1. Carkey Xd

    Carkey Xd12 時間 前

    4:50 I sit down in the washroom look at my phone then put it in my pockets U poo with pants on?

  2. Chris Marklowitz

    Chris Marklowitz12 時間 前

    Can we just give props to yes theory for promoting a happier life for their viewers rather than what would give them the most revenue. Ie linking their social media

  3. Isabel

    Isabel17 時間 前

    this will be the last video i watch on youtube for some time.

  4. Ace Bull

    Ace Bull日 前

    I dont consider youtube social media

  5. Tammi w

    Tammi w日 前

    Okay I'm for sure going to do this now. Start off slow 2 weeks first. Thanks Yes theory

  6. Lance Reyes Romero

    Lance Reyes Romero日 前

    @0:39 is that Elizabeth Olsen?!!

  7. J B

    J B2 日 前

    5:28 exactly how I sound every morning. Lol

  8. Clout _boi223

    Clout _boi2232 日 前

    Bruh I’m 16 and just got a phone, haven’t had a phone for 2yrs

  9. Ian Thompson

    Ian Thompson2 日 前

    I’m doing this right now... after I finish this video...

  10. Isa Lola

    Isa Lola2 日 前

    Wish i could date him Dahmm he is super attractive 😍✌

  11. Nouman Tahir

    Nouman Tahir2 日 前

    Lived without Facebook Instagram for last 4 weeks, yet to do the same with's so hard!!!

  12. James

    James2 日 前

    You've got a good group of friends and it seems like you live in an awesome place.

  13. Bobby Teoh

    Bobby Teoh2 日 前

    Do you watch videos online in that 1 month media fast?

  14. Vanessa Purnell

    Vanessa Purnell2 日 前

    i do, 6 hours a day on my phone. thats 42 hours a week. in my defense it's school holidays

  15. Robert Axe

    Robert Axe3 日 前

    Great video Thanks for it, trying this tomorrow should be interesting to see the results

  16. Study Tips

    Study Tips3 日 前

    Am i the only one with 10 minutes on phone and 10 hours on computer?

  17. Ayoub Gasmi

    Ayoub Gasmi4 日 前

    I am glad I don"t use my cell phone so much... Can't say the same about my computer screen tho lol dammit youtube

  18. Uzair Ahmed

    Uzair Ahmed5 日 前

    Yah and there’s me with 11hrs daily on my phone

  19. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson5 日 前

    Remember you sleep 8 hrs a day so it's worst, then you think, times by 2 or 3 it how you look at because since you sleep 8hrs you only have 16 hrs, a day it's another way looking at it, and if you sleep 6 hrs so your day is 18 so it more then you think, you can't count when you our a sleep, that is cheating your selves, 60 days more 180 days or if you sleep 6 hrs it will be less, have a great day

  20. Lucash

    Lucash6 日 前

    I don’t think deleting all social media would be good for me, since I have a lot of friendships based on the internet, but just reducing my time by 1-2 hours a day I think could be beneficial, so there for, i will

  21. Dezarae Grovenburg

    Dezarae Grovenburg6 日 前

    i just had a weird realization i looked at thomas's eyes and they're brown but i always remember them being blue im so confused

  22. Grace Hattery

    Grace Hattery6 日 前

    Thank you so much for this video! I’ve watched a decent amount of your videos and I have to say this is one of my favorites. I find myself often struggling with my time management a lot and I always just barely get things done. I struggle with waiting for the last minute to do school work or studying. JPreporter for me has become almost an addiction and I mostly watch pointless videos. This video was really eye opening and seeing someone delete was extremely motivational. Thank you so much!

  23. Christian Cordova

    Christian Cordova6 日 前

    Im really doing this

  24. Tim Heckerd

    Tim Heckerd6 日 前

    tried this before watching the video. Definitely mind opening. I ended up re-downloading. This video has inspired me to go back to deleting all social media, thankyou

  25. JeyR

    JeyR6 日 前


  26. Omkar Patil

    Omkar Patil6 日 前

    Thomas sound so so different and impacting behind camera as a narrator rather than in front of a cam.

  27. Razi Watson

    Razi Watson10 日 前

    Do everything but don’t ever get addicted to anything that if you stop using it the next moment u feel emptiness in ur own life )

  28. Kawthar 1D

    Kawthar 1D11 日 前

    I just checked my screen time and I spend 13 hours and 30 minutes I clearly got no life.

  29. Alberohh

    Alberohh12 日 前

    why is that interview weird

  30. imarielmermaid

    imarielmermaid12 日 前

    Whenever I’m off my phone I notice small details like I did when I was a kid without a phone or social media. I am very passionate that social media hinders us from so much. Opportunities do come from it if handled in a “healthy” way but it causes everyone to be anxious, self counscious, and depressed. When I’m off my phone I can’t believe how many things I’m missing when I’m on my phone. I remember memories and it like actually makes me tear up. I will definitely tryyy this challenge because I spend most of my days on social media and I hate it n been trying to stop because my life is at a stalemate again

  31. Charles Catt

    Charles Catt12 日 前

    "if you're feeling an instinct that has been around for a long time, be wary of fulfilling it with something that's been around for ten years" whoa

  32. TheEpitomeMEdia

    TheEpitomeMEdia13 日 前

    I deleted all socials...and it feels great

  33. Wertys

    Wertys15 日 前

    i’m starting this today for the whole month of November!! been wanting to do this for months since I first saw this video, but needed to wait for the right month to do it. November is that month, wish me luck!!

  34. Nina 88

    Nina 8818 日 前

    For those that keep saying JPreporter is not a social media, It is. JPreporter is still part of the social media domain. Social media is categorized into different types such as: social networking (Facebook), professional networking (LinkedIn), video sharing (JPreporter), knowledge-blogging (personal blogging), and micro-blogging (Twitter). I had previously done my research for a school essay.

  35. It'S HaRd BeInG a MuLtIfAnDoM herman

    It'S HaRd BeInG a MuLtIfAnDoM herman18 日 前

    8:10 WhoA I just noticed mArKIan was there

  36. Lilja Lif

    Lilja Lif19 日 前

    did Thomas use JPreporter on his computer for some time during the day? since its his "job"

  37. Lilja Lif

    Lilja Lif16 日 前

    @Nina 88 haha thanks

  38. Nina 88

    Nina 8817 日 前

    He probably did.But he won't reveal it.

  39. David Villalona

    David Villalona19 日 前

    2hr 17m

  40. Drmcx

    Drmcx19 日 前

    Been without Snapchat & Instagram for 6 months now, and just recently pulled the trigger at Facebook too. It is incredible what has happened since doing that. It's almost as if the "new-old" me has died, and I have rediscovered long-forgotten happiness, wonder and appreciation of life as it really is. As someone else here said; "The first thing I noticed after quitting social media, was how much everyone else was using their phones" Human beings are NOT meant to engage in an eternal contest about who can get the most likes from people they will never meet. It's so incredibly ridiculous and stupid, and gets more and more terrifying the more you think about it. Social media junkies don't do "cool" things to try new things that they might enjoy. They do it for the likes = the soul is gone. The world today is just one big popularity contest. Unbelievable...

  41. Oliver Alker

    Oliver Alker19 日 前

    This is the first video I’ve seen since I started this I started on april 10th

  42. Joonha Shcal

    Joonha Shcal21 日 前

    Alright. I'll delete JPreporter and Whisper for a month. I'll also stop going to a webnovel site that basically replaces my free time. I'll get that fucking martial arts belt.

  43. J🌟Nakajima YT Channel ▶️

    J🌟Nakajima YT Channel ▶️22 日 前

    Just leave facebook or deactivate/delete it, but keep youtube because we learn many things from here. That’s a big difference!

  44. likith gowda

    likith gowda22 日 前

    Is that a chemtrail at 6:33.

  45. L D

    L D23 日 前

    I haven't used JPreporter in 2 years and I feel great

  46. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy25 日 前


  47. Zac Labuschagne

    Zac Labuschagne25 日 前

    Ok boomer

  48. Aaron Ikin

    Aaron Ikin27 日 前

    You have way too much free time.

  49. Sheshadri V

    Sheshadri V28 日 前

    8:10 I think that's Markian.

  50. LeeRP

    LeeRP28 日 前

    my average per day is only 33mins :)

  51. Litia Kalima

    Litia Kalima29 日 前

    I spend most of my time on JPreporter, which is how I was able to see this video, and I believe is how you gained your fame and make a living. So your dope content is contributing to our demise and filling your pocket simultaneously. So whose the real villain now? I'm just kidding, its a lot more complex than that of course.

  52. Jaecob Fields

    Jaecob Fieldsヶ月 前

    **posts on social media

  53. nostress

    nostressヶ月 前

    all your fans is loyal

  54. luckycharmess

    luckycharmessヶ月 前

    I’m so much worse just saw this video I did the math I have 109 days a year on my phone that’s time I’m wasting and I could be doing so much more with my life this is crazy 109 days out of 365 that’s horible

  55. Soleda Deleon

    Soleda Deleonヶ月 前

    You guys think that’s bad I have 10 hours per day I just checked wtf I’m gonna delete my whole phone lmao

  56. Devon Rumpel

    Devon Rumpelヶ月 前

    Love Cal, what a pleasant surprise! Deep Work, his previous book, is one of the most important books I’ve ever read.

  57. Vijay Shankar

    Vijay Shankarヶ月 前

    I accept this challenge - YES ! I will tell you guys what's happened after 30 days after not using insta and JPreporter in which I spend hours and hours of my precious time ! Ok see you after 30 days ! #challengeaccepted

  58. Chiranjeeva Borah

    Chiranjeeva Borahヶ月 前

    Yes Theory : Don't use social media. TINDER : *Ima end this man's whole career*

  59. Chiranjeeva Borah

    Chiranjeeva Borahヶ月 前

    This video made me feel guilty. So I'll unsubscribe and delete JPreporter. I'll only install it when MrBeast uploads a video and again delete it afterwards.

  60. kimberlyy 96

    kimberlyy 96ヶ月 前

    How do you look better after this 😂

  61. kirito senpai

    kirito senpaiヶ月 前

    I’ve been off social media for months I feel better being off social media it causes so much drama in my life so I rather be off than on it you can notice so much people being on their phone using ig and snap since young I never really liked social media it was hard just being on it for so long I can barely do 30 min since having it so I decided to be off so most of my time I normally work at my family store it’s called mr tutis fruties we’ve been a family business for years now so that been helping me waste some time plus school also been catching up would love for you guys to come to homestead and come by our shop we have an ig it’s our name mr tutis fruties

  62. Mobile Guys

    Mobile Guysヶ月 前

    What if one day iPhone said we will shut down Apple for 30 days so will Samsung What will we all do