Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Vehicle I've Ever Seen! | Insane 20 Hour Detailing Transformation


  1. Jordanna Satele

    Jordanna Satele時間 前

    Periodt king. Not all heroes wear capes but some so be wearing slippers in -0° 😂😂 all love man love your channel

  2. Trevtooicyy

    Trevtooicyy時間 前

    i am seriously concerned how you can do this much to a car in 2 years

  3. Matt

    Matt4 時間 前

    "Four kids" And 2 lazy ass parents.

  4. Saiki Kusuo

    Saiki Kusuo4 時間 前

    Dont get angry to the owner of the car. If it wasnt for her we wouldnt be watching this video and be satisfied.

  5. Bray

    Bray4 時間 前

    How the hell you get a half eaten hot dog in the car??!?!?!!?!

  6. Thanos Giovanna

    Thanos Giovanna5 時間 前

    how did i even get here

  7. Karan Kukreja

    Karan Kukreja5 時間 前

    This inspired me to clean my room 😭😭☹

  8. Chris Wells

    Chris Wells6 時間 前

    What is the background music? It is very relaxing.

  9. Emma Ayotte

    Emma Ayotte7 時間 前

    they better have kept that shit clean afterwards

  10. Angel Lee

    Angel Lee8 時間 前

    Um how in the heck does something get this disgusting im 15 years old and i think i could clean my car every once in a while to look better than what that persons car started off as

  11. Desiigner

    Desiigner8 時間 前

    How can any human drive something so desgusting. How do you let your car down like that. Those are apes

  12. Sixdv

    Sixdv8 時間 前

    Did u eat the chicken nuggets tho???

  13. Huxley Goff

    Huxley Goff9 時間 前

    how much is youre water bill

  14. GameDrive Master

    GameDrive Master9 時間 前

    That’s a Roach Buffet

  15. kkn_ 1984

    kkn_ 19849 時間 前

    Got the whole McDonald’s in that car

  16. Chris Kibb

    Chris Kibb9 時間 前

    If their car is like this, image what their house is like? Ewwww!

  17. Sandra Martinez

    Sandra Martinez9 時間 前

    Who thinks this is just like ASMR

  18. Xhuljeta Bejko

    Xhuljeta Bejko9 時間 前

    I can smell the nasty must of that car from whole other state

  19. Xhuljeta Bejko

    Xhuljeta Bejko10 時間 前

    That car probably has coronavirus in it



    what is this music called at 19:25 can someone please tell me ?

  21. TheLiveMC

    TheLiveMC11 時間 前

    Why is no one talking about that glizzy😳👈🏿

  22. CuredTheAddict onTwitter

    CuredTheAddict onTwitter12 時間 前

    If their car is like this imagine what their butthole looks like 👍 😳

  23. Eenam98

    Eenam9812 時間 前

    Just had a shower before watching this but I think I need another one, some people are just disgusting, how can they blame their 4 kids for the mess, they should have cleaned it once a week at least! wtf! 🤮

  24. Josh Olsen

    Josh Olsen12 時間 前

    That doesn't look as bad as my sister's car. She has three little boys and her husband died of ALS. I don't think she knows that her mini-van stinks as bad as it does


    CORY INJAPAN13 時間 前

    They feed their kids shit, and take care of their car like its shit. These people live like pigs. Plot Twist: They are only pigs in their car, and their house is pristinely clean to the touch. This was just their weekend beater lol.

  26. Brooke Swystun

    Brooke Swystun14 時間 前

    I think McDonalds owes you for all that advertising lol

  27. Sat 98

    Sat 9814 時間 前

    They must be sick

  28. Shaharsh Sai

    Shaharsh Sai14 時間 前

    Iam like how could u keeps car like that I feel like if I go in that car I would instantly die bruh🙄

  29. video game player

    video game player15 時間 前

    When u actually feel bad for the tools

  30. Bryan Hill

    Bryan Hill15 時間 前

    How much did this job cost?

  31. Lucie Pavlíčková

    Lucie Pavlíčková15 時間 前

    😳😳😳disgusting,but cool😎😎😎

  32. thejen lol

    thejen lol15 時間 前

    He doesn't deserve it that clean

  33. Angelic dovee

    Angelic dovee15 時間 前

    she really had the AUDACITY to ask if it was dirty 💀

  34. Pere Edu

    Pere Edu15 時間 前

    What were the owners doing for the car to get so dirty like this, where they uncontious or what

  35. The thick Sheep

    The thick Sheep16 時間 前

    How does gum get in THERE

  36. Atrix Canada

    Atrix Canada16 時間 前

    I feel I would almost be ashamed if I brang *that* to a detailer. I know it's his job but I'd at least throw some stuff out

  37. XxAlohaSoccerxX

    XxAlohaSoccerxX16 時間 前

    Kid:Mom where do I put my left over food? Mom: What do you think the carpet is for?

  38. Nurse Kimberly

    Nurse Kimberly16 時間 前

    Was it pretty nasty??? Is she legally blind...

  39. Nurse Kimberly

    Nurse Kimberly16 時間 前

    Sad...that car is 2 years old. I have a 19 yr old Tahoe..yep was 25 w a 35k car a mortgage etc... I was responsible. 19 yrs later u still have it... 2 kids...and its still very clean. Yes occasional spill bit NEVER never... oh I can't even finish my sentence

  40. Sahana'sCringyVids

    Sahana'sCringyVids16 時間 前

    Why was there a duck in there? You should be payed billions to wash this car

  41. Sean Small

    Sean Small16 時間 前

    Are car is messy cuz my mum has four kids But not as bad as that Like it's just camogie sticks in ar car That's what makes it messy

  42. Sean Small

    Sean Small17 時間 前

    Lady seeing video My van was NaStY

  43. Lyssa Coffee

    Lyssa Coffee17 時間 前

    Can you imagine her house? YUCK!

  44. Sal Sabatino

    Sal Sabatino17 時間 前

    Hey DG, do you have a reason for cleaning the exterior first, or just personal preference?

  45. Becky Fx

    Becky Fx18 時間 前

    I love cleaning, I would say I’d clean/organize anything! But after this I don’t want to!🤣

  46. Michaela W

    Michaela W18 時間 前


  47. grimreefer

    grimreefer18 時間 前

    That is so fucking disgusting. No respect for this person if they don’t respect themselves that badly

  48. Clinton Williams

    Clinton Williams19 時間 前

    Get a air compressor and an air nozzle. Use that to blow out most the dust and debris from those hard to get spot's.

  49. Erika B

    Erika B19 時間 前

    People disgust meeee 🤢😩

  50. Richard P

    Richard P19 時間 前

    You do an amazing job and I hope your immunization shots are up to date! Do you ever get disheartened that your work will be trashed within weeks? These people are just complete pigs! How can anyone live in that filth and think it's OK? Oh I have four kids, that's a typical garbage parenting excuse! If I had done that to my parents car when I was a kid I would have been beaten into the next zip code!!!! I was taught to respect peoples property and I was taught the value of things! These poor kids are going to grow up to be inconsiderate dirty slobs just like their parents. Such a shame......

  51. Clinton Williams

    Clinton Williams19 時間 前

    How much do you charge per vehicle?

  52. megan ochs

    megan ochs19 時間 前

    Years ago a friend and i went into one of her friends minivans. I literally had to step over trash. And i did everything i could not to throw up from the smell. Not saying my car is spotless, but my God, to be that level of self unawareness...

  53. herobrineisundermybed

    herobrineisundermybed19 時間 前

    she really had the nerve to say "was it dirty?"

  54. Matt 1

    Matt 120 時間 前

    Love how they blame it on having kids. No your just lazy and never clean. I have for kids and my cars look brand new.

  55. Yzb. CutMe Orses

    Yzb. CutMe Orses20 時間 前

    Maybe they used it as a toliet...?

  56. Matt 1

    Matt 120 時間 前

    Imagine what the inside of their house looks like. Plain and simple pigs!!!!

  57. A. Kim

    A. Kim20 時間 前

    "Was it pretty nasty?" Ummmm . . .

  58. John Mary

    John Mary21 時間 前

    I just cleaned my car last week. I'm going out now and clean my car😁

  59. John Mary

    John Mary21 時間 前

    Imagine what's their house looks like. Lazy parents

  60. Bowen Xu

    Bowen Xu21 時間 前

    Watching this is so satisfying.

  61. The World Traveller

    The World Traveller日 前

    wow thats a literal garbage dump. wonder how the place they life in looks like

  62. Luky

    Luky日 前

    HOW do you let your car get to that state 🤢🥴 like how??? Y’all animals 🥴

  63. KamCat

    KamCat日 前

    Eef (crankgameplays) sent me here 👉👈

  64. Oli Moss

    Oli Moss日 前

    in a year it will be just as dirty as it was before

  65. Harry Chivaaree

    Harry Chivaaree日 前

    holy moly the coins were gone

  66. amira syahira

    amira syahira日 前

    Imagine their house.

  67. Sherry Hunt

    Sherry Hunt日 前

    Wow just Wow! What a bunch of pigs... I think I’m gonna be sick. 😳😳😳. I have to say your remarkable! What are using to vacuum all that muck out with?

  68. Wen Douse

    Wen Douse日 前

    That woman has no shame. I hope you had a tetanus shot afterwards. Well done you, that is amazing.

  69. Kaydian Gray

    Kaydian Gray日 前

    I wanna see how her house look 😳😳

  70. yeet today

    yeet today日 前

    four kids man i have 8 siblings and our car aint nothing like that

  71. That Multistan

    That Multistan日 前

    My mom has me a ten year old and a 2 year old ........ it’s not as many but it’s really clean and she drives this amazing car but it’s an SUV ( doge )

  72. Guillermo Bernal

    Guillermo Bernal日 前

    Your passion of transformation is amazing.

  73. EDD W.

    EDD W.日 前

    Did you get a tip? 😂

  74. Paris B

    Paris B日 前

    If 2020 was a car

  75. Donna Haskett

    Donna Haskett日 前

    They r pitiful. They didn't seem all that appreciative. Some ppl. That was a days wrk seriously. And I bet its going to b back dirty tha same day. 😱

  76. Kim Weimer

    Kim Weimer日 前

    God bless awesome job

  77. dbetts3087

    dbetts3087日 前

    Using a high pressure sprayer that close are you not concerned of stripping the clear coat off the car????

  78. Maheen Queen

    Maheen Queen日 前

    Legit just vaccum your car once a week and pick up fallen food and trash it isn't hard. It takes two mins to do that and your car won't be a disasterrrr

  79. Shawn

    Shawn日 前

    I hope you charged at least $1500 for this detail.

  80. Lizeth Melendez

    Lizeth Melendez日 前

    What a handsome man 😍😍😍 Por cierto que perro oso tener el coche así y después salir en JPreporter 😂

  81. •Lilac Wølf•

    •Lilac Wølf•日 前

    I love how he has JPreporter play buttons in his garage lol

  82. talbot robin

    talbot robin日 前

    Can not Believe people were driving around in a dirty van like this one almost a hazard for your health inside . I would be embarased to be the owner , Hope your house is cleaner ,Bet it looks like a pig stall

  83. Alixia

    Alixia日 前

    Its the mcdonalds familys that lave their fires and bbq sauce in their car for me

  84. talbot robin

    talbot robin日 前

    i hope yoy charged them a shit load

  85. Austin

    Austin日 前

    “Just throw the whole car away at that point” This guy: “hold my pressure washer”

  86. Christina Hayes

    Christina Hayes日 前

    I can’t be the only person to ever ask this but: Do you ever wonder if maybe you are cleaning up someone’s crime scene. 😱

  87. Sister Smith

    Sister Smith日 前

    How much do you charge for a vehicle like that?

  88. LAUREN Platte

    LAUREN Platte日 前

    The parents and kids need their ass beat!!!! PERIOD

  89. Zoe

    Zoe日 前

    I learned to not feed kids inside cars the hard way but literally this must have been years of eating food on top of a pile of food trash. BARF.

  90. Lori Watson

    Lori Watson日 前

    How much do you charge for this intense cleaning?

  91. Mary Kate

    Mary Kate日 前

    I'm never eating in my car again!

  92. Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein

    Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein日 前

    Ray Mak and LittleKingRyan competing for attention

  93. Flower Power

    Flower Power日 前

    I can see why you do it. It must be an awsome how you start and then it sucks you in and hours later, you snap out n realize that youre nhungry and need a beer!! lol. Also, the mats and pressure washer, so satisfying. Not to mention it must feel so satisfying to finish.

  94. AliMarieXo

    AliMarieXo日 前

    I hope these people are getting charged a lot of money, This takes so much freaking work to clean these cars... jeeez

  95. Floribel Rosario

    Floribel Rosario日 前

    Me when I notice the carpet was supposed to be gray and not brown👁👄👁

  96. Gladiator Man

    Gladiator Man日 前

    As satisfying as looking at a lawn you just cut with a push mower.

  97. MuhsinTheMomin

    MuhsinTheMomin日 前

    Did someone die in that car.? Also thinking how dirty is the house.

  98. James Barker

    James Barker日 前

    How much would you charge for this?

  99. Foxxure

    Foxxure日 前

    This is what the inside of my stomach looks like

  100. superzuperduper

    superzuperduper日 前