Death Stranding - Launch Trailer | PS4


  1. Ahmed lafi

    Ahmed lafi17 時間 前

    لعبة خايسة

  2. Jefren Candelaria

    Jefren Candelaria18 時間 前

    I love every minute of these game

  3. Wilson Chock

    Wilson Chock日 前

    Fracaso total xd

  4. Grey shadow

    Grey shadow3 日 前

    Because of the carona virus I'll buy this game today and stay home to connect with others from my home.

  5. cryptic birb

    cryptic birb13 時間 前

    you will not regret it. great game

  6. Manuel Ovando

    Manuel Ovando3 日 前

    Estoy viendo esté trailer y jamás creí que esto se haga realidad

  7. TestYourRide Panamá

    TestYourRide Panamá2 日 前

    Se por que lo dices

  8. Hisoka Morow

    Hisoka Morow3 日 前

    Tanta gente chorando nesse trailer que até eu chorei

  9. PW218

    PW2184 日 前

    2019: You can go anywhere. Even the Moon 2020: You can't go anywhere. Even outside

  10. Matheus Cavelagna

    Matheus Cavelagna4 日 前

    Corona vírus vulgo COVID-19

  11. Makoto Narukami

    Makoto Narukami4 日 前

    There should be a Corona Virus World Heath Banner attached to this.

  12. UKRifter

    UKRifter4 日 前

    So, you are a postman?

  13. Alvian Gilang Sagita

    Alvian Gilang Sagita日 前

    Well, yes. But actually no...

  14. isaid stream

    isaid stream4 日 前

    FedEx worker

  15. JV

    JV5 日 前

    This game is a masterpiece

  16. Katie Nassif

    Katie Nassif5 日 前

    What is dr Hannibal doing here ..i need an answer !!❤️

  17. Moth

    Moth6 日 前

    The new postman pat game looks great

  18. 4KPlatform-Games

    4KPlatform-Games6 日 前

    Acctually this game is smuggler simulator

  19. 4KPlatform-Games

    4KPlatform-Games6 日 前

    Mama is cutest girl in game

  20. Your Local Mailman

    Your Local Mailman6 日 前

    Always respect your local mailman and keep those dogs on a leash. 🇺🇲

  21. anudeep tullibilli

    anudeep tullibilli7 日 前

    This game is a absolute masterpiece.. Hideo Kojima is a genius.. The gameplay the vibes the emotion the music will setup this world for you and make it real.. What a masterpiece wat a masterpiecec❤️❤️❤️.. Long Live Kojima he loves games. He makes games like musicians create music.. This is true spirit of gaming ❤️🎮🎮 Beethoven for moonlight sonata. Hideo for death stranding

  22. Dominic King

    Dominic King7 日 前

    The music is simply amazing

  23. weeber

    weeber7 日 前

    Coronavirus parallels (*feel free to add anything to my list*) ● Sam afraid of touching others ● Empty Environment parallels empty streets from real world. ● Hands are a big part of the storyline ● Extinction event / pandemic event ● Handprints are the enemy of sam ● Shelters exist within game as if quarantined Btw love this game best game I've ever played

  24. Azmi Hakam

    Azmi Hakam3 時間 前

    And how sam was avoiding contact and communicate through the hologram

  25. TestYourRide Panamá

    TestYourRide Panamá3 日 前

    I also thought of that, living this situation, I felt like Kojima knew that this was coming and he tried to tell us throughout a game of his

  26. Pheradome TV

    Pheradome TV7 日 前

    Let's make an animation. Please.

  27. Martin

    Martin8 日 前

    covid19 stranding

  28. Francisco Peralta

    Francisco Peralta8 日 前

    What does the alien that makes the soldier mill himself look like?

  29. Epic Person

    Epic Person9 日 前

    Is this guy Darrel from the walking dead?

  30. Joao Victor

    Joao Victor9 日 前

    And here we are, facing one of the most difficult times as a species. The solution? Being together, by being apart.

  31. Kajenx

    Kajenx9 日 前

    Is this game any fun to play, or is it just a movie where I hit buttons once in a while?

  32. Vape Lord Yoda

    Vape Lord Yoda7 日 前

    It’s fun I love it!

  33. Gaby Nicole Bailey

    Gaby Nicole Bailey9 日 前

    It's hella fun to play !!

  34. The Descender Grimoire

    The Descender Grimoire9 日 前

    Did kojima predicted that we need connection despite what happen on our world now because of coronavirus...

  35. Neon- neku

    Neon- neku日 前


  36. Vape Lord Yoda

    Vape Lord Yoda9 日 前

    Watching this trailer now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, is honestly bone chilling.

  37. trailsofdevil

    trailsofdevil9 日 前

    This is how world is now with corona

  38. johnandyfantasy

    johnandyfantasy10 日 前

    Death stranding = Coronavirus

  39. Eirin

    Eirin10 日 前

    Now featured in real life. Based.

  40. Beautiful Korea

    Beautiful Korea11 日 前

    It's year 2,300 and they deliver bodies on foot because they do not have drones? This game is so dumb and boring.

  41. A Song For XX

    A Song For XX14 時間 前

    Covid 19

  42. C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s

    C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s10 日 前

    Beautiful Korea Drones aren’t able to fly because of the timefall.

  43. Gaby Nicole Bailey

    Gaby Nicole Bailey10 日 前

    It wasn't the year 2300.

  44. WrkHard

    WrkHard11 日 前

    Trailer took as long as the cutscenes on the game

  45. Borrenani

    Borrenani11 日 前

    It's daryl

  46. Luca Gazi

    Luca Gazi11 日 前

    Being an amazon delivery guy after the corona outbreak

  47. Jay Rule

    Jay Rule11 日 前

    That will be us one year now post coronavirus outbreak that started in January 2020.

  48. NoMansDream

    NoMansDream12 日 前

    Dude I don't even care what the game is about, Mads Mikkelsen is such an amazing actor, it's unreal

  49. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> DDEEAADD SPAAACEEE

  50. green

    green13 日 前

    Death stranding more like delivery person simulator

  51. Robin Banks

    Robin Banks9 日 前

    green More like Coronavirus simulator.

  52. Sam McCarthy

    Sam McCarthy11 日 前

    How original you are.

  53. Kevin Nicanor

    Kevin Nicanor15 日 前

    One of the strangest games I’ve seen all year

  54. David Curry

    David Curry15 日 前


  55. LudicrousKid

    LudicrousKid2 日 前

    @BELENOSSi Keep on keeping on!


    BELENOSSi10 日 前

    Where do I sign up to be a Porter?

  57. Ringga Prima 7

    Ringga Prima 716 日 前


  58. Γεώργιος Δημητρακόπουλος

    Γεώργιος Δημητρακόπουλος16 日 前

    The part where amelie say "come and find me"and that music.what is the name of the track playing at that moment?plz help

  59. Armin Haracic

    Armin Haracic16 日 前

    Because of coronavirus this game has become a documentary

  60. LudicrousKid

    LudicrousKid12 時間 前

    @realOnes OvaDaworld People are quarantined inside their homes and are unable to get out and they need trusted few delivery men to send packages to them like in the game.

  61. realOnes OvaDaworld

    realOnes OvaDaworld3 日 前

    How tha

  62. realOnes OvaDaworld

    realOnes OvaDaworld3 日 前

    @Renzo Flores idk what he means about the game since virus I need more details

  63. Cokas 88

    Cokas 883 日 前

    Yes, the game and porter's job feels so timely these days. We are staying in doors while we depend on couriers to supply us with the basic goods..

  64. LudicrousKid

    LudicrousKid5 日 前

    looks like it!

  65. darren pilkington

    darren pilkington18 日 前

    Is there any gameplay in this..... Or just all cutscenes?

  66. Yaroslav

    Yaroslav18 日 前

    darren pilkington ?

  67. Shadowskill11

    Shadowskill1119 日 前

    Why would they release this trailer? it's made up of cutscenes from the final chapters of the game and even shows the last boss of the game. Even if you played the game after watching this trailer you would spoil it for yourself because you would have answers to things you shouldnt know yet.

  68. rip. sofia

    rip. sofia19 日 前

    Kuken tarado

  69. Muhamad Ihssan

    Muhamad Ihssan19 日 前

    Reminds me of the mandalorian.

  70. Alejandro Aragon

    Alejandro Aragon19 日 前

    Man the hype for this game was real but the game was whatever’s super pretty but idk no rag doll effect gore nothing just weirdness

  71. Denis Efe

    Denis Efe21 日 前

    Türk yohmu hiç??

  72. Anonymous Flexibus

    Anonymous Flexibus21 日 前

    Привет народ

  73. Horrid Henry

    Horrid Henry22 日 前


  74. Unrecognizable !

    Unrecognizable !22 日 前

    trailer: I wonder what this game will be about! release: I *still* wonder what this game is about!

  75. Shadow S

    Shadow S22 日 前

    Please, make a movie, animated or not, but make a movie.

  76. Scuddy

    Scuddy23 日 前

    The only game that looks the same as the actual game

  77. Ruben Lapunzina

    Ruben Lapunzina24 日 前

    Covid19 remember me this game...

  78. Ariel V

    Ariel V24 日 前

    Thank you Hideo Kojima, this game reminds me so much about Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3 and 4... Bless you!

  79. Daniel Diachok

    Daniel Diachok24 日 前

    Anybody noticed the similarities between Sam's suit and Errolson's Hugh J1A-GT ????????

  80. Moth

    Moth25 日 前

    So it's basically Norman reedus and a jaystation viewer

  81. Mikk xoxo

    Mikk xoxo25 日 前

    Disappointed that there's no "The Walking Dead" reference in the comment section.

  82. Doinyamom 989

    Doinyamom 98914 日 前

    the walking dead is garbage now.

  83. Daniel Irizarry

    Daniel Irizarry26 日 前

    Just bought this game today, am looking forward to playing it, it looks amazing... If the game play is anything like the trailer makes it out to be, then lm definitely in for a challenge that I cant wait to see if I can conquer it...

  84. Jake Smith

    Jake Smith16 日 前

    I loved it even though it was different than I expected

  85. Mike Yuskiw

    Mike Yuskiw27 日 前

    Watching this after finishing the game is really something

  86. V.A.X

    V.A.X27 日 前

    This game teach you how to become a delegate Not only that, it also teaches you how much suffering a delivery officer is Delivery Responsible 😂👌is look like you have job inside game Executing customer requests

  87. sergix

    sergix27 日 前


  88. Savio Almeida

    Savio Almeida28 日 前

    I can't play the gamr until next March 2020 so i come to watch the trailer ever so often just to make myself play it even more when i get the chance! :3

  89. Emad Dima

    Emad Dima28 日 前

    You're right Kojima America is a lie .

  90. Aliffa Rezha

    Aliffa Rezha22 日 前


  91. Hentai Commander

    Hentai Commander24 日 前


  92. Moonlight

    Moonlight28 日 前

    русские есть?

  93. goldknuckles

    goldknuckles29 日 前

    The last delivery was the hardest.

  94. オタ魂TV official

    オタ魂TV officialヶ月 前

    Death Stranding in the nutshell Amelie : Let's die together. Humanity:No thank you.

  95. Daru _

    Daru _ヶ月 前

    They upload the Lunch trailer just in time!

  96. Daru _

    Daru _21 日 前

    @ZeroClimber Yes, lunch.

  97. ZeroClimber

    ZeroClimber21 日 前


  98. I Have No Name

    I Have No Nameヶ月 前

    Never touched MGS franchise the whole year. But this looks interesting tho.

  99. Леша С

    Леша Сヶ月 前

    Just 7.5/10. Its was the better plot of all game industry, but some mechanic as a shooting or driving so disgusting. Only because of some small minus this game isn't 9/10 or 10/10. But the plot , the plot is 13829/10 - it was something new , that i felt , playing games ever . Last 4 hours i have only one thought in my head - "how can Kojima thought of this" and "its just genius"

  100. Ulea Adu cardul

    Ulea Adu cardulヶ月 前

    3/10 No kept you waiting huh

  101. Ulea Adu cardul

    Ulea Adu cardul22 日 前

    Its not accurate enough Its " you did keep us waiting"

  102. Anthony Rivera

    Anthony Rivera22 日 前

    Diehardman says it

  103. Pew Pew Pew

    Pew Pew Pewヶ月 前

    I have one question though... did Hideo Kojima have anything to do with this game?

  104. devilish vids

    devilish vidsヶ月 前

    What's this game about. Kojima: bridge baby

  105. The South

    The Southヶ月 前

    The only thing I learned from this game is how to be the ultimate UPS guy.

  106. Denny Juandi

    Denny Juandiヶ月 前

    this game make METAL GEAR SURVIVE looks fun....tbh

  107. Anna Laura Tsimbelman Loban

    Anna Laura Tsimbelman Lobanヶ月 前

    hello hannibal

  108. Giorgi Z

    Giorgi Zヶ月 前

    What is the OST Playing from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="362">6:02</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="371">6:11</a>

  109. dylan rogan

    dylan roganヶ月 前

    most over hyped game of all time. this game is literally a waste of your time

  110. TestYourRide Panamá

    TestYourRide Panamá3 日 前

    For me it wasn't

  111. Soundless

    Soundlessヶ月 前

    Best game I played in a long long time!