Deion Sanders wins first game as Jackson State head coach [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Football


  1. Patrick Layman

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  4. Just A Thought

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    RESULTS!!! 🔥

  5. roger collins

    roger collins9 時間 前

    Wow to translate your personal work ethic. Or what ever inspiration you have found. And they actually listen. Wow neon dion.

  6. Brian Davidson

    Brian Davidson11 時間 前

    Dude is a goofball. He won't last 3 years.

  7. Chuck Basher

    Chuck Basher15 時間 前

    Explain to me why they are playing this time of year

  8. WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard

    WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard16 時間 前

    Congrats coach prime on first win;with a shutout to boot. Pray that youre fortunate for 100s more. Troy A is legit man

  9. Frank Jones

    Frank Jones18 時間 前

    I'm confused, why is there football in February?

  10. Peter Jr

    Peter Jr19 時間 前

    who is recruiting for jackson state cuz they did they good job 😳

  11. Men Maturity

    Men Maturity20 時間 前

    YEAH MAN Much respect for Troy Aikeman and Deion/ I just wish that more NFL players supports HBCU and give back to them man because other school programs already is build up/ Plus I think that ALL NCAA FBS ,CBS, NCAA2, AND DIVISION 3 ALL SHOULD BE INVITED TO THE NFL COMBINE PERIOD!! BECAUSE HOW ARE NOT EVEN GOING TO GIVE THESE YOUNG MEN A CHANCE AT ALL?

  12. TheTdrummer

    TheTdrummer20 時間 前

    The actual name of this video should be “Touchdown Jackson State”

  13. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon21 時間 前

    this really was amazing for other reasons than football Im proud today of all these men and women behind this team.

  14. $H0-TyMe

    $H0-TyMe23 時間 前

    And he looking out for our young brothers 🖤

  15. BradD 2400

    BradD 2400日 前

    Why are they playing right now?

  16. sauce23d

    sauce23d日 前

    College football needed this so bad hbcu schools about to be lit on sum school daze drum line ish

  17. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon21 時間 前

    How are they playing now. What season is it. Lol

  18. B L0w B FrEsh

    B L0w B FrEsh日 前

    Jack state ain't did this in a long time👀👀

  19. Ray Jr

    Ray Jr日 前

    Congratulations on your first win of the season..

  20. Jerrold Garrison

    Jerrold Garrison日 前

    Diversity hire

  21. Anthuan Juarez

    Anthuan Juarez日 前

    Deion Sanders! ⭐️

  22. Metal Spork

    Metal Spork日 前

    I am happy these young men get to be coached by and meet so many other HOF players. It's not white or black. It's about these kids. Focus on that.

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  25. Jason Greene

    Jason Greene日 前

    I want to know where I can get that cap?

  26. Miriam Smith

    Miriam Smith日 前

    They look like a junior high team!!!

  27. vince lawrence

    vince lawrence日 前

    The Q B has a nice arm , he can zip that ball.

  28. Daniel Mizrahi

    Daniel Mizrahi日 前

    nice masks

  29. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmed日 前

    Hi good nice video very much

  30. Coach V

    Coach V日 前

    Prime might be coaching in the nfl soon lol

  31. Mjv4life Inc

    Mjv4life Inc日 前

    Let's go!

  32. SPC

    SPC日 前

    How are they playing now. What season is it. Lol

  33. Jay Brioni

    Jay Brioni日 前

    Somebody mom loud asfc in the background

  34. Jared Davis

    Jared Davis日 前

    Can we talk about how this commentary is terrible ?

  35. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue日 前

    I hope those young men know that every player that touched the field made history today

  36. Vibhu Rola

    Vibhu Rola日 前

    um football is here again??

  37. brittany smith

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  39. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue日 前

    Congratulations Coach

  40. esils

    esils日 前

    Intercepted?!?! How was that an option🤦🏾‍♂️. 5:38

  41. Ratchet Rome

    Ratchet Rome日 前

    they must not have played defense the whole game lol

  42. ChristopherX30

    ChristopherX30日 前

    This makes me wanna drive down to Jackson for the weekend. I have only been back two times since October 2011 (grandfather and great-grandmother). Both times, it was to attend a funeral. Would be good to have a reason to go back for something fun for once.

  43. David Wallace

    David Wallace日 前

    They already got a good band, and when they football team get raw its over!!! That school finna get some money money

  44. Hawashinawa Ma Ri Ba

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  45. CP

    CP2 日 前

    Sanders is about to change the game of coaching for real! One of the sharpest and smartest football minds, luckily the league didnt take either of those adjectives from him haha

  46. Chris Brittain

    Chris Brittain2 日 前

    First game an deion gets robbed. Awesome huh¿

  47. Christopher Carlton

    Christopher Carlton2 日 前

    I give it 2 years and the decisions made by Deion will land Jackson State with NCAA Violations and Suspension. He can't win without bending the rules.

  48. Christopher Carlton

    Christopher Carlton2 日 前

    Big Win ? There are High School Teams that can beat Edward Waters.

  49. Darrin Cody

    Darrin Cody2 日 前

    I cant believe i used to want to go to jsu 😂 these boys trash

  50. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui2 日 前

    You can see and feel the inspiration and excitement he has infused into these young men!

  51. Saurabh Lal

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  52. Kamala Nenavath

    Kamala Nenavath2 日 前

    Good job

  53. thelastpatriot

    thelastpatriot2 日 前

    I hope the Deion's example leads several retired NFL players to get into coaching and being mentors to young men.

  54. thelastpatriot

    thelastpatriot日 前

    @foopyu nooui I noticed that too They are small. Lets hope they are fast.

  55. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui2 日 前

    Are those high-school players,everyone's so small

  56. Jeffery P

    Jeffery P2 日 前

    Congratulations Coach

  57. Robert Phoenix

    Robert Phoenix2 日 前

    It sounds like J State is playing against an accountant.

  58. Sesoma

    Sesoma2 日 前

    Congratulations! Good to see!

  59. Shawn Akins

    Shawn Akins2 日 前

    a win a lose i heard but a return

  60. bilisha coli

    bilisha coli2 日 前

    Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.

  61. Big Be Jar

    Big Be Jar2 日 前

    What league starts its season in February??? I'm confused right now...

  62. King Heem

    King Heem2 日 前

    Hold up football season startred

  63. Bigmofo Outdoors

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  64. I am Arbiter

    I am Arbiter2 日 前

    No white players on deion's team.. smh

  65. L.J. Russ

    L.J. Russ2 日 前

    Great to see Troy showing love like that.

  66. Leon R

    Leon R2 日 前

    6:15 that kid was like 🤯

  67. Leon R

    Leon R2 日 前

    I’m confused. There season just now starting?

  68. ItzMeechTV

    ItzMeechTV2 日 前

    alot of D1 FCS schools moved their seasons to the spring

  69. St Sm

    St Sm2 日 前

    Wonder if ESPN will talk about a certain bill that made federal funding to HBCUs permanent?

  70. Michael Newton

    Michael Newton2 日 前

    Is this just a one-season thing due to the coronavirus? Or will HBCUs play football in the spring from here on out?

  71. Cedric mcpeak

    Cedric mcpeak2 日 前

    Are those high-school players,everyone's so small

  72. Sneaky Castro

    Sneaky Castro2 日 前

    How long before he ends up on a NFL coaching staff?

  73. Jay Goodman

    Jay Goodman2 日 前

    Prime time knows coaching😳

  74. Dylan Reed

    Dylan Reed2 日 前

    I see dat lil deshaun Watson

  75. Lucky Rose

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  76. Dan Loomis

    Dan Loomis2 日 前

    Thought this was high-school with that grass

  77. I like my own comments

    I like my own comments日 前

    You just a hateful clown. If you were ever athletic enough to play football, you wouldn't need a helmet. All that hair gel you use would be enough LMAO

  78. InSight-Worldwide

    InSight-Worldwide2 日 前

    This was awesome to watch 🎥👏🏽

  79. Malik Dismukes

    Malik Dismukes2 日 前

    So we not gone talk about number 36 getting killed at 3:34

  80. RobTheNotary

    RobTheNotary2 日 前

    Jackson State: Walter Payton went there?

  81. anthony martinez

    anthony martinez2 日 前

    Peewee football?

  82. V L K V

    V L K V2 日 前

    that gatorade bath made me laugh, deion made me love football as a kid, he'll keep bringing people to love a great game.

  83. bssni touir

    bssni touir2 日 前

    I didn’t see one defensive snap 😂

  84. King Slim202

    King Slim2022 日 前

    Wait til Deion get those 5 star recruits. This is 🖤

  85. Alfredo Rodriguez

    Alfredo Rodriguez2 日 前

    Wow great team

  86. random_dude

    random_dude2 日 前

    Prime Time continues to shine!

  87. bssni touir

    bssni touir2 日 前

    What does HBCU stand for & why do they start their season in February ? ? ?

  88. musicislife

    musicislife2 日 前

    Congratulations on your first win Coach Prime

  89. Ryan s

    Ryan s2 日 前

    S/O to Deuce McAllister on the commentary

  90. jasyn zangari

    jasyn zangari2 日 前

    Lol really? Edward Waters? What is the big deal here, a black HOFer is coaching at a black They r still gonna play schools like this every year and go nowhere nationally. Remember the big fuss that was made over Maker going to did that work out?

  91. Patrick Neal

    Patrick Neal2 日 前

    Was this in the fall?

  92. Tyronne Person

    Tyronne Person3 日 前

    thought football season was over

  93. benny whittler

    benny whittler3 日 前

    Prime didn't even have a mask on

  94. Supa Stackman

    Supa Stackman3 日 前


  95. B Morris

    B Morris3 日 前

    Give Primetime 4 -6 yrs and he’ll been at FSU.

  96. Jerome Simpson

    Jerome Simpson3 日 前

    Prime Time is still Prime Time

  97. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei3 日 前

    Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.

  98. Man Man

    Man Man3 日 前

    First game playing a trash school

  99. Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson3 日 前

    Who dat new Orleans

  100. KC Martinez

    KC Martinez3 日 前

    I wonder if the that 1 Handed Catch on the Goal-Line came back because of a Holding Call, i wasnt too sure.

  101. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei3 日 前

    FCS supremacy?

  102. Joshua Trotter

    Joshua Trotter3 日 前

    also, mark my words , he will be the next head coach @ FSU . if they want to keep him around for any amount of time they better come up with a plan to keep his belongings safe while he is out there doing his job.

  103. Joshua Trotter

    Joshua Trotter3 日 前

    What does HBCU stand for & why do they start their season in February ? ? ?

  104. Terence Williams

    Terence Williams3 日 前

    If you dont know the answer to both ur questions there is a such thing as Google

  105. Anthony Trumble

    Anthony Trumble3 日 前

    Is this jackson state university from jackson Tennessee

  106. Zora Plays

    Zora Plays3 日 前

    6:48 “touching tyree hil”

  107. supr latesn

    supr latesn3 日 前

    What a blow out

  108. Eduardo Velazquez

    Eduardo Velazquez3 日 前

    Am I the only one who heard the announcer say it was an interception on the holding call? Lol🤦‍♂️

  109. Skippz 1904

    Skippz 19043 日 前

    Put HBCU & other small schools on the map again 🗣