DeHaven: Luckily I Never Killed Anyone, But the Drugs I Sold Killed People (Part 5)


  1. sincere carter

    sincere carter13 日 前

    evil has a line!

  2. sincere carter

    sincere carter13 日 前

    sound like you know hackers! ::

  3. Brandan Hundley

    Brandan Hundley13 日 前

    Damn he had that same shirt on in part 4

  4. Luciano Mate

    Luciano Mate15 日 前

    What does that nigga hat says?

  5. LZ .World

    LZ .World15 日 前

    Why does he not answer a straight question

  6. LZ .World

    LZ .World15 日 前

    Takes to long to get to the point

  7. Antwan Clements

    Antwan Clements15 日 前

    Vlad is police

  8. Valentin Outlaw

    Valentin Outlaw16 日 前

    Why am I just noticing his hat lmaoo

  9. CMW Gang

    CMW Gang16 日 前

    The game won't love you back because it is just a game.

  10. Mr Flint

    Mr Flint16 日 前

    Vlad ask tha dumbest questions

  11. 87 Cozart

    87 Cozart16 日 前

    Is it the game don’t love you back or is it the people in it don’t love you back?🤔🤔🤔

  12. BKmadetv

    BKmadetv17 日 前

    Born to sell drugs? Maybe it's a gene ppl born with because a lot of dudes feel the same way until they catch that Fed charge

  13. Theo Mann

    Theo Mann17 日 前

    Jay Z is ghost and dehaven is Kanan.

  14. Francis

    Francis18 日 前

    “Aye Vlad hold hats battery’s about to die. Let me charge it real quick”

  15. The World

    The World18 日 前

    Support black businesses! #fucknike #fuckgucci

  16. ICantthinkOfcoolYoutube Name

    ICantthinkOfcoolYoutube Name18 日 前

    Him and Hov was getting it out East Trenton Bih

  17. winston mcfarlane

    winston mcfarlane19 日 前

    Now the New Generations Of Trenton niggas is fiend out on a pills 💊 & broke as fuck

  18. Blem Foreal

    Blem Foreal19 日 前

    Jose is the reason why jay and this cat got to where they are at now . You blacks owe Latinos a big ass thank you 😂😂

  19. Madison Hoskins

    Madison Hoskins19 日 前

    He built his platform off of blood sweat and tears of other people. So called black people

  20. Madison Hoskins

    Madison Hoskins19 日 前

    If u a cop that's cool but stop acting like u are the black community friend.

  21. jed stuart

    jed stuart16 日 前

    I honestly don’t understand you actin like vlad had a gun to his head asking him questions. The person does not have to answer the question vlad will just move on to the next 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  22. Madison Hoskins

    Madison Hoskins19 日 前

    Vlad is a serpent

  23. Madison Hoskins

    Madison Hoskins19 日 前

    This dude is a serpent

  24. Madison Hoskins

    Madison Hoskins19 日 前

    Vlad is asking about shootings.He is a cop.cia agent.sucking info out

  25. Warren Thomas

    Warren Thomas19 日 前

    Y do Vlad say I GUESS?

  26. Culture Miller

    Culture Miller19 日 前


  27. tracy the jazz lifer

    tracy the jazz lifer19 日 前

    Drugs did kill . They are murderers of an entire community. Many lives destroyed by greed. Money is not everything. What about his own siblings. Mother's and Father's and brothers and sisters. Yes he did kill people. Guilty. The sad thing is. That he is not able to get the point.

  28. Christopher Shakur

    Christopher Shakur19 日 前

    Fabolous- The get back, always thought that shit sounded like Jigga

  29. Andre Farrar

    Andre Farrar19 日 前

    Is it me? Or, are these clips too short? You gotta drop this whole interview ASAP.

  30. Ken Talks

    Ken Talks19 日 前

    1999 Baltimore Sun article about Dehaven’s acquittal,amp.html Court documents from United States v. Irby along with documents of Emory’s case Find out what happened and see who is who and what is what... Your welcome

  31. Redd Mann

    Redd Mann19 日 前

    These questions kill me.. Dash is right

  32. Mike Fantasia

    Mike Fantasia19 日 前

    Mazie flashbacks are so much better than boosie

  33. Pamela McNair

    Pamela McNair20 日 前

    Why do people share so much.

  34. Christopher S

    Christopher S20 日 前

    Vlad is a mutha fucka, yo...peep how he tries to ask broad questions that will obviously lead to more specific subjects that may be incriminating. It's like home base is already set and he maps out a way to get there. It's like asking a porn star whats the craziest thing she has done at work- then follows that with a question asking if she gets along with the other girls in the industry...obviously the person asking wants her to talk about some kinky lesbian shit but wants to be slick about it. Vlad asks a former street dude whats the worst shit hes been through...then when DeHaven cleverly speaks in generalities, Vlad cant take it and asks about other shootings (which is what he was really asking with the first question). DeHaven is on point though, "no injuries man" hahaha, dude is sharp! Just like his "no retaliation" in the last video lol.

  35. Ree Bucks

    Ree Bucks20 日 前

    Look at this man hat 😂😂😂

  36. Cedric Bryant

    Cedric Bryant20 日 前

    Trenton was known for getting real money back then my Father being one them Niggas

  37. Edwards James

    Edwards James20 日 前

    Agent Vlad on the wire tap!

  38. Evoni Parks

    Evoni Parks20 日 前

    Hmmm I guess I can see why people call him the police. This feels like the level of comfort a seasoned investigator gives you in an interrogation. Vlad loosens you up and gets you to spill the goods and then gives the videos a good headline that both captures the audience and makes the interviewee come off as lets say imperfect smh




  40. Rocco Kane

    Rocco Kane21 日 前

    That hats hard ASF

  41. Michael Martin

    Michael Martin21 日 前

    " even though you gave up people, you could give up some more" Busta Rhymes voice

  42. Marvin Phipps

    Marvin Phipps21 日 前

    These are ppl who did time for the crimes they are speaking of you can’t go bk to jail for shit you did time for