :)

  15. Demetrius Sinkler

    Demetrius Sinkler2 日 前

    Amazing trailer I am watching it Soo much till shadowkeep drops


    MOE YAHYA2 日 前


  17. mohawkade

    mohawkade2 日 前

    Song: March with Giants by Black Math

  18. K L

    K L2 日 前

    People still play this game???

  19. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson2 日 前

    What are the names of the two bosses that do the blood curdling screams at 0:19 and 0:30

  20. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton3 時間 前

    Take this with a garne of salt but i think the boss at 0:19 is the leader of the house of wolves and the boss at 0:30 is probably just some random witch i dont recognize it

  21. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson6 時間 前

    Sry, I thought it was meant to be offensive

  22. RaptorPack

    RaptorPack11 時間 前

    Wow all I did was made a Star Wars joke

  23. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson2 日 前

    @RaptorPack all I asked was of a name so don't be a dickhead about it, you wanna be that way then don't say anything in the first place

  24. RaptorPack

    RaptorPack2 日 前

    Michael Johnson Someone hasn’t heard the tradgedy yet of darth omnigul the wise

  25. fruitswillis

    fruitswillis3 日 前

    I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into this franchise and all I want is the Icebreaker back.

  26. Oh no no

    Oh no no3 日 前


  27. Electromo

    Electromo3 日 前

    So it releases free to play on Oct. 1st?

  28. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez2 日 前

    Electromo Yes

  29. marsh

    marsh3 日 前

    I think Destiny is finally starting to step closer to Bungie’s original vision. With Activision gone, it has a bright future. Yeah, it sucks that us veterans have had to suffer through a lot of their mistakes, but now we’re possibly getting what we have always wanted. Bungie has a potential redemption arc on their hands

  30. Trial_With_An_Error

    Trial_With_An_Error3 日 前

    Moons haunted

  31. striklylow

    striklylow3 日 前

    Something wicked........has recycled previous content😲😲

  32. TheDeathflows

    TheDeathflows3 日 前

    it looks meh, PASS!

  33. ashton _01

    ashton _014 日 前

    I'm surprised no one has talked about Oryx's Sisters existing.

  34. Sans the meme

    Sans the meme4 日 前

    The flashbacks are coming back to haunt you time to fight bois

  35. SR20XRarity

    SR20XRarity4 日 前

    *Sees crota* Two man or bust

  36. RIOT HDX

    RIOT HDX4 日 前

    Crota comes back “How many times do we have to teach you a lesson old man “

  37. Nathan Medrano

    Nathan Medrano4 日 前

    Tell me why everything in the Bungie store is $777,782.77?

  38. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts4 日 前

    You need a special code to get the discount. The codes are unlocked in game by doing specific activities or quests

  39. Gage S

    Gage S4 日 前

    How's this shit still rated T

  40. Sharkworld07

    Sharkworld074 日 前

    Bungie makes some insane trailers tbh!

  41. ody

    ody4 日 前

    bungie: *brings back crota* d1 players with gjallerhorns on a rock: crota: *sweating intensifies*

  42. EJ Aunu

    EJ Aunu4 日 前

    Crota: *I am inevitable* D1 Vets: *I am a Guardian*

  43. BirdyByrd

    BirdyByrd5 日 前

    Where’s DrCrispy93 and Randall The Vandal

  44. Thalnann

    Thalnann5 日 前

    mfw the fake crota is stronger than the real one

  45. Charlie Parry

    Charlie Parry5 日 前

    So looking forward to this! If anyone wants to play through this when it comes out or any other part of destiny 2 on PS4 add me! PSN angryislander :)

  46. Luka

    Luka5 日 前

    song name is marching with giants - thank me later

  47. Proud Infidel

    Proud Infidel4 日 前


  48. RyloKen67

    RyloKen675 日 前

    Crota: comes back D1 veterans: How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!

  49. Furious Fusion49

    Furious Fusion495 日 前

    Crota is like can I just die lol looks lit 🔥

  50. Xmaster1990

    Xmaster19905 日 前


  51. Unmasked God

    Unmasked God6 日 前

    1:00 new melee skills? Also Monte Carlo is coming back. That is one of my favorite guns simply because of the design. Looks so clean.

  52. Volfe Zephyr

    Volfe Zephyr4 日 前

    Monte Carlo was such a bomb autorifle in D1. Easily one of my favourite guns apart from Zhalo Supercell, Wolfslayer's Claw, Hard Light y3, Khvostov, Super Good Advice....ugh. I miss D1's arsenal....

  53. Romeo

    Romeo5 日 前

    Finishers or assassinations type stuff they already confirmed is coming

  54. derpalerpalerp

    derpalerpalerp6 日 前

    Did they change blade barrages animation or is it just me

  55. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts4 日 前

    No they didn't

  56. KellytheDirt

    KellytheDirt6 日 前

    God I haven't been this excited since the king tried to kill all of us. Can't wait for The Darker Below!

  57. KellytheDirt

    KellytheDirt4 日 前

    Everything from the dark below, *but darker* Coming October 1st, #thedarkerbelow

  58. Volfe Zephyr

    Volfe Zephyr4 日 前

    Hahaha seriously underrated comment. #thedarkerbelow 😂😂😂

  59. C A L C U L O N

    C A L C U L O N6 日 前

    I think the witch at 0:38 is Omnigul. Look at her gantlets/face, thats omnigul with out a doubt. 0:58 Mongrel Ogre maybe? (Abomination Heist, D1). 1:14 Eschaton Mind? (Black Garden 1st boss).

  60. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton3 時間 前

    The boss at 0:58 i am 100 percent sure is the orge and the vex ummmm mabey idk mabey its just another gate Lord they all look alike

  61. Qwerky

    Qwerky6 日 前

    this looks so damn good

  62. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler7 日 前

    destiny fans: give us NEW ORIGINAL CONTENT Destiny devs: yo guys here is the idea, copy and paste EVERYTHING and make a dungeon with all the bosses in it. and add some red to make it look spooky as per usual.

  63. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton6 日 前

    @Ryan Butler its true they where i know the old bungie would do that shit look back at the halo games some of the best ever made bungie never did shit like that

  64. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler6 日 前

    @GD Ashton thank you for finally stating something valid. I agree entirely... BUT I will say they should have split as soon as possible KNOWING that the dlc's were for money grabs being put out

  65. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton7 日 前

    @Ryan Butler that was Activision this is why d1 and 2 where shit bungie is trying to recover from Activisions greed

  66. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler7 日 前

    @GD Ashton I have been a hardcore destiny fan and they have turned into a shit fest. if its HARD and GOOD with WELL WRITTEN !!DIALOGUE!! then I will look into it. every game takes lots of coding, that is a bland statement. also the finisher moves are OK. this is probably the only new thing I've seen in a while. they kept releasing old guns from d1. there are a few new guns here and there. the only really good thing I've seen that they have done is the new loadout.

  67. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton7 日 前

    I mean a lot of coding still goses into this also time put into also the finisher moves look badass

  68. LazyConstant8 IDK

    LazyConstant8 IDK7 日 前

    Sadly all of my old destiny friends left it, I'm the only one now

  69. Charlie Parry

    Charlie Parry5 日 前

    Man if you're on the PS4 join me and a couple of my friends :D

  70. Natedog

    Natedog7 日 前

    Watches trailer for the 42nd time. Brain: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Hypes up)

  71. Daniel Rangel

    Daniel Rangel7 日 前

    It would be cool if for the final raid boss your whole team can do a special finisher together

  72. iron bru potato

    iron bru potato8 日 前

    when she said "you haven't seen darkness, not yeat" did she mean the literal darkness that follows the light so that thing we killed at the end of d1 wasnt the darkness

  73. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton8 日 前

    Those where just vex gods no worrys

  74. Yahoo Wierdo

    Yahoo Wierdo8 日 前

    Very excited for more destiny content, this game has been one of my favorite games over the years, so many memories with this one franchise

  75. Apparo

    Apparo8 日 前

    Recycle time

  76. Emanuel Tennyson

    Emanuel Tennyson8 日 前

    The past confronts you, Guardian. Me: Time to delete my web history again.

  77. derpalerpalerp

    derpalerpalerp6 日 前


  78. Emanuel Tennyson

    Emanuel Tennyson8 日 前

    Crota appears and plays Eminem "without me": I'm back again tell your friends I'm back again tell your fireteam

  79. kyle O'Brien

    kyle O'Brien8 日 前

    I don't know what excited me more, this trailer or the fact that shadow keep says published by Bungie and created by Bungie on the store :) the feels are real

  80. venkat sai

    venkat sai9 日 前

    This time go for the head

  81. jose angel

    jose angel9 日 前

    Second 44, dosen't it looks like two arrows?

  82. White run guard

    White run guard9 日 前

    D2 noobs see crota: Bugs from Croats end: allows us to introduce ourselves

  83. vernon roche

    vernon roche10 日 前

    Crotas bitch ass is back? Idk how but motherfuckeris going to get these warlock hands YET AGAIN I slew his daddy with these hands crotas can come get a piece of this work too