Descendants doesn't make any sense...


  1. KNChoudhury

    KNChoudhury9 時間 前

    They actually made something like this into a movie? I mean, the guard who pricked his finger couldn't even like just fall unconsciously and collapse? He had to curl up like nice and cozy? Who were the target audience? Toddlers?

  2. GamingSlasher OV

    GamingSlasher OV22 時間 前

    This guy didnt watch teen beach movie whattt

  3. bacarra kris

    bacarra kris日 前

    Wait wait wait Jafar? you mean the lion? wtf

  4. Wolffman1221

    Wolffman1221日 前

    I like the idea and I like hearing a review about this shit show But holy fuck your animation style is annoying and so hard to watch that I listen to it and didn't watch it

  5. Bdifferentag

    Bdifferentag日 前

    Rip Cameron Boyce 😿

  6. Gaye_Is _Great

    Gaye_Is _Great日 前

    Nobody: Alex Meyers when starting a vid: yOu KNoW

  7. Dr. Sleaseball

    Dr. Sleaseball日 前

    all i see is cosplayers




  9. roughcar

    roughcar日 前

    Its so funny on 8:54

  10. Arso lll

    Arso lll2 日 前

    Audrey the girl frm charmed ain’t it ?

  11. ViVi Pickle pop

    ViVi Pickle pop2 日 前

    Lol Alicia

  12. Garou

    Garou2 日 前

    The Beast, is the one who knocks.

  13. The Schultz's

    The Schultz's2 日 前


  14. Naomi Coy

    Naomi Coy2 日 前

    so funny!!!!!

  15. sabira azeez

    sabira azeez3 日 前

    FUCK YOU ALL !!!! DESCENDANTS ARE AWESOME !!! Even I love ever after high, but descendants was not created to rival them and finish them off !! Ever after high finished because they ran out of ideas and the last episodes were full of boy drama.

  16. Xehanort10

    Xehanort103 日 前

    Descendants is awful more like.

  17. Maegan Cameron

    Maegan Cameron3 日 前

    From your channel, all you really doin is hatin 🤷‍♀️

  18. Carolina Murtha

    Carolina Murtha3 日 前

    3:23 I loose it every time he describes Audrey’s smile. “IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?” 😂🤣😂. Alex needs to narrate everything.

  19. Jennifer Druidhill

    Jennifer Druidhill3 日 前

    did you know that the son of Jafar was in Twilight too

  20. It’s Xi bitch

    It’s Xi bitch3 日 前

    I’m sorry... did he just say he’s NEVER seen teen beach movie?!?! Disgrace...

  21. The Prophets Rest

    The Prophets Rest3 日 前

    Its like a bunch of kids tried on a bunch of wigs and acted like they were kids of Disney villains. lmao

  22. Xehanort10

    Xehanort103 日 前

    And the characters were complete tryhards who thought talking and singing about how evil they were automatically made them evil unlike their parents who actually did evil things.

  23. John Howe

    John Howe3 日 前


  24. Ariel Ruh

    Ariel Ruh4 日 前

    I agree with you

  25. Charlie Lamphere

    Charlie Lamphere4 日 前

    so like if they made a descendants 4 what would they do about Carlos...

  26. spectre 1920

    spectre 19204 日 前

    5:59 it's called lcross

  27. TheGaelic SpacePickle

    TheGaelic SpacePickle4 日 前

    I love all these types of movies because it's just like good ol' Disney

  28. Lyn Silver

    Lyn Silver4 日 前


  29. Rikyy M3rks

    Rikyy M3rks4 日 前

    Wonder when the fourth one wi- oh wait

  30. Toucan Familia

    Toucan Familia4 日 前

    8:45 she looks exactly the same!

  31. Zainab Daham

    Zainab Daham4 日 前

    I swear that’s dove Cameron’s voice at the beginning of the movie.

  32. lpichardo1106

    lpichardo11064 日 前

    Let's play a game take a deep breath when you laugh you will be able to breathe again and repeat it until you finish the video

  33. Alicia Crompton

    Alicia Crompton5 日 前

    Do another Disney film like star struck that one is good and it was my fav film 🍿

  34. Noob Master69

    Noob Master695 日 前

    Ever since I found out how babies were made I’ve wondered who would’ve fucked the Disney villains in order for them to have children 🤢

  35. fluffycorgu

    fluffycorgu4 日 前

    I feel horrible for laughing

  36. W The Red Horseman

    W The Red Horseman5 日 前

    RIP Cameron. ❤️

  37. Your Dude Noah

    Your Dude Noah5 日 前

    "Pictures of kirby with human feet"

  38. Scarlett Barrus

    Scarlett Barrus5 日 前

    Literally subscribing for the graphics 😂 like even if you mute it, it’s still funny 😂😂

  39. cring gaming

    cring gaming5 日 前

    Ok too be honest I find this channel annoying because he's basically saying how bad all these movies and shows are which yes I do watch this channel but I think it's annoying that someone who takes less work than the person making the movie is talking trash about it it's annoying but funny at the same time and kinda stupid

  40. Qween Dragon

    Qween Dragon5 日 前

    Me when Cole was holding the dog: KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Baecon Chim-Chim

    Baecon Chim-Chim6 日 前

    wrong. You can only wake up from that spell when the fairy weakens it by adding: you will be sleeping until the kiss of true love wakes you up ;) you know the blue fairy did it

  42. Vonnie Cao

    Vonnie Cao6 日 前

    disney never makes any sense. they ruined a lot of childhood!!!! where's the good old days where parents tell stories to children at bedtime?!!!!!!

  43. Always be Your selfie

    Always be Your selfie4 日 前

    P O O P

  44. Always be Your selfie

    Always be Your selfie4 日 前

    Disney didnt even ruin childhood. Stop being a POOPY

  45. Always be Your selfie

    Always be Your selfie4 日 前


  46. fatima omar

    fatima omar6 日 前

    you suck if u think descendants makes no sense idiot

  47. Sophie Schroer

    Sophie Schroer6 日 前

    My question is how did she rip her skirt that quickly. Either that fabric is pretty shitty or she has super strength

  48. Midnight Eunicorn

    Midnight Eunicorn6 日 前

    who else saw the seqrch bar: kirby with human feet"? 4:02

  49. MorningGloryy

    MorningGloryy6 日 前

    Dove used to be so naturally pretty omg :'(

  50. Melanie Hernandez

    Melanie Hernandez6 日 前

    Descendants dose make senses dont hate on the movie

  51. xXxLapis fanxXx

    xXxLapis fanxXx6 日 前

    8:16 to 8:23 LoL 😆 😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Thomasshole Müller

    Thomasshole Müller7 日 前


  53. seb Lancaster

    seb Lancaster7 日 前

    keep ur thoughts to ur self cause u have hurt my feelings and u can hurt someone elses feelings you r horrible and rude and just disgusting i hate u

  54. Slap shot Studios1708

    Slap shot Studios17087 日 前

    seb Lancaster he’s just sharing his opinion how is he being rude

  55. seb Lancaster

    seb Lancaster7 日 前

    @Slap shot Studios1708 alli amsaying is that dont make anymore of those vids they are rude k

  56. Slap shot Studios1708

    Slap shot Studios17087 日 前

    seb Lancaster dude it’s just his opinion and if you don’t like it then leave

  57. Ephraim Wu

    Ephraim Wu7 日 前


  58. Carleigh McGinnis

    Carleigh McGinnis7 日 前

    13:44 My class had to do a dance for the song and drama class last year. It was really...nerve racking.

  59. ARCtrooperblueleader

    ARCtrooperblueleader7 日 前

    8:14 - I lost it. xD

  60. Irene Ponce

    Irene Ponce7 日 前

    I know it's old but am sorry that u got alot of hate on this video:(

  61. Girl with Cardbord face

    Girl with Cardbord face7 日 前

    Carlos ❤️ rip

  62. LovelyChimChim

    LovelyChimChim8 日 前

    Wait- is it isle of the lost or island of the lost?

  63. Slap shot Studios1708

    Slap shot Studios17087 日 前

    LovelyChimChim both


    TASTY CAKES8 日 前

    the amount of 5 year old girl salt in the comments lol

  65. Miranda Miller

    Miranda Miller8 日 前

    Clearly not a Broadway fan, Kristin Chenoweth is a talented performer. 😑😒

  66. SasparillaGreg -

    SasparillaGreg -8 日 前

    I never noticed how maleficent sounds like a high pitched toddler

  67. Taylor Rindal

    Taylor Rindal8 日 前

    Is it just me or is every girl in every live action movie have super high pitch voices??

  68. Taylor Rindal

    Taylor Rindal7 日 前

    I wouldn’t be surprised, maybe to make them seem cuter. But in reality it kinda makes me wanna tear my hair out 🙃

  69. Xehanort10

    Xehanort108 日 前

    In live action Disney films yeah. It's like they spray them with helium before shooting.

  70. Sour Gum

    Sour Gum8 日 前

    Cameron Boyce dead

  71. Glittergasmic TJ

    Glittergasmic TJ8 日 前

    That Family Guy reference though 😭

  72. Tamatha Alvarez

    Tamatha Alvarez8 日 前

    Shut up All u do is judge things

  73. Slap shot Studios1708

    Slap shot Studios17087 日 前

    Tamatha Alvarez it’s not judge it’s criticism