1. Jeremy Fernandez

    Jeremy Fernandez2 時間 前

    We just use social media for the memes

  2. Austin Wilwayco

    Austin Wilwayco12 時間 前

    Maybe I’ll try this after quarantine ends

  3. CO2 Crafty Turtle

    CO2 Crafty Turtle12 時間 前

    Uhm I have about 10hrs a day but it’s on JPreporter when I’m doing other things

  4. yuv gee

    yuv gee14 時間 前

    JPreporter is entertainment not social media

  5. yuv gee

    yuv gee14 時間 前

    I mean not using ur phone on the toilet doesnt save time it just empties it

  6. ChiefRied

    ChiefRied18 時間 前

    Only 3 hours a day?

  7. Exiled Tenzin

    Exiled Tenzin日 前

    I went to remote area in Nepal and stayed there for two months without social media or phone connection. It really helps me in enjoying every moment and making me more appreciative of beauty around me.

  8. yuyes

    yuyes日 前

    I'm going to try this right now, I wanted to do it for a lo g time because I felt like my body was begging me to stop using my phone so much. You inspired me to finally do it and I'm thankful for that. I'm sure I won't regret it at all. Thank you 💙

  9. Sup.

    Sup.日 前

    I deleted ig about 3 years ago because I have low self esteem and I would get really depressed to see people doing amazing things with their lives.

  10. Satwik Aman

    Satwik Aman日 前

    Such an irony I am watching it on JPreporter.

  11. Mud Gaming

    Mud Gaming3 日 前

    What do you think we use to watch your videos so you can make money?

  12. meme boy

    meme boy4 日 前

    how can they delete social media and not survive 5 days without food

  13. Stratody

    Stratody4 日 前

    Does Netflix count or?

  14. Kriss

    Kriss4 日 前

    without instagram my phone is useless

  15. Lino Schmid

    Lino Schmid5 日 前

    I also love running with 4*C in the morning or going for a quick surf in the wild oceans here in switzerland!

  16. joshuwha

    joshuwha5 日 前

    Screw facebook lol off and on the off. No need for facebook or Instagram. More on my mobile apps

  17. Ellis Robinson

    Ellis Robinson5 日 前

    This whole video I was itching to get of my phone



    I deleted all social media for a year! Waa great

  19. marcel meuldijk

    marcel meuldijk6 日 前

    sure 30 hole days and your live is changed, but with 1.856.511 views on this video, i dont think you social media is much reduced

  20. B3artastic

    B3artastic6 日 前

    4:47 "Every time I go to the bathroom I sit down and pull out my phone, and I just stare at it and I have literally nothing to do, so put it back into my pocket." Dude? You poop with ur pants on? lol

  21. Dream Kanika

    Dream Kanika6 日 前

    I do it for a week or 2 just to detox. It feels sooo good😊

  22. Victor Steiniche

    Victor Steiniche7 日 前

    You: had 60 days a year😅 me: at 120+ days a year🥴auch

  23. you_tha9191 Y

    you_tha9191 Y7 日 前

    This journey should’ve been documented on a book. Putting the anti-social media on social media..hmm

  24. Walter Whitehead

    Walter Whitehead7 日 前

    I have not used social media (unless youtube counts) in like 5 months. I am happy as shit and have seen so many benefits. It would take be a couple paragraphs to list them all.

  25. Lyka Janella

    Lyka Janella8 日 前

    Me: *checked my screen time Screen time: 21 HOURS & 36 MINUTES Me: nice. 🙃

  26. Dovi K

    Dovi K9 日 前

    Is music social media?

  27. Daniel k

    Daniel k9 日 前

    And now 1 year later, how are you keeping up with the one in 3 days download?

  28. Finally UCanStop

    Finally UCanStop9 日 前

    What should I do I’m a quarantined kid

  29. P C

    P C11 日 前

    Deleting Facebook was the best I did. No more anxiety and fake global agenda. JPreporter is no better.

  30. Adithya Sivasankar

    Adithya Sivasankar11 日 前

    Online class I'm about to end this man's whole career

  31. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person11 日 前

    I use this video as motivation to delete social media and it always works

  32. Medical Rapper

    Medical Rapper12 日 前

    Me with 10 hours 28 minutes a day. 😦

  33. Ibrahim Darwish

    Ibrahim Darwish7 日 前

    Quarantine happened dude 😂😂😂

  34. R.J. Pedersen

    R.J. Pedersen12 日 前

    He deletes his social media just to post what it was like on social media

  35. Noah Mallory

    Noah Mallory12 日 前

    Is he still doing it? Like still not using it?

  36. TheRock'as

    TheRock'as13 日 前

    Not using social media for 30 days is a challenge now? Lol

  37. ashutosh auti

    ashutosh auti13 日 前

    For me: It begins now.

  38. dAdiDA

    dAdiDA13 日 前

    i didn't delete the apps.. i just sold my phone.

  39. hiamstupid

    hiamstupid14 日 前

    yk its easy when you're in usa, there's so much things to do and so many ways to have fun, but where i'm from, dont think so

  40. TFN Watch

    TFN Watch14 日 前

    Not gonna lie, my average time is 7 minutes.

  41. Florence Leclerc

    Florence Leclerc14 日 前

    after only 14 days, he seems so much calmer...

  42. Platon Belyalov

    Platon Belyalov14 日 前

    I am much happier hanging out with friends then siting on my phone but most of the day I have nothing to do as I just sit in my room watching videos

  43. Soo Low

    Soo Low15 日 前

    my screen time is 15 hours a day. please i need help 🙏🏼 all of my friends moves away i only have friends in school now but its quarantine and i cant meet with them i get so stressed that im losing hair and im only 13 😭 im about to get a 5 head nooooooooooooo

  44. Soo Low

    Soo Low15 日 前

    fun fact: people tend to have a better day when they are with the opposite gender of there own and which they know

  45. Soo Low

    Soo Low15 日 前

    why do people put there phones in there ass pockets lol 😂 dont they know that they might be to heavy for the phone and that they can shatter it

  46. Terry Matthews

    Terry Matthews15 日 前

    I’ve been social media free for almost a year.... it’s been the best thing. I will never go back. No FB, Insta, snap, or tic.

  47. Mary Puppins

    Mary Puppins15 日 前

    Anyone else can’t do this cause their families are too busy with their phones?

  48. Mary Puppins

    Mary Puppins15 日 前

    10 hour daily average, Anyone?

  49. Mary Puppins

    Mary Puppins15 日 前

    Anyone else watching on a phone? 🤪

  50. Joseph Hill

    Joseph Hill16 日 前

    Rewatching this episode gave me the motivation to FINALLY clean my room, and I deleted FB and insta off my phone and I'll see how that goes. Thanks yes Theory

  51. Saran .N

    Saran .N16 日 前

    It’s been a year, I quit Instagram. I have gained lot of time throughout the year everyday, to be productive. I got some time to think of myself "Which is really essential for anyone ?". Someone who is watching this video now, I would like to say rethink the way you use social media platform.

  52. Naresh Roy

    Naresh Roy18 日 前

    Yes I can ✌️

  53. Scott Randall

    Scott Randall18 日 前

    A video from a company that depends on social media saying to stop engaging in social media....As I'm watching social media and being inspired by it. Hmmmmmm

  54. Subhashini deepa kumari Jayaweera

    Subhashini deepa kumari Jayaweera18 日 前

    i just unsubscribed every youtube channel deleted socials and going to delete youtube i won t see the community again. Good bye Alright,one more video

  55. Avilaas

    Avilaas18 日 前

    watching this on a phone

  56. Hrishikesh hatti

    Hrishikesh hatti18 日 前

    Starting this tomorrow! Thanks.

  57. Cowta Playz

    Cowta Playz19 日 前

    8 hours Heheje

  58. KO 2K

    KO 2K19 日 前

    I’m not losing my streaks....

  59. Prince

    Prince19 日 前

    i've seen this video many times since it came out, and every time i try social media detox, i end up failing and reinstalling the apps after about a week. and the whole lockdown situation isn't helping either. however, today i am making a vow to myself to go through this challenge. i will not use any social media on my phone for the next 30 days. i will use a timer for the time i use facebook everyday (not more than 20 minutes), since i need to check them for my classwork. but that also, will be modified. i'll use extension to block out the news feed, and i will not interact with any of the posts either. that's is all. i'll keep you all posted about how it's going.

  60. Padma Balaji

    Padma Balaji14 日 前

    Good luck! Tell us how it went after you're done!

  61. Malte Ohlsson

    Malte Ohlsson15 日 前

    Good luck! I trust in you and you are gonna wright here when you've made it because you're gonna make it!

  62. João Avelino

    João Avelino19 日 前

    Damn.. this will be hard.. But let's go!! 1) Start writing some music again 2) FINALLY keep constant german courses 3) Sleep better The bad thing is that I use Instagram at work.. So much control needed! I'll try to put into a well hidden place on my phone, to avoid reflex opening! Let's go!

  63. JB Senajon

    JB Senajon20 日 前

    8:11 Markian