Dead by Daylight | Silent Hill | Official Trailer


  1. Slasher_Flare Gaming

    Slasher_Flare Gaming37 分 前

    At First I Thought It Was Siren Head Then I Check The Title I Was Awww That's A Bummer

  2. EfthiCraft

    EfthiCraft3 時間 前

    this killer is so op

  3. Volt0ge

    Volt0ge11 時間 前

    If i were you i would add springtrap to the game or probs everyone is going to leave the game and hate on it and you will lose millions of players causing you to lose alot of money. If you decide to hate on this comment and your game loses all you players is this is ENTIRELY your fault

  4. helia holivares

    helia holivares12 時間 前

    dead by deadlight: well not add another killer in alongg time springtrap:are you sure

  5. Mini Mello

    Mini Mello日 前

    Hey guys I was wondering maybe you could call lab with Trevor Henderson and either put in a cartoon cat or a siren head siren head would most likely be the best thanks

  6. NiteWind

    NiteWind2 日 前

    0:40 I wanna listen to the full theme

  7. linda Cheung

    linda Cheung2 日 前

    If Thai players open the plug-in, can they get a blockade? Won't meet him in the future

  8. linda Cheung

    linda Cheung2 日 前

    There should be a blockade. I will not play with those Thai plug-ins in the future. The Thai plug-ins are really too exaggerated.

  9. D4Rk3nD Gaming

    D4Rk3nD Gaming2 日 前

    I wish that jason vorhees will be on this game :(

  10. Putherina

    Putherina5 日 前

    Ok so how can I get the map? I have been playing for days and haven’t seen it

  11. Ann `

    Ann `3 日 前

    You can get an offering from bloodweeb called 'Mary's Letter' or you can play with one of your friends in custom game.

  12. Double CC

    Double CC5 日 前

    Can we get the red demon from insidious and the house! All from the first movie.

  13. The Strangler

    The Strangler6 日 前

    Thats triangle head my fam!

  14. helia holivares

    helia holivares6 日 前

    Add springtrap pls is god for all

  15. Jacopo_exe

    Jacopo_exe7 日 前


  16. MrFnzl

    MrFnzl9 日 前

    So cool I like it.

  17. lidzk

    lidzk9 日 前

    When pyramid Head has a steath perk and all you hear is his knife Survivals:i fear no man,but that thing...

  18. Aidan Z

    Aidan Z10 日 前

    Ok but when are they gonna add Pennywise and Slenderman 😳

  19. Asriel dreemurr

    Asriel dreemurr11 日 前

    Can you add spring trap to dead by daylight? Also give meh a shout out?

  20. Asriel dreemurr

    Asriel dreemurr2 日 前

    First of all I was the one who thought of the idea second of all springtrap is would look very cool inside the game

  21. Nobody

    Nobody2 日 前

    @Asriel dreemurr Why do you think they'll give you a shout-out or add spring trap?

  22. Asriel dreemurr

    Asriel dreemurr2 日 前

    Close to 10 rather

  23. Asriel dreemurr

    Asriel dreemurr2 日 前

    No I’m 12

  24. Nobody

    Nobody2 日 前

    @Asriel dreemurr Because you sound 6-10 years old

  25. • whisky_tae •

    • whisky_tae •11 日 前


  26. • whisky_tae •

    • whisky_tae •11 日 前

    aoh, esseri inutili che riempono il gioco di bug, fate na cosa utile nella vostra vita. voglia Oh Sangwoo come killer, adesso. e Bum Yoon come survivor, su su. muovete el culetto, grazie :)

  27. Jason Woulleman

    Jason Woulleman11 日 前

    It’s a shame the graphics in the trailers don’t match the gameplay it’s like they work more hard on this rather then the game as a whole

  28. dakarus

    dakarus12 日 前

    I don't get how this has over 2 million views

  29. Nobody

    Nobody2 日 前

    Because people play this game?

  30. Faze Bendy

    Faze Bendy12 日 前

    Can you put spring trap in August 21st you know why because my friend want spring trap in his birthday so please add it and he wants you to give me spring trap and my friend oh o forgot my name in dead by daylight is Fazebendy and my friend name is omariMateo

  31. Marcos Henrique

    Marcos Henrique13 日 前

    chega de pyramid head fica injoativo todo jogo tem ele

  32. Marcos Henrique

    Marcos Henrique13 日 前

    chega de pyramid head fica injoativo todo jogo tem ele

  33. SuperMarioBigChungus :D

    SuperMarioBigChungus :D14 日 前

    You should add springtrap form five nights at Freddy’s 3 if so then me and all my friends would play nonstop

  34. ntina 014

    ntina 01415 日 前

    Where is the Jason?

  35. Cristian Ibera

    Cristian Ibera15 日 前

    Algun dia espero que den una pelicula de dead by daylight

  36. Christian Keller

    Christian Keller15 日 前

    Hey devs if you see this check don rob channel the make fanmade them songs for killers so check them out they can give you an idea

  37. LilCreamCracker ?

    LilCreamCracker ?16 日 前

    Since the new Netflix movie trick came out I thought it would be a good idea for a legion skin since (spoiler) there is multiple killers not the predicted one in the movie. All of the killers have different masks and they use knives that have the word trick and treat carved in them. Just thought it would be cool. Also the new silent hill update is awesome.

  38. Carina Marron

    Carina Marron16 日 前

    Dead by day light plz make Spring trap a skin and night Guard

  39. Pineappledo

    Pineappledo16 日 前

    All we need next is springtrap....plzzzzzzz🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. arthur games6

    arthur games616 日 前


  41. Uhlí Nek

    Uhlí Nek17 日 前

    We need another free killer.

  42. Dayby-Playz

    Dayby-Playz17 日 前

    Okay, the crew behind dead by daylight I hope you see this comment. What if springtrap was added

  43. Dante Skaar

    Dante Skaar17 日 前

    Some videos.

  44. Yoga Adjipratama

    Yoga Adjipratama18 日 前

    pennywise please for next killer

  45. Pancho Aguirre

    Pancho Aguirre19 日 前

    dead by dayligth nose si me vas a entender pero este juego se juega en movil tambien

  46. Giannhssk Gr

    Giannhssk Gr20 日 前

    Add Springtrap from Fnaf

  47. Zacko Wacko

    Zacko Wacko20 日 前

    Dbd can u sign me into my acc the acc that I want it on is sillylily-08 the acc name I want it signed in is zacko-wacko666

  48. GUNZstrong

    GUNZstrong20 日 前

    Add springtrap

  49. Em Merdet

    Em Merdet20 日 前

    The next killer needs to be Nemesis

  50. TITAN 9

    TITAN 922 日 前

    I wish I could play that game

  51. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown22 日 前

    Can you fix the ranking system all I’m getting is red ranks and I’m yellow

  52. DIN- TRUNN1C

    DIN- TRUNN1C22 日 前

    Somebody said we were going to have Jason as the next killer...and I believe him😭😭

  53. Conejo Argento :3

    Conejo Argento :322 日 前

    We need Springtrap!

  54. Frank Hernandez

    Frank Hernandez22 日 前

    Dead by daylight can you make it more easier to get in a game as not a killer cause I never get in it takes forever

  55. Kayne SR

    Kayne SR22 日 前

    Please!! please!! please!!! Do the fnaf animatronics!!! The scary ones

  56. Jordan Archibald

    Jordan Archibald23 日 前

    Hate it 👎🏾👎🏾

  57. Jordan Archibald

    Jordan Archibald2 日 前

  58. Nobody

    Nobody2 日 前

    I hate you 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  59. Deadhead 9351

    Deadhead 935123 日 前

    We need springtrap maybe call him the attraction

  60. T_Rex Diaz

    T_Rex Diaz24 日 前

    Everything is perfect, even the sirens when the time is running out, BUT something that would have been even more perfect is to make a perk for cheryl with a radio to perceive the killers with static

  61. psychellagy

    psychellagy4 日 前

    Oh yeah. Instead of a heartbeat that radio should've been used.

  62. all hail bendy

    all hail bendy24 日 前


  63. Ms_Tigress 27

    Ms_Tigress 2725 日 前

    Thought of a new killer today! Try to make a Ghost Rider! ❤️😍

  64. Ms_Tigress 27

    Ms_Tigress 2724 日 前

    Have you seen will? Just an idea. 😂

  65. Have you seen will?

    Have you seen will?25 日 前


  66. Omar Valerio

    Omar Valerio25 日 前

    Imagine if dead by daylight decides to put clickers into the game

  67. zip jonhsonn

    zip jonhsonn26 日 前

    where is the jason?

  68. The one and only

    The one and only26 日 前

    I love pyramid head but this game annoys me with the exaggerated reach on some of these killers lunge attacks specially with him.

  69. pinkydoe 7

    pinkydoe 726 日 前


  70. nerf myers

    nerf myers26 日 前

    Can we all just take a moment to realize how good this trailer actually is

  71. Joeliel Robles

    Joeliel Robles26 日 前

    When are they going to balance the game?

  72. Crack Goat

    Crack Goat26 日 前

    We gotta get that Jeepers creepers monster in this. You guys could do a Dbd kart racing spin off.

  73. james Gand

    james Gand27 日 前

    Cheryl spends most of silent hill 3 in the subways. not sure why they chose the school

  74. Gnome de Plume

    Gnome de Plume27 日 前

    Heather's status: 100% done with this shit

  75. Pan-Pan

    Pan-Pan27 日 前

    We except something more then this shitt

  76. Kevin The Musician

    Kevin The Musician27 日 前

    Now, we wait for Mr. X

  77. The Daagoo

    The Daagoo27 日 前

    Think, I'm getting burned out, I just don't care about this game anymore, same thing every game survivors acting like, I care about their opinions and killers pretending their about to win that $250,000 grand prize for getting a 4k

  78. backslashio

    backslashio27 日 前

    Don't tease me like this :( But it is awesome to see Heather in 'proper' HD, not that sloppy remaster

  79. DaedBoy

    DaedBoy28 日 前

    Everyone: red rank killers are camping and tunneling this game is bullshit on red ranks. Behavior: I don't care.

  80. Alex Rotger

    Alex Rotger28 日 前

    Petition to fucking nerf pyramid head? Anyone?

  81. pro vocation

    pro vocation28 日 前

    It's not quite another Silent Hill game, but I'll take it!!!

  82. Gnome de Plume

    Gnome de Plume27 日 前

    It's more than what Konami are doing with it

  83. Lυcчα †нσѕѕαgd

    Lυcчα †нσѕѕαgd28 日 前

    OMG in my birthday!!!!

  84. Bloodydeath

    Bloodydeath28 日 前

    Je is ip

  85. The Firesword Dragon

    The Firesword Dragon29 日 前

    Okay, just to clarify, this is Pyramid Head, not Siren Head. I know Siren Head has been getting a SHIT TON of attention since January this year, and for good reason, but just cause you hear a siren doesn't mean it's Siren Head. To me, Siren Head doesn't even make a Siren. He just makes even more terrifying EAS sounds.



    Love you guys thank you

  87. CarolinaYork

    CarolinaYork29 日 前

    It does my heart good to see Pyramid Head again, even for a little bit.

  88. Tommy Plays

    Tommy Plays29 日 前

    meh fix the game then add stuff.

  89. Bizi Duda

    Bizi Duda29 日 前

    the new killer is too strong and his special ability is too op patch please

  90. Super Planet

    Super Planet29 日 前

    Call the Quarter Guy.

  91. eN Vy

    eN Vy29 日 前

    Pls also add Jason in the game too... That we will have our own Slashstreet Boys too🥺

  92. Im A Noodle.

    Im A Noodle.29 日 前

    Why him, I think he is the most of difficult of killer, he is a lil bit of a mistake at the game...

  93. Cortez Maner

    Cortez Maner29 日 前

    The excitment I am enduring is unreal. When I said he was coming everyone laughed at me and said konami was dead. This is the best thing to ever happen to gaming EVER!