DEATH - 'HUMAN' Reissue (Full Album Stream)


  1. Captain ZeroF's

    Captain ZeroF's4 時間 前

    There's the Human album, and everything else as far as I'm concerned. Thank you Relapse Records for letting everyone hear this masterpiece.

  2. Anders Faust

    Anders Faust日 前

    This is how Metallica would sound if they evolved into death metal after Master of puppets.

  3. Jessy Sharrock

    Jessy Sharrock日 前

    One of the Best albums of all time🤘

  4. Jean M. Jera

    Jean M. Jera2 日 前

    still epic....greetz from the 90ies

  5. Di Cosmo Franco

    Di Cosmo Franco7 日 前

    RIP Chuck RIP Sean

  6. KsiazeIgor

    KsiazeIgor10 日 前

    No wonder they called the entire genre DEATH metal. No other name would be more appropriate .

  7. Алексей Зубов

    Алексей Зубов13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="878">14:38</a> Chuck in astral protection.

  8. Hugo Ausejo

    Hugo Ausejo14 日 前

    My last seconds in this wold!!!!

  9. Hugo Ausejo

    Hugo Ausejo14 日 前


  10. Thanasis Simotas

    Thanasis Simotas17 日 前

    It was an absolute titan record of prog. death metal and yet they did a KISS cover and from there on there never was God of Thunder a KISS song but the outro to HUMAN !!!!! Thus enter the genre epic death metal!

  11. Jason M

    Jason M20 日 前

    Masterpiece 👌

  12. David Morison

    David Morison20 日 前

    Frigging pop.up.adds in the middle of the song

  13. Neil Vetter

    Neil Vetter22 日 前

    Lack of com pre henshaaggh

  14. Gabo Jara

    Gabo Jara22 日 前

    R.I.P. Sean Reinert. They didn't allow his organs to be donated because he was gay. They rather have people that need transplants die than giving then gay men organs, even if fully healthy and apt for transplant. God Bless America.

  15. Darkobert Dub

    Darkobert Dub22 日 前


  16. ziyad bm

    ziyad bm23 日 前

    Old days when I was high school after all this years still listening to all gods in this band

  17. projectifier

    projectifier26 日 前

    "Thru dreams i obtain the ability to conduct sight with sound" - Chuck Schuldiner. It like he's saying we all have synesthesia, insofar as we turn words, memories or phonetics into sight in our dreams.Our minds seem to be able to emulate all sense's, i wonder why, supposedly, we cant read in our dreams tho, hmmmm.

  18. Pure Hell

    Pure Hell27 日 前

    Great Album!

  19. Fabrizio Romita

    Fabrizio Romitaヶ月 前

    Un capolavoro.



    the mighty chuck and the the incredable talent sean only 19 years first death and my fisrt death metal album back in 1995.a monumental album in metal chuck, rip sean

  21. B D

    B Dヶ月 前

    It’s quite hard to add something original and fresh to extreme metal after them...

  22. J J A J

    J J A Jヶ月 前

    2💀2💀 🎼 🤘

  23. D Gomez

    D Gomezヶ月 前

    You inspired me to play heavy metal thank you Sean R.I.P

  24. Moth-owl Aramis ostrogo.

    Moth-owl Aramis ostrogo.ヶ月 前

    the gayest death metal album.



    gayest is your ass hole

  26. Andy Slagle

    Andy Slagleヶ月 前

    Some people listen to soft jams to calm them down.. Death is my slow jam

  27. Gangastar Games

    Gangastar Gamesヶ月 前

    RIP Chuck RIP Sean

  28. Flat Earth Florida

    Flat Earth Floridaヶ月 前

    Death's finest PURE DEATH METAL album. A masterpiece.

  29. Pollito1992 Staticrammstein

    Pollito1992 Staticrammsteinヶ月 前

    Fuck the cáncer!!

  30. zombekon

    zombekonヶ月 前

    chuck father !!!!!!

  31. VasseTV

    VasseTVヶ月 前


  32. Ozkurl

    Ozkurlヶ月 前


  33. TheMetalGaia

    TheMetalGaiaヶ月 前

    Rest in peace, Sean. We'll miss you. I knew as soon as I first heard the intro to this album that I would love your style so much, and I was right.

  34. Marcos Tavares

    Marcos Tavaresヶ月 前

    What year of this album?

  35. luxor 8071

    luxor 8071ヶ月 前

    R.I.P Sean Reinert.

  36. Kefkaspawn

    Kefkaspawnヶ月 前

    First time listening to this album ever. February 12, 2020

  37. Jøse Å

    Jøse Åヶ月 前

    Thanks Sean for being part of this death metal masterpiece, rest in peace.

  38. John Baker

    John Bakerヶ月 前

    I never got around to listening to this album in full, but I just found out today that Sean passed away, so I thought that today would be a good day to do it. R.I.P. Sean, that drum intro to ''Flattening Of Emotions'' will always blow my mind.

  39. Juan Iparraguirre

    Juan Iparraguirreヶ月 前

    And to think when Sean recorded this masterpiece he was only 19 years old, what a monster he was behind the drumkit - another one gone too soon RIP.

  40. LagAvenue

    LagAvenueヶ月 前

    When I bought this CD in '91 I didn't realize how epic it was.

  41. Sanjiv Harikumar

    Sanjiv Harikumarヶ月 前

    Now Sean is up there playing music with Chuck forever.

  42. massive bass

    massive bassヶ月 前

    rest in peace Chuck and Sean we miss you but your work is here

  43. imyourgodmachine

    imyourgodmachineヶ月 前

    Talk about an album aging well! RIP to my drumming idol Sean Reinert.


    BRANTRONヶ月 前

    Sean raised my standards for metal drumming! 🤘🤖🤘

  45. Leandro Santos

    Leandro Santosヶ月 前

    R.I.P. Sean Reinert

  46. Ana Luiza Brown

    Ana Luiza Brownヶ月 前

    RIP Sean Reinert One of the first Death Metal albums I have ever heard

  47. Putrid Abomination

    Putrid Abominationヶ月 前

    RIP Sean. He was an innovative drummer who changed death metal drumming as we know it. We'll miss you man \m/

  48. Martina mercedes Pedernera

    Martina mercedes Pederneraヶ月 前

    HAIL SEAN !! Máster of Drummers...enormous influence for all Metal

  49. Chris Munton

    Chris Muntonヶ月 前

    RIP Sean. Your drumming helped refine me as a metal drummer. Your precision and discipline on the instrument. You stood alone. You made even the simplest fills sound like the way they were meant to sound. Only you had that unique feel. Dynamics, power, speed, precision, heart.

  50. Raymond Tolomei

    Raymond Tolomeiヶ月 前


  51. CG_Justin _

    CG_Justin _ヶ月 前

    This album towers above any modern metal. This album is a FUCKING MONSTER! Fly high Chuck! We mere mortals miss you!!

  52. martin huba

    martin hubaヶ月 前

    Rest In Peace - one of the greatest metal drummers of all time

  53. Rene Garrido

    Rene Garridoヶ月 前

    Sean reinert Master of Master rest in peace

  54. Steve Watson

    Steve Watsonヶ月 前

    It was 1995, and all i knew was metallica...this polish guy w a bomber jacket in my class handed me this on changed my life forever...RIP Chuck and Sean. You made the best death metal album for us to enjoy FOREVER!!!

  55. Bob's Got It

    Bob's Got It2 ヶ月 前

    Now that I look back I can say this album got me through alot of shitty times, and it still does that, feels good, ThNks for your work guys, Death Metal lives

  56. Bob's Got It

    Bob's Got It2 ヶ月 前

    This album is everything!! RIP Sean & Chuck

  57. Logan Wilder

    Logan Wilder2 ヶ月 前

    I have never stopped listening to this album since it came out. As a drummer this album for me personally is up there as one of the best drum performances of all time. Love the way Reinert grooved on the ride cymbal. Hoglan is an awesome drummer too but Reinert was always my favorite. His work with cynic was amazing too.. let's face it this album Human is pretty much a cynic album🤘🏾 much respect Drum in Peace Sean Reinert... Wherever we go after we leave this Earth I like to think that we all meet up with old friends old band mates past family members and now Chuck and Sean can meet backup and raise hell in heaven.

  58. Acer Bowes

    Acer Bowes2 ヶ月 前

    Thanks for everything Sean, RIP.

  59. Social Media

    Social Media2 ヶ月 前

    As a gay drummer growing up, I always struggled to be true to myself and feel like I was safe. I listened to Death religiously, having no idea Sean was gay, and only finding out in 2014 that he was. I sometimes wondered if I would have become a more devoted metal drummer if I had known that Sean was too, and that I had a role model. I am heartbroken. Thank you Sean for being a role model, and an absolutely frightening drummer. Thank you for giving me aural solace during some difficult younger years. Big love to your husband, family and friends.

  60. Nick Costa

    Nick Costa2 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P Sean 🤘❤️

  61. Leonid Isachenko

    Leonid Isachenko2 ヶ月 前

    May you rest in peace, Master.

  62. maiden4 greece

    maiden4 greece2 ヶ月 前

    RIP...Sean.....Vacant Planets...!!!

  63. Enrique Sotelo

    Enrique Sotelo2 ヶ月 前

    So sad to hear about Sean's passing... One of the best drummers metal has ever had... Godspeed my friend... Say hi to Chuck for us, ok?... you will be dearly missed.

  64. Bio what?

    Bio what?2 ヶ月 前

    rip sean 🙏you and chuck can jam out now tho 🙏✊🙏✊LONG LIVE DEATH

  65. Deathrasher

    Deathrasher2 ヶ月 前

    RIP master Reinert. Your flow and level of detail will always be remembered. You were technical and musical when everybody else was just technical.



    RIP Sean

  67. shawn hapney

    shawn hapney2 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P. Sean

  68. Juan Penas

    Juan Penas2 ヶ月 前

    True legends never die, RIP brothers.

  69. Tyler Oiler

    Tyler Oiler2 ヶ月 前

    Just here to pay my respects for Sean.

  70. supergober55

    supergober552 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P Sean

  71. L M

    L M2 ヶ月 前



    PABLO PEREZ2 ヶ月 前

    Lord Reinert

  73. Justin Case

    Justin Case2 ヶ月 前

    I was 3 seconds away from owning the backdrop from Death Human tour when The touring bass player auctioned it off a couple years ago on Ebay. 3 seconds to go and was out bid by less than $100. Was so pissed. RIP Sean and Chuck. Damn half of this band line up is now dead. Shit

  74. Damian Żurawski

    Damian Żurawski2 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P Sean Reinert...what a loss

  75. Tommy The Train

    Tommy The Train2 ヶ月 前

    rest in peace Chuck and Sean.

  76. Greg Rodriguez III

    Greg Rodriguez III2 ヶ月 前

    Now Chuck and Reinert can make music in the afterlife. Both gone too soon. Thanks for the music you left us.

  77. Wil Rodz

    Wil Rodz2 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P. SEAN

  78. NightStalker synthwave

    NightStalker synthwave2 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P. Sean :'(

  79. 696darek

    696darek2 ヶ月 前

    :( R.I.P Sean ....

  80. Daniel Puerto

    Daniel Puerto2 ヶ月 前

    Rest In Power Sean Reinert l,,l

  81. ricardo cogwel

    ricardo cogwel2 ヶ月 前

    R.I.P sean reinert. 🤘

  82. Agoraphobic News

    Agoraphobic News2 ヶ月 前